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Name: John Tan
From: Malaysia
Time: 1999-06-01 03:14:29
Comments: Can you please help me. I'm looking for a Garry Miles song, titled "Looking For a Star". I think that it's available on the CD "Hey! Look What I Found Volume 4" on Mavis records (Mavis MSCD-4504). Can anyone please tell me where to obtain it. It's urgent. Thank you.

Name: Echo Records
From: New York City
Time: 1999-06-01 06:27:53
Comments: I'm in the process of acquiring inventory for a compilation I've read inquiries about on your archive boards called "Lost Hits Of The Sixties." It contains several songs not found on CD including Next Plane To London (sorry about the mono mix), Shame Shame, Long Lonesome Highway, Malibu U., plus lots more rare jewels. 40 songs on 2 CDs for $30; 2 cassettes for $20. Please contact for full details.

Name: John Dough
From: Pennsylvania originally
Time: 1999-06-01 08:50:19
Comments: RE: Look for a Star. This is one of those odd songs that had several hit versions charting all at the same time. Garry Miles' version peaked at number 16, and is on an EMI release entitled Lost Hits of the Sixties (19552). Gary Mills peaked at number 26 a week earlier than Miles. Deane Hawley peaked at number 29 the same week as Mills. Billy Vaughn brought us his instrumental version peaking at number 19 the same week as Miles. All of this happened during late July and early August, 1960. To my knowledge, the Mills and Hawley versions are not available on CD. Vaughn's is available on VSD-5525. To John & Steve, RE: NEWBEATS. The dropout is on my CD. The CD is no longer available in the USA.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
Time: 1999-06-01 15:38:16
Comments: Just got the new issue of BSN, and i think its one of the best Mike has ever issued. Of special interest was the section on Bootleg Cds. I buy alot of those Cds because i like alot of the early 60s "fluffy pop" sounds, and the majors seem to view that period in music history as tho it never happened!! Mike is right that the current setup has to be changed----some releases just will not sell 10,000 pieces, and its a shame that its not economically viable to put them the end, its we collectors who suffer. If EVER there was a talior made application for direct music downloading, this is it!! The majors would save a ton on manufacturing costs, and we collectors could download only what we want. I think we should all send email to each of the big record companies and list your top 10 wants that are in their vaults. We just might get it!! Also, theres a message here about the Rhino K-Earth Cd....question....why would Freddy Cannon record a Jingle for Palisades Park in 1996? Can someone clarify? Lastly, BSN also spoke about the PC software thats now available for collectors to remove noise, scratches, ect from our collections. What can be done with some time, effort and patience is AMAZING. If you start out with source material thats not TOO bad, you can almost get it to the point that no one would know its from LP or 45. Not perfect, but it will do for now. Mikey

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1999-06-01 18:22:25
Comments: For one of Doris Day's best '60s recordings, "Move Over Darling," a brand new day has dawned -- in first-time STEREO -- on Columbia/Legacy's just-released 2-CD set "Doris Day: Golden Girl (The Columbia Recordings 1944-1966)." Inexplicably, the title song from the 1963 movie that starred her and James Garner didn't chart in America. Yet, in England, it soared into the Top 10. Even Tracey Ullman's 1983 remake peaked at No. 8 in the U.K. But the original is still the greatest, as it was produced by Terry Melcher (Day's son and one of the Rip Chords). Plus Phil Spector orchestrator Jack Nitzsche conducted the session, which included guitarist Glen Campbell and several studio musicians from L.A.'s famed "Wrecking Crew." More importantly, though, after hearing the hissy mono master of "Move Over Darling" on various imports, the debut of the super-clean stereo mix will absolutely thrill collectors. Also, Re: Freddy Cannon...The recording of "Palisades Park" on the "K-Earth" CD was reworded into a song about the California oldies radio station, not the amusement site. Previously, Cannon also recut "Palisades" as "Kennywood Park" for a Pittsburgh charity 45 that is not available on CD.

Name: Alain Dupont
From: Lévis (Québec) Canada
Time: 1999-06-01 20:52:00
Comments: RE: LOOK FOR A STAR. The Gary Miles version can be found on "LOST HITS OF THE 60s" (Capitol 19552), "HEY LOOK WHAT I FOUND VOL. 4" (Mavis 4504) and "TREASURED TUNES VOL. 10" (Stardust 1031). The Gary Mills version is on "HEY LOOK WHAT I FOUND VOL. 5" (Mavis 4505). The Deane Hawley version is on "HEY LOOK WHAT I FOUND VOL. 6" (Mavis 4506). The Billy Vaughn version is also on "VINTAGE INSTRUMENTALS VOL. 3" (Stardust 1017)

Name: Jay Johnston
From: London, Ontario
Time: 1999-06-01 21:38:08
Comments: RE: Garry Miles. Look For A Star is also on the ACE compilation, Teenage Crush-Vol 2 -CDCHD701. RE: Sequel Newbeats cd, I listened to my copy and it has the drop out as well, still I think the sound quality is superior.

Name: Chris Nagel
Time: 1999-06-02 01:50:24
Comments: To Marty: regarding the Doris Day set, is "Everybody Loves a Lover" is Stereo? Also, how's the sound quality on "Secret Love"? Hissy, as usual, or did Sony clean it up?

Name: Christopher (
From: Hurricane, WV/USA
Time: 1999-06-02 10:44:05
Comments: I'm dee-lighted [sic] that Mike has decided to throw caution to the wind and discuss bootlegged CDs in the Newsletter. Up till now the only real source for information on boots has been the Hot Wacks series of books, and they are, unfortunately, not always entirely reliable. Regarding studio chatter during recordings, the Beach Boys were so noted for this that it could well explain why it often took so long to complete many of the recordings. I still like that cough on "Wendy" and wonder who did it. On another note: I am pleased to see so many Bobby Vee reissues, but does anyone know if two of his lesser hits from 63/64 period have ever appeared on CD: "Stranger In Your Arms" and "She's Sorry" came from a period when Vee's star was in decline, and many years ago when his Legendary Masters disc was first released I had the chance to talk to him on a call-in radio show and ask about the eventual re-release of those and other tracks from the same period. He expressed his doubt then that those would ever appear, and all these years later he still appears to be right. I wonder why?

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1999-06-02 18:10:54
Comments: Chris: "Secret Love" on the new Doris Day "Golden Girl" set is still "hiss"-tory; fidelity weak and still digitally challenged. "Everybody Loves a Lover" is cleaner mono, so it is NOT the stereo underdub released on the grey-labeled Columbia Hall of Fame reissue 45. I'd like to add a comment about another great cut on the Day package titled "Let the Little Girl Limbo." Recorded in 1963 and previously unissued in the U.S., it sounds great in stereo. Plus the tune was written by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil who also wrote "Blame It On The Bossa Nova" for Eydie Gorme. Not surprisingly, both songs strongly shared the same musical elements, apparently forcing Day's track to be shelved, because of the obvious similarities.

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1999-06-02 18:33:42
Comments: Calling all BSN experts...If you have the 1964 Mercury LP "Hear! Hear!" by The Searchers in your collection, is the stereo release true stereo, or is it rechanneled? Print guides still conflict on nailing down a reliable (S) or (E) designation. Can you help? Thanks.

Name: Frank Wright
From: KC, MO
Time: 1999-06-02 22:56:29
Comments: Just got BSN Newsletter #51. Noticed the review of the new Troy Shondell CD. The review said he was selling this CD from his webpage. The only webpage I can find for him is at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website There is a picture of this CD at this site, but no ordering info. There is an email address for Troy Shondell. I sent him a message, but have no reply yet. Does anyone know of another website for him, or any other source for this or other Troy Shondell CD's? I would love to chat with him about his Na-Ne-NO session with Phil Spector, and find out if the song "The Glider" on his Everest LP was produced by Spector. It sure sounds similar to Na-Ne-No to me. Both songs are enhanced on the Stereo Everest LP.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1999-06-03 18:10:43
Comments: Re Troy Shondell. There is a legitimate release on him from Bear Family (single CD), although I don't know what tracks are on it. It's currently available from German Music Express (

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-06-03 18:12:57
Comments: It would seem as though the new Doris Day release is merely a condensation of the 5 box sets on Bear Family, which is where "Move Over Darling" and "Let the Little Girl Limbo" first appeared in stereo. "Secret Love," however, is the rotten old master with surface noise in the Bear set, and the LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME songs are all mono, which they're not on Legacy. Watch ERIC Records in the fall for a long-awaited issue on one of Doris' hits. It'll be on a volume of "Hard-to-Find 45s on CD," mastered by yours truly. It'll be worth the wait, believe me! She's always been one of my favorite singers, so I am very happy that Bill Buster of ERIC Records had me master this track for her fans. Which one it is I am not at liberty to say, but it's never been issued domestically in anything but mono on CD and it's not an underdub. Doris Day collectors will be quite surprised!

Name: curt lundgren
Website: Reel Top 40 Radio
From: Twin Cities
Time: 1999-06-04 15:50:42
Comments: As long as we're discussing Columbia's MOR acts (DD), let me pipe in with a request. How about a Legacy package of Steve & Eydie (separately and together)? They used "A" team writers in '63-'64....especially Goffin & King. "Poor Little Rich Girl"...."Walking Proud"...."I Want To Stay Here With You" and "Can't Stop Talking About You" to name four. And then there's "I Want You To Meet My Baby", by Mann & Weil. Originally the plug side, the Company gave in to radio & flipped it to "Can't Get Over The Bossa Nova".... which failed miserably. Anyone heard stereo vinyl on these titles? While we're talking Andy Williams' "Wrong For Each Other" (1964) out there anywhere?

Name: Walt Haake
Website: Mists of Avalon
From: NJ
Time: 1999-06-05 16:02:19
Comments: There's been discussion from time to time about songs on CD that show only as LP versions. There are three single edits I'd love to find on CD: Zorba the Greek by Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass, Sunday Morning by Spanky & Our Gang and Do It Again by Steely Dan. I'm sure I'll think of more and I'm curious how others feel about this.

Name: Joe Reynolds
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-06-05 20:15:27
Comments: RE: "Paul Anka" on Canadian 240, I was a bit suprised at Mike's ringing endorsement of the stereo "Lonely Boy"..the instrumental tracks are fine but I found the vocal a bit distorted, so much so that I used the mono version on the Rhino greatest hits package when I burned my own compilation CD..the other stereo tracks (Crazy Love, I Love You In The Same Old Way, etc.) are much cleaner. Anyone else agree/disagree/have an opinion or comment???

Name: Graham
From: CO
Time: 1999-06-05 23:24:43
Comments: Hi, just got "Loud, Fast & Out of Control", a new 4cd box set by Rhino, "The wild sounds of 50's rock." 94 songs from Buddy Holly to Bo Diddley. Sort of a fast rock'n roll set. NO STEREO of course but has some songs I haven't even heard of. It also has (one of my favorites) "My Boy Elvis" by Janis Martin. Its OK I guess.

Name: chuck puckett
From: north hollywood, ca
Time: 1999-06-06 14:09:13
Comments: looking for argo recording artist dean dewolf. 1963 recording, folk swinger-dean dewolf, argo lps-4030. also 1964 recording "high tide, the folk songs of dean dewolf, argo lps-4035. i've been informed that dean passed away in 1983. his family has no copies of his only two albums.anyone who may have information on how to obtain anything related to dean dewolf, ie promotional pictures ect. copies of his recordings please email me or call 1-818-909-9294. thank you so much. chuck puckett 6-6-99

Name: chuck puckett
From: north hollywood, ca
Time: 1999-06-06 14:13:49
Comments: looking for argo recording artist dean dewolf. 1963 recording, folk swinger-dean dewolf, argo lps-4030. also 1964 recording "high tide, the folk songs of dean dewolf, argo lps-4035. i've been informed that dean passed away in 1983. his family has no copies of his only two albums.anyone who may have information on how to obtain anything related to dean dewolf, ie promotional pictures ect. copies of his recordings please email me or call 1-818-909-9294. thank you so much. chuck puckett 6-6-99

Name: Joe Reynolds
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-06-06 18:53:18
Comments: I'm looking for a couple of Jimmie Rodgers albums from the late 60's originally released on A&M, "Child Of Clay" and "Windmills Of Your Mind". I havn't been able to find either one of them anywhere and don't know whether they have ever been issued as CD's....any help or info appreciated...thanks.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-06-07 07:30:23
Comments: Joe, I do have the "Child of Clay" album which I have bought on vinyl at a thrift shop, but this one and "The Windmills of Your Mind" have ever been available on CD and still haven't been reissued ever. The title track from "Child of Clay" is available on the Rhino compilation from 1990 though.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-06-07 07:31:04
Comments: Joe, I do have the "Child of Clay" album which I have bought on vinyl at a thrift shop, but this one and "The Windmills of Your Mind" have never been available on CD and still haven't been reissued ever. The title track from "Child of Clay" is available on the Rhino compilation from 1990 though.

Name: John Adkins
From: Phoenix
Time: 1999-06-07 10:07:38
Comments: Pardon the repeat if this has been discussed recently, but I haven't had time to check this site regularly. The question is, can we expect Sony/Legacy to release a remixed/remastered/true stereo Sly And The Family Stone compliation any time soon. Bob Irwin, what's the scoop?

Name: Joe Reynolds
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1999-06-07 19:52:27
Comments: Just thought I would pass along this info for those interested...Discollector in Colorado has confirmed that they expect to have a 21 track CD of 60's STEREO Stones by 6/30. No info on track selection or mastering sources but if it's anywhere near the quality of the 2CD Beatles set on the Beat label, I'll be one of the first in line.

Name: beetlefan
From: Sierra Vista, AZ
Time: 1999-06-07 21:10:08
Comments: To John Adkins: I don't have an answer, but I think we got another preview of what's to come. I picked up a compilation called "Hear It Now, The Sound Of The 60's" with the track, "I Want To Take You Higher" by Sly and the Family Stone, and it sounds great, clean with bass. I couldn't tell you if it was just remastered from the mixdown tapes or if it's remixed from milti-tracks, though. Over all, the package is excellent sounding. The Byrds' "Turn, Turn, Turn" is the mono single, though, for you stereo hounds. On another note, I see in Ice Magazine that the Isley Brother's box will be out next month, after a six month delay, and the Earth, Wind and Fire remasters are off the schedule for this month.

Name: Martin T. Boratyn
From: California
Time: 1999-06-08 20:55:51
Comments: Just logging on the chatboard to address a question from a BSN reader and a comment to a frequent visitor to this website. To Bob Derbacher who inquired as to where to find the original hit version of "Firefly" by Tony Bennett: I too have been aggravated by Sony's inability to get it right in CD and many album releases. I think there are no less than two non-hit versions out. There is only one place to my knowledge where you can locate the original version in BEAUTIFUL STEREO. It's on record album entitled "More Tony's Greatest Hits" (Columbia) # CS-8335. All Sony has to do is take the cut from the album master - very simple. Perhaps Sony/Bob Irwin can make a note of this for future releases. To Tom Daly who hinted as to a forthcoming stereo release of a previously domestically unavailable Doris Day hit on ERIC. Could it be........."Teacher's Pet"? Yes, this charted song from the movie of the same name appeared on the Bear Family box set 'Que Sera' in stereo for the first time. It was recorded on 11/1/57 at Radio Recorders in Hollywood. The song appears to have been mixed in a two-track format (center and 2 o'clock) however a three-track machine was likely utilized since other cuts in the session were mixed into three track fashion. Even if the ERIC Doris Day cut is not this song all the better. I have enjoyed Bill Buster's CD's in the past, however he keeps pushing the release date back for his latest offering. First it was January '99, then April, now Fall according to Tom Daly. Has Bill encountered problems? In any event I look forward to the release. By the way, there are so many great charted songs that were recorded for movies (likely in Hollywood where they had been recording in stereo for many years) that I strongly suspect were in multi-track but never released in a stereo format. For example, the Paul Newman film "The Long Hot Summer" (circa 1958) in which the title song was sung by Jimmie Rodgers. It's a great tune.

Name: beetlefan
From: somewhere in Arizona
Time: 1999-06-08 23:42:56
Comments: To Martin T. Boratyn, I certainly don't have the answer here, but I have a comment regarding the Tony Bennett cut. I, too get frustrated when these companies don't get things right. But I also calm down and remember that they could have tried the two-track LP master. Maybe they couldn't find it. Maybe the tape has deteriorated or been damaged beyond repair, or, maybe they do know where the tape is but can't get to it for legal reasons, or worst of all, maybe no one cares.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-06-09 08:52:33
Comments: To Martin T. Boratyn: The Eric releases have been pushed back due to licensing problems with a few of the tracks that were originally selected. This was because they could not be licensed at all, could not be licensed economically, or no acceptable source could be located. The Doris Day cut has already been mastered, so that one's definite, and it's NOT "Teacher's Pet." The complete mix of the cut in question wasn't available when the Bear Family packages were assembled, and therefore the "hit" version appears on one of them in mono as well as a stereo underdub. This information now narrows the choices down a bit.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-06-09 09:12:09
Comments: FYI, Martin T. Boratyn's comment about stereo in movies vs. commercial record label issues is a point well taken. Vic Damone's "An Affair to Remember" is stereo in the film, yet has never appeared on a stereo Columbia issue. Glenn Miller's "Chatanooga Choo Choo" and "In the Mood" were issued in stereo on Fox video copies of SUN VALLEY SERENADE, yet all LP and CD issues have been mono. MGM video copies of HIGH SOCIETY are stereo, including the Frank Sinatra cuts, "You're Sensational" and "Mind If I Make Love to You." Capitol LP and CD issues have these two cuts in mono, and "True Love" now has a "might-as-well-be-mono" mix where on LP it had a two-track mix. Most other CD issues of "True Love" have been mono. Capitol's PAL JOEY soundtrack has the Sinatra cuts in mono, yet all other cuts are stereo. This is in spite of the fact that the film was completely stereo, and that Capitol substituted studio recordings of the Sinatra tracks for the ones Columbia Pictures recorded for the movie! The version of "The Lady is a Tramp" that appears on the album is in fact a discarded track from Sinatra's mono album, "A Swingin' Affair!" Morris Stoloff's "Moonglow" / Theme from "Picnic" was stereo on the PICNIC soundtrack album, but CD issues are all mono except for the now-deleted CD reissue of the soundtrack. Who knows what evil lurks in the minds of major label A&R people? Reality speaks: Remaster these albums using the correct stereo versions of the songs as they appeared in the movies, but don't delete the ones that were issued on the original LPs, either. That way, everyone will be satisfied.

Name: Mike Hartman
From: Vernon Hills, IL
Time: 1999-06-09 12:33:17
Comments: Tom: The Morris Stoloff track ""Moonglow and Theme from Picnic" I have in stereo on "Music For A Bachelor's Pad" on DCC Compact Classics 079. It is the soundtrack LP version (3:45). It is also in stereo (3:45) on Time-Life R986-07 " Instrumental Favorites - Movie Magic". The mono versions found on other CD's are (2:48) the 45 version.

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, Ca.
Time: 1999-06-10 05:27:27
Comments: The Doris Day song in Stereo is "Everybody Loves A Lover". No big secret. All Columbia hits in 1958 where recorded in stereo, it was just a matter of finding the masters. Bill has promised a Betty Johnson greatest hits soon, including Bally and Atlantic hits.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-06-10 15:08:27
Comments: To Bob Olivia: This is true in many cases, but not where the recordings were made outside of Columbia's studios. Doris Day recorded in California, mostly at Radio Recorders in L.A. Since their "stereo" facility consisted of a pair of Ampex 350-2 1/4" tape machines, much of what they did was record "live" to two-track, then add overdubs during the mix to mono. Columbia's New York facility was 3-track, which allowed for an overdub to be added after the session without requiring a mix to mono. Even when Columbia recorded in stereo at 15 ips on 3-tracks, a full-track 30 ips mono master was made simultaneously. Listen to a mono pressing of Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue," Duke Ellington's "Ellington Indigos," or Brubeck's "Time Out." The presence level is dramatic between the mono and stereo pressings, indicating the use of a 30 ips mono session master for the mono issues. A listen between mono and stereo pressings of Doris Day LPs, however, will result in no difference in presence, since both pressings came from 15 ips session masters.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1999-06-10 15:45:58
Comments: Tom, re: A few questions...are you sure that Columbia actually used another 30 IPS mono tape, or is it just speculation? The remaster of "Time Out" was remixed, so I guess that would as good of any place to compare... Also, I don't know about 'Kind Of Blue', but 'Miles Ahead' had a lot of overdubbing (3 track to 3 track), which would have made it impossible to have a mono setup like you mentioned... Sony's website has some interesting information on how 'Miles Ahead' was recorded. BTW, does anyone know of a clean (ie, London 'Hot Rocks' CD quality) stereo version of "Have You Seen Your Mother" by the Stones? All stereo versions I have heard sound like are about 20th generation. Also, do stereo copies of "Everybody Needs Somebody To Love", "Look What You've Done" and "2120 S. Michigan Blvd" exist on CD, NOT from vinyl source (all were released in true stereo on various early '70s Decca LPs)? I think "Look What You've Done" may be in stereo on one of the Jap CDs, but I've heard contradictions on the subject...

Name: Martin T. Boratyn
From: California
Time: 1999-06-10 22:24:09
Comments: I have good news for Tom Daly and others interested. "Moonlight Serenade" (shortened version :49 sec.); "I Know Why" (4:40); It Happened In Sun Valley" (2:12), and "Chattanooga Choo Choo" (8:07) are in stereo on 'GLEN MILLER AND HIS ORCHESTRA IN HI-FI STEREO (Jazz Hour) #JH-1042. The disc also contains a live radio broadcast digitally remastered in mono. I bought it through Eliot Goshman's CDMO catalog. In addition, I listened to my 'High Society' cd sountrack (Capitol) # CDP 077 793787 2. We know "True Love" is wide two-track on the record album. However on the cd Frank Sinatra's "Mind If I Make You Love Me" is stereo but "Your Sensational" is a strange mix. It's mono when Frank sings with the backing track but at about 1:50 during the orchestra break it appears "stereo". When Frank resumes its back to mono. I can't explain this. As a follow-up to Tom's posting, does anyone else have comments about the dilemma between stereo video soundtracks and corresponding mono cd releases? It's frustrating. On a final note, I must admit Rhino has done a tremendous job of unearthing stereo movie recordings off 35MM film from MGM's (Turner) catalog and remastering the same for cd release. The movie "MEET ME IN ST. LOUIS" comes to mind with Judy Garland's classic Christmas hit song in stereo. (1944!).

Name: Chris Nagel
Time: 1999-06-11 01:09:19
Comments: To Martin: Rhino has also released a soundtrack CD of the some of the music from "The Wizard of Oz" in Stereo (from 1939!) Also, Jazz Hour is one of those "grey area" labels (read: bootleg). I don't have a problem with these labels, since they provide a service to us collectors that the majors continue to ignore.

Name: Mike Cloud
From: Houston, TX
Time: 1999-06-11 01:59:07
Comments: Which "Wizard of Oz" CD is in stereo? There are several out there. Is "Over the Rainbow" in stereo?

Name: Richard Otis
From: Bellingham, Wash
Time: 1999-06-11 04:22:21
Comments: For Luke: The British London CD (1987 release) version of the Rolling Stones' December's Children features true stereo (not from vinyl) Look What You've Done and Get Off My Cloud. Hope this helps.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1999-06-11 09:29:41
Comments: Richard: Thanks. From what I've heard the recent CD releases have Look What You've Done in mono, so I wasn't sure... I'll have to search that one out.

Name: Glen
From: Mississauga
Time: 1999-06-11 14:56:11
Comments: For Luke: The Japanese version of the Rolling Stones "December's Children" on London label that I got in 1996 was entirely mono despite the back listing indicating otherwise.

Name: Chris Nagel
Time: 1999-06-12 02:48:10
Comments: To Mike Cloud: The underscore and some of the songs (parts of which are Stereo) are available on The Wizard of Oz OST Deluxe Edition (Rhino/Turner R2 71964). These same songs and underscore along with dialogue are available on "The Story & Songs of The Wizard of Oz" OST (Turner/Rhino R2 75516) Unfortunately, "Over the Rainbow" is not in stereo on either package, but the version on the "Story and Songs" CD has a nice stereo effect (whoops, did I say "stereo effect"?!?!?) I found this CD a fun listening experience, sort of a audio sovenier version of the film.

Name: Mike Parros
From: Hanson, MA
Time: 1999-06-12 15:49:00
Comments: Does anybody know where I can find the song "Torture" by Kris Jensen on CD? It was issued on Hickory and I believe the song reached #20 in 1962. I know it's available on a couple of Time-Life discs but I already have all the other songs on those discs. Worst case, I'd spring for one of those discs as long as the song was an original recording and had decent sound quality. Stereo/mono doesn't matter...this seems like a difficult song to find on CD. Any info you might have is greatly appreciated! THANKS!!!

Name: Alain Dupont
From: Québec (Canada)
Time: 1999-06-12 17:44:02
Comments: If I remember well, someone mentioned on this site some time ago that we would finally be getting a stereo mix of "Angel Of The Morning" by Merrilee Rush. We're still waiting. Anyone has any updated info about this?

Name: Frank
From: Mobile
Time: 1999-06-13 12:26:19
Comments: Kris Jansen's "Torture" can be found on 1962 Still Rockin'

This is number 2RNR-16 in the Time-Life Rock 'n' Roll era series.

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-06-13 12:27:22
Comments: re: Torture, it IS a hard song to find on CD. The only place I know where it is commercially available is Time-Life's Rock N Roll Era - 1962: Still Rockin where it's mono (and the original version, as Time-Life usually has). It is stereo though, on a special 11-CD set issued to those who had something to do with Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. A friend here in Ottawa has the set, so I was able to authenticate the version (and the fact that it is true stereo).

Name: Randall Kohl
From: Xalapa, Veracruz, MEXICO
Time: 1999-06-14 07:55:43
Comments: I am looking for info on Ritchie Valens, the making of "La Bamba" (the song and the movie) and the group Los Lobos and their remake of the song. Can anyone help me?

Name: Mark Mathews
From: LI, NY
Time: 1999-06-14 21:59:19
Comments: Greetings all, to address some posts below, it will be wonderful to finally get "Everybody Loves A Lover" in stereo with the overdubs, that should be a pretty easy fix, yes? Re: the ERIC set, Tom, we fellow collectors can't help with licencing, but if you're looking for an acceptable source for anything, why not post it here? You'd be amazed what fellow collectors will provide for a good cause! I myself have given up offering such rarities, I've found some companies show no interest even when other collectors do! A good friend (you know who you are!) had to do some real "arm-twisting" to get his copy "Duke Of Earl" LP released......and there I was with my money..waitng. Thanks Chris!! Good listening all. -MM

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-06-15 03:25:22
Comments: I want to start buying cds of CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL and the FOUR SEASONS. I've held off only in hopes that really nice box sets would be issued, but none seem to be on the horizon. I have narrowed the field down to the cds listed below, guessing that these might be the best ones to buy. Since I haven't listened to any of these, all info./opinions would be helpful, however the MOST helpful opinions would be from those who have actually A-B'd these cds. My main interest is in how clean (especially 'hiss' levels) and clear the HITS are. Alt. takes are of no interest to me UNLESS they are the only stereo version in existence. FOUR SEASONS:.....[1] "Greatest Hits Vols. 1 & 2" (Rhino 70594 & 70595) Vs. "25th Anniversary Collection" (3-cds) (Rhino 72998) ..... [2] (winner of the above Rhino cds) Vs. the Ace (UK) reissues. NOTE: M.C. rated all the Rhino cds a 'B', but noted the 1991 "Greatest Hits" had 'slight hiss on many tracks' and said nothing about hiss levels on the 1988 "25th Anniv." set. ALSO, on the 3 1994-95 Ace cds M.C. rated, he gave them a 'C', 'C+' & 'B-', saying they were fairly hissy to hissy. Here lies my confusion! Is the Four Seasons stuff getting hissier each time it's remastered? .....[3] In general, how does "Edizione D'Oro" (Ace 642) compare to best of the above cds? ----- CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL: [1] the 1988/1991 "Chronicle Vols. 1 & 2" (Fantasy 02 & 03 - REGULAR DISCS) Vs. the 1995 (Fantasy 22 & 23 - GOLD DISCS) .....[2] "Green River" (Fantasy REGULAR DISC) Vs. (DCC GOLD DISC). Sorry, I have no label #'s. .....[3] In general, how do the brand new Japanese remasters of C.C.R.'s individual albums compare to the Fantasy ones ? Remember, I'm starting from scratch with both of these groups and I just want to buy the BEST quality. THANKS in advance for any help.

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1999-06-15 11:30:45
Comments: Here's a little something I wanted to bring up about the Doors... Back in the good ol' vinyl days, there was a Doors LP called "13" which was a "greatest hits" (up to 1970) collection that Elektra put out because the band didn't have a new LP's worth of material ready at the time. Then a little later ('72 or '73), a double-LP set called "Weird Scenes Inside The Goldmine" was issued; this set consisted of the few hit singles missing from "13", the better album cuts (including a few of those lllooonnnggg ones), and two 45 flipsides that had never been on an LP--"Who Scared You" (flip of "Wishful Sinful") and "Don't Go No Further" (flip of "Love Her Madly"). "13" and "Weird Scenes..." dovetailed nicely, since they had no cuts in common, and taken together, they made a very nice comprehensive collection of the Doors' best material. I don't suppose there's much of a chance that Elektra will issue these packages on CD; with most of the other Doors catalog already out, and with the "hits" collections and the box set out too, I suppose it would be redundant. But hey, the record companies generally don't seem to have any problem repackaging the same old material over and over, so who knows?...

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1999-06-15 15:10:22
Comments: On the Surround Sound 5.1 issue: The new issue of Pro Sound News (an industry pub) has an excellent article about how the remixing of oldies in the 5.1 format has started. Engineer Ken Caillat at The Complex Studio in West La recently re-mixed the Beach Boys classic "Dont Worry Baby" into pristine 5.1 sound for the movie "Never Been Kissed". The article explains how they remixed the track to have the lead vocal in the center, the Beach boys backing vocals in the right and left surround channels,so that the backing vocals surround the listener, but to keep the lead vocal in the middle. He also put the extreme low frequencies into the "subwoofer" channel. He went on to say that Brian Wilson himself liked his mix better than the 1965 Capitol Stereo mix, which was a typical "Beach Boys Stereo" mix. As soon as I get my 5.1 receiver (a couple of weeks), I'm going to rent this movie and see what it sounds like. My bet is that its amazing!! I hope that we get to hear alot of similar oldies remixed for 5.1. Lets keep our fingers crossed. Mikey

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: click HERE for Taragon Records new releases!!!
Time: 1999-06-15 15:16:22
Comments: Some great new releases are available now from Taragon; Our 20 track "Paul Anka-The Essential RCA Rock And Roll Recordings" CD features his work for RCA from 1962-1968...17 tracks in true stereo, most for the first time and a great collection of tracks make this a must-have!
Al so our collection by The Searchers-Second Take: The Complete RCA/UK Recordings features 25 tracks, most in true stereo and very eagerly awaited by collectors...all first time on CD anywhere! Includes early 70's re-recordings of their biggest hits plus "Desdemona", a hard to find regional hit from 1971. Hope you like 'em...

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: click HERE to zoom to Taragon Records new release info!!
Time: 1999-06-15 20:57:26
Some great new releases are available now from Taragon; Our 20 track "Paul Anka-The Essential RCA Rock And Roll Recordings" CD features his work for RCA from 1962-1968...17 tracks in true stereo, most for the first time and a great collection of tracks make this a must-have!
Also our collection by The Searchers-Second Take: The Complete RCA/UK Recordings features 25 tracks, most in true stereo and very eagerly awaited by collectors...all first time on CD anywhere! Includes early 70's re-recordings of their biggest hits plus "Desdemona", a hard to find regional hit from 1971. Hope you like 'em...

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: Ca.
Time: 1999-06-16 17:30:38
Comments: (Sorry about the delay in getting this up here folks... some old answers....etc....) Howdy, kids. (quick response to M.W.s 4/23 post. (:)Regarding cheap #?!*!%$*@! record co. big wigs chiselin us on measly track/timing totals (recently the new domestic reissue norm has been leaning toward 14 to 16 tracks per cd, down from 18 to 20 a few years back..), it seems matters can only get worse, more mega-corporation buy-outs and never ending dollars & cents/bottom line blab from corporate creeps & their ilk, add to that the threat of recordable CDs. Its no wonder that these fat cats have been trying to squash parallel imports for years, realizing that, for an increasingly similar price, consumers can get twice the music on labels like Ace, Westside, Bear Family, Repetoire, etc.

On 5/5 K.G. noted that a coupla cuts on the (pricey when you can find it & mastered from records) CD Michigan Memories are not around elsewhere Well, Gino is a Coward will be out soon (Hopefully the (right( & rockin Correc-Toneor is it SonBert..?--- version..) on a cd from an east coast ULTRA indie label, NORTON. Another label that has a lot of similar rare soul (that even the Euro hounds skip over & dont know about..) is TELSTAR out of NJ. What, you thought RHINO would reissue Emanuel Laskeys Welfare Cheese ?!?! Also on Michigan Memories, Nathaniel Mayers Village of Love is on some of the import cd compilations. A best bet would be the Gold Dust cd that boasts replica cover art from Nats sooper rare Going Back to..Village of Love FORTUNE label LP, complete with wacky Fortune home-brew graphics in loud purple, sportin a pic of our-man-with-the-wild-process. Sound quality, as is often the case with these imports, may be a bit dodgy. Delving deeper into the MICHIGAN treasure trove of musty dusties, as for the Collectables compilation Where You Gonna Go with The Unrelated Segments + Tidal Waves. I was hoping that they may have used the STEREO tapes for UNRELATED SEGMENTS cuts (only previously used on one other cd a reissue of an lp collection, Rock Hits of the 60s, that I cant git no place !!). Nuggets nuts note: as Dave wrote here, (4/26) YES ! YES ! YES ! The Stereo SONICS (& for that matter all STEREO Etiquette & Jerden 60s stuff ) all ROCK ! BUT where is it on CD !!?? Even the recent Norton LP reissues are mono... Mid- 80s Etiquette legit reissue LPs used ORIGINAL STEREO LP STAMPERS !! Kinda like a few of the Excello blue label reissues from around the same time frame (Excellos, however have some fake stereo).

VARESE SARABANDE plugs for their KINGSMEN compilation claim to have a lot of stereo.Bet its not 100% stereo wherever possiblethe 20 year old reissue LPs still have stereo Kingsmen cuts found no place else sans crowd / audience sfx / cheers, too. VARESE SARABANDE promises a set of East L.A. Faro/Linda/Gordo, etc. compilations, hope they have Land of 1000 Dances long version in stereo ! A 1996 Bacchus Archives compilation The East Side Sound 1959-1968had filtered sound & skipped a few goodies like the Village Callers Evil Ways, Eddie Daniels Teennage Brain Surgeon, Frankie Olvera Huggies Bunnies, Pageants Pa Cha, Summits Hey Joe, Jaguars Discover A Lover +++...60s Rampart compilation LPs East Side Revue (2 volumes, translucent colored vinyl..) had numerous other tracks from other labels like Del-fi, Reprise, Era, Donna, etc., that could be licensed to make a complete East Side cd series.

Best sounding ROLLING STONES ? Original earliest flat/matte dark maroon label monaural London Made in England for London (by Decca) for export only 12 long playing vinyl record albums (PHEW !). Unfortunately, all mono, as originally issued in mid-60s, even though lotsa stuff (Chess, RCA Hollywood, etc.) was cut in stereo and has escaped on numerous LPs over the years. (Anyone know of a good discography or any Stereo CDs other than Jap. / MFSL Hot Rocks I ????)

STEREO STAX soul searchers might do best with the earliest, mid-80s (pre-Rhino) Atlantic straight reissues of original LPs (some added bonus tracks, remember those ??!!) these may still be found if searched out. Check your handy-dandy Oldies on CD book for details, folks. The Wilson Pickett 1 cd of original 2 lp set Greatest Hits (Atl.81737) has the same lineup as the LP, but a bit re-shuffled & mono substituted for the reprocessed cuts. Mustang Sally (stereo on the 2 LP set) is mono on the cd tho same goes for Everybody Needs Somebody to Love. Digging a bit deeper into the Wicked Ones oeuvre, how about If You Need Me and Its Too Late in stereo on cd ? In 83 price guide M.C. notation is true stereo for 63 Double L I.T.L. LPNot much chance of getting any of the Lu Pine era stuff in stereoevery time I Found a Love shows up its a disc dub, at least they seem to get better with each attempt to reproduce this roof-raising paint-peeling tremelo-drenched church-cruncher ! Robert Ward, Falcons have Relic cds which may hold some surprises (?). Lu Pine having gone to Atlantic for distribution may mean tapes went the way of lots of other lost Atlantics..
Sam & Dave Best of (Atl. SD 8218, LP) has all the duos stuff in stereo, but 87 expanded cd (#81279) swaps in lots of monos..Soul Man, Soothe Me, + 7 more are mono. You Dont Know Like I Know is nice, wide stereo on early, separate single-cd issue Atl. R&B Vol.5 compilation. 84 Edsel LP (#133), Cant Stand Up for Falling Down offers 5 more stereo S&D cuts, + 11all non-hits. Rhino Atl. remasters cd r.i. of Soul Men LP is, according to a bsner, all stereo. A complete assessment of Stax stereo on cd is sorely needed hopefully new ed. of Oldies on CD book will get it all ironed out.
A good, if conversational, Stax story is spun by Rob Bowman in his 1997 book Soulsville.USA.. Lots of anecdotesreads a lot like some of Bowmans liner notes. Interesting factoid to consider when pondering lost Stax stereo is the whole Fantasy entanglement. When the Fantasy batch of rarities/out-takes packages came out a several years ago, there was a bit of stereo albeit alternatesOtis, William Bell, Carla, Rufus, etc. All stereo was, of course, starting from mid-65 upgrade date onward. 3 cd Otis Redding Story (Atl. 81762, 87) has loads of stereo. Bowman liner notes detail differences between M(45) & S versions of Ive Been Loving You Too Long, Respect, and others .Otis Blue LP done with Tommy Dowd at the controls of the new (Spring 65) Stax 4-track. Great Stax stereo?: Knock On Wood, a pinnacle of sorts, coming at a creative & commercial peak for Stax just prior to the beginning of the end financial fracas. The K.O.W. LP is a cd remaster, but is it stereo ? Whoever had hoped that someone had access to Stax session logs Sorry, there aint none ! What little info. survives regarding recording dates only amounts to Atlantics logging of date received when Stax masters arrived in N.Y. .
Too bad the Stax cats didnt shimmy over to Sam Phillips new digs (Sun goes stereo in 60) at 639 Madison and record a stereo Last Night !! We all can dream, cant we ?!? Well, time to go Walkin the Dog! BYE !.

Ooh, P.S.: The recent Rhino 50s box has no surprises, like the Hot rod one that folks have been talkin bout.I guess I got the wrong one if I wanted stereo surprises !!! Maybe well get a Doo Wop Box III !?!?!.or a Cowabunga Mk. II.or, hey alla you CD-R characters, how about whipping up STEREO replacements for Nuggets, Beg, Scream & Shout.., etc. & tossing the all/99.9% mono Rhino cds in the sets ?!?! At least a few years ago with Aretha Franklin 4 cd & others, Rhino had or more stereo. Now it seems that its all mono even as late as late 60s! With major oldies radio stations like KRTH in L.A. adding more & more 70s music, it seems marketing geniuses at domestic reissue labels will probably continue to shift the focus away from the 50s stuff like the Loud, Fast & Out of Control box that quietly slipped out. By the way, one advertiser had mentioned a poster was to be in this box mine has none - but, then again, they also pictured an entirely different J.D. paperback type cover art than the cheesy original picture that ended up on the thing

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1999-06-16 21:23:09
Comments: Re: BB's "Don't Worry Baby" - BB compiler Brad Elliot has stated that the 'Never Been Kissed' engineers only had the final two-track stereo mixdown to work with ( provided by Capitol ). I wouldn't expect anything TOO revelatory for a 5:1 mix - the stereo mix of DWB has lead vocal left (w/ a guitar overdub), backing vocals right, and rhythm track center.

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-06-18 18:01:44
Comments: Was sad to hear about the recent passing of Mel Torme. Does anyone know if his one and only top 40 hit was in true stereo? I read somewhere that he didn't like it too much when he made the top 40 charts. Still working on my want lists of lower-charters. Good listening to all.

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1999-06-19 10:10:11
Comments: Regarding the "East LA" CDs coming out on Varese, yes the long version of "Land Of 1000 Dances" will be on it in stereo. I mastered all four discs in the set and can tell you that very few tape masters exist.However, Cary Mansfield and I managed to come up with some tapes, including a three track of "Girl Of My Dreams" by The Majestics which had never been used before.Also, it does contain only the Faro, Linda, Rampart, Gordo stuff. Varese is planning another release sometime next year that will focus on some of the East LA acts, such as Thee Midniters, who were not on those previously mentioned labels. And yes, the package will contain "Evil Ways" by The Village Callers and "Hey Joe" by Sammy Lee and The Summits. The liner notes are extensive and extremely interesting.I just had a chance to see those liner notes and the art work for the four CDs on my trip to LA this week and I was very impressed.Hope this answers a few questions.

Name: Bob Casner
Time: 1999-06-19 23:19:56
Comments: Regarding the "Land of 1000 Dances" track on the forthcoming East LA discs on Varese: is that particular track from a tape source? I've been looking for a version on CD for some time that comes close to the amazing fidelity(!) of the 45rpm single I bought when it came out. By the way, this IS the Cannibal & the Headhunters version, isn't it?

Name: beetlefan
From: Some days, I don't even know!
Time: 1999-06-20 03:14:27
Comments: I do believe that "Land Of 1000 Dances" on the new set is by is the one by Canibal & The Headhunters. I Think they were from L.A..

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1999-06-20 10:38:18
Comments: Yes, the Cannibal & The Headhunters track is from a tape source. I was supplied with the two track tape of the original album and that was used as the source.And "Farmer John" will be the stereo version with the long intro.

Name: Alex Shkoditzh
From: Long Island, NY
Time: 1999-06-21 10:19:51
Comments: I have noticed the availability of several of the old quadraphonic mixes on DTS encoded audio discs. Aside from a decoder, the proper number of speakers and channels of amplification, what equipment is necessary to play these DTS encoded audio discs? Is a DVD player required? Can the decoder read the signal from a CD player with a digital output? Can the sound be played in stereo prior to acquiring a decoder? I am not a big movie buff and do not need to invest in a DVD player at this time. I have also read that DVD players are poor substitutes for CD players in an audio system. Many apparently do not have programming features, and tend to "clip off" the beginning of tracks.

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-06-22 12:35:51
Comments: I recently had a chance to listen to some records at a friend's house. He has a large collection of LPs and 45s and one of them was a Pickwick compilation. It has Teen Beat by Sandy Nelson and it's in true stereo. Did I miss something or has this recording always been stereo? I thought most of the Nelson stuff was rechanneled. Maybe this is a re-recording?? Anyone have any info? Thanks.

Name: Dave Sampson
Time: 1999-06-22 15:24:00
Comments: Re Sandy Nelson Stereo Teen Beat: yes, it is very likely that its a re recording-since I have a stereo versinn of the song in an Imperial Lp(Being i think he cut this originally on Original Sound records). It fooled me for some time too-but finally discovered it was a Redo. I dont have the album handy at the moment-but if anyone needs to know what it is, email me and i'll dig it out.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1999-06-23 10:27:40
Comments: I just picked up the new Ace Chartbusters USA, Vol. 1 CD. It's the usual great job we've come to expect from Ace: outstanding sound, with 21 of 30 tracks in stereo. (Among the mono holdouts: "Wooly Bully," "The In-Crowd" and "Treat Her Right," the latter of which I believe has been out in stereo only as an underdub.) The one surprise is "I Can't Stand It" by the Soul Sisters--although a comparison with other (mono) CD releases indicates slightly different mixes. It's a 2-track mix, with everything in the center except the horns, which are separated mid-way to the left of the stereo image. On EMI's Sue Story box, the horns don't appear until the beginning of the second verse, and the song runs 2:40 (the same as is listed on the single); on Collectables' Best of Sue Records, the horns sneak in about half-way through the first verse, and the running time is 2:35 (this one was definitely mastered from vinyl, as it comes complete with loud surface noise); on the new Ace set, the horns appear at the beginning of the first verse, and the time is 2:30 (all three sound like the same recording and are the same speed--the difference in timing is in the length of the fade). Perhaps someone with the original single and/or LP can clarify what's what. Otherwise, even if you already have every song on this set on other CDs, this is a worthwhile investment. Some of the highlights: "She's About a Mover" by the Sir Douglas Quintet (in mono) sounds light-years better than on the recent Crazy Cajun compilation (which itself was inferior to a previous appearance on a Time Life disc); "Walk Away Renee" by the Left Banke is the best stereo mix to date--previously we had a choice between the narrow, somewhat muddy, original mix and the wide but dull-and-disjointed sounding remix on Mercury's There's Gonna Be a Storm collection--but this has the best of both (wide stereo with upfront vocals that blend well with the rest of the track); and many other bright and punchy stereo mixes, including "Brown Eyed Girl," "I Fought the Law," "Gimme Little Sign," "Green Tambourine," "Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)" and "Remember (Walkin' In The Sand)."

Name: kevin marshall
From: phila
Time: 1999-06-23 10:57:19
Comments: i'm trying to find an album by "the impressions" their complete vee-jay recordings. released on 10/05/93. Please respond asap if you know where I can purchase this album or recording on cassette tape.

Name: jonr
Website: Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes
Time: 1999-06-23 11:48:19
Comments: I recently read where ACE label is issuing more volumes of the Where The Girls Are comps.Anyone have any info on these yet?

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-06-23 13:16:35
Comments: Does anyone know if Rhino plans to reissue The Monkees CD, Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. using the newly discovered 1st generation tapes that they used on the recent 2CD Anthology set. I e-mailed them last fall but I never received a reply.

Name: Greg
From: Calabasas, Ca.
Time: 1999-06-23 15:06:07
Comments: Any more news on that new stereo STONES collection?

Name: DZ
From: Indiana
Time: 1999-06-24 03:19:39
Comments: Every LASERLIGHT oldies comp that I pick up seems to have a better than average sound quality to it.....budget label and a great licensing department? What is the parent company here....anybody know? Every Steve Hoffman-mastered disc that I pick up seems to have a better than outstanding quality to it. I just picked up Monster Rock'n Roll Show (1990 DCC) and I have never heard a cleaner, crisper, stereo "Monster Mash" before.....can someone give him the Beatles masters and let him get to work?

Name: beetlefan
From: somewhere in AZ
Time: 1999-06-24 07:09:59
Comments: The Beatles??? Yeah, right! It would be interesting, though. You now, Steve Hoffman is doing a lot of hard rock and metal these days. Who better to preserve some of these classics. Now, if we could only get them to stop using gold plating and bring the prices down a bit.

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-06-24 07:54:01
Comments: Laserlight is owned by the indie company Delta Music. I have bought a Conway Twitty compilation on Laserlight that has re-recordings but I also have a Wonder Years compilation on Laserlight with good to average sound quality. Laserlight is a hit or miss. Buyer beware when buying something from Laserlight.

Name: Mike
Website: Disc Collector
From: Colorado
Time: 1999-06-24 11:26:38
Comments: In reference to recent questions here , in addition to stocking domestic cd 's , we carry all key import labels including Ace, Bear Family , BGO, Edsel , Raven , Sequel , Westside and many many BSN readers can attest , we get new releases quickly and in quantity....we have the new Ace releases in stock today including " Where The Girls Are - Vol. 2" . We also have the Impressions Vee Jay material on cd , and are expecting a Rolling Stones STEREO package ( 21 60's tracks) in early to mid July ( import)...many titles discussed here are available through us...check out our web site for comprehensive new release info. and some great specials too...Cheers!

Name: Martin G. (Marty) Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1999-06-25 12:53:38
Comments: I read an interesting article recently in the Houston Chronicle newspaper. The story was about the group Pearl Jam reviving the song 'Last Kiss,' done originally by J. Frank Wilson & The Cavaliers. What I found interesting is that Fort Worth producer "Major" Bill Smith (says he died in 1964 - does anyone know of what?) promoted the song Last Kiss nationally. In addition to recording Last Kiss, Smith also recorded Bruce Channel's Hey Baby and Paul & Paula's Hey Paula. Notice that there is no true stereo version of any of the three songs. Does this mean that all of Smith's recordings were done in mono? Wonder if any multi-tracks exist? Maybe they were used to make better mono mixes? Does anything exist in stereo of any of these three recording artists? The article also talks about the tragedy of why we never heard anything more from J. Frank Wilson and his group - he was nearly killed in a car accident near Canton, Ohio in 1964 and his life was never the same. He died in 1991, thee article says. It also mentions that the master tapes for Wilson's version of Last Kiss are still in Fort Worth, but has something to do with Rhino Records. I don't know if the article is copyrighted - that is why I didn't quote anything directly. Just thought it was interesting about that 3 artists recorded in Fort Worth and that all three hits are mono.

Name: Michael Fiedler
From: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 1999-06-27 14:28:12
Comments: I just bought the Love Rocks....Love Time (Volume 3) CD from Simitar 55832 (Warner Brothers Special Products) The CD has a cut by John Sebastian called "She's a Lady", which was a charting hit by him in 1969. Anyone know if this is the original (original was on Kama Sutra records)? Inside credits list the running time as 1:44, which would be correct, but they list the song as being produced as "Under License from Warner Brothers Record, Inc." RCA (BMG) currently owns the Buddah/Kama Sutra catalog, so I am dubious that this is the original song. Anyone know for sure?

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, MN
Time: 1999-06-28 07:47:01
Comments: Michael, The Simitar compilation was probably released at a time when WB still owned the rights to the Buddah/Kama Sutra catalog before BMG bought it.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-06-28 10:00:26
Comments: Although I was lucky enough to get one of the versions of Sam Cooke's Greatest Hits on RCA with the 22 tracks, I come to find that I would like to get a copy of the earlier, panned, release entitled SAM COOKE: A MAN & HIS MUSIC. If anyone out there has a copy that they no longer want, please drop me a note. Thanks.

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-06-28 10:50:18
Comments: Concerning the John Sebastion track, Since John's hits after "She's A Lady" (on Kama Sutra) were released by Warner Bros./Reprise, Warner probably bought the rights to his solo material, while Buddah retained the rights to the Lovin' Spoonful's stuff.

Name: Charles Carpenter
Website: The Cammy Awards (Carolina Beach Music)
From: Pinebluff, North Carolina
Time: 1999-06-28 15:35:13
Comments: I've been busy and haven't had time to go over all the past postings, but does anyone have any information on the FOUR TOPS box set that was due out a couple years ago. I was thinking it was coming out in 1996, but I haven't heard anything in a while. Also Dave Clark Five Set in stereo.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-06-29 12:31:23
Comments: Im posting a note about a new service I discovered just the other day that may be interesting to many BSN visitors. It turns out that there is a MAJOR U. S. music chain that is offering a service wherein you can provide them a list of OOP CDs, and they will contact you when they get a used copy in their chain. I learned of this while visiting their store's local Grand Opening this past weekend. The interesting thing is that after the store told me about their service, I came home and immediately logged on to their site, and started browsing. The most interesting thing is that whenever you enter an artists name into the search field, their database returns NOT ONLY currently available items, but out of print ones too. I had been told by store personnel that I could go to a page on their site called LOST & FOUND where I could enter a want list of used or OOP items so I clicked the appropriate button and got a message that went something like this: WE NEVER DREAMED THAT THE RESPONSE TO THIS SERVICE WOULD BE SO OVERWHELMING, SO THIS SERVICE HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL WE CAN MEET THE DEMAND. Yeah, right! Once every collector in the country learns that this service is available, their server will be inundated with requests for rare or valuable CDs, so it sounds to me like what they're doing is studying this as a means of turning this service into a real money maker: just add another server specifically for this activity, and start collecting data. Think about it. If we all send them a request for a specific OOP CD, their analysts can use the data collected to overprice any copies of THAT CD, based on the number of requests for it. Any CD with numerous requests might be offered for $13.99 or more instead of the $6.99 typically asked for the used CDs in their stores. It would also give them some idea of what items to buy, and what to reject whenever someone brings their unwanted CDs into one of their stores to sell. They may even develop their own auctioning system (similar to ebay's) where really rare or desirable items can be bid on and top dollar will be earned. Ingenious! I have to hand it to these folks.

This may well usher in a revolutionary way for the serious collector to find even the most unusual of items. Once this becomes common knowledge, other chains like Tower or Virgin might be forced to offer similar services or quickly become also-rans. The major sellers on the net might have to comply too. Since this chain actively sells both new and used CDs in its stores (and soon will duplicate the service on the net), the implications are that even recent releases will be available quickly and easily for a fraction of new prices. I wont keep you in suspense any longer: the chain is WHEREHOUSE MUSIC, and youll arrive at their home page.

Finally, I note that the mono/stereo single CD version of PET SOUNDS is scheduled for release on 7/13. And thanks to those who offered suggestions on finding a copy of the OOP Sam Cooke CD.

Name: Barry Margolis
From: Minneapolis
Time: 1999-06-29 19:06:44
Comments: I just received (belately) BSN issues #50 and #51 and I have two comments. First regarding bill Inglot at Rhino getting mad over the fact that Mike objected to the generally low-end sound quality, Inglot has little reason to get upset. Rhino is no longer a 'major player' in the reissue business. They've been on a mono-only and less-than-perfect sound for quite a while now....I don't even consider Rhino anymore. Sundazed, UK Ace, Westside, Sequel, Bear Family and many others have simply left Rhino in the dust. the other observation is my being disappointed by the huge amount of 'adult' pop that's being reviewed in BSN these days. I realize that there's not as many reissues as there were 10 years ago, but there's a number of important obscure soul, garage 1960's punk and very interesting UK 1970's music that's being issued without BSN reviewing them. For example, UK RPM and US Ryko issued the soundtrack of "Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush", which contains 3 Traffic tunes in stereo that have never been

Name: Richard Stern
From: New Jersey, USA
Time: 1999-06-29 21:56:44
Comments: I am looking for a CD recording of "Blame it on the Bossa Nova", by Eydie Gorme, Noted in Joel Whitburn's "TOP POP SINGLES" as having been released Jan. 19, 1963, reaching position #7 on the Billboard charts. Thank you. Email:

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1999-06-29 22:10:42
Comments: Barry, re: "Mulberry Bush" - looking at the tracklisting, I see 3 Traffic songs - all in stereo? Do you know if these tracks were remixed, or...? I noticed that the only mono track on the "Smiling Phases" set was "Mulberry Bush". Maybe I'll have to pick that one up...

Name: Ken Garland
From: LA
Time: 1999-06-30 21:52:53
Comments: Richard, Blame it on the bossa nova is on "the best of steve & eydie" from Canada POINT 16265, not sure of the year.

Name: Diane
From: Texas
Time: 1999-06-30 23:11:43
Comments: I am looking for recordings and information on pianist Don Shirley.

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