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Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-01 00:42:08
Comments: Roger, The Stones don't have any control over the release of their 60's material. I'm sure both bands care for thier audiences.

Name: Mark Mathews
From: Long Island
Time: 1999-09-01 19:07:36
Comments: Hello All, Chris; Beetle speaks the truth Re CDR recording on your PC. The Wave-Editing software that is available now can produce results that range from good to amazing. Once you have this kind of freedom to alter, improve, remix, or enhance your existing recordings, you'll never go back. Oh, and I haven't seen any new developements on Gorgio Morodor's health as of this week, but I believe he's alive and well, he was just interviewed on VH1's "Behind The Music" on Donna Summer last month, and he looked quite well, save a few grey hairs. Re: The Stones and The Beatles, it has amazed me for years that the companies that do control the release of that material don't take full advantage of a hungry market. Stereo and Mono releases, remixes, alternate takes, boxed sets, etc. There are many more possibilities we could choose from if they (those who control) really put some (not too much) effort into it. There are one-hit wonders that I can buy entire CD-sets of, with alternates and bonus tracks up-the-wazoooo. But, then again, who remembers two little bands from the 60's, it's not like they're the most successful Rock groups of all time or anything....................????? Just a thought...I'll put my thoughts away now.. happy listening to all. :-)

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-09-01 19:56:33
Comments: Speaking of those old K-Tel LPs, I've one that has a version of Bobby Lewis' "Tossin' And Turnin'" that fades later. Every CD mono version I have runs about 2:18 (of course, without the intro found on the stereo and with the extra overdubs not on the stereo), while this one runs 2:35. It's neat to hear it run longer. Strange from a company (in)famous for its edits!

Name: Graham
From: co
Time: 1999-09-01 23:56:29
Comments: ref: I heard the new Stereo Rolling Stones CD (with old stuff) will be out later this month. They have had delays in production. Also HELP HELP HELP. My mothers favorite song was on a British 45 she had in the mid fifties(lost now). It was on the British single "Wheel of Fortune" by Kay Starr on the flip side released in England. She can't remember the title but is was about the Civil war, "one wore grey the other blue" were the some of the words to the song, or words to that effect. Does anybody have a clue?

Name: Marty Wekser
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-09-02 00:12:36
Comments: Here's an advance recommendation (cheap advertisement?) for an upcoming 2CD package from Collectors' Choice. It will be available September 21st. "CHOICE VOICES!" - Pop Vocal Group Gems Of The 50's features 44 hit songs from all record labels with all the major hit groups from the era represented. Here are the songs: CD 1 - The Glow-Worm-Mills Bros.(m), Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing-4 Aces (m), Something's Gotta Give-McGuire Sisters(m), Oh Baby Mine (I Get So Lonely)- 4 Knights(m), Goodnight, Irene-Weavers(m), Standing On The Corner-4 Lads(m), Only You-Platters(m), P.S. I Love You-Hilltoppers(m), Sh-Boom-Crew Cuts(m), Teach Me Tonight-DeCastro Sisters(m) FROM NEWLY DISCOVERED MASTER TAPE-NOT A DISC TRANSFER, Memories Of You-4 Coins(m), The Little Shoe- maker-Gaylords(m), Graduation Day-Rover Boys(m) FIRST TIME ON CD!, Day By Day-4 Freshmen(m), The Man With The Banjo-Ames Bros.(m), Cindy, Oh Cindy-Vince Martin(m) FIRST TIME ON CD AND A PRISTINE TAPE TRANSFER, I Understand (Just How You Feel)-4 Tunes(m), Born To Be With You-Chordettes (m), Marianne-Terry Gilkyson & Easy Riders(m), It's Almost Tomorrow-Dream Weavers(m), Deep Purple-Billy Ward & Dominoes(m), Hey, Mr. Banjo- Sunnysiders(m) - FIRST TIME ON CD. CD 2 - Hearts Of Stone-Fontane Sisters(m), From The Vine Came The Grape- Gaylords(m), Little Darlin'-Diamonds(m), I'd Rather Die Young-Hilltoppers(m), A Woman In Love-4 Aces(m), Sugartime-McGuire Sisters(m), Big Man-4 Preps(m), Angels In The Sky-Crew Cuts(m), Banana Boat Song-Tarriers(m) - THE REAL GEM - TRANSFERRED FROM A NEWLY DISCOVERED MASTER TAPE, Mr. Blue-Fleetwoods(m), Lollipop-Chordettes(m), Runaround-3 Chuckles(m), Melodie D'Amour-Ames Bros. (wide binaural), Star Dust-Billy Ward & Dominoes (wide binaural) FIRST TIME ON CD IN BINAURAL, Twilight Time-Platters(s), Born Too Late-Poni-Tails(s), A Worried Man-Kingston Trio(s), Scarlet Ribbons- Browns(s), Baubles, Bangles & Beads-Kirby Stone 4(s), See You In September- Tempos(s), What Is Love?-Play-Mates(s), Since I Don't Have You-Skyliners(m). Includes a 16 page booklet with essay by Peter Grendysa and many group photos. I realize most BSN readers are more into 60's pop, but there may be some fans of 50's music, hence my posting this detailed listing. Marty

Name: Larry Davis
From: Longview WA
Time: 1999-09-02 02:00:25
Comments: For Graham: I'm certain the Kay Starr song your mother is looking for is called "Two Brothers (The Blue And The Grey)". It was released in the U.S. on Capitol F1856 in 1951, which was two releases before "Wheel Of Fortune". I've not seen this song by Kay Starr turn up on any reissues or compilation albums, but the song has been released on CD by the 50s folk group The Weavers. Maybe having the title will help you in your search for it. Larry

Name: Larry Naramore
From: Sun Valley, Ca.
Time: 1999-09-02 04:37:03
Comments: Jimmie Rodgers of "Honeycomb" fame did a version of "Two Brothers" on his At home with Jimmie Rodgers.

Name: KenGarland
From: L.A.
Time: 1999-09-02 16:11:28
Comments: Any one out there know of a sound cira 1961-62 that had a line about "you say angels crying, i ain't a lying, it was the angels crying"? I bought it when i was a teenager living in Lansing Mich. It was a male singer who i can not remember, but was not a pop singer perse. Thanks.

Name: Curt Lundgren
Website: Reel Top 40 Radio
From: Twin Cities, MN
Time: 1999-09-03 06:33:11
Comments: I see Mercury has finally redone a Spanky & Gang disc. Remaster by Suha Gur at Universal in New Jersey. Can anyone offer a review? 15 tracks...$7.99 at Tower.

Name: Dave-o Thompson
From: Harrisburg PA
Time: 1999-09-03 11:17:32
Comments: Working on a "sonic upgrade" project for my radio station...I came across Excelsior's "Best of Lesley Gore" budget comp, with several cuts marked, "from the Mercury album 'Golden Hits'". "It's My Party", "You Don't Own Me", "That's The Way Boys Are", "California Nights" and "Maybe I Know" are all stereo, and to my ears, all the correct versions...and then I'll hear a little vocal filigree here and there, that makes me wonder. Anybody got this, or the Mercury album, who can confirm or deny?

Name: Alex McNeil
From: Newton MA
Time: 1999-09-03 13:09:42
Comments: If you're tired of the same old oldies on the radio, may I recommend "Lost & Found" on WMBR-FM (88.1 Cambridge/Boston, or From noon to 2 p.m. weekdays, it features obscure and semi-obscure music of the 60s and early 70s. Mondays and Wednesdays are more pop-oriented, Tuesday & Thursday more psychedelic, and Friday is a potpourri of stuff. I'm an occasional fill-in host, and I'll be on Monday, Sept. 6, featuring records that charted in positions 90-99 during the 60s. So if you wanna hear "Air Travel" by Ray & Bob, or "Faded Love" by Jackie DeShanon, tune in!

Name: Randy Vest
From: New York City
Time: 1999-09-03 20:36:15
Comments: I don't have Excelsior's Lesley Gore release but want to point out an interesting track on Rhino's new various artists release, RESPECT: A CENTURY OF WOMEN IN MUSIC. They include Gore's "You Don't Own Me" but it's a single vocal, as opposed to the more-familiar, double-tracked hit version. Mono, of course.

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-09-03 20:39:12
Comments: Randy, Lesley Gore's mono "You Don't Own Me" is actually the hit 45 version - the double-tracked vocal stereo version is the one we're all more familiar with, since it came from the stereo LP. The mono is available on her box set.

Name: Martin T. Boratyn
From: California
Time: 1999-09-03 21:26:23
Comments: For Little Walter and Tom Moulton or anyone else out there: I was delighted to hear that the various artist Mr. Maestro CD...1007 included the Rays' "Souvenirs Of Summertime" from the XYZ label in first time stereo. My hopes are now up to hear two other charted songs by the group. They are "Mediterranean Moon" (1960) and "Magic Moon" (1961). If the Souvenirs cut was in multi-track I would think the others would have been recorded in the same fashion, especially "Mediterranean Moon" which I think is a great song. Any Chance? Even if they are not available in stereo does anyone out there know where the two titles are available on CD? Thanks.

Name: John R. Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-04 02:09:10
Comments: Martin, check with "Memory Lane" in Pa. The number there is 215-674-8864. Roy will fix you up. By the way, if you are a Janis Joplin fan, don't miss out on the box set "Box of Pearls". It's outstanding! And at only $40.00, it's a must have! Just like sitting in the studio listening to the sessions. Made me want to get the black light out of the attic. If you haven't yet checked with Skyline and Tom Daly, you might want to do so. He is mastering for Eric Record's new crop of cd's, and they look very interesting! How about stereo "Forever" by the Little Dippers and "Midnite Special" by Paul Evans, among many others. Needless to say, I'll be looking forward to the release of these cd's. Everyone have a safe holiday weekend. John

Name: Paul
From: Fl
Time: 1999-09-04 08:49:05
Comments: Thanks to the board, I just picked up the Buster Soundtrack with the Stereo version of I've Got You Babe by Sonny & Cher. On special for $.99 at Columbia House, with tax,shipping came to total of $3.81Paul

Name: Walt Haake
From: Princeton
Time: 1999-09-04 10:45:27
Comments: Anyone know where I can find the R&B instrumental "You've Got To Pay The Price" by Al Kent on CD? It charted at #49 in 1967. No mention of it in Mike's Oldies on CD. Also, I wanted to pass along my favorite online Oldies station: Capital Gold from London. The URL is: From there you have to navigate a bit until you find "Listen Live." It's stereo, but far from high fidelity. I especially enjoy hearing oldies (including many from the US) that did well in the UK, but either flopped or weren't released in the US.

Name: Jeff
Time: 1999-09-04 12:09:38
Comments: I've been meaning to post this for a couple weeks now. Dick Bartley has the hit version of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" by Procul Harem in true stereo. When the 30th Anniversary Anthology was released by Westside a couple years ago, I remember reading (probably in the BSN Newsletter) that the search for the stereo master of the hit was continuing. (Most of you know that the box set contains an alternate version in true stereo.) Obviously the tape was found somewhere. Dick Bartley played the stereo version on his Saturday night program...noting that we "never heard it like this before." I hope we can look forward to the song being released on CD in the near future.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-04 14:41:12
Comments: The stereo version of "A Whiter Shade Of Pale" would be perfect for a new volume of Dick Bartley's "On The Radio", on Varese Vintage. Carey Mansfield, Bill Inglot, are you reading this?

Name: Tom Kennedy
From: San Ramon, Ca.
Time: 1999-09-04 17:05:25
Comments: Hi Guys (and Gals??), A few weeks ago, my wife and I went to see the movie American Pie. After a couple of minutes, I noticed that there were no sound effects and no music tracks. I spoke to the manager and she said: "You're right, it's broken but we're trying to fix it." So, only the center speaker dialog came through during the entire movie. That was irritating enough, but out of over 200 patrons (of all ages), NOT one other person even noticed! So if the average consumer doesn't even notice a missing soundtrack and sound effects in a movie, why should any company like Motown or Rhino concern themselves with stereo or remastering from the masters?? It is interesting to note that the theater ran the movie anyway. But, I did get 2 free tickets. Tom Kennedy BSN subscriber

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1999-09-04 17:38:38
Comments: Re: Stereo "Whiter Shade Of Pale". The stereo master still hasn't been found.The version you're referring to is a "sync-up" (and a very good one at that)!!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-04 20:40:20
Comments: Steve, Rats! I was getting psyched up for hearing the stereo version of AWSOP. Tom, I honestly believe we are moving towards a musicless society. They don't teach music in the schools anymore, very few kids are interseted in band anymore, even the networks have cut out T.V. shows' opening and closing sequences that once had music. Most people no longer listen to music for pleasure. They use it for background ambiance. With people's ever shrinking attention spans, we'll soon just have snippets of songs played on radio. It's already happening on MTV. People I know think I'm weird because I can sit down and intently listen to a whole CD from beginning to end (when I have time, that is). I used to make compilation tapes for people, work hours on them and make them sound great. They'd come back a couple of days later and tell me how much the love the music selections. But when I ask them about the sound or the versions the tell me that they didn't even notice or know the difference. Sorry for the length of this post, but I had to ventit out.

Name: Andrew
From: Atlanta metro area
Time: 1999-09-04 20:54:55
Comments: Echoing Beetlefan's comments, some of my fondest memories of TV shows are the cool themes, which helped to establish a mood for what followed i.e. "The Outer Limits" or "Thunderbirds." Will people in the future have the same regard for today's shoes by comparison?

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-04 22:26:41
Comments: I take my love of music to a higher level when I occasionally add music from my collection onto the minidisc library of a mobile DJ company that I'm the music consultant of. This weekend, the owner of the company needed the song "Born Free" for a wedding dance, so he e-mailed me and asked if I had a version of the song, and sure enough I have several of Andy Williams's albums so I submitted the Andy Williams recording of "Born Free" from his "Born Free" album to the DJ company and they used it. On the other hand, it's too bad that we are getting close to a musicless society. Even TNN is showing this by cancelling many of their music shows in favor of NASCAR (which they have long been showing), ECW wrestling, "RollerJam" (a revival of "Roller Derby" but with rollerblades), outdoor sports (another longtime TNN staple), reruns of The Dukes of Hazzard, Alice, The Waltons, The Real McCoys, and Dallas, plus Woman's Day TV, and other shows.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-04 23:24:26
Comments: I just found out a few minutes ago that my nephew has taken up the saxaphone! Cool! And he is a Beatle fan (heh heh!). Heck, he loves all kinds of music! It's so heartening to see a member of the younger generation get involved with music, despite all that they have to deal with these days. I dunno, maybe there is hope yet. Thanks for reading this everybody! Now, back to oldies...

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-09-05 17:05:07
Comments: To M.C.: THANKS for the very helpful publication update on the 3rd Edition (smaller print eh? --- uh-oh, I guess I'm going to have to buy those reading glasses I've been putting off :-) and Newsletter #52. While I'm sorry to hear about the delay of Edition 3, I'm DEFINITELY willing to wait for a quality product --- like I do with all my CD purchases. You are one of the few people who REALLY care about quality these days; the others just PROCLAIM to care. Thanks for sticking to your principles.

Name: John D.
Time: 1999-09-06 09:38:09
Comments: Hello all. A few comments about the MARKETTS Batman Theme. As I said a few weeks ago, there is NO CURRENTLY AVAILABLE recording from any USA source for this song. But there is a CD from France called BATMAN THEME, which is a reissue of the Batman Theme Album that was done back in the sixties. I had known about this one for quite a while, but never bought it because it is priced so high, and I remembered the very bad experience I had when I bought a Peugeot about 20 years ago. I thought that if one of Europe's biggest carmakers couldn't do it right (the thing literally fell apart before my very eyes), then there wouldn't be much chance that they would do any better with the analog to digital transfer of a music CD. As it happens, last week a guy from Indiana listed one of these on ebay, the opening bid was less than half of the asking prices at CDNow and CDWorld, so I bid & won.

Wow, what a great sounding CD! Although there aren't too many of you who would care much about having an entire CD of music from the TV series, I can't imagine any engineer who devotes his time to creating products for this market would do any better than this. The sound is better than 90% of the oldies CDs in my collection, and, of course, it's 100% <--STEREO-->

Name: Roger Round
From: Vancouver, Canada
Time: 1999-09-06 13:07:06
Comments: Hi Everybody, Does anybody know where I can find the cd "This Is Soul" A collection of soul smashes? It is on the Charly label and features "The Snake" by Al Wilson. I used to have it on the cassette "Originals' still the greatest on the K-Tel label but my son sold it when my neighbors were having a garage sale. I was just about to put it on cd too. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance

Name: Joe Reynolds
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-09-06 17:28:04
Comments: Just got around to picking up "The Very Best Of Red Bird/Blue Cat Records" on the Taragon label last week. As most of you already know, excellent true stereo on the four Shangri-las tracks. I e-mailed Taragon inquiring about a possible "Best Of" set dedicated to the Shangri-las (The Mercury set from a few years ago being 100% mono-poor quality mono at that) and they said that they have no plans to reissue any more Red Bird material at all. Does anyone know whether or not some other company has any plans to reissue the remainder of the Shangri-las stuff from the four track masters???

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-09-07 03:02:52
Comments: TO: Roger Round. If your cd in question ("A Collection Of Soul Smashes") is the Charly CDCD1026 [1992], Glenn Sauter stated on this board that the songs on this cd are almost all remakes. Perhaps if you e-mail Glenn, he can tell you if "The Snake" is one of the remakes. [NOTE: If this (my) post is #250 when you read it, Glenn's post is #47, whereby you can obtain his e-mail address]

Name: Ken Garland
From: los angeles
Time: 1999-09-07 14:20:24
Comments: Anyone in bsn land, can you email or post advice on copying audio casstte to cd? I have Sound Blaster Live so running rca cables from the player to the sound card is no problem. I am not sure what software to use to capture the music to a wav file, or even if that is the first step. Once it is on the hard drive in a wav file it can be put to CD. Thanks for any help.

Name: Mike Hartman
From: Vernon Hills, IL
Time: 1999-09-08 09:38:55
Comments: We have a DJ here in Chicago that for the last 20 years has played many of the great tracks of the 60's & early 70's. His name is Bob Stroud. For the last couple years he's been at our "classic rock" station CD 94.7. Last year on this board I wrote about a CD he put out that included the Ides of March's "L.A. Goodbye"...a great song that has never been on CD. Well this week he put out another CD that is only availble at Best Buy in the Chicagoland area. I don't know if they take mail-orders but you should try. The CD is called "Bob Stroud's Classic Rock Roots Volume 2". It contains a couple CD firsts. 1. One Fine Morning - Lighthouse (Stereo-Lp version) 2. Let Me - Paul Revere & Raiders (Stereo - 45 version) 3. Lake Shore Drive - Aliotta, Haynes & Jeremiah (stereo - LP version) This is a great local hit in Chicago. 4. I Love You - People ( E - don't know why it's not stereo) 5. I Dig Everything About You - The Mob (mono) This is another Chicago area favorite from 1970. It was in stereo on the Colossus 45 but it looks like they got the master from Heritage in the UK who has put this out in mono. 6. Nobody But Me - Human Beinz (stereo) 7. Summer Sun - Jamestown Massacre (stereo) This is a CD first. It also is the top voted song that people asked Bob to get on this CD. They were a Chicago group. The 45 in '72 was on WB and this is truly on great track. 8. Crimson & Clover - Tommy James & Shondells (stereo - LP version. 9. Go Back - Crabby Appleton (stereo LP version with cold ending) 10. Psychotic Reaction - Count Five (E) 11. You, I - The Rugby's (stereo - rocker from '69 that is only on one other CD) 12. You Wouldn't Listen - Ides Of March (mono) Way before "Vehicle"...back in '66 the Chicago group had this song go to #42 on Billboard on the Parrot label...a great song that is nothing like Vehicle. I do not believe this was ever in stereo. This CD sells for $9.47 (like the radio station 94.7). Well worth adding to your collection.

Name: jonr
Website: Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes
Time: 1999-09-08 10:04:49
Comments: To Ken re: cd r software: Adaptec has software called easy cd creator,and the delux version 3.5 has Spin Doctor. which lets you choose the format to your HD or to disc.You are able to recored from lp,tape or cd and there is also software that lets you clean the sound files etc... I have used this alot but have converted over to Cool Edit 96 software which is much more "pro" friendly. Hope this helps you.If you need any more help ,email me .John

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-08 14:05:55
Comments: I recommend Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools used with Cool Edit 96. Ken, I E-mailed you about this. Mike, I believe the LP version of "One Fine Day" by Lighthouse is on CD. It's on Rhino's "Have A Nice Day", Super Hits of the 70's series. People's "I love You" rechanneled version appears on at least two CD compilations. Someone a while back was looking for anyone with the original mono single of "I Love You". I have It.

Name: Mike Hartman
From: Vernon Hills, IL
Time: 1999-09-08 14:37:34
Comments: Beetlefan - There are 2 "First Time On CD" tracks on the CD. You'll notice I wasn't talking about One Fine Morning..I am simply listing the tracks and making comments. The two First Time On CD tracks are as stated: "Summer Sun" by Jamestown Massacre & "You Wouldn't Listen" by the Ides Of March.

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-09-08 16:42:22
Comments: further to Lighthouse's "One Fine Morning", it is on CD in it's LP length of 5+ minutes, however, it is remixed. To my ears, it's one remix that just doesn't cut it. I'm not aware of the LP-length original 1971 mix being on CD, as every reissue uses the remix. Anyone know of it being somewhere, as I need it! Varese/Dick Bartley did include the 45 edit in it's original mix on Collector's Essentials: The '70s, however.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1999-09-08 23:18:22
Comments: Can anyone tell me why the following tunes STILL!!! haven't appeared on any CD compilations???? Everyone Knows Maltilda-Duke Baxter.. She's My Girl-Bobby Shafto... Where Do I Go/Hari-Krishna-Happenings... Land Of 1000 Dances-Thee Midnighters... Let's Call It A Day Girl-Razors Edge... Teenage Hayride-Tender Slim... W-O-L-D-Harry Chapin...Roses Are Red(My Love)-You Know Who Group... Fool If You Think It's Over-Cris Rea... We Can't Hide It Anymore-Larry Santos... with all the comps out there & new ones coming out everyday we still get the same old stuff over & over.End of Rant Don.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-09 02:19:13
Comments: Fool (If You Think It's Over) by Chris rea (a superp song in every way) appeared on a Canadian compilation a few years back. All you get these days are re-recordings. The song was originally released on United Artists in 1978. EMI-Capitol, or whatever they call themselves nowadays probably controls the master. It's too bad this great song hasn't made it to CD yet. I just located the LP "What Ever Happened To The great Santini?" and put it on CD-R.

Name: Mike Raphone
Time: 1999-09-09 07:11:08
Comments: Beat, that Chris Rea LP was available as a German import CD on WEA/Warner Bros. (I have it) You may have to check with an import dealer to see if it's still available.

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: The Web Site Formerly Known As Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma
Time: 1999-09-09 08:19:09
Comments: The stereo version of People's "I Love You" turns up on one of those Time-Life Classic Rock compilations. It's pure ping-pong, and there's a whole lot of extra echo to make sure you know it; it is so bad, the rechanneled version is actually more bearable. Until some kind soul turns up the session tapes and issues a remix, I think this song is best heard in mono.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-09 08:49:27
Comments: W*O*L*D by Harry Chapin appears on the Harry Chapin 2 CD set entitled "Gold Medal Collection" on Elektra Records and is available in most CD stores. If you can't find it in your hometown, it can be special ordered at the store or online ordered at major online stores

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1999-09-09 09:53:33
Comments: Don, Bobby Shafto's "She's My Girl" is on the British EMI CD "Beat at Abbey Road (1963 to 1965)," although Tower's online site currently lists it as "not available."

Name: Dave-o Thompson
From: Hershey PA
Time: 1999-09-09 12:52:24
Comments: With all the grumping about MCA's "Millenium" collections being in mono, I'm suprised nobody has commented yet on the new Temptations and Marvin Gaye releases, which have stickers on the shrink- wrap promising stereo. Anybody have these? Can you compare them to earlier re-masters? By the way, when are we going to see the 1999 chatboard messages prior to these 250 current messages, in the archives?

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-09-09 13:06:16
Comments: Fool (If You Think It's Over) by Chris Rea is on his CD "The Best Of Chris Rea" on East West / Magnet Records / Warner Music Canada CD 98040. Maybe not available in the States?

Name: Dan Asvitt
From: California
Time: 1999-09-09 14:21:47
Comments: Beetlefan, that Chris Rea "Whatever Happened to Benny Santini" German import CD is on Magnet 2292-42368-2. David, the best CD source for the overdubbed, stereo version of "Five O' Clock World" is on the Japanese import album "The Best of the Vogues" on Reprise WPCR-1387. It also includes the stereo overdubbed versions of "You're the One" and "Magic Town", along with other stereo goodies. Great listening!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-09 14:53:03
Comments: David Clark: The song, "Fool (If You Think It's Over) on "The Best Of Chris Rea" on East/West distriubuted by Time-Warner here in the states is a re-recording. Thanks for the info, guys! But since my own mastering job from LP sounds quite good, i'll save my money and pass on the import.

Name: Martin G. (Marty) Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-09-09 17:54:04
Comments: Well, I have finally finished my massive want list. More than 1,000 wants from the Top 40 between 1955 and 1983. I subdivided the list into a most wanted top 250 songs and then a top 50 most obscure (to me anyway) artists want list. If anyone would like a copy of my want list, send me an e-mail. Maybe we can find some new stereo stuff in the list, who knows? One thing, though, I'd sure like to know if any of your local radio stations even place one song on my entire want list. By the way, I have the People song in stereo, not sure from what source, but it's on a cassette tape and there is a lot of background hiss. It's definitely stereo, though.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-09 20:00:51
Comments: Does anyone know if the Yardbirds multitracks still exist, and if so, who has them? Looking at the notes to "Crossroads", most of the early stuff was done at Olympic, with For Your Love being done at IBC. IBC was 3 or 4 track at the time, and I'm fairly certain Olympic was 3 or 4 track at the time as well. Also, does any know what kind of facilities the following studios had in 63/64? Regent Sound and De Lane Lea. I'm trying to gather a bit more information on the early Stones tracks - a lot of the material recorded in the US has shown up in stereo, but so far none of the UK recorded material has shown up in stereo.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-09 19:57:20
Comments: Does anyone know if the Yardbirds multitracks still exist, and if so, who has them? Looking at the notes to "Crossroads", most of the early stuff was done at Olympic, with For Your Love being done at IBC. IBC was 3 or 4 track at the time, and I'm fairly certain Olympic was 3 or 4 track at the time as well. Also, does any know what kind of facilities the following studios had in 63/64? Regent Sound and De Lane Lea. I'm trying to gather a bit more information on the early Stones tracks - a lot of the material recorded in the US has shown up in stereo, but so far none of the UK recorded material has shown up in stereo.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1999-09-09 21:58:20
Comments: Thanks to all the BSN..ers for there help beetlefan said the Chris Rea song is a rerecording...W*O*L*D on the Gold Collection is a live version,sort of a duet with his brother Tom.And to Marty W. Bobby Shafto has a 4 disc box set??? wow! lots of bucks for one tune,but if theres a chance of's on Rhino..I forgot....I Love You by People is nice wide stereo on..I Love You..People..Capitol..CDP 7243 8 29797 2 2..sort of a best of People..& I think it's stereo on the early Nuggets CDs I know it was on the Nuggets LPs,back when Rhino used to pioneer stereo rock.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-09-10 17:10:18
Comments: To Marty B & others interested. I can't really answer your question about what stations that purport to be oldies oriented play, but I can tell you that some radio station was dumping a lot of "For Radio Stations Only" CDs on ebay last week. One that caught my eye had a number of hard-to-find New Orleans tracks: Benny Spellman, and Joe Barry's I'm A Fool To Care (high on my own personal want list, and yes, I know it's on a Time-Life CD in awful sound). I e-mailed the seller asking whether or not he could confirm the Barry track was Stereo or Mono, but he ignored my request for info so I didn't bid on it. As for whether many of the hard-to-find items on your want list will ever show up, just don't hold your breath.

As for your want list, I'd love to have it. If you want to see mine, just let me know if you want it in RTF, DBF, Excel or Filemaker (I don't use Access).

Name: Kenny Dobin
Time: 1999-09-10 21:29:25
Comments: Would like to know stereo content on next two volumes on Eric hard-to-find oldies cd's. Apologies if info has been posted. Also track listing and stereo content of new Steve Lawrence hits import. Thanks Kenny

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-10 21:35:17
Comments: Kenny, you can go to and and find out the mono/stereo information on the upcoming "Hard to Find" series CD's.

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington. Texas
Time: 1999-09-11 01:00:41
Comments: "I'm a Fool To Care"! Now, that would make a great addition to "The Golden Age Of American Rock and Roll series, wouldn't it! Does anyone know of a good source for deleted or used cd's (mail order)? And does anyone have a website for Andy Williams? I sure would like a good comprehensive "greatest hits" collection by Andy. After all, we still don't have "Hopeless", "Don't You Believe It", "Wrong For Each Other", "Battle Hymn Of The Republic", "Ain't It True", or the single, hit versions of "Lonely Street" and "The Bilbao Song", along with eight other songs that charted in the Hot 100. Anytime, Andy, while we are still alive. Andy Williams, in fact, may have the dubious honor of having more Top 40 hits from the sixties, that haven't appeared on cd yet.

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1999-09-11 14:58:11
Comments: I have a three CD Andy Williams "Best Of" from Reader's Digest that contains EVERY Andy Williams chart record (Cadence and Columbia) including "Wrong For Each Other"(which is in stereo). It was produced and manufactured by Sony Special Markets so it has pretty decent sound throughout. However, I think that "Lonely Street" is the common stereo underdub. By the way, the correct single version of "Lonely Street" is available on Varese Vintage's Andy Williams "Greatest Hits" CD. Also, the correct single version of "Fool" by Chris Rea is on a Mystic Music CD called "Good Times". It's a two disc set (# 3523) and it is in stereo.

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: Kal ee for nye aye
Time: 1999-09-11 21:48:37
Comments: Hi kids. This lil forum seems to be gravitating more & more towards newer & newer stuff, but i'll ask & type away anyways about '50s/early '60s stereo.....(Anyone know of a good resource similar to this where folks focus on the "older oldies" !?!?!)
How about some more info on stereo "Angel Baby" & "Louie Louie" ?!?! ( "carrots" dangled forth here not so long ago...) ..probably "sync - ups"
The newer, smaller "Essential.." Johnny Cash 3 cd on Columbia or Sony or legacy, or whatever they're calling it now (as J.C. notes in his 'howdy' in the booklet...) has several early Columbia tunes in stereo that had been mono on 1st issue, even tho the notes haven't been updated....
Herman's Hermits "..Lamppost" is stereo on a Dutch cd i have + on EMI/Columbia UK collection.
Reviews anyone: Yardbirds "expanded" German "For Your Love" & "..Rave Up" ??
"Beach Music Anthology 2" (Ripete, 4 cd)
HELP ! Anyone know of any "site" or other resource that gives track listings/reviews of ONE WAY & HI (Demon/Edsel UK) reissue cds ???? Recall reading somewhere that One Way is either out of biz or deleted alot of stuff.... How did they do on the Ventures & Jan & Dean "2 fers" ??? Are they stereo ? decent sound ? any "bonus tracks" on any of these, seemingly straight reissues ?
"Land of 1000.." (Cannibal..) was on a cheap-o mid-80's ri compilation.. i think on "Priority" or "jci" or "baby boomer.." series...
Al Wilson "The Snake" is on (hit'n'miss) Charly(UK) collection "Harlem Shuffle.."
alrighty, some slick seventies stuff had to creep in here... is the "reactivated" by rca/bmg Buddah (Or is it "Buddha", to avoid legal hassles...?) Andrea True collection with the "never before used Tom Moulton mixes/tapes/masters" the Greatest Hits (#7112) ??????????
While i wait for the new book, are there any "guinea pigs" out there that've tried their luck with "tempting" looking compilations from any of the following reissue labels ????:
Telesonic, Golden, Flash, Essential, Block Buster, Hallmark, Time, Wise, Warner ("Billboard 1955" thru "..1974" ), ....etc. etc. ..some of these seem like they could be "gray"-type dealy or "imports"... but then there are some intriguing titles & acts.... Jack Scott, Dicky Doo & the Don'ts, Diamonds, Shangri-Las, King Curtis, etc. etc.....THANKS ! BYE !!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-12 02:04:01
Comments: Bobbin' Brian: The Andrea True stuff with the Tom Moulton remasters is on the "Best Of Andrea True Connection", on The Right Stuff label. Tom Moulton originaly mixed almost all of her records anyway.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-12 12:42:18
Comments: Hi Brian, Most people here seem to have at least one main period in time for music. The area of musical intrest usually (but not always) seems to corralate with the age of a person. If the pendulum seems to swing away from your area of intrest, don't worry, it will come back around. Will it go 'round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Since my main area of interest goes anywhere from 1959 to the mid 80's, i'm happy with anything within that range. And, it's nice for me to see 70's music discussed here. I would also like to see more 70's soul and hard rock discussed. There's LOTS to talk about. But this site will always go back to the 50's/early 60's because the issue of new stereo is involved. Cheers, beetlefan

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-09-12 14:23:09
Comments: ...just had to respond. I've just fallen off the "I can always tell if it's a re-recording" bandwagon. I had no idea that "Fool (If You Think It's Over)" is a redo on that Best Of on East/West. I didn't hear the song much when it was out and it not being commonly available to compare with....well, anyway, thanks for the info - I've just been one-uped (for the first - and last, hopefully - time). I'm going to listen to it again....

Name: BOPPIN' Brian
From: here there & everywhere
Time: 1999-09-12 15:07:13
Comments: OK, I'll bite. The only reason I had done my minor whining about the "newer oldies" slant that I see here of late is that I had believed this to be a forum for STEREO "oldies" dialogue, and more specifically NEW or RARELY HEARD or HARD TO FIND Stereo "oldies". In my mind this would be centered on the music from around the mid-'60s & before. Far be it for me to delegate what is discussed, but I have a feeling that a good percentage of Mike's readers are interested in this "era", and like me, will skip over any review of "1990s Harley Heavy Metal Heavy Hitters, deluxe Corinthian Leather-bound version" to get to that review of an album featuring Johnny & the Hurricanes or Laura Lee Perkins or Big Jay McNeely or Cookie & the Cupcakes...
As for age of person dictating tastes in music, sorry, can't go for that one, bub. I know plenty of pre-teens that only like 40 to 50 year - old music - "swing" or "rockabilly" - & retired folks that only listen to Yanni or John Tesh or other '90s digitalized sythesized drivel.
I guess my point is maybe there are varying musical tastes displayed here & I'm very much "Live & Let Live" (no further Wings lyrics/paraphrasing, you'll notice...) but surely there are other forums for people to discuss their painstaking transfer of their Foghat 8-tracks to CD-R.
Now, if we could make that shift soon here, back in time a bit more, in the old "way back machine", why not let someone "in the know" tell us about the "finds" (brought up not too long ago her)of Stereo "Louie Louie" & "Angel Baby" !?!?!?!

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-12 16:37:05
Comments: Steve Massie, thanks for the Andy Williams info. Now, do you know anyone still selling it? I called up the Reader's Digest website, and it must be discontinued. Just my luck! Boppin' Brian, I will believe in stereo "Louie, Louie" and "Angel Baby" when I hear it. I would have to see a review by someone I trusted (Mike and Brenda or Tom Daly), before investing any money in a sync-up of the two. By the way, anyone interested in the tracks on the new "Beach Music, vol 2", just call up They will give you the lineup. It's certainly heavy on the obscure, though. Speaking of obscure, and "Beach Music", I sure wish someone would put "Put Me Down Easy" by Charlie McClendon and "Mary and Me" by Austin Roberts on cd. Neither record charted nationally, but both were "huge" hits on the East coast (Virginia) in late 1968-early 1969. I was stationed there in the Navy. No one here seems to have heard of either song. Everyone have a great week! John

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-12 18:23:36
Comments: Uh...Brian, it's "Live And Let Die", unless you meant that sarcastically...anyway, I think you're right about majority of our fellow contributers being musically focused around the 50's and 60's. But, even Mike C. reviews "newer oldies" in the newsletter. I consider anything at least seven years or more an oldie. We're all getting older, ya know! To me, stereo means anything that has to do with the music, not just the technology. Yes, there are many places to discuss CD-R, but many of us "stereo (sometimes mono heh, heh) oldie" lovers and collectors find it very useful and rewarding to capture rare LP's and 45's on CD ourselves. Why wait for the companies to do it? And , as collectors, we can share our collections with others. There is no place I know of that does discuss this particular thing. Just as there are 17 year-olds who listen to 40's swing, there are also seventy-year olds who like rap, hip-hop and grunge (which, by the way, are all now oldie styles). I grew up listening to everything in the 60's and 70's. Personally, I do get bored reading about the same old stuff. But I know I can go elseware, like the Ice chatroom, and most there seem to be 70's, and 80's rocker types. I guess 70's soul/funk/punk/disco livers don't do message boards/chat rooms. Anyway, back to music, what this is all about.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-12 19:22:34
Comments: Also a few of the ICE chatters frequently ask me questions related to country music as I'm a huge country music fan and have a lot of knowledge in that field and enjoy listening to all eras of country music while I'm also a fan of many different kinds of "oldies."

Name: Steve Baird
From: Bayou Country
Time: 1999-09-12 23:03:26
Comments: Boppin' Brian, you're the man. Right on! Having said that, let me slip into the very early Seventies -- which I consider to be out of the oldies milieu -- to ask if anyone knows anything at all about the new limited edition Rolling Stones CDs (Exile, Sticky, et al) which are to be released on 10/5/99. Contrary to the opinion expressed to me by another BSN regular regarding the sound quality of the recently released Beatles "White album" in its current limited edition form ("it is no different from the original"), I found upon comparison that the new one is significantly better than the 1987 release. I am hoping that the same will be true of these new Stones limited editions too. Any word from those of you who frequent the ICE pages?

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-13 11:12:43
Comments: I recall that about five years ago, several readers sent Mike c. copies of their homeade CD-R's and he reviewed them in the newsletter. I remember that a couple were quite interesting, and I think the authors provided ways to contact them. Just out of curiosity, Steve, why do you not consider 70's music part of the "oldie" catagory? The stuff is 20+ years old now. E-mail me if you'd like to take it off-line. Cheers, beetlefan

Name: Dave Breathe
Time: 1999-09-13 11:50:36
Comments: Attention RCA '50s/'60s country music fans: RCA/BMG (Germany) have just released 4 new slim-double CDs using the Richard Weize/Bear Family 3 track masters (for those who do not need/afford the full Bear Family box-sets!): BOBBY BARE - THE SINGLES 1959-1969 2-CD (BMG 7432 1571192); HANK LOCKLIN - 1955-1967 & IRISH SONGS COUNTRY STYLE 2-CD (BMG 7432 1571212); JIM REEVES - THE SINGLES 1953-1960 2-CD (BMG 7432 1571182); HANK SNOW - THE TOP SINGLES 1950-1974 2-CD (BMG 7432 1571202). All tracks are stereo where possible (mainly post '58/'59 recordings). CDs contain A & B sides of relevant singles of each artist. For full track listings check

Name: Steve Baird
From: Bayou State
Time: 1999-09-13 12:38:32
Comments: Hi beetlefan and all who come here to discuss a myriad of ideas about old music on CD. There are a number of interesting things about oldies, and how each of us perceives the notion of what an oldie is or isn’t. I don’t know where the term originated, but for many of us, we first heard it used in Little Caesar and the Romans’ great song -- peaking on the charts in the Spring of 1961 (I was a junior in high school at the time). To a teenager, even a few months in the past seems like an eon, and, as teenagers, many of us had a different opinion on older things. Some of us regarded older folks who didn’t like our music as squares; and, with our then limited attention spans, anything that wasn’t current in the music realm didn’t have much worth either (by 1961 even Elvis had been making his transition, his audience ultimately becoming older folks). As we graduated from high school and then either went to college or work, we evolved (matured?) into the very people that we had little regard for as children a few short years earlier. So, while Little Caesar’s song may have given us positive fantasies of the songs of the past, I think it is fair to say that succeeding generations of teenagers have endowed the term with negative connotations. Strictly speaking, an oldie is, therefore, a song in a specific genre reaching its popularity apex prior to 1961 -- if we accept Little Caesar’s implied definition.

But certainly, none of us considers the music of our parents’ time as complying with this definition: Glenn Miller, Rosemary Clooney, or Julius LaRosa didn’t perform OUR music; and, depending on our age, neither did Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Crosby Stills & Nash, Jefferson Airplane or Santana (all of whom I enjoy). Apparently the music industry as a whole recognizes the subtle differences: my local Barnes & Noble has an oldies section in it where you’ll find Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, the Crests and a host of others, while Santana et al are in the rock section. There’s no denying that many of the visitors here are younger than you and I are, beetlefan, but folks like Bradley and Luke (for starters) are here because they have a different sort of attachment to this grand old stuff than I (and possibly you) do. Mine is basically nostalgic while theirs might be intellectual. That’s why I agree with Boppin’ Brian’s conception of what oldies are. BTW, since I listen (as do many others) to a very diverse range of music, the CDs in my racks are categorized. Bob Dylan is in the Rock section, but The Four Seasons are in the oldies category yet both were charting simultaneously. Go figure.

Name: Ray Soper
Time: 1999-09-13 15:55:34
Comments: Some questions (that have no doubt been asked before but please bear with this old bloke) and comments. 1. Where do FM oldies stations get their versions of the sixties records that we know and love? Do they all have people scouting around to find the best versions, or do they use sources like this one? Do the "radio stations only" CDs have different (and better) quality material? 2. When will EMI do a decent job on The Beatles treasure trove. The money that they must have made from that group (I just bought the whole lot again in NZ because while I had been waiting for EMI to do a decent job) I couldn't resist it when I saw them available at US$10 each. As for their "stereo versions" - great if they are thoughtfully mixed and presented, but I really don't need Paul and John singing out of the right speaker and all the instruments out of the left on "All My Loving" (FM car radio). Get real guys, that is just an example of how bad it can be, and it is so for many other tracks. I'd much rather have mono. They could at least get somebody to put together the best recordings from whatever source and DO IT RIGHT!! 3. There is an interesting little story in "The Beatles - Album File & Complete Discography" by Jeff Russell (1982 Blandford Press). In 1976 Bhaskar Menon, head of Capitol Records in the US, came up with the idea for the album "Rock & Roll Music". "Menon, after trying unsuccessfully to contact one or all of the Beatles for approval of the track listing for this new double album, eventually gave up and contacted George Martin, their producer. When Martin was told of the plan to release this compilation of old Beatles tracks as a new album, he flew to the Hollywood offices of Capitol. After hearing some of the older tracks with bad background noise and poor stereo, Martin was appalled at the prospect of their reissue and set about filtering and mixing every track included on this album. On some of the older tracks such as Twist and Shout and I Saw Her Standing There he reversed the stereo and brought the vocal track away from the edge into the centre, adding a slight echo for a more modern sound. He also filtered out the bass from the rhythm track and placed that also in the centre of stereo. On newer tracks, Martin reversed the stereo, and with the aid of filters and equalisers gave the recordings a crisper sound. When he had finished his work, Martin took a copy of these tapes back to EMI records in Britain, but the company was horrified as the Beatles had issued official instructions that the tapes must not be 'touched, added to, edited, or mutilated in any way'. EMI took this edict rather too literally ie that if they were to be re-issued, the tapes should be exactly as originally recorded. Thus George Martin's remixed and filtered versions of the original tracks were not included on the Rock and Roll Music album when released in Britain. In 1980 however, EMI relented and decided to issue the remixerd recordings. They split the two albums, put them in new sleeves (after receiving numerous complaints about the original sleeve) and issued them on the Music For Pleasure label as Rock and Roll Music, Volumes 1 and 2 (MFP 50506 and 50507). These two albums are worth buying if only to compare the original recordings with the remix." When I started this note I was going to comment on the stunning version of Money on this album since I recall it as a truly outstanding stereo sound, and the way I for one want to hear The Beatles. I'd love to see these albums re-issued on CD. Why can't EMI talk to the remaining Beatles and George Martin and sort this stuff out before we all die? 4. There was a hopeless (but expensive) audiophile remastered version of Rubber Soul issued on vinyl way back then, memorable only for the bass being mixed so high that it distorted - unbelievable. 5. Can someone list the best way to buy Beatles CDs with good sound (if there are such). 6. I'd love to know what people reckon are the best sounding (and performances) CDs in their collections. Two from me are "Ella and Louis" and "Ella & Louis Again" - great songs, great performances and great sounds even though recorded in the mid 50s - I think they are on Verve - the CDs are down at our other place.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-13 17:14:56
Comments: Ray, FM radio stations get the "Radio Station Only" CD's from companies that specialize in this sort of thing such as TM Century (who has a website at There are many companies that do this sort of business. The quality of the CD's is ranging from average to outstanding. The promo companies license the tracks from labels whenever possible just for radio station purposes, and very often, radio station CD's contain material that is unavailable on commercial CD's.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-13 19:04:07
Comments: Ray, You said a dirty four letter word around here: MONO! Just kidding! I agree with you on that issue. To me, as the legitamate Beatles CD's stand, none of them could win a sonic masterpiece award. Even though "Abbey Road" was No-Noised, it comes close by my ears. The Last two "Anthology" volumes sound great! Steve, The "oldies" thing is definately nostalgic for me. I'm pushing forty! I absorbed the stuff in my playpen. That's also why I am passionate about preserving MONO mixes. I must be the only collector I know who only separates his collection alphabetically, period. I hate stores that try to categorize everything. there are too many artists that don't fit one box, Little boxes, Tiny boxes, little rikki-tikki-taki...while intellectually, oldies are anything that's about seven years old, I personally regard them as anything that came before high school graduation or some college.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-13 20:31:02
Comments: Re: Beatles... A few notes. 1) For the R&R Music set Martin didn't have access to any of the session tapes - the "remixes" of the stuff is just from Capitol's stereo tapes. The multitracks reside in London, and don't leave... The stereo image is reversed on all tracks - a mistake I would assume. 2) The mix of "Money" is the same on the original With The Beatles stereo LP. Nice indeed. 3) Regarding the early hard left/right mixes. While they do sound a bit odd, to these ears they still reign. On the first LP especially, as most of the vocals were live and there is quite a bit of bleed through on the tracks. 4) As for "good sound", the only choices are the original CDs and the Red & Blue compilations - there haven't been any remasters out. I do have "Another Beatles Story" from Japan, however (OOP), which does have many early tracks in stereo. 5) I don't think Abbey Road was no-noised - I don't think that technology was around in 1987. 6) While the outright fidelity was good on the second and third Anthology CDs (the first one was bad), the mixing wasn't very good. They didn't get the echo right, among other things... 7) In case you don't know, the Yellow Submarine 'songtrack' is due out tomorrow (I think). All tracks remixed - the multiple generations of tapes were synch'd up so for some songs they had 12 or 16 tracks to work with (everything was originally done on 4 track). While there is really no word yet, rumor is The Beatles like the new remixes and may agree to go ahead with other releases/remixes. I guess only time will tell...

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-13 22:32:40
Comments: Luke, No Noise was one of the earliest forms of digital remastering invented in 1987 about the time the Beatles 1987 CD's were released.

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1999-09-13 23:55:55
Comments: From what I remember, the channel reversal on "Rock and Roll Music" may have been deliberate. Don't ask me why, but I remember an interview in the late 70's where GM stated that he "reversed the stereo", as well as filtering the bass and panning it to the center on some of the tracks. It's been awhile since I dug out the I'll assume it's the twin-track stuff - Boys, T&S, etc... - that got the bass filtering. Also, even though Sonic Solutions No-Noise was around in '87 ( and was actually used on a few of the Swinging Pig's Ultra Rare Trax ), EMI wasn't using it yet and thus Abbey Road was not No-Noised. One listen confirms that.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-14 01:49:26
Comments: The EMI/Capilol version of "Abbey Road" WAS No-Noised. There was great controversy about it back in 1987, when the CD was released. I wish I had saved all those articles and interviews concerning the issue.

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-14 02:26:29
Comments: Ray, I disagree with you. I love those old Beatles two-tracks! I was into lps back then, and bought the old lps, in stereo, when possible. So I guess I'm used to them that way. It doesn't matter if I am the only one who likes two-track stereo, I still prefer it to mono, as long as the versions are the same. But I understand that some prefer mono over two-track stereo and I believe there is room for both in the market. I really don't feel that it's asking too much for both versions to be issued. After all, we can get three "two disc" sets of alternate takes, but NO STEREO EARLY BEATLES? Why? It doesn't make sense that the first four Beatles lps have not had a ligitimate release of the stereo versions! I can't believe my luck, though. The only Beatles lp that I never bought on cd was "Yellow Submarine" and NOW, I'M READY! I knew that I was waiting for a reason. I just didn't know what it was. I'll give my take on it later this week.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-14 11:50:19
Comments: John P. like you, "Yellow Submarine" is also the only Beatles CD I held off buying. I'm going to buy mine through Virgin Mega-store's website. They gave those who E-mailed in a complaint a 40% discount on everything in the store because we couldn't get our order through last Labor Day weekend. Maybe after this they'll release the mono version of "Sgt. Pepper" on CD, the one that was abruptly withdrawn from release a couple of years back. Hey, maybe we'll get Glyn John's mix of the "Get Back" album so I can chuck Phil Spector's nightarish mixes and hatchet job of the "Let It Be" album.

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1999-09-14 16:05:00
Comments: I'll stick with my statement that Abbey Road wasn't No-Noised. The only "controversy" I recall was that there was concern from the EMI engineers over the amount of white noise induced by JL on "I Want You". The CD is quite hissy overall ( not that it bothers me ). If htere is any documentation that Sonic Solutions was used on it....I haven't heard about it.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-14 16:21:33
Comments: O.K., I have the "Yellow Submarine Songtrack". Before I list my takes on these tracks, I must start by saying that I never owned or much heard the original "Yellow Submarine" CD or LP, so i'll skip those tracks. I have also become used to hearing the mono singles mixes and am familliar with the stereo mixes. 1. "Yellow Submarine"-Not enough bass, the sound effects come out clean and clear. 2."Elanor Rigby"-vocals are too upfront for my taste, otherwise, good stereo mix! 3. "Love To Love You"-vocals too up front. 4. "Think For Yoursef"-Nice stereo mix, indeed, sounds a bit too modern. 5. "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"-Too clean, the "live" feeling is gone, and the audience noise sounds canned. The whole track and "With A Little Help From My Friends" sound really fake.6. "Baby, You're A Rich Man"-no "tape spin" effects. I'll stick with the mono version. 7. "All You Need Is Love"-This Eddie Kramer mix comes EXTREMLY close to the original single, except that the vocal is too up front and it only runs as long as the LP version. 8. "Nowhere Man"-I love this one!, except, the vocals are too loud.

Name: Jesus Cambre
Time: 1999-09-14 20:12:22
Comments: Well i heard the CD too, mmm.. i dont't like it much. I prefer most of the original versions (mono or stereo) but i have the original CD and LPs of most, so i take this as extra alternate mixes. (Which is what they are) The originals sound more Beatlish psychedelic period. (If they were gonna change the mixes they coulda done it more different) I hope the 5 channel mix on the DVD sounds better and more flamboyant. (Hey Bulldog sounded better on the video segment they played on VH-1 tonight than on the new CD). Still wish they released the first 6 albums in original stereo (and Strawberry Fields Forever) and albums 5-9 on original mono (and the 4 songs of Yellow Submarine). In fact the song i like the most in this remix is It's Only A northern Song which was fake stereo before. ;) Maybe they will one day as they did with the mono singles and Ep's. I can dream can't I? Well off i go to buy the DVD.

Name: Mark Hanson
From: Niles, MI
Time: 1999-09-14 21:05:55
Comments: Got the YS Songtrack CD today myself. I like it. I am no "golden-eared" listener, but I sense a depth and width in most of the remixes that put the "standard" mixes to shame. Without George M. at the helm, it seems like these were remixed for '90s stereo ears, which I don't mind (now if I could only get through to Motown...). Some specific comments: 1. I love hearing a stereo Eleanor Rigby without Paul's voice getting shoveled left a half-second after he starts the main vocal. 2. The earlier comment was right on -- the crowd noise at the start of Sgt. Pepper's sounds pretty fake in this mix (but the applause later is OK). 3. I especially like the remixes of Yellow Submarine (hard left vocals there always bothered me -- and I didn't notice any lack of bass on the remix) and All You Need Is Love (the latter alone was worth the price of admission to me). I only wish I had a Dolby 5.1 setup so I could hear the DVD soundtrack.

Name: jonr
Website: Phil Spector`s Wall Of Sound
Time: 1999-09-14 21:21:26
Comments: I need some help from all on this list: I need to find the T Bones on cd and in ((((((((stereo))))))))) Does anyone have a good cd to tell me? I see there is a No Matter What Shape cd available on the Collectables label but I have been burned by them before.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-14 21:49:36
Comments: Mark, I meant that the new mixes have less bass compared to the mono mixes that I'm used to hearing. I agree with your assesment of Paul's vocal on "Eleanor Rigby". Eddie Kramer pretty much nailed the sound of the mono mix of AYNIL. I think Motown should leave their classic mxes alone!!!

Name: Dean
From: Calgary Canada
Time: 1999-09-15 00:21:42
Comments: Well I just bought the DVD version of Yellow Submarine and........I loved it!!! Yes it sounds different than I'm used to with the 5.1 channel mix but if I want to listen to it the way I remember it to sound than I can always listen to my CD or LP copy. Hearing 5 distinct channels (at times) of music it a really neat experience especially with lead guitars and croud noises coming from the back speaker. I really recommend anyone with a decent Dolby Digital Surround system to get this disc and check it out. You won't be disappointed

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1999-09-15 01:04:11
Comments: Hello,
jonr: The "No Matter..." by the T-Bones on Collectables has decent <--- STEREO ---> sound. The packaging is very plain, some OK notes, but overall just a competant, straight-ahead reissue.
What about the Fabian and Frankie Avalon issues on Collectables? Any word on the sound?

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-15 01:13:48
Comments: I was thinking (uh-oh), this site is here because we thirst for better sounding music. we want our beloved oldies to sound "better" than what we've had before. First we had stereo, then quad, then CD, DVD, and soon, SACD. Once someone does upgrade music, many are happy for a while. Then we look for imperfections and the technology changes. All of a sudden, we're not happy anymore. We want cleaner, wider stereo, 5 channels, surround. We want the band in our living spaces. At what point does it all end? When will we be happy? When do we say, "I have what I want, my quest is over"? When do we start enjoying the music on our systems without wondering if it could be better? Our music is never going to be perfect. We're trying to make it perfect and eventually we'll remove the soul from the sound. When most of us first heard these songs, we weren't thinking, "If only they would remix this", or "when is the DVD coming out", or, "I with this was in stereo", we just enjoyed it. I don't mean to spoil the party, but...

Name: Ken Garland
Time: 1999-09-15 02:08:12
Comments: Beetlefan i too skip YS, but have the song. I organize my cd's in two classes. One by alphabet for artist and the other by alpha for compilations.

Name: Marty Wekser
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-09-15 03:03:13
Comments: Beetlefan's most recent post contained some very interesting observations. I can remember many favorite '45s from my youth and also many vinyl LP's (here are some: Abbey Road, Dark Side Of The Moon, Eldorado, Hotel California) that I just kept playing and playing because I so much loved the songs, the arrangements and the performances. Though it was always nice to note that something was "well recorded", this consideration was never the reason why I liked any of the aforementioned LP's. Sure there was more tape hiss on Abbey Road that I might have liked, but it still didn't ruin the listening experience of the music. When Abbey Road came out, I played it every day. Now I'm happy to have it on CD so I can play it every couple of years. It is what it is. And at this stage of the game, I don't think I could enjoy it any more even if it was entirely remixed and run through SonicSolutions or Cedar. This is not to suggest there is anything wrong with trying to find every known version of a Beatles or Rolling Stones song on every CD ever issued (legit and bootleg) since 1987 from every territory around the world and to then sit and compare if the lead voice is a hair louder on one CD over another, whether there is slightly more reverb on one mix, whether the mix is too wide or too narrow, why an Australian import has mysteriously a millisecond of dropout on the third word in the second chorus, and why one version times out at 2:37, another fades at 2:35 and yet another is strangely only 2:34! Taking this even further, to then spend an entire day taking the best elements of the 14 versions of the song you now own (and for which you've probably paid around $150), applying every sound processing program in your computer to create your "definitive" version, when you are finally done are you still really interested in the MUSIC? Or was this just more of an exercise? Just an observation.

Name: Bill Buster
From: California
Time: 1999-09-15 06:14:03
Comments: I'm pleased to announce four new CD compilations from Eric Records that we've been working on for over a year! Choosing the right tracks, locating the best source tapes and getting the best sound requires a lot of time and effort. I hope when you hear the results of our efforts you'll agree we've used our time wisely. You can see detailed track listings (with mono & stereo info), release dates, and purchase info at ERIC Records' website at

While I don't want to turn this Board into an advertisement, I felt that since the true collectors who frequent this site are at the core of the audience we strive to please, that it is appropriate to let you all know about some truly high quality audio work. I can say that without being boastful because Tom Daly really gets the credit for the sound of these CDs (and it's pretty unbelievable). I asked Tom to comment on the tracks he's proudest of from the two volumes due to be released 9/28. I'll save his comments on the REALLY spectacular Instrumental CDs for next month. Tom and I both will appreciate your feedback on the CDs (after you've heard them) and our new website. Here's what Tom had to say about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and 4":

Volume 3 (The Mid-50s) features 20 pop hits of the period ALL from master tape sources save one which is probably permanently lost (Al Martino). Includes "It's a Sin to Tell a Lie" by Somethin' Smith and the Redheads and "The Yellow Rose of Texas" by Mitch Miller without all the ersatz reverb from the electronic stereo tape that usually accompanies these songs. Lonnie Donegan's "Rock Island Line" and Russ Hamilton's "Rainbow" are no longer wallowing in tape noise. And we saved the best for last: Betty Johnson's "I Dreamed" appears for the first time anywhere since the original singles went out-of-print in 1959! And Cyril Stapleton's "The Children's Marching Song" and Doris Day's "Everybody Loves a Lover" are making their first-ever appearances in stereo, with the former being complete for the first time, and the latter featuring the vocal overdub and the effects heard on the original mono single mix!

Volume 4 (The Late 50s) features the 1958 mono classic, "Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare)," from Domenico Modugno (EQ'd like the Decca single), Thomas Wayne's "Tragedy," with the highs intact (all previous CDs used noisy discs with the highs rolled-off), and the following STEREO rarities: Jesse Belvin's "Guess Who" (without the usual excessive tape hiss), Gary Stites' Carlton recording of "Lonely for You," (Carlton stereo????), Paul Evans' "Midnight Special" and last, but not least, the first legitimate issue of Paul Anka's "Lonely Boy" in true stereo.

These were all mastered at Skyline Studio using SDARS and have to be heard to be believed. There is just no noise from the sources! My goal was to achieve the same quality you've come to expect from those "premium audiophile labels" (you know, the ones that issue gold discs) without the premium prices and without filtering out all the highs. Noisy old Nth generation tapes annoy me, too.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-15 14:06:49
Comments: Beetle: Eddie Kramer didn't have anything to do with the mono mix of AYNIL. He was the engineer for the early sessions for the song (at Olympic), but the broadcast and later overdubs were done at Abbey Road, as was the mono single mix. Geoff Emerick engineering...

Name: Dave Sampson
Time: 1999-09-15 14:42:59
Comments: A few comments on some recent Collectables CD reissues. Seems they still have the "hit & miss" reputation-but things have certainly improved over the years. I got the 2 on 1 CDs of the Essex and Blues Magoos. Both are entirely stereo and sound wonderful. The only exception is that "Easier Said than Done" does sound better elsewhere-but the rest of the disc sounds great. Is also nice to finally have "She's Got Everything" In stereo. The Third Collectables Disc I got that wasn't so hot was the Count Five CD. Yes, it Does have 4 more cuts than the Edsel CD and doesnt have the excessive surface noise and hiss on some cuts as the Edsel Disc. Unfortunately-what it does have in common with the Edsel cd is painful tape drag on the intros to both "Psychotic Reaction and "They're Gonna Get you". The Collectables disc also has 2 fake stereo cuts "Declaration of Independence" and "Revelation In Slow Motion". I seem to recall there was another Count 5 CD out at one time by a company that went under. Anyone have that one and, if so, what was it like? Happy Listening.

Name: Ken Garland
Time: 1999-09-15 16:18:08
Comments: Bill, i for one will get both as soon as they hit Tower. I have wanted to replace A Teenage Prayer and Midnight Special for a long time. I suspect Forever will be of interest to many as well on the instrumental volume. I like the future listing as well.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-15 16:24:06
Comments: Luke, I didn't say he engineered the mono mix of AYNIL. He remixed the NEW version on the new CD. The info is on the back of the CD box.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-15 17:06:13
Comments: Beetlefan: No, he didn't do that either. Peter Cobbin did all of the remixing. The listing of Eddie Kramer refers to the original sessions... Thankfully Geoff Emerick stayed out of things as well.

Name: Christopher Kissel
From: Long Island, NY
Time: 1999-09-15 19:07:05
Comments: I am thrilled to hear about the release of Hard To Find 45s on CD Vol. 3 & 4. Although I am interested in the stereo content like all on the BSN Chat room, I am particularly interested in the inclusion of Tragedy by Thomas Wayne "with the highs intact" on Vol. 4. For me this is worth the price of the CD! It is nice to see that some in the industry do take pride in their work. Keep up the great work!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-15 23:18:53
Comments: O.K. Luke, you got me again! I didn't read that closely. By the way, what's wrong with Geoff Emerick?

Name: Steve Baird
From: Summer's almost over in Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-09-17 10:31:33
Comments: Kudos, beetlefan on your "sound quality quest: when will it all stop" posting. You will recall that many of the great late sixties rock stars consulted with Indian mystics, hoping to achieve some inner peace thru transcendental meditation and the like. Audiophiles will never achieve this inner peace as they will always assume that the next generation of technological breakthoughs will bring them to a oneness with the music through the sound. Krishna consciousness escapes them. They cannot see the forest for the trees.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1999-09-17 11:03:32
Comments: Beetle: Well, Geoff's work in the '60s was great, but I really don't like the work he did on the Anthology series. Most of the early stuff is mono, and while they supposedly tried to recreate the original sound (mixing desk, echo, etc), it just doesn't sound like it. The mixes don't have the same feel that the originals did... For the most part I like YS, but I do feel certain things were messed up.

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: click HERE for Taragon® Records New Releases!!!
Time: 1999-09-17 11:17:06
Perry Como Just a quick note to let you know that the new Taragon® CD release info has now been posted to our website at New releases from Perry Como, Joni James, The Three Suns, Pat Suzuki, The Norman Luboff Choir and Cashman & West will be available October 12. The Perry Como releases features 20 of his biggest 60's recordings all in stereo, many for the first time ever.

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-18 01:57:39
Comments: Beetlefan and Steve--It's simple. When there is no more demand for new, cleaner, better sounding music from the 40's, 50's, 60,s, etc, then it will end. And that, my friends, is still "blowin'in the wind". I see nothing wrong with upgrading the sound of old recordings, to the extent that the market will bear. And don't let anyone tell you that there will not an end to it all. There is just so much that can be done to improve what our ears can detect. I don't have the DVD of Yellow Submarine, but I have a player and I'll rent it, listen to it, and hopefully, be open minded about it. I have friends in their 30's that will not even watch a movie or tv show in black and white, because it doesn't reflect their "real" world, yet they couldn't tell you the difference between a remastered lp and the original version. The world is made up of all kinds of people, with different tastes and attitudes, so let's make room for them all. I love the "Yellow Submarine" remaster, because it is clearer to my ears and more centered, in some cases, than the originals. I didn't have to have them in perfect sound. That's never been a requirement, for me. But, I do require that the recording be as hiss-free, as possible, without losing too much of the original sound, and I feel that "Yellow Submarine" qualifies. By the way, would the person who mentioned the Reader's Digest box set of Andy Williams please give us a title and catalog number for it? I know that several of us would like to search for it. Thanks, John

Name: Charles Carpenter
Website: The Cammy Awards
From: Pinebluff North Carolina
Time: 1999-09-18 04:28:03
Comments: I have been busy over the last few months and had to spend some time going over the last 250 postings. There are some that are interesting and some that don't intrest me at all. This might be a weird request of everyone, but what if every time we list a certain artist we put the artist name in CAPS. If I glance through a posting of an artist that I'm not interested in, I'll see the name and then can skip to the next one. Example: "All You Need Is Love" by THE BEATLES or "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by THE ANIMALS . The CAPS STAND OUT and could save us some time allowing us to zero in on our favorites and skip the others. Just a thought to save time.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-18 14:44:21
Comments: Net etequette (did I spell that correctly?) say that caps are equal to shouting. But in this case, using them for this purpose seems like a good idea. I, too, try to skip over things i'm not interested in, but wind up reading the post anyway looking for cues.

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-18 20:20:25
Comments: My recent message about unreleased ANDY WILLIAMS hits (how's that, Charlie?) mentioned the single version of "The Bilbao Song". The rumor was that the original single version has a banjo overdub. If it does, I can't hear it. I listened (using headphones)to my mono copy of ANDY WILLIAMS'BEST on Cadence, as well as an original single copy, and I don't hear a banjo, at all. In fact, there is no difference between either of them, and the stereo take on Varese. So, that gives me one more hit that I can stop looking for on cd. Incidently, does anybody know if the single version of "I'll Be There", by GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS has been released on cd, yet? I don't believe the single version has ever been released in stereo and should be around 2:48 long.

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: Kali Fog Yeah
Time: 1999-09-18 21:03:42
Comments: O.K., so pokey-typist boy has found another "short-cut" : CUT & PASTE !!!!!! A few recent issues "re-gurgitated/re-addressed:
" For the R&R Music set Martin didn't have access to any of the session tapes - the "remixes" of the stuff is just from Capitol's stereo tapes. "
I know a in L.A. guy that's one of those ultra - obsessed fanatics that compiled & compared & coalated all "mixes" "variations", etc., world-wide, & even published an article in a mid '80s Goldmine Beatles special issue on these variations. Apparently (& I can't check, as i don't have the UK LP issue), George Martin compiled the "R&R" 2 LP for Capitol (after the "success" of "Love Songs") & re-mixed the stuff, with a more "squashed"/centered mix (Also used on subsequent "budget" reissues). The U.K. 2 LP ORIGINAL issue, apparently, was done using original, not duplicate, LP masters, and therefore has the original "wide" mixes.So, the only way to get the original stereo mixes is on the original UK 2 LP, and , of course, the original Parlophone LPs. Oh, and certain "import" CDs.....
...Which brings us to "... "Another Beatles Story" from Japan, however (OOP), which does have many early tracks in stereo...", the first "Beatles Story" 3 CD set also has original stereo mixes. Decent quality, but a few "fake" stereo cuts. I may be wrong, but the entire series may be (all or part, but decent) disc transfers.
Yes, a lot of the early stuff on "Anthology" sets coulda/shoulda/woulda been great in stereo. As it is, the earliest "polydor" stuff is getting a bit hard to find "all in one place" & in stereo.
A couple of the early Parlophone hits resurfaced in slightly different >>> A.D.D. <<< remixes on "red" album 2 CD. I would like to have all 4 of the first LPs done up like this, BUT not re-mixed - - - the original stereo mixes , please!
Beatles "White album" in its current limited edition form ("it is no different from the original"), I found upon comparison that the new one is significantly better than the 1987 release. " Yikes !!! How/where/why ?!?!? They even left the "drop - out" on "Helter Skelter" !!!!! A-Bing (on my, admittedly, lo/mid-quality equipment....) I heard no impovement.
To beat some more on a "dead horse" (Sorry, folks, I only get around to this compyooter crap once or twice a month..). I would have to say that I had been of the"....... my racks are categorized. Bob Dylan is in the Rock section, but The Four Seasons are in the oldies category ......."-school. Having come to some sort of musical filing "nexus" (and, perhaps more realistically, coming to the realization that it shouldn't take half a day to recall how I categorized & where I filed that Sebastian Cabot does Dylan album) I have come to appreciate the "..... I must be the only collector I know who only separates his collection alphabetically, period. stores that try to categorize everything. there are too many artists that don't fit one box, Little boxes, Tiny boxes, little rikki-tikki-taki.. ..." AMEN !
What I'd like to know:"........ about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and 4...."about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and 4...." about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and 4": about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and about "Hard To Find 45s on CD, Volumes 3 and 4. ...." ".....Volume 4 (The Late 50s) features the 1958 mono classic, "Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare)," from Domenico Modugno (EQ'd like the Decca single), ..." Why not match the sound/get the tapes so it matches my original Italian issue purple vinyl 45 ??? This 45 has this tune in the best sound I've found. (I've forgotton the label & # / don't have it right here, right now..... but it has a blue label & is the same label / co. mentioned in fine print on Decca 45 ..."...A, _____ , Italy, recording." ...starts with a "V" ?!?!?) ".... Thomas Wayne's "Tragedy," with the highs intact,........." (No stereo on this one, I guess...)"......... and the following STEREO rarities: Jesse Belvin's "Guess Who" (without the usual excessive tape hiss),.........." Hopefully a "wide" "mix", not like on prvious RCA LP & CD reissues...."........ Gary Stites' Carlton recording of "Lonely for You," (Carlton stereo????), ......" What's it gonna be ? ("????"!!!!!)
Anyone got any "tips" on recent Ace Paul Evans compilation (or, I think, wasn't there a U.S. version, on an "independent" label....?)
I agree with any ways that will make this boars more organized & easier to digest, such as "......what if every time we list a certain artist we put the artist name in CAPS......". How about the "html" "tricks" like "
" for a "line break" & "?" (forgot this one !!) to start a new paragraph on this "comments" form...... I'm also unable to say for sure how folks get boldface type on here, but that helps, too. BYE!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-18 22:32:19
Comments: Uh...

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-09-19 00:39:46
Comments: To Boppin' Brian: The Italian label that issued "Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare)" is called Fonit, and has been purchased by Warner in the last year. We obtained a dub of Fonit's un-EQ'd master tape for the ERIC "Hard-to-Find" series and used the Decca single as our reference. I've heard it from other sources, but I fought like hell to get ours to sound like it did on Decca, with nice, crisp highs and little or no analog noise. I believe I have succeeded. You will have to let me know what you think later on in the month when the disc hits the market. The disc in question is ERIC 11505, "HARD-TO-FIND 45s ON CD, Volume 4 - THE LATE 50s."

Name: Steve Baird
From: Auburn 41, LSU 7: Geaux Tigers!
Time: 1999-09-19 11:23:17
Comments: Boppin’ Brian, imagine the chaos you would find in a Tower Records store up in the northeast on the first warm Spring Saturday afternoon after a brutally cold winter. Hundreds of customers suffering from cabin fever who’ve spent the past winter indoors are now clamoring for something new to hear on their home systems are finally found in the store searching for that perfect CD. Reginald Freshwater, professor of English at the local university, had read about and wants to buy David Zinman’s fantastic new Beethoven symphony cycle, and perhaps he’d also like some pieces from Mozart and Ezio Pinza (now placed somewhere between Van Morrison & Najee, and Pink Floyd and Phish). Meanwhile Joe Cool and and 10 of his oldies collector friends have ventured out for the new remastered releases from the Beach Boys, the Beatles & Bob Dylan. Minutes later, a few jazz collectors enter the store, and they want the Sony remastered Brubeck & Davis CDs. All the while, the teenaged store clerks are pumping out Rap music from the Beastie Boys. Since this Tower store no longer categorizes the music, not only does Reggie have to deal with the hordes while he’s searching for his classical masterpieces, he has to endure the primitive rhythms of the music in which he has no interest. He pauses a moment, and smiles upon remembering that time in the distant past when Classical music was in a room of its own, where he could browse leisurely through the aisles with just, perhaps, a few other classical music enthusiasts several bins over checking out Tchaikovsky & Wagner -- a nice piece of Bach playing on the remote sound system. To make matters worse, have you ever tried to find a Various Artists compilation at a Blockbuster (now Wherehouse) music store? Duh, personally, I throw my hands up in frustration given the thousands of VA compilations just thrown together. My locally owned CD store files VA compilations by decade: look no further than the Fifties section to find that “Got A Match” isn’t available on CD.

Uh, Brian, do you also file your DVD movies alphabetically among your music CDs? Are they filed by title or main star in the film? If by title, why not file all of your music CDs by title too so that it will be easy to remember that “Saving Private Ryan” comes before “Surrealistic Pillow” but after “Raisin in the Sun” (which comes before “Santana III”)? Would the movie version of Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream be easier to find in the “M” section, or in the “S” section (for Shakespeare) along with “The Tempest,” “MacBeth,” and “Twelfth Night?”

I’m sure that there must be at least one other visitor to the BSN site who gets up on Sunday morning, and wants to hear something relaxing -- some classical music from the Baroque period, perhaps. When I am in the mood for Mozart instead of Chris Montez, or Bach instead of the Bachelors I know exactly where to look.

Wanting to hear the differences between the two versions of the Beatles “White Album” won’t take a megabuck stereo system; after hearing both the bandwidth and spatial differences at my locally owned CD shop, I bought the set. Far be it from me to doubt conventional wisdom, though: we all hear alike, ergo we should all buy the same audio equipment, drive the same cars, drink Coke instead of Pepsi, agree that a fast food hamburger tastes better than anything we could cook at home, and insist that all music for sale in stores should be strictly alphebetized by artist. Do you want Leonard Bernstein’s Beethoven 5th or George Szell’s? Go to the “S” section to find Szell’s. Oh, and, ah, Ray Manzarek CDs might be filed under “D” for “Doors” under some savvy music store’s system. You never know.

Does anyone have a copy of DON’T CRUSH THAT DWARF, HAND ME THE PLIERS on CD that they would be interested in selling or swapping?

Name: Richard Otis
From: Bellingham, Wa.
Time: 1999-09-19 12:42:12
Comments: Are all cd releases of the RAYS' recording of Silhouettes found on the Original Sound label? If so, are all the 3 releases mentioned in Mike's book of the same quality? This recording, despite being such a huge late 50's hit, seems rather elusive.

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: The Web Site Formerly Known As Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma, USA
Time: 1999-09-19 12:57:45
Comments: "Silhouettes" by the Rays came out on Cameo 117, so it's one of those dozens of titles currently locked away in Allen Klein's vault. Back when Art Laboe first assembled his Oldies but Goodies series, many years before Abkco took over the Cameo-Parkway catalogues, he licensed that track from C/P's owners at the time, and so long as he stays within the bounds of the OBG series, he's apparently being allowed to continue to reissue the song. Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato Time" (Cameo 212) shows up on a couple of OBG issues as well.

Name: beetlefan
From: Lost in Arizona
Time: 1999-09-19 15:03:17
Comments: Charels G. Hill, The ART LOBOE'S Oldies But Goodies series sound terrible! I have the DEE DEE SHARP song you mentioned and it sounds almost metallic, like they "FDS"ed it. Someone earlier mentioned the BABY BOOMER CD's from Priority, made back in the mid-eighties. They sound even worse. I can't believe those Priority CD's are still on the store shelves and the average buyer, who don't know any better, still buy the ORIGINAL SOUND/ART LABOE CD's. But back then, when there was such a small amout of oldies on CD, what choice did we have? Rhino was around, DCC was just getting started, and Motown CD's sounded like s***...Steve, you make the shopping experience sound so dramatic! I said I catagorized my collection by the alphabet only, but I failed to mention that I do separate the various artists and soundtracks CD's. I guess I don't purposely listen to music as "mood" music. It's just easier for me to remember an artist's or band's name rather than a style or genre. I'm opposed to catagorizing a lot because I believe it's part of what's wrong with our society anyway. We tend to separate and pigeonhole everything and everybody which lends itself to discrimination, hatred, alienation and ignorance. Sorry for the soapbox. I get like this on Sundays.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-09-19 17:46:51
Comments: "Silhouettes" by THE RAYS was issued by Cameo under license (which has expired) from XYZ Records, who still controls it to this day. Allen B. Klein has never controlled the recording.

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: CaCaliforny
Time: 1999-09-19 18:32:43
Comments: "Nel Blu Di Pinto Di Blu (Volare)" had always sounded different to me on the Decca vs., (yes!-"FONIT" is it - the original vinyl, translucent purple-ish, Italian 45..... I think I had the French label, "Vogue", in my head at the time I wrote about "Volare"......but, not wanting to have anyone "jump all over me" -- witness the music "filing fiasco"-- just said it maybe was on "V____" label...).......Anyway, I'm sure it will sound fine on ERIC. It had always sounded harsh & tinny on other CD rreissues.
O.K., I can't resist, no, I don't file my Sebastian Cabot LP next to my Caine Mutiny OST next to my "Cannonball Run" VHS (OK, sorry, I don't have that'n....) next to my Capitols 45 next to my Christmas with the Carpenters (alright, no-go on that, too...) next to my Country Classics tape next to my Crossfires Rhino LP & Sundazed CD next to my ...........well, you get the picture. Thing is, I thought that this "forum" was geared toward "oldies" (whatever that might be...... I suppose Bach counts, depending on who's counting !!!!!!) & more specifically, rare stereo "oldies". To each his own ...... I was just saying that I have tried to "simplify" & stop with the categorizing & sub-categorizing & agreed with the more "streamlined" approach. Some of the more intolerent types I know of do, in fact even have "segregated" music libraries !! Heaven forbid Tanya Tucker brush up against Tommy Tucker !!!!!!!!!!
Any of you tech-head "DVD" movie folks out there made any "stereo finds" on these things?
I was under the impression that Allen B. Klein has controlled all the recordings from Cameo/Parkway......... I do know that he does license the stuff to appear in movie$.......the last one I heard "flipping" around was "Don't Hang Up" by the Orlons in "Dennis the Menace". XYZ I thought had something to do with Roulette, too, before EMI/Rhino....or maybe I've got my "alphabet soups" mixed up.....I think that was "ABZ"......... Does the Publishing & "Masters" for C/P stuff lie in different hands ? I thought that ABKCO had it all "wrapped up" ( & under wraps, as far as CD reissues go). Meanwhile, most of us hold off on getting any Chubby Checker, Tymes, Dee Dee Sharp, Bobby Rydell, etc. CDs. Can anyone recommend any titles (with label & #) ???? BYE!

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: here
Time: 1999-09-19 18:50:07
Comments: OOPS, forgot to say……another CAMEO/PARKWAY "escapee" would have to be, by a bit of a round-about way, "Bad Motorcycle" by the Twinkles on Peak which subsequently was issued by Cameo as by The Storey Sisters. It Appears on A RELIC label CD compilation of JOYCE label material. It sounds great & most certainly was a tape in the JOYCE "files", left after the, perhaps duplicate, master was sent down to Philly to Cameo.
Y'all will, of course, >>>>>>>>correct me if I am wrong ! <<<<<<<<

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-19 19:44:49
Comments: Boppin' Brian, Most people do, unfortunately prefer catagorization or "segregation" of genres. If that means they are intolorant, and many people are today, that doesn't say much good for our society as a whole, or for music. That's why we get the radio we do. Even MTV was founded by Bob Pittman on this principle. Where are the rock and roll pioneers when you need them?

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: The Web Site Formerly Known As Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma
Time: 1999-09-19 21:21:40
Comments: To Tom Daly: Correction noted, and thanks. Are there any other C/P titles that don't actually belong to Abkco? (I know about the Sounds Orchestral stuff.)

Name: John Preston
From: Arlington, Texas
Time: 1999-09-20 02:16:59
Comments: Boppin' Brian. All the Top 40 Hits issued on the Cameo/Parkway label have been released on cd (in various forms, from good to excellent sound), except Chubby Checker's "Twist It Up" (single version) and Bunny Sigler's stereo version of "Let the Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine", unless I missed something. Sigler's "Lovey Dovey/You're So Fine", Chubby Checker's "La Paloma Twist", and "Hey You! Little Boo-Ga-Loo" have also not been released, yet, as far as I can tell. Beetlefan, where do you get the idea that people who segregate their cd's are somehow racist? Come on! I segregate my cd's because I have about 3000 of them. If I don't separate them in some way, I'm unable to find anything, when I need to play something. Geezs!

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-20 02:44:30
Comments: Slow down, John, I never said such a thing! I don't separate my 2000 CD's or 800 LP's because it's easier for me to remember the name of a group or band. Maybe I have too much time on my hands. I also don't like separating music on principles I stated earlier. It's a personal thing. Boppin' Brian brought up the intolorance thing. But I work in retail with the public, and what Brian said rings true in too many instances. I simply agreed. When I go to a record store to look for things, I don't like wasting my time searching two or three sections, and guessing where some teenage clerk stocked a CD of a band he or she's never heard of, or where some corporate flunky decided some artist should be. You collect oldies like I do, so you know how that is. Alphabetizing is easier. "B" for Bachman-Turner Overdrive, "S" for Connie Stevens, "J" for Micheal get my point? Classical still gets it's own section, Country gets it's own, Rap gets it's own. Why? because Rock/Pop/Soul is the biggest genre. It gets the most traffic.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-09-20 08:13:19
Comments: Beetle, I don't like guessing where teenage clerks stock CD's either. In one store in my area, I often see country CD's that they have never heard of the artist stocked in Pop/Rock/Soul section so I put the CD's in the right area. For example, I did see a few CD's by Gary Stewart, who is best known for his #1 country hit from 1975, "She's Acting Single (I'm Drinking Doubles)", CD's in the Pop/Rock/Soul section while they belong in the Country section. I just yesterday seen a misstocked country CD of Freddie Hart, who is best known for the crossover hit, "Easy Loving", in the Pop/Rock/Soul section while it belongs in the country section. I often catch the mistakenly tagged CD's and turn them in to the clerks.

Name: Chip Cristarella
From: Gillette, NJ
Time: 1999-09-20 09:20:56
Comments: Boppin' Brian: FYI: The Beatles "Rock & Roll Music" set came BEFORE the "Love Songs" album. And Since George Martin only had the stereo mixdown tapes to play with, then the appropriate term would be "remastered" not "remixed" (which means starting from scratch from multi-tracks). A nit-pick, perhaps, but an important one to us audio engineer types.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Land of 1000 music categories
Time: 1999-09-20 13:41:02
Comments: hey beetle, I keep my blue socks in the blue drawer, the red ones in the red drawer -- along with neckties, underwear and shoes. each of them is in a drawer marked with the color written outside. inside, each item is filed alphabetically -- shoes, shorts, then socks, tee-shirts and then ties. My wife and I always have that argument about where the ties should be filed. She thinks under N for neckties I say T for Ties. It's sorta like the that character in the Movie, DINER, who always knew when his wife played his records because she always misfiled them.

I file connie stevens in "C" not "S." She's filed between Connie Francis & Conway Twitty. All of my movies are filed under "M' for Movies, and then alphabetically by the color of the box. I went down to my local Wherehouse Music store, and suggested that all of the items in the store be put in strict alphabetical order. The manager said, they are. Alphabetical by genre, then by artist, then by title. They keep all of the things with numbers somehow in the name -- 1910 Fruitgum Co., 1812 Overture, the song, 96 Tears, etc -- in another section reserved solely for numbers. Since this is Louisiana, they had to hire an LSU graduate in Math to figure out whether 4 tops should come before or after Four Seasons.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1999-09-20 14:39:39
Comments: Charles: Anther C/P "escapee": "The 81" by Candy & The Kisses was only leased to Cameo in 1964. It's included on the Castle (UK) compilation "Memories Are Still Made Of This," which came out about two years ago.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-20 15:02:54
Comments: O.K.! I'm still going to file by the alphabet! Ya dig?

Name: boppin brian
From: Me To You
Time: 1999-09-21 02:05:47
Comments: Hi, gang. "Ya Dig" !?!? Had me nostalgic for that James Gang Bluesville LP with the "locked" "inner groove" track, at the tailend of LP side, also on LPs by the Who , BB King, & of course, Beatles"SPLHCB"..... where it goes on forever on your manual turntable...."TRIPPY, dude !".....don't know of too many CDs that can pull that trick off...
Wow. "...that character in the Movie, DINER, who always knew when his wife played his records because she always misfiled them. " (This was just about the only really funny thing about this over-rated movie, besides the pretty decent "American Graffiti"-ish soundtrack ....If I recall correctly it was the "Wonder Years" narrater guy flying into a rage , waving about a Specialty Larry Williams 45, screaming at his gal for grievious mis-filing...... really brings home the bottom line n all this bickering--- DO YOUR OWN THING !!!
" As for"...... I don't like guessing where teenage clerks stock CD's.. ", I just about have given up & whenever I enter one of these mega-mall over-priced shops, I just ask at the counter, upon entering, for the multi-pierced teen to enter a search in their computer inventory call up whatever I wandered in to see "in the flesh", before buying it elsewhere for 1/3 or 1/4 less, like when I asked for "Spencer Davis Group", looking for that "budget" Capitol CD that Bob Hyde sneaked "I'm A MAn" in stereo onto.... (clerk "found" 1/2 a dozen titles, sent me in 5 directions, then , upon re-checking found out that "oh...... none of those are in stock...." (AAAAAAAARGH!). My "favorite filing foul-up" of recent times was a Big Country ('80s Scotish synth-bagpipe band), right there under "B" compilations - in the COUNTRY section !!!!!!
Meanwhile, on the Cameo/Parkway issue, l know that many imports must be available, as there are definitely some differing licensing agreements/contracts/copyright laws overseas (Lots of SWAN label stuff is only on import.....), but who knows what are some "Best Buys" ?? (I REEEEEALLY wanna get a hold of the updated "oldies on CD" book.....A very late Cameo release EVIE SANDS' "Angel of the Morning" - anyone know if that;s been reissued ? For that matter, is there anything from this "near - miss" Misout there on CD ??.....she was "aced out " with "I Can't Let Go" & a few others...("Take Me For a Little While", was that it...??.) .. Funny how things often come in threes -- the triple-threat of foriegn favorites from '63 (was that a weird year , or what? ..folks were really looking for "something new"..which rolled in from across the pond with the new year...) has to be "Sukiyaki", "Dominique", & "El Watusi" . The last, to be fair, flowed forth from the NY area, but , to get to the point , none but the last has appeared in STEREO (excepting "underdubs"). And how About "Sailor" by Lolita?... likely multi-track technology wasn't available for these & similar cuts.....
As for ".... The Beatles "Rock & Roll Music" set came BEFORE the "Love Songs".......", I'll hafta say, sorry, that's one of those "watch-yourself-slam-the-car-door-loked-tight-as-yyou-spy-the-keys-still-in-the-ignition" moments, if you know what I mean.....realized my "typo" the moment I re-read "post" , after it was too late ...... excuses, excuses ......bottom line, the "R&R" re-tweezings are not the original stereo versions, exception, (& there's always at least one, isn't there?) is original UK "R&R" 2 LP. We'll hafta see if the Yellow Sub. re-twiddlings go over well enough for a, certainly inevitable, (eventually....let's hope it's soon !?!) re-release of earlier Beatles CDs......
ok, that's all folks (I think....)

Name: Dave Daugherty
From: Dublin, Ohio
Time: 1999-09-21 08:15:28
Comments: This really doesn't qualify for "mis-filing", but I still get a chuckle when I remember the time I walked in to a Camelot Music store here in the Columbus area and noticed a divider card in the CD bin for HERMAN S. HERMITS. Gee, do you think that card was printed by some 17 year old clerk who doesn't quite remember? I wonder how good-old Herman S. is doing these days?

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-09-21 10:46:44
Comments: Beetlefan....NO,...No,...NO...don't give up yet!!!, and with your last gasp, you give just a 1 line post ....we've got to nip this categorization thing in the bud...BUD! I'm joining YOUR side. You are ABSOLUTELY correct. First, I want to apoligize to all the noncommittal BSN'ers to this topic who are admirably trying to keep this forum focused on the more important aspects of stereo oldies by posting good, solid info. in between this menutia (sp?), BUT due to the inane practice of all CD stores categorizing by genre, thus seriously degrading my enjoyment of the CD shopping experience, I must vent. I would, though, like to distinguish between an organizational scheme for ones own, personal collection and that of a store which caters to the general public. There's a big difference. I would NEVER advocate that there is only ONE right scheme for YOUR collection, after all, you and maybe a couple of others are the only ones that have to deal with it. In contrast, when thousands of people with many different tastes in music and ideas on where they will find it, file through a store, the organizational scheme should default to the easiest, fastest and most logical way to help the customer find the music. Without a doubt, the fewest categories under strict alphabetization is the answer. For example, all CD stores that carry a wide variety of music need ONLY these 3 categories: 1] INDIVIDUAL ARTISTS (alpha. by Name).....2] VARIOUS ARTISTS & SOUNDTRACKS (alpha. by Title) [Soundtracks are put with V.A.s because many, if not most, ARE V.A. cds]....and 3] CLASSICAL (alpha. by ??? - I'll yield to Steve B. on this one). This is the fastest way to find a cd---it's as simple as that. Why should we (after desparately searching for a store that even carries a decent selection of oldies) be forced through a maze to pick them off the shelves? Come on, I've got other stores to visit and ya know, I'd kinda like to have some time to actually listen to my CDs instead of always

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1999-09-21 12:10:35
Comments: What are you trying to say, Bill?

Name: steve baird
From: a catatonic state
Time: 1999-09-21 12:15:11
Comments: Hewwo beetewefan, Boppin’ Bwian, Biww K. & aww. I don’t know what’s going on, but evew since I posted that message on how I make my wife fiwe my socks, I can’t tawk wight. I think it’s because I can’t get my tongue out of my cheek. I fust noticed it wast night when we wuh watching Waw & Owdew on tewevision. When it was done, I towed my wife that I wouwd wike to get waid, so she bwought me the scawes. I didn’t know what to make of that. Aww day wong I’ve been feewing pwetty wousy about that, but I am gwad that Boppin’ Bwian knows that the Pwatters wewe wight about fiwing you’ wecods when they sang, TO EACH HIS OWN. Thanks to Doug P too fo’ wetting me know that it’s awwight if I fiwe my Dywan CDs unde’ wock, and my 4 Seasons CDs unde’ Ohdies. I hope this pwobwem goes away befowe tomowwow. & Bwian, I too couwd neve’ see why they awways cawwed DINEH a comedy, in weawity, it onwy showed that kids wewe just as scwewed up in ou’ genewation as the awe today. It woud have been a gweat movie if Owivia DeHaviwand had been in it. Have a gweat day aww.

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-09-21 12:36:05
Comments: Did anyone see the piece last week on 20-20 about the Beatles lost footage of the group filming Hey Bulldog in the studio (it was actually filmed for miming to Lady Madonna)? Anyone know if it differs from the released version in any way, especially if the video is stereo since it could have possibly been done as a soundtrack - with separate tracks? I'd like to see the video that was shown, without 20-20 talking all over it. Has anyone had a chance to "listen" to the new Yellow Submarine video? I am particularly interested in the track Only A Northern Song. Several songs were in the Yellow Submarine movie, but not on the album. Will these be mixed for surround sound stereo? Speaking of the Beatles, which are the final tracks in mono, since several items recently appeared in stereo? My guess would be Love Me Do, PS I Love You, She Loves You and I'll Get You.

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Spaced-Out City
Time: 1999-09-21 12:56:53
Comments: TO: EVERYONE on this board. My sincere apologies for the multiple˛ posts. I was getting an error message every time I tried to send it, so I kept trying. I never knew it was sending half of it each time. There must be a limit to how long a post can be. You live and learn. Sorry, again.

Name: beetlefan
From: that place Alice Cooper checked himself into back in '79
Time: 1999-09-21 13:48:19
Comments: Hey, uh... how about all those great boxed sets coming out soon by The Doors, Gordon Lightfoot, Doobie Brothers, Linda Ronstadt...not in any particular orde...uh-oh, I'm slipping...they're not in alphabetical order...nooooooooo

Name: beetlefan
From: don't know, but I've never been to Spain
Time: 1999-09-21 14:36:44
Comments: Thanks, all of those who support my way of filing music, and thanks to everyone for those humorous record store horrors. How about the seeing The Black Crowes or Black Sabbath filed in-you guessed it-the R&B or Rap section. And why do they always put the Country and Classical sections in the back of the store? And they always put the Rap section right up in front because they think Rap fans are going to steal, while the crimminals are stealing the Rock CD's. And when they put up the new release listings they never list oldies? Or, they order ten million copies of the new Dave Matthews CD that they will only sell ten of, but try to find one copy of a Steely Dan remaster, and it's not even in their database, even though you know for a fact it's been, going back to the dreaded 70's, does anyone know which CD has the 45 single version of BARRY MANILOW'S "Could It Be Magic"? I know it's out there.

Name: Marty Wekser
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-09-21 14:45:58
Comments: Some good points brought up regarding record stores and how they categorize music. I think we are at the point where there are too many categories and it really does become hard to find certain kinds of music. Do we really need so many sub-categories? For instance: why shouldn't Tommy Dorsey be in the same place as John Coltrane? Do we really need a separate "big band" section? Can't all "jazz" be together? The categories which confuse me the most are "oldies"/ "vocals"/"easy listening"/"instrumental". When does a former "rock" act make the slide to "oldies"? The Beach Boys are never in "oldies" and Fats Domino is never in "rock". But what about Spanky And Our Gang, Lovin' Spoonful, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Hall And Oates? I've seen these acts sometimes show up in "rock"; sometimes in "oldies". What about The Four Lads... "Oldies" or "Vocals"? Cher? She could be in "rock", "oldies", "vocals". Earl Grant? He could be in "oldies", "vocals", "jazz", "easy listening" and "instrumentals"! A recent Varese release by The Ray Charles Singers was almost impossible to find when Cary and I did some spot checks at different stores. We found out why. The store clerks put Ray Charles Singers in the same bin as Ray Charles. Sad to say, when we mentioned this to several of the sales clerks, they presumed that the "What'd I Say" Ray Charles was the same as the "Love Me With All Your Heart" Ray Charles! There may not be an answer to this, but I wanted to add my voice to this recent topic. Lastly, the killer category at retail is "various artist" compilations. These are perhaps the most interesting and unique packages for readers of BSN, yet it is almost impossible to find any kind of complete selection of titles in stores unless they are on Rhino. This is why many of the daring independent reissue labels are gun shy when it comes to putting out such releases. Since everyone has given their input on how they categorize their personal CD collection - here's my system: separate categories for classical and soundtracks and various artist collections only. All other music is alphabetical by artist - Ray Conniff, Iron Maiden, Glenn Miller, Beatles, Kirby Stone Four - Sting - Patsy Cline. If it ain't "My Fair Lady", Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony or a Varese "On The Radio" collection, it is one category - POP.

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Back on Earth
Time: 1999-09-21 14:57:53
Comments: [O.K., here's the last part of my multiple˛ post that got aborted]----------I'd kinda like to have some time to actually listen to my CDs instead of always spending it huntin' 'em down. Now that we all agree (yeah, right) dare I suggest something really rad??? This is NOT a suggestion for CD stores --- the general public couldn't handle it, but, for all us 'alphabators', I've been toying with the idea of alphabetizing my CDs by the artist's FIRST name (are you still with me here, Beetle?). A number of artists, due to their chosen names --- ya'll know whch ones they are --- do not conform to the normal rules of alphabetization, therefore, they get their own rules which we have to remember. Again, too confusing. I think I could force myself to be on a first name basis with all artists, easier than I could remember the special rules for some artists. In fact, it's already been done. A book about U.S/U.K. chart hits was published a couple of years ago and the authors alphabetized all the artists by their first name. So you see, I'm not crazy, just a little weird, but, I've got followers! Steve B. was right on track with his tongue-in-cheek example of Connie Stevens (btw, that was the longest t-i-c statement I've ever read --- I was beginning to believe you :-). Now Mike C., I can't let you off the hook unscathed by this Category Controversy. You have fallen victim to this fad, in the Newsletter. Consider this for a moment. If we need to revisit a past review (which we often do), and our index is not exactly up-to-date, we grab a handful of issues, then have to second guess our memory of which section (category) it ran under. Let's see...was the cd an import or U.S. issue...was it an older one, maybe under Catching, I think it was current was it a single cd or multi-cd set... maybe uder Boxed Sets...wait, this issue doesn't have Boxed Sets,...and so on. We will always know the artist's NAME, so the CD store scheme, above, would be perfect -

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: Here To Eternity
Time: 1999-09-21 17:47:22
Comments: Now I know what everyone does first thing Mon. (upon arriving at work ?!?!) -- read & post @ BSN .....Is it just me ( or me & Bill, below!), or have others run into "snags" while trying to "Submit Entry" !?!? I have lost numerous carefully crafted "posts", they vanish when I hit "back" after an "error" message comes up, or I hafta correct my sloppy typing & hit "back", only to find a blank page there when it finally comes up !!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRRgh !!!! Crafty computer characters can carefully coach-thru a clueless country kid (I hope)... Or is it just a "server" problem, or "Computer malfuction" ?? I have taken to typing up a Word or Notepad text, then inserting it, but that doesn't always work, either !!!!!
As for the filing fiasco free-for-all... I suspect we all know of a decent "independent" shop where help is actually helpful, prices are better & (most importantly !!) they know the difference between Buck Owens & Buck-o-nine .... ".......clerks put Ray Charles Singers in the same bin as Ray Charles. " "......the piece last week on 20-20 about the Beatles lost footage of the group filming Hey Bulldog in the studio ...." Saw this, too ... had that odd feeling I was hearing things I didn't hear before.... a couple of snippets "stuck out", like guitar part(s) just before lyric "Old man..." ..more "snarly"/loud ??? Anyone with the DVD of "Yellow Sub."? Can you tell us about differing mixes/edits ?? I suspect that this "ABC exclusive" may not be on DVD or VHS.... is it ??? ".....Speaking of the Beatles, which are the final tracks in mono, since several items recently appeared in stereo? My guess would be Love Me Do, PS I Love You, She Loves You and I'll Get You. " Well, numerous new stereo versions/remixes/edits of previously unreleased "never in stereo" cuts have come out in the last few years, but I THINK maybe(((...uh , another opportunity for y'all to >> >>correct me if I'm wrong<< <<)))) the songs not in stereo (on OFFICIAL releases), in their original form (length/edit, speed, etc.) are : those early four (listed above), plus "I Am the Walrus", "It's Only A Northern Song", "It's All Too Much" , "Yes It Is"
"Are all cd releases of the RAYS' recording of Silhouettes found on the Original Sound?" Well, one, "gray " - type "import" is a 30 - track "XYZ" label Rays collection, which I contemplated (I would get it for "Zimbalulu" !). It surely is mostly disc dubs, probably filtered heavily..... & would surely not have stereo Rays XYZ tracks that appear on compilation(s?) , as discussed here . "Silhouettes" on O.S. CDs sounds, besides being from disc, strangely phase-y/over-modulated...may even be a "electronic reprocessing" from one of those Abkco or other '70s '80s reissues , reduced to mono.
" Top 40 Hits issued on the Cameo/Parkway label have been released on cd (in various forms, from good to excellent sound)..." How about naming some names, please ????
" Net etequette (did I spell that correctly?)" (nope, it's "ETIQUETTE", like the great Tacoma, Wash. '60s label --anyone got SONICS & WAILERS albums in stereo on CD !?!?!?!)"..... say that caps are equal to shouting. " I's say it's sure even niftier when folks are able to underline or use boldface here ---- How 're y'all doin' that ???

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1999-09-22 01:50:00
Comments: Re: Beatles stereo - Still, and most likely always will remain mono, "Love Me Do" (both versions), "P.S. I Love You", "I'll Get You", "She Loves You" (sync'ing the German version backing track doesn't count!). In addition, the original, non-Anthology mix/edit, "You Know My Name" remains mono. "I Am The Walrus" from the radio broadcast (again, non-Anthology) to the end remains fake stereo. "Yes It Is", contrary to what Lewisohn say in Recording Sessions, is available in stereo on 'Past Masters'. "It's All Too Much" has always been available in stereo. Of course, we now have a new stereo mix of "Only A Northern Song" on the YS Songtrack. Did I miss any???

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-09-22 10:00:08
Comments: First, a word of thanks for the recent BSN newsletter. Very encouraging to see that two CDs were made with the stereo music collector in mind. A big thank you to everyone involved. Your efforts are much appreciated. Second, I have been browsing the net for music CDs and came across the following site: My question is this - can I only play mp3 files with a computer? What would happen if I put this kind of CD into a regular CD player? Thanks.

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-09-22 11:44:07
Comments: Regarding the mp3 message, you need to get something like M Pecker, which converts mp3s to either Sound Designer or AIFF files. Then you can use an application such as Toast to cut a CD of those tracks. I think M Pecker is available at and Toast usually comes free with most CD recorders. I've been doing this a lot recently and it works great, the quality is pretty good.

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, Ca.
Time: 1999-09-23 03:45:41
Comments: Can't you guys talk to each other thru e-mail rather than take up so much space on this chat board. Remember is is suppose to be about Stereo Oldies. Most of the early Motown music in stereo can still be found on the original Big 16 volumes that came out in the late 80's, put out by MCA. Good luck finding them, some are decent: Hitchhike, Please Mr. Postman, You Really Got a Hold on Me, just to name a few. Bob.

Name: beetlefan
From: people always ask me that!
Time: 1999-09-23 14:01:57
Comments: Bob, I have the a couple of the Motown CD's you mention and they do sound good, for the late 80's. They have several hard-to-find stereo tracks but the CD's themselves are out of print and hard to find...Bob, when you first open this site the title says "Talking Stereo Oldies...and other things". Well, we're talking those "other things" as well as oldies. They all relate to what we do, collect.

[ -- I have no objection to the "other" collector-related issues as long as they don't get too far off track. As you may or may not have noticed, I haven't done a lot of commenting on the board, but I do keep track of what's going on. If things are too far off topic IMHO, I edit or delete them. I haven't done a lot of that, but I'm not shy. I try to take the view that if the topic is interesting to me, it's probably interesting to others. On the other hand, I have no objection if chat boarders take the long rambles on quasi-relevant topics to personal e-mail (and I know that some do this).

Just for the record, some things are definitely not appropriate here, such as personal attacks on people or off-color language. Some persons have been permanently banned from the board for this. Also, I take a dim view of posting "want" lists or "for sale" lists -- there are better places for that. An occasional question about where to find something (like the next post after this one) is okay, as long as it doesn't get out of hand.

That being said, for the most part I'm pleased with the serious level of information exchange that goes on here, and am happy to provide a place for oldies stereo-related questions and answers. I know that there are occasional frustrations with the software (like those resulting in multiple posts or truncated posts), but until I can invest a lot of time in trying to change boards, we'll just have to put up with an occasional annoyance. -- Mike]

Name: Joe
From: NYC
Time: 1999-09-23 19:26:43
Comments: I'm looking for any information on getting my hands on an out-of-print copy of The Supremes-Live in Japan (1973) on Tamla-Motown (Japan). I realise that it is VERY difficult to find, but I'm desperate. Thanks for your help!

Name: Christopher (
From: Hurricane, WV/USA
Time: 1999-09-24 13:04:56
Comments: Does anyone out there know (a) the German title of Connie Francis's big hit "Where The Boys Are" and/or (b) which of the four or five German language CDs of Connie's currently available contains the largest number of her American hits sung in German? There *must* be at least one Connie Francis fan out there who knows the answer(s) to this! Private e-mail would be fine. THANKS!

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
Time: 1999-09-24 21:49:26
Comments: Re: Beatles DVD Guys, for those of you who have not heard the new DVD of Yellow Submarine, BOY are you missing something!!! If you have a 5.1 system, it is one of the most amazing things you have ever heard. "Eleanor Rigby" has the strings separated into stereo, back and front. The strings just envelope you and really sound fantastic. Also, some of the other songs, especially my favorite "Nowhere Man" are also done this way and the quality is just brilliant. If you do not have a home theatre setup, I cant think of a better reason to put one in than this DVD. Also, there is talk oin the Beatles Boards that Apple is doing so well with this release that they are planning to issue "Help" and/or "Let It Be" in the same format. I really hope they mix A Hard Days Night this way as the songs from that movie are IMHO some of the best Beatles songs going. Buy this DVD!! Mikey

Name: Christopher Kissel
From: Long Island, NY
Time: 1999-09-25 21:44:30
Comments: Collector's Choice listed an import CD of Frank Chacksfield And His Orchestra's "The New Ebb Tide" in their August 1999 catalog. Upon trying to order it tonight found out that they no longer carry it. Did anyone happen to get a copy? I have the Japanese import CD of Frank Chacksfield's Golden Hits which contains a number of songs which did not appear on the "Ebb Tide" CD. Perhaps we can help each other out? I am also interested in hearing from anyone who collects foreign language versions of pop and rock & roll songs. Before anyone blasts me for straying from the "stereo" direction of this group... I have been given a nice copy of a stereo synch-up of "Love Is Strange" by Mickey & Sylvia.

Name: Graham
From: CA
Time: 1999-09-25 22:41:16
Comments: Hi everyone. Just watching tv and off it saw the Movie "Don't Knock The Twist" on a cable channel. Recording it as I speak (on SP). Chubby Checker sang a couple of non hits. The sound, although not in stereo, sounded excellent. But the biggest prize so far was "The Bristol Stomp" by the Dovells. Had my stereo HIFI on and it was the best quality I have heard(Movies in MONO though). I guess a lot of the Cameo Parkway stars are in it. Better quality than those bootlegs or imports you hear. Also they play the whole song not just clips!!

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-09-26 09:52:58
Comments: BSN reader Paul Stoddard visited the Skyline Studio last evening and brought with him an article I believe would be of interest to other BSN readers. I would sincerely recommend that anyone who is interested in the preservation of vintage music, specifically that which was recorded between 1971 and 1991, locate and read an article in the July 5, 1999 issue of Billboard magazine dealing with problems with master tapes. The binder (glue) that adheres the oxide to the plastic backing is causing problems for over 500,000 master tapes, causing the oxide to stick to the adjacent tape layer as it's stored on the reels. The tape formulae in question are primarily Ampex 406 and 456, Scotch 206/207, Scotch 250/251, and Agfa PEM 469. Unfortunately, these formulae were the largest used during the period in question, and the problem is not restricted to domestic (U.S.) recordings. These tapes have to be baked in convection ovens for around 8 hours at 250 degrees in order to be played without damage, then dubbed to a safer format (DAT or CD-R) before they deteriorate completely. Should masters deteriorate to the point where they are rendered useless, any future reissues of of tracks not yet digitized may have to come from analog vinyl discs. This is a major issue for the future of the reissue business. Those of us anxious to hear some of the classic albums of the past in 5.1 channel DVD format may never get to do so, as the multitrack master tapes for some albums may have already deteriorated beyond repair.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-09-26 16:13:23
Comments: Thanks for the warning, Tom. I've been aware of this problem since the late eighties. Since it will be more expensive to save these recordings we will definately see fewer reissues at a slower pace in the future. It also makes you realize why more of your favorite music hasn't seen the light of digital. That's why I do what I can for my own collection by doing my own CD-R's. Folks, don't throw out your old vinyl! I think of the people I know who plan to dump their CD's in favor of 5.1 DVD audio.

Name: RB
From: orlando
Time: 1999-09-26 21:00:03
Comments: HELP!!!! i have a stereo and two speakers . i am looking for a hookup that will let me use any electrical outlet as a source for my speakers from my stereo... i think an adapter on both the stereo and the speakers. saw it mail order but they stopped making it.. please email with any help.

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1999-09-27 10:55:32
Comments: Hi All--Speaking again of the "Don't Knock The Twist" movie that was on AMC... Did anyone notice that, during one of the scenes at a dance party, the music they were dancing to appeared to be the music track of Dee Dee Sharp's "Mashed Potato Time", minus the vocal? This goes to show that at least some of that Cameo/Parkway material was recorded in SOME sort of multi-track format, or two-track anyway, since the vocals and the music could be separated...

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-09-27 15:24:13
Comments: Don't get your hopes up on "Mashed Potato Time" ever turning up in stereo. Cameo-Parkway used the same backing tracks for several artists' recordings of the same song. Chubby Checker's hit version of "Dancing Party" uses the same backing track as his recording of "Quarter-to-Three," and both are mono only. Most of the C-P hits were cut at Rek-O-Arts, which was quick and cheap, but not state-of-the-art. I can't recall a finished production that came out of that studio in stereo.

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, Tx
Time: 1999-09-27 20:11:59
Comments: The "Yellow Submarine" DVD is highly recommended by me.

Songs of Quadraphonic-mix note are:
1) Only A Northern Song --> a truly wild mix!
2) Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds --> the effects can almost make you dizzy!
3) Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band --> good guitar effects
4) When I'm Sixty-Four --> suprisingly effective
Disappointing Quadraphonic mix:
Nowhere Man --> Great sound, just nothing special for Quad effects.

Imagine the entire Sgt. Pepper remixed for Quad from the original elements....
I think Sgt. Pepper for Quad was attempted once as the log sheet for the MFSL Beatles box
indicated an attempt in the early Seventies.

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1999-09-27 23:38:17
Comments: While viewing "Don't Knock The Twist" on AMC, the Chubby Checker performance that really knocked me out was "Let's Twist Again." Did anyone notice that the backround vocals by the Dreamlovers were completely absent in the film version, until the very end of the song? It was a very unique mix! And I seem to recall that the original Parkway soundtrack LP did have the instrumental version of "Mashed Potato Time" under, I think, the title "Smashed Potato Time."

That Cameo-Parkway recycled music beds is most revealing on John Zacherle's "Monster Mash" album, where the Cool Ghoul sang over the identical music tracks of "The Fly," "Bristol Stomp," "Popeye" and other previously issued C-P hits. Released as a single and found on another album, Zach's hilarious recording of "Surfboard 109" is sung over the same music of the Orlon's recording of "Mister Surfer." What a "ghoul-ish" surprise!

Still, one can only guess that Cameo-Parkway tracks that were cut in the company's own studio facility were tape-to-tape overdubs -- first the music, then the vocals, then the backing vocals. How these tapes exist today is anyone's guess. Probably some incredible sync-ups could be made under the expertise of a Tom Moulton or a Tom Daly or a Little Walter. But just stirring this pot of overcooked Philly Chili is giving me dem old ABKCO blues again. Sorry, gang. I am outta here.

Name: Tony Waitekus
Website: All Hit 98-9
From: Davenport, IA
Time: 1999-09-28 08:52:20
Comments: Another interesting example of Cameo Parkway using the same instrumental track on two songs, also involves two labels! The background track to Chubby Checker's "Twistin' USA" is also used on Danny & the Juniors "Twistin" USA" on Swan Records. It's my understanding that Swan was in the same building as C/P and the owners were friends.

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1999-09-28 18:22:53
Comments: RE: The Cameo-Parkway recordings. A friend of mine played in a band in Philly in the 60s that was used as the "studio" band for many Cameo-Parkway records. He told me that they'd usually go in to Rek-O-Cut about midnight and cut several tracks in each session. The arrangements would already be worked out and all they had to do was the backing tracks. He told me that they never knew who was going to end up doing the vocal tracks until the songs were actually released and they heard them on the radio! In fact, he told me that when they'd play some of these songs live they'd usually get someone who would tell them that they sounded just like the group on the record.By the way, they were just paid a flat fee with no royalties. He also said he was sure that they were recorded on to at least a two-track machine.One other point...I believe that a lot of the Bobby Rydell tracks were recorded (or at least partially recorded) at Bell Studios in NYC.

Name: Lex Bloom, Ahead To Stereo
From: Boston
Time: 1999-09-28 20:12:30
Comments: Last week I had the pleasure of auditioning one of Tom Daly's mastering efforts for ERIC Records, and I say, once they hit the shelves, go for 'em. Tom's work is phenomenal.

Name: Mark Hanson
From: Niles, MI
Time: 1999-09-28 21:45:43
Comments: I just mail-ordered the French "Magic" label IDES OF MARCH "Vehicle + 3" CD -- BIG disappointment. Sound quality is terrible, alternately shrill and muffled! Fortunately, I hear that Sundazed is planning to release the albums sometime. My question for the mastering experts: The song "One Woman Man", one of my favorites, has an almost inaudible lead vocal on the verses where Petrik is singing alone. It sounds almost like those experiments where you take a stereo track and reverse one side to make a mono track without vocals (you could hear the echo more clearly than the vocal) -- except that the backing tracks were in stereo, and the vocal didn't reappear when I panned left or right. The lead vocal was fine on the choruses when others were singing. Could this be that the tape they used had been prepared using the dreaded Warner's "Compatible Stereo Process" (CSP)? Or is there some other way this flaw could creep in? It sounded spooky.

Name: John
From: Massapequa Park, NY
Time: 1999-09-29 22:13:47
Comments: Here are the last few titles I am waiting for to finally arrive on cd. I'm getting tired of holding my breath!! 1. No Earthly Connection- Rick Wakeman (A&M Records 1976) 2. Watts in a Tank- Diesel (Atco records 1981) 3. Naked-Kissing the Pink (Atlantic records 1983) 4. States of Emergency-Taxxi (Fantasy records 1982) 5. Grey Ghost- Henry Paul Band (Atlantic records 1979) Its interesting that 3 of the titles I seek are owned by ATLANTIC records. Still puzzled why Rick Wakeman has not pushed to put out New Earthly Connection since fans of his would love this title. Its also shocking that the Henry Paul Band has been unavailable on cd all these years. I guess these are the years that have fallen through the cracks at the end of the LP and the beginning of CD's.

Name: james
From: boston area
Time: 1999-09-30 01:57:02
Comments: some songs can be restored from weak stereo to true stereo by using differential op amps "proud many" by ccr is a good example. If anyone wants a schematic on how to build one just email me, no charge. It should run only several dollars for parts to build. Parts Commonly available. It does not electronically simulate stereo. It cancels the same sound on the other channel. You can adjust this. Jim

Name: Sonny Fan
Website: Sonny Bono
Time: 1999-09-30 11:10:21
Comments: Coming in October!
More info on our Sonny Bono Atco Home Page

Rhino Handmade 2 7704
[Approximately 69:03 Total Time]


Tracks 1 to 5 taken from Atco album SD 33-229 INNER VIEWS
Tracks 6 to 7 taken from Atco single 45-6369
Tracks 8 to 9 taken from Atco single 45-6386
Tracks 10 to 11 taken from scheduled, but never issued, Atco single 45-6446
Track 12 taken from A-side Atco single 45-6505
Tracks 13 to 14 taken from Atco single 45-6531
Track 16 taken from Atco album SD 33-183 THE WONDROUS WORLD OF SONNY & CHER

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