Checker Album Discography (1957-1971)
by Mike Callahan and David Edwards
Last update: April 1, 2009

The first six Checker LP's releases were numbered using Chess 1400 series numbers. The first three "Checker" albums were actually issued on the Chess label itself (far left), while the next three had a Checker label. The early Checker label (near left) was black with silver printing, and was similar to the black Chess label. "CHECKER" was printed vertically to the left of the center hole. The first three albums were possibly reissued on the Checker label later.
During the same time period when the black labels were used some issues used a maroon label with silver print (far left), with the same design. The maroon labels started about LP-2980 and appeared on about about a half-dozen numbers or more, after which the labels reverted to black. The black or maroon labels were used on issues to LP-2995. Promotional issues (near left) were white with black printing, graphics the same.
The next label (far left) was blue with black printing. "CHECKER" was written on 7 red and black checkers above the center hole. Promotional issues used the same label with the addition of a "D.J. COPY" overprint. This label was used for a very few issues, approximately from LP-2996 to LP-3001. The "checkers" label was followed by a medium blue label (near left) that faded to near-white at the bottom of the label. Printing was black. The "CHECKER" logo was above the center hole in block letters with the top of the letters red, white in the middle and blue on the bottom. Promotional issues used the same label with the notation "D.J. Copy - Not For Sale". This label was used from approximately 3002 to the end of the series, CK-3017.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Checker LPs using the Chess 1400 Series:

Chess LP-1428 - Best Of Little Walter - Little Walter [1957] My Babe/Sad Hours/You're So Fine/Last Night/Blues With A Feeling/Can't Hold Out Much Longer//Juke/Mean Old World/Off The Wall/You Better Watch Yourself/Blue Lights/Tell Me Mamma

Chess LP-1429 - Oh! Suzy-Q - Dale Hawkins [1958] Oh Suzy-Q/Don't Treat Me This Way/Juanita/Tornado/Little Pig/Heaven//Baby Baby/Mrs. Mergritory's Daughter/Take My Heart/Wild Wild World/See You Soon Baboon/Four Letter Word (Rock)

Chess LP-1431 - Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1957] Bo Diddley/I'm A Man/Bring It To Jerome/Before You Accuse Me/Hey' Bo Diddley/Dearest Darling//Hush Your Mouth/Say Bossman/Diddley Daddy/Diddey Wah Diddey/Who Do You Love/Pretty Thing

LP-1433 - The Flamingos - Flamingos [3/59] Dream Of A Lifetime/Ko Ko Mo/Whispering Stars/On My Merry Way/The Vow/Would I Be Crying//A Kiss From Your Lips/Shilly Dilly/Stolen Love/Chickie Um Bah/Nobody's Love/Chicka Boom That's My Baby

LP-1436 - Go Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [7/59] Crackin' Up/I'm Sorry/Bo's Guitar/Willie And Lillie/You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/Say Man//The Great Grandfather/Oh Yea/Don't Let It Go/Little Girl/Dearest Darling/The Clock Strikes Twelve

LP-1437 - Down and Out Blues - Sonny Boy Williamson [1959] Don't Start Me To Talkin'/I Don't Know/All My Love In Vain/The Key (To Your Door)/Keep It To Yourself/Dissatisfied//Fattening Frogs For Snakes/Wake Up Baby/Your Funeral And My Trial/99/Cross My Heart/Let Me Explain

LPs continue with 2970 Series:

LP-2971 - Keeping Tab... - Tab Smith [1959] Black label. Promotional issues were on multi-colored vinyl with white labels. Because Of You/Falling Leaves/L & M Blues/Try A Little Tenderness/My Happiness/Don't Play With Love//Nearness Of You/Lady In Red/Misty/That's My Desire/Smoke Gets In Your Eyes/Tab's Blues

LP-2972 - Red Prysock [Unissued]

LP-2973 - Love Those Goodies - Various Artists [1959] Black label. Promotional issues were on multi-colored vinyl with white labels. Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley/I Don't Know What I'll Do - Sugar Boy (Crawford)/Country - Gene Barge/It Ain't No Secret - Jimmy Witherspoon/You Better Watch Yourself - Little Walter/Lima Beans - Eddie Chamblee//Reconsider Baby - Lowell Fulson/Juke - Little Walter/When The Lights Go Out - Jimmy Witherspoon/That's Why I Love You So - Al Kent/Sad Hours - Little Walter/Walking the Blues - Willie Dixon

LP-2974 - Have Guitar Will Travel - Bo Diddley [1959] Black label. Originally issued in mono only. Reissued as LPS-2974 in electronic stereo. She's Alright/Cops And Robbers/Run Diddley Daddy/Mumblin' Guitar/I Need You Baby//Say Man Back Again/Nursery Rhyme/I Love You So/Spanish Guitar/Dancing Girl/Come On Baby

LP-2975 - Hits That Jumped - Various Artists [1959] Black label. Happy Happy Birthday Baby - Tune Weavers/So All Alone - Bobby Lester & Moonlighters/Come On Let's Stroll - Lewis Sisters/You Got Me Whistling - Johnny Fuller/Train Train Train - Danny Overbea/I Want Somebody - Harvey (Fuqua)//The Walk - Jimmy McCracklin/All Night Long - Johnny Fuller/I'm So Young - Students/Misirlou - Earl Washington/Forty Cups Of Coffee - Danny Overbea/Shoo Do Be Doo - Bobby Lester & Moonlighters

LP-2976 - Bo Diddley in the Spotlight - Bo Diddley [1960] Black label. Road Runner/Story Of Bo Diddley/Scuttle Bug/Signifying Blues/Let Me In/Lumber//Love Me/Craw-Dad/Walkin' And Talkin'/Travelin' West/Deed And Deed I Do/Live My Life

LP-2977 - Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger - Bo Diddley [1961] Gunslinger/Ride On Josephine/Doing The Craw-Daddy/Cadillac/Somewhere//Cheyenne/Sixteen Tons/Whoa Mule (Shine)/No More Lovin'/Diddling

LP-2978 - Watusi! - Vibrations [1961] The Watusi/Serenade Of The Bells/Wallflower/Time After Time/So Blue/Doing The Slop//People Say/Cave Man/So Little Time/Sweet Slumber/Love Me Like You Should/I Had A Dream

LP-2979 - Sugar Pie Desanto - Sugar Pie Desanto [1961] Can't Let You Go/It's Done And Forgotten/It Won't Be Long/Maybe You'll Be There/Going Back To Where I Belong/Wish You Were Mine//I Want To Know/I Don't Feel Sorry/Tell Me What's The Matter/The Twelfth Of Never/It's Not For Me To Say/I Still Care

LP-2980 -Bo Diddley Is a Lover -Bo Diddley [1961] Maroon label. Not Guilty/Hong Kong Mississippi/You're Looking Good/Bo's Vacation/Congo/Bo's Blues//Bo Diddley Is A Lover/Aztec/Back Home/Bo Diddley Is Loose/Love Is A Secret/Quick Draw

LP-2981 - Twist with Steve Alaimo - Steve Alaimo [1961] Maroon label. The Twist/Let's Go! Let's Go! Let's Go!/Good Good Lovin'/I've Got It!/Do the Mashed Potatoes/Lucille//Boppin' The Blues/The Hoochie Coochie Coo/Let's Twist Again/Do The Hully Gully/This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'/Twist All Night

LP-2982 - Bo Diddley's a Twister - Bo Diddley [1962] Maroon label. Original issue. The LP was later retitled as Bo Diddley's a Roadrunner, with new cover graphics, and issued in electronic stereo. Detour/She's Alright/Doin' The Jaguar/Who Do You Love/Shank/Road Runner/My Babe//The Twister/Hey Bo Diddley/Hush Your Mouth/Bo Diddley/I'm Looking For A Woman/Here ‘Tis/I Know

LP-2983 - Mashed Potatoes - Steve Alaimo [1962] Maroon label. Mashed Potatoes, Part 1/Ooh Poo- Pah-Doo/She's My Baby/I Like It Like That/Peanut Butter/You're So Fine//Mashed Potatoes, Part 2/Ya- Ya/Hully Gully With Me/Heart Break/Baby What You Want Me To Do/I Got A Woman

LP-2984 - Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1962] (11-62, #117) Maroon label. I Can Tell/Mr Krushchev/Diddling/Give Me A Break/Who May Your Lover Be/Bo's Bounce//You Can't Judge A Book By Looking At The Cover/Babes In The Woods/Sad Sack/Mama Don't Allow No Twistin'/You All Green/Bo's Twist

LP-2985 - Bo Diddley and Company - Bo Diddley [1963] (Extra Read All About) Ben/Help Out/Diana/Bo's A Lumber Jack/Lazy Women/Mama Mia//Gimme Gimme/Put The Shoes On Willie/Pretty Girl/Same Old Thing/Met You On Saturday/Little Girl

LP-2986 - Every Day I Have to Cry - Steve Alaimo [1963] Maroon label. Every Day I Have To Cry/I Don't Want To Cry/My Heart Cries For You/I Cried All The Way Home/Cry Me A River/I Wake Up Crying//Cry/She Cried/Don't Cry/Cry of the Wild Goose/Cry Myself To Sleep/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

LP-2987 - Surfin' with Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1963] What Did I Say/White Silver Sands/Surfboard Cha Cha/Surf Sink Or Swim/Zpiggy Back Surfers/Surfer's Love Call//Twisting Waves/Wishy Washy/Hucklebuck/Old Man River/Oops He Slipped/Low Tide

LP-2988 - Bo Diddley's Beach Party - Bo Diddley [1963] Memphis/Gunslinger/Hey Bo Diddley/Old Smokey/Bo Diddley's Dog//I'm All Right/Mr. Custer/Bo's Waltz/What's Buggin' You/Road Runner

LP-2989 - Bo Diddley's 16 All Time Greatest Hits - Bo Diddley [1963] Black label. Reissued in 1965 as LPS-2989 in "electronically altered stereo" with the light blue label, but the master used was the mono master, so the "stereo" version plays mono. Bo Diddley/Bring It To Jerome/Hey! Bo Diddley/Dearest Darling/I'm A Man/Diddley Daddy/Pretty Thing/She's Alright//You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover/Road Runner/Say Man/I'm Sorry/Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger/I'm Looking For A Woman/Who Do You Love/Hush Your Mouth

LP-2990 - Hi-Heel Sneakers - Tommy Tucker [1964] Hi-Heel Sneakers/Just For A Day/Trouble In Mind/Walkin' The Dog/Hard Luck Blues/I Don't Want ‘Cha//Long Tall Shorty/It's A Mighty Hard Way/Come Rain Or Come Shine/I Warned You About Him/I Can't Believe It/Suffering With The Blues

LP/LPS-2991 - Two Great Guitars - Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry [1964] Liverpool Drive - Chuck Berry (S)/Chuck's Beat - Chuck Berry & Bo Diddley (S)//When The Saints Go Marching In - Bo Diddley (S)/Bo's Beat - Bo Diddley & Chuck Berry (S)

LP-2992 - Hey Good Lookin' - Bo Diddley [1965] Hey Good Lookin'/Mush Mouth Millie/Bo Diddley's Hootenanny/London Stomp/Let's Walk Awhile/Rooster Stew//La La La/Yeah Yeah. Yeah/Rain Man/I Wonder Why (People Don't Like Me)/Brother Bear/Mummy Walk

LP-2993 - Hold On! It's Joe Tex - Joe Tex [1964] All I Could Do Was Cry, Part 1/All I Could Do Was Cry, Part 2/You Keep Her/Ain't I A Mess/Baby You're Right//Sit Yourself Down/Don't Play/Get Closer Together/I'll Never Break Your Heart, Part 1/I'll Never Break Your Heart, Part 2

LP/LPS-2994 - Dance with Daddy "G" - Gene Barge [1965] I Feel Fine/Shake/Fine Twine/The Jerk/The Way You Do The Things You Do/The "In" Crowd//Twine Time/Come See About Me/Voice Your Choice/The Monkey Time/It's All Over Now/How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

LP/LPS-2995 - We're Gonna Make It - Little Milton [1965] (6-65, #101) We're Gonna Make It (S)/You're Welcome To The Club (S)/I'm Gonna Move To The Outskirts Of Town (S)/Blues In The Night (S)/Country Style (S)/Who's Cheating Who? (S)//Blind Man (S)/Can't Hold Back The Tears (S)/Believe In Me (S)/Stand By Me (S)/Life Is Like That (S)/Ain't No Big Deal On You (S)

At this point, the label changes to the blue label with the seven checkers at the top. The logo on the front of the record jackets changes to the stylized horse head.

LP/LPS-2996 - 500% More Man - Bo Diddley [1965] 500% More Man/Let Me Pass/Stop My Monkey/Greasy Spoon/Tonight Is Ours/Root Hoot//Hey Red Riding Hood/Let The Kids Dance/He's So Mad/Soul Food/Corn Bread/Somebody Beat Me

LP/LPS-2997 - The "New" Look - Fontella Bass [1965] (2-66, #93) Recorded at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago, in November, 1965. Our Day Will Come (S)/How Glad I Am (S)/Oh No Not My Baby (S)/Rescue Me (S)/Gee Whiz (S)/I'm A Woman (S)//Since I Fell For You (S)/Impossible (S)/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (S)/Soul Of The Man (S)/Come And Get These Memories (S)/I Know (S)

LP/LPS-2998 - Sing A Song Of Soul - Various Artists [1965] The cover of this album, at first glance, appears to be a solid dark blue. On closer inspection, there are a series of cameos of the artists printed in black, making them almost subliminal. We're Gonna Make It - Little Milton (S)/Soul Of The Man - Fontella Bass (S)/Voice Your Choice - Maurice & Radiants (S)/Take Me For A Little While - Jackie Ross (S)/Love Ain't Nothin' - Johnny Nash (S)/Don't Mess Up A Good Thing - Fontella Bass & Bobby McClure (M)/Wang Dang Doodle - Ko Ko Taylor (S)//I Had A Talk With My Man - Mitty Collier (S)/Searching For My Love - Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces (M)/Temptation ‘Bout To Get Me - Knight Brothers (S)/Love Is A 5 Letter Word - James Phelps (S)/Only Time Will Tell - Etta James (S)/I Do Love You - Billy Stewart (M)

LP-2999 - Koko Taylor and Willie Dixon [Unissued]

LP/LPS-3000 - Searching for My Love - Bobby Moore & Rhythm Aces [1966] Recorded in June, 1966 at Fame, Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Searching For My Love (E)/Mr. Starlight (E)/Follow Me (E)/The Hamburger Song (E)/Hey Mr. D.J. (E)/When I Get This Feeling (E)//We've Got That (E)/How Can You Do It Baby (E)/Alone (E)/Jenny Jenny (E)/I Will Never Trust Love Again (E)/Come Back Baby (E)

LP/LPS-3001 - The Originator - Bo Diddley [1966] Pills/Jo Ann/Two Flies/Yakky Doodle/What Do You Know About Love/Lazy Woman//You Ain't Bad/Love You Baby/Limbo/Background To A Music/Puttentang/Africa Speaks

At this point, the label changes to the blue label with the red, white, and blue lettering for the label name.

LP/LPS-3002 - Little Milton Sings Big Blues - Little Milton [1966] Feel So Bad (S)/Reconsider Baby (S)/Stormy Monday (S)/Woke Up This Morning (S)/Hard Luck Blues (S)/Please Please Please (S)//Sweet Sixteen (S)/Fever (S)/Sneakin' Around (S)/Don't Deceive Me (S)/Have Mercy Baby (S)/Part Time Love (S)

LP/LPS-3003 - The Duke of Soul - Gene Chandler [1967] The Duke Of Earl (E)/You Threw A Lucky Punch (E)/Night Owl (E)/Check Yourself (E)/Tear For Tear (E)/Think Nothing Of It (E)//Rainbow In My Heart (E)/Rainbow '65 (E)/What Now? (E)/Bless Our Love (E)/Just Be True (E)/A Man's Temptation (E)

LP-3004 - Best of Little Walter - Little Walter [1967] Reissue of Checker LP-1428, issued in mono only. My Babe/Sad Hours/You're So Fine/Last Night/Blues With A Feeling/Can't Hold Out Much Longer//Juke/Mean Old World/Off The Wall/You Better Watch Yourself/Blue Lights/Tell Me Mamma

LPS-3005 - Flamingos - Flamingos [1967] Reissue of Checker LP-1433 in electronic stereo. Dream of a Lifetime (E)/Ko Ko Mo (E)/Whispering Stars (E)/On My Merry Way (E)/The Vow (E)/Would I Be Crying (E)//A Kiss From Your Lips (E)/Shilly Dilly (E)/Stolen Love (E)/Chickie Um Bah (E)/Nobody's Love (E)/Chicka Boom That's My Baby (E)

LP-3006 - Go Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley [1967] Reissue of Checker LP-1436, issued in mono only. Crackin' Up/I'm Sorry/Bo's Guitar/Willie And Lillie/You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)/Say Man//The Great Grandfather/Oh Yea/Don't Let It Go/Little Girl/Dearest Darling/The Clock Strikes Twelve

LP-3007 - Boss Man - Bo Diddley [1967] Reissue of Checker 1431, issued in mono only. Bo Diddley/I'm A Man/Bring It To Jerome/Before You Accuse Me/Hey' Bo Diddley/Dearest Darling//Hush Your Mouth/Say Bossman/Diddley Daddy/Diddey Wah Diddey/Who Do You Love/Pretty Thing

LP/LPS-3008 - Super Blues - Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley and Little Walter [1968] Long Distance Call/Who Do You Love/I'm A Man/Bo Diddley//You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover/I Just Want To Make Love To You/My Babe/You Don't Love Me

LP-3009 - Bo Diddley [Unreleased two record set]

LP/LPS-3010 - Super Super Blues Band - Howlin' Wolf, Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters [1968] Long Distance Call/Ooh Baby And Wrecking My Love Life/Sweet Little Angel//Spoonful/Diddley Daddy/The Red Rooster/Goin' Down Slow

After this point, releases are stereo only.

LPS-3011 - Grits Ain't Groceries - Little Milton [1969] (6-69, #159) Just a Little Bit/Grits Ain't Groceries/I Can't Quit You Baby/I'll Always Love You/Twenty Three Hours//Spring/Steal Away/You're The One/So Blue Without You/Did You Ever Love A Woman

LPS-3012 - If Walls Could Talk - Little Milton [1970] (3-70, #197) If Walls Could Talk/Baby I Love You/Let's Get Together/Things That I Used To Do/Kansas City//Poor Man/Blues Get Off My Shoulder/I Play Dirty/Good To Me As I Am To You/Your Precious Love/I Don't Know

LPS-3013 - The Black Gladiator - Bo Diddley [1970] Elephant Man/You Bo Diddley/Black Soul/Power House/If The Bible's Right//I've Got A Feeling/Shut Up Woman/Hot Buttered Blues/Funky Fly/I Don't Like You

LPS-3014 - In The Beginning... - Harold Smith Majestic Singers with Various Artists [1970] Although all of these are stereo, some are mono recordings with the Harold Smith Majestic Singers added in stereo as background vocals. Overdubbing was done in April, 1970, at Ter Mar Studios, Chicago. Follow The Lamb - Little Milton (S)/Yield Not To Temptation - Aretha Franklin (S)/Let It Be - Harold Smith Majestic Singers (S)/Let My People Go - Ernest Franklin (S)/He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - Sammy Lewis (S)/Walk With Me - Martha Bass (S)/Jesus Is Calling - Dorothy Best (S)//A Mother's Love - Little Milton (S)/While The Blood Runs Warm - Aretha Franklin (S)/There's A Leak In This House - Ernest Franklin (S)/Put A Little Love In Your Heart - Harold Smith Majestic Singers (S)/That Lucky Old Sun - Sammy Lewis (S)/Move Up A Little Higher - Martha Bass (S)

LPS-3015 - Hot Wheels - Stan Farlow [1970] Hot Wheels/Kind Hearted Woman/Blue Water/Devil River/The Bottle Told Me Lies/Big City Hooker//Georgia (You Did All You Could)/1040 Blues/Treat Me Like A Man/High Country/January Day/Lettin' It All Hang Out (From Now On)

LPS-3016 - Born To Love Me - Jimmy Reeves Jr. [1970] Love That Woman/Hoo Doo Blues/Put It All There/Born To Love Me/I Love You Baby/Bright Lights Big City//Baby What's On Your Mind/Don't Let That Music Die/Shame Shame Shame/Honest I Do/Baby Whatcha Want Me to Do

CK-3017 - The Prayer - Ray Scott [1971] The Prayer, Part 1//The Prayer, Part 2

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