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Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-12 11:34:11
Comments: To Joe & Dave. Apparently your memories are fading you on the issue of the SPLHCB cover. As I mentioned to Dave in an e-mail, my brother and I and a close friend of ours went together to the E. J. Korvettes store at Baileys Crossroads in northern Virginia, and each of us bought the LP there. (If you are from the northeast, many of you will remember that chain discount store -- kinda like an upscale K-mart.) OUR covers did indeed have Leo Gorcey & Ghandi on them. On the issue of Needles & Pins in Mono, Time-Life's 1964 Classic Rock (2CLR-03) has the mono version available.

Name: Chris B.
From: OH
Time: 1999-05-12 15:01:00
Comments: Can someone tell me which Hermen's Hermits greatest hits cd has the best sound? Stereo if possible! Thanks Chris

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-05-12 16:28:17
Comments: Where is BSN issue #51? Has it come out yet or is it late? Also when is the new book coming out? Soon I hope!

Name: Dave Daugherty
From: Dublin, Ohio
Time: 1999-05-12 21:49:14
Comments: To Steve Baird: I have no interest in turning this Sgt. Pepper issue into an on-line feud, although I am disappointed that you would choose to indicate that my memory is failing. That was un-called for. I have the albums I bought the day they came out, and as I look at them now, it's the same cover that's on the CD today. This isn't a memory issue, anyway. Did EMI print an alternate Sgt. Pepper cover with Leo Gorcey, Ghandi and Hitler on it as you suggest, or didn't they? There is ample evidence to support that they did not, and if the other members of this chat room want me to list that evidence, I'll be happy to, but this is a stereo vs. mono chat room, and not a Sgt. Pepper chat room. I've been collecting Beatles items for over 30 years now and I have never seen an officially printed EMI Gorcey/Ghandi/Hitler cover. Bootlegs yes, EMI no. I've never heard of one, never seen a picture of one, never seen anyone advertising that they have one for sale, never seen anyone write anything about it. Frankly Steve, I hope you find one since it will be worth a boatload of money. I'll be happy to be proven wrong. There are many quality collectors who read this chatboard....has anyone else in this chatroom ever seen or heard of the Sgt. Pepper cover that Steve Baird, his brother and his friend claim to have had at one time? Is there any evidence to support that EMI did print this cover and then issue the album with a re-done cover? I'd welcome anyone's comments.

Name: Diane
From: Chicago are
Time: 1999-05-13 11:29:29
Comments: Re: Jimmy James & the Vagabonds I have a beloved, worn album (from the 60's) of JJ&V. Recently I bought them on CD, only to discover that their most famous hit, "Come Softly to Me", is NOT the version that was popular in the 60's. I WANT THAT SONG AS IT WAS PLAYED ON THE RADIO. The vinyl was put out by ATCO, which I can't get a line on. Nor can I find out anything about JJ&V at all. Any suggestions, audiophiles? Thanks.

Name: Diane
From: Chicago Area
Time: 1999-05-13 12:12:25
Comments: OOPS! In the previous message, I made a grievous error, and am sure some purist will catch it. Jimmy James and the Vagabonds sang "Come to Me Softly"--not to be confused with that other great early 60's song, "Come Softly to Me" by the Fleetwoods. Pardon me.

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1999-05-13 13:44:55
Comments: I have wondered about the Mobile Fidelity Searchers two-fer. Is it all stereo? Thanks!

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-13 19:32:13
Comments: To Paul Bigelow. I don't know the answer to your question re the MoFi Searchers, but maybe the guys at this site can help you: There's more info on Gold CDs and half-speed LPs than I've ever seen in one place. Hope this helps.

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-05-14 10:18:04
Comments: In response to Chris's question, the best sounding Herman's Hermits CDs are the Best Of The EMI Years Vol. 1 & 2 from the UK. Not a lot of stereo, but there are some great gems on Vol. 2 that you don't hear everyday.

Name: Diane
From: Chicago Area
Time: 1999-05-14 10:38:46
Comments: I KNOW! I KNOW! I have the Searcher's CD you're discussing! All songs are stereo except four (which I'll recant if you E-Mail me). And I gotta tell you that I love the whole album. Very good bio inside, too.

Name: Richard Otis
From: Bellingham, Wa.
Time: 1999-05-14 12:41:20
Comments: Regarding Paul Bigelow's inquiry about the Searchers Mobile Fidelity 2-for-1. I have the collection with "It's The Searchers" and "Take Me For What It's Worth'' together and it is all stereo as, I believe, the original Pye cd's were as well. I used to own them so I can comfortably say the sound is noticeably better (more bass and high's) on the MFSL version.

Name: Diane
From: Chicago
Time: 1999-05-14 13:44:35
Comments: Re: Searchers Dear Richard, At the risk of starting another feud, let me say--If you look more closely at the Mobile Fidelity CD, you'll notice that FOUR songs are in Mono: "It's in Her Kiss", "Glad All Over", "This Empty Space", and "Gonna Send You Back to Georgia".

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1999-05-14 22:57:06
Comments: Thanks for the responses concerning the Searchers CD. I had somehow gotten under the impression that the CD was all mono. The mono songs were those already in mono on the record so there is no NEW stereo here but at least we have better sounding <------STEREO------> !!!!!

Name: Joe Fornarotto
From: Oceanport,NJ
Time: 1999-05-14 22:57:05
Comments: Hi Steve,Thanks for your information on the mono Needles and Pins-do you know if this is the most recent pressing of the 1964 Time-Life disc or the 1st pressing? I do believe some of the early Time-Life Cd's were upgraded. Thanks again and I hope whoever finds that SPLHCB has some extra cash laying around cause it going to cost a fortune ,besides being one of a kind,Good Luck

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1999-05-15 09:51:09
Comments: Hi All--Just wanted to put in another good word for Taragon... The other day I was comparing the Springfields' 2-CD set "Over The Hills And Far Away" from Philips UK with the more recent "Very Best Of..." single CD from Taragon. Now, the UK set is generally an excellent package and includes just about everything they ever did but, as usual, the Taragon disc, though a more condensed collection, definitely has the edge soundwise. And I found it interesting that although Taragon was able to find the stereo mixdown master for "Goodnight Irene", apparently Philips couldn't even find the mono tape, since it's obviously from a record on the "Over The Hills" set. Now, you'd think that if ANYBODY would have that master, it would be Philips UK, since it was their original label... All of the other tracks on there appear to be from tape, but that one disc transfer is a real "fly in the ointment" for me. Just another example of Taragon's thoroughness and attention to quality. By the way, Mike, were you able to find out why "Silver Threads & Golden Needles" turned up in mono on the Taragon disc when we had heard that it was to be in stereo for the first time? I was kind of disappointed about that, but I'm more than satisfied with the CD in general; it's excellent.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-15 10:19:31
Comments: RE: Dale & Grace. Does anyone know if there was ever a CD featuring ALL 3 of Dale & Grace's hits? There is a budget CD listing their 2 bigger hits, but nothing current that I can find with *The Loneliest Night* on it. I wouldn't expect any of this to be in stereo. Thanks much, guys.

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-05-15 14:11:30
Comments: Re: Paul Carr's post ----- As of yesterday's (Friday) mail, I haven't received BSNSN Issue #51 either. It'sdefinitely later than usual (should have received it by April 21), even though M.C. hasn't told us the estimated mail-out date in FAQ's under "When Is The Next Issue Going To Be Mailed Out". However, M.C. DOES have it listed as a backissue dated (Mar.). As far as the 3rd edition of the book, I have no updated info. other than what was given in BSNSN Issue #50.Anybody else know anything ???

Name: Richard Otis
From: Bellingham, Wa.
Time: 1999-05-15 16:38:26
Comments: Thanks's Diane for correcting me on the Searcher's stereo content. 4 songs are indeed monaural on the 2-for-1 collection. I will put my glasses on next time I check the fine print before posting. I noticed that the 3-CD Searchers box set on Sequel (Searcher's 30th Anniv.) (Now on Collectables label?) did not contain any new stereo either.

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: click HERE to zoom to Taragon Records home page!!!
Time: 1999-05-15 20:54:12
Comments: To Barry C, Thanks for your review of our Springfields CD. "Goodnight Irene" was mixed from the original multi-track tape we found at PolyGram in England. It's interesting to note that the U.S. tape master of that track was also a disk dub....when we opened the tape box, a 45 of the song fell out too! As for "Silver Threads And Golden Needles", we were told that a stereo multi-track was in the vault...when we got it, we found there were no vocals! Turns out , it was used as the base track for the foreign language versions. (The German version on the CD used this music track, which you'll note is different from the English version.)

As to all Searchers fans, I hope you'll check out our June 22 release, "Second Take: The Complete RCA/UK Recordings" which cover the RCA re-recordings of their hits plus singles and unreleased tracks...25 in all. Virtually all the tracks are unreleased in the U.S. (except most notably "Desdemona", a regional hit) and these tracks make their first worldwide debut on CD...with the sound quality Taragon is known for! Also on June 22..."Paul Anka-The Essential RCA Rock and Roll Recordings" covers his non-covers for RCA from 1961-1968, with 21 of 22 tracks in glorius stereo, from the multi-track tape sources. More details on our website in June...thanks for your support.

Name: Chip
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-05-16 01:17:54
Comments: Is there a published list of RCA Living Stereo LPs?

Name: Ed Steklasa
From: Ely MN
Time: 1999-05-16 12:09:42
Comments: Can anyone tell me the name of Brenda Lee's LP that would have "Just a Little" on it? I Can't find it on CD anywhere, except for the Bear Family box.

Name: Larry Davis
From: Longview, Washington
Time: 1999-05-16 20:41:07
Comments: You are in luck, fellow Brenda Lee fan. "Just A Little" appears on the 3 CD set 36 ALL TIME GREATEST HITS on C&C Music (MCA Special Products). You should be able to find this on some of the internet music stores. I got mine from either CDUniverse, CDnow, or Collector's Choice in the past few months. I generally feel those 3 CD sets are a bit of a rip-off since all the music could easily fit on 2 CDs. It's just a way of jacking the price up to $29.00 (I paid $21.00 for the Brenda Lee set, on sale.)...........This set has other songs to recommend it. I believe it was the first time on CD for "Truly Truly True", "Think", and "Is It True"also..... Larry Davis

Name: curt lundgren
Website: Reel Top 40 Radio
From: Minneapolis
Time: 1999-05-17 07:02:09
Comments: I've been living with the two Varese Sarabande "Discoveries Presents" CDs in the car for the last couple of weeks, and I'd like to echo previous sentiments. Outstanding job, Cary....Steve....everyone. So far, these discs are the best reissue comps of the year....equal to the outstanding job Elliot did on the Red Bird/Blue Cat collection in 1998. What you may have missed is, an OUTSTANDING Gene Pitney package that absolutely blows away the aging Rhino collection! A 25-track "Very Best Of", it didn't skimp on relevant titles....including "If I Didn't Have A Dime (To Play The Jukebox)". This was the 'B' side of "Only Love Can Break A Heart", and in some markets (like, here) it got just as much airplay. As many of you know, one of my current gigs is at NetRadio, doing content for two oldies channels...."Rockin' Rhythm 50s" and "PreFab 60s"....and Cary is always gracious when I come calling for new releases!

Name: curt lundgren
Time: 1999-05-17 07:43:17
Comments: I meant to add a question: In listening to the "Stereo Instrumentals" CD, I started wondering about what else might be out there....for instance "Topsy, Pt II". Does IT exist in true stereo? And, what were some of the other titles you tried to track down? Steve? Cary?

Name: Chris B.
From: OH
Time: 1999-05-17 10:53:45
Comments: Kiss and Temptations reissues: Are the reissues better than the original ones? Are the Temptations individual album cds in stereo like the greatest hits cds. Does the Kiss remasters have some highs to them; the Kiss "Alive" cd has none. GREAT new website The cheapest prices you will find anywhere. ( few imports though)

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1999-05-17 12:48:47
Comments: Re: Temptations - The only one I've heard is "Temptin' Temptations", which is indeed all stereo sans one track (which I don't believe was ever in stereo). IMO the sound is better than the Greatest Hits CD, not quite so bright and a bit more smooth sounding. One of the last issues of ICE said that the other reissues were indeed stereo, except a few bonus tracks, which I think were either unreleased or single b-sides (something along those lines).

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-05-17 15:43:28
Comments: Hi Chirs! Good news on both of your questions. The Temptations new CD's sound real groovy! They're in fantastic sounding, rich STEREO, than any other of their releases. In fact, all of the new Motown reissues sound this good! More good news for Kiss. The remasters are clean, crisp, full, and have more bass. Start saving your pennies, man!

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1999-05-18 02:33:23
Comments: Now that you guys mentioned Brenda Lee, I'm reminded of a song of hers that I bet I haven't heard in at least 25 years... Way back when, I had the 45 of "Is It True?" and I remember liking the flipside-"Just Behind The Rainbow"-very much too. I actually hadn't heard "Is It True?" for years either until I bought the 2-CD anthology, and it was a delight to hear it again, this time in stereo! But I haven't heard "... Rainbow" since my old single got "misplaced" years ago. Does anyone know if that song is on any CD, or if it was on any of her LPs back then?

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1999-05-18 13:04:33
Comments: Do any of you out there know about the remake Lloyd Price did of "Just Because" (the one that's on the Vintage 3" and on Time-Life's Rock'n'Roll Era 1957 Still Rockin'). It is a different recording, but when did he do it (and why). Sounds like it could have been around the same time as "Stagger Lee".

Name: beetlefan
From: Sierra Vista, AZ
Time: 1999-05-19 04:00:20
Comments: Hey, Just tonight I just saw some newly remastered Temptations CD's with 96kHz/24-bit processing. I wasn't in the mood to buy the new titles but, aside from stereo, I was wondering if anyone out there can comment on how the how the sound quality of these compare to the ones released last year done at 44.1kHz/24-bit.

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-05-19 14:11:49
Comments: I know you don't see many messages about obscure British Psychedlic music, but here goes. I'm trying to find a copy of the original Rubble Vol.1 CD. The new series is completely different because of licensing restrictions. In particular, I'm looking for "Faster Than Light" by the Mirror, and actually trying to find any of the original series CDs. On a completelt different note, I'm trying to find a Steve Lawrence/Edyie Gorme Christmas CD containing "That Holiday Feeling"(1964) released on ESE Music, now defunct. I know Steve & Edyie own the rights to their Columbia stuff, but where is it available? Thanks for any info.

Name: beetlefan
From: Sierra Vista, AZ
Time: 1999-05-19 22:44:52
Comments: To Paul Carr re: "That Holiday Feeling". I don't have an answer but in 1970 I had a Columbia (Special Products)Christmas LP done for a department store called "Grant's". Nice song, too. It also had tracks by artists like Aretha Franklin. I'd like to find this LP.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo (GO SABRES!)
Time: 1999-05-19 22:52:33
Comments: Just picked up a German import CD on Invasion Unlimited called "The Beach Boys,Summer Sounds & Pet Sessions" it has Help Me Rhonda in stereo,but with no guitar lead in the bridge [like the box set version]. also in stereo is Good To My Baby,I'm So Young.& just the vocals for Do You Wanna Dance.most tracks are,as the title suggests session cuts with false starts,countdowns etc.Sound quality is so-so,sounds like "safety tapes" to me.22 tracks in all. Also recieved the lastest Dickie Goodman Greatest Fables vol.2 sound is a bit better this time,but most,even the newer stuff[70's & 80's] sound like they were mastered from Edison cylinders....Anyone know anything about the MCA 20th Century Masters series thats out now,any new stereo? or is it the same old-same old....Don

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-05-20 01:45:53
Comments: Concerning the Dickie Goodman CD's, are the selections the original versions containing all of the original song clips? Some of compilation LP's had song clips that were re-recorded by cover bands when they couldn't get the mechanical rights.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-20 08:45:22
Comments: To Beatlefan & other interested parties RE Dickie Goodman: Greatest Fables. I just bought this CD the other day, and have listened to it only once. Since this collection has been made up almost entirely of dubs from 45s, the "estate of Dickie Goodman" should have enlisted the assistance/expertise of Tom Daly. Not only is the collection rife with surface noise on those old records, it sounds to me like they didn't even bother to remove the dust ball off of the stylus. Even though all but a few of the selections are mono, it also appears as if the tonearm wasn't biased since most of the sound comes out of the left channel (indicative of excessive record wear), so they didn't even bother to look for an especially clean copy of the record. As for the origin of the songs (ALL of the hits listed in the reference guides are here), I cannot attest that all are the original hits. I had not heard many of them before. I presume they are from their condition stated above. If you've heard the original FLYING SAUCER from 1956 or 57 (don't remember which year) then be assured that nearly everything else on this CD is nothing more than a variation on it. FLYING SAUCER, BTW, sounds much better on both the Rhino "Billboard Hits" or the Time-Life collection of novelty tunes. Save your money. On another note, I guess no one out there has the answer to my question on Dale & Grace.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-05-20 09:27:47
Comments: FYI, I have that Grant's LP to which beetlefan referred. Not only does it contain the Steve & Eydie track, "That Holiday Feeling," but also contains the sole stereo appearance of Aretha Franklin's "Winter Wonderland." All CD appearances of that track used the 45rpm single master, which of course is mono. My understanding is that Columbia's "Special Products" master numbers do not appear in the database of available masters at Sony Music, which is why the 45rpm master keeps getting used.

Name: Jim Warrick
From: Burke, VA
Time: 1999-05-22 05:39:19
Comments: Mike, This is a suggestion that may be more difficult to implement than it might appear. I don't get a chance to catch up on viewing messages at BSN as frequently as I would like. It would be a great help if your web site had the option to allow anyone visiting the site to select a specific date to start viewing messages and then to read all the messages from that date FORWARD to the last message posted. It would help in understanding responses if we could read the questions first. Thanks for providing us with this great web site.

Name: Ken Garland
From: la
Time: 1999-05-23 01:07:41
Comments: Well actually it used to be easy to follow the trail of your last entry by merely noteing the number of the last msg. Every now and then they would reset the numbers, but now the are all number 1-250 so you can not use that trick any longer. It is now very hard to know where you left of unless you visit the board nearly every day.

Name: Vic
From: PA
Time: 1999-05-24 18:46:21
Comments: Does anyone know anything about the upcoming Collectibles release of a Racket Squad CD? This was a Pittsburgh band from the mid to late 1960s that had several local hits. The track listing indicates this will be a reissue of their two LPs, plus bouns tracks of a couple non-album singles. I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about source material. Did they use masters (the originals were on Jubilee) or dub from vinyl. I would also be interested to know if they had stereo masters for the non-LP singles, which were strictly mono in original release.

Name: Graham
From: CO
Time: 1999-05-24 18:46:38
Comments: Hey, need help. Where can I get a good CD copy of "Go Away Little Girl" By Steve Lawrence, and a good copy on CD of "Sly and The Family Stone's Greatest Hits", plus I have the cassette of George Harrisons greatest hits from the Dark Horse years (Crackerbox Palace, Blow Away ETC.), I need it on CD, is it out of print!? Also Has anyone got the new BSN update?!!!?!?!?

Name: Bradley Olson
Website: Bradley Olson--A Person With Autism
From: Bemidji, Minnesota
Time: 1999-05-24 20:50:04
Comments: Graham, A great URL that might help you locate used CD's, and out of print CD's for the best price is and that site can help you with finding George Harrison's "Best of Dark Horse" for the best price. I haven't seen another CD pressing of Sly & The Family Stone's Greatest Hits anywhere, and the only CD pressing in my CD's in print catalogs nor any stores is the CD reissue that's been in print since the 1980's. I can't answer about Steve Lawrence's "Go Away Little Girl," I'll let someone else answer that.

Name: charles cephas
From: baltimore, md
Time: 1999-05-24 21:24:33
Comments: any info. on the madrigal universal remote? opinion

Name: beetlefan
Time: 1999-05-25 00:07:48
Comments: Hey, everyone, I just bought the remaster of Diana Ross's "Diana" CD on Motown. The CD was remastered at 96k/24-bit and it sounds fantastic. I don't know if it's the process or better tapes but, wow! The bass is incredible! And it sounds smooth, like analog, and clean. NOW it sounds like an album produced by Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards! Just thought you'd like to know!

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-25 09:10:04
Comments: RE: Steve Lawrence's Go Away Little Girl. Aside from the ESE Music, Inc. Greatest Hits of Steve & Eydie CD (ESED-183), I know of only one other source for the song. It was released in Mono on the Wave label from Japan (MFPC-85Z08) on a CD entitled Mighty Sixties, Volume 8. It is an interesting series that includes a number of songs that you don't see every day: Be My Baby, Lucky Lips, etc. I haven't seen another one of these since I bought this one in 1987.

Name: AJFF
Website: The last place you would look on the Internet
From: FortuneCity
Time: 1999-05-25 10:38:51
Comments: Hi! We just found your guestbook to sign. Please stop by and visit our homepage.

Name: Jeff Bellinger
From: NJ
Time: 1999-05-25 11:29:14
Comments: There is at least one other source for "Go Away Little Girl" by Steve Lawrence. It's on a Canadian CD entitled "The Best of Steve & Eydie." (Point CD 16265) I bought my copy from DisCollector a few years ago. There are 25 tracks covering most of S&E's hits, but many are obviously dubbed from vinyl. The good news is that "GALG" is one of the better-sounding tracks, and it's in true stereo.

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-05-25 11:28:51
Comments: Just wondering what happened to a couple of reissues that were supposed to be released and seemed to just disappear. Does anyone know what happened to Sid and Marty Krofft's Greatest Hits, featuring all the themes from their TV shows? Also in the last couple of months, a couple of mail order catalogs listed Chad & Jeremy's Of Cabbages & Kings CD, but now no one seems to have it.

Name: Paul Carr
Time: 1999-05-25 11:29:06
Comments: Just wondering what happened to a couple of reissues that were supposed to be released and seemed to just disappear. Does anyone know what happened to Sid and Marty Krofft's Greatest Hits, featuring all the themes from their TV shows? Also in the last couple of months, a couple of mail order catalogs listed Chad & Jeremy's Of Cabbages & Kings CD, but now no one seems to have it.

Name: Neil Patte
Website: Mavis Track Listings
From: Eh?
Time: 1999-05-25 16:28:30
Comments: I've just posted the track listings of all the new MAVIS CDs (Volumes 7, 8 and 9). These CDs are now available from us. Watch our site for Vintage Instumentals Volume 6 (Stardust 1032) in the very near future, AND many new surprises from your friends north of the border. (Click on address above) Neil Patte Continental records Co Ltd

Name: Andrew
From: Joisey
Time: 1999-05-25 18:09:30
Comments: Regarding the Japanese Genesis mini-LP sleeve CD reissues: Has anybody listened to the later titles? I'd be interested in purchasing a remastered copy of "Invisible Touch," but NOT if these pricey import copies are the same as my domestic Atlantic pressing. Thanks for any input.

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1999-05-26 09:05:38
Comments: Hello, I am looking for a song I believe was written by Oscar Brown Jr. called "The Snake". The version I heard was Stereo and had a brassy, Tom Jones-like feel to it. Searches of CDNOW and AMAZON for the title turned up no correct matches. I did find a title of "The Snake" by the Isley Brothers but that was NOT it.

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: The Web Site Formerly Known As Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma
Time: 1999-05-26 09:43:33
Comments: Al Wilson got the hit on "The Snake" (Soul City 767, 1968).

I've just received The Very Best of the Arbors (Taragon 1049), and it's the usual nice job from Eliot Goshman. "The Letter" apparently switches to mono for the "phased" section at the end, which I assume was the way it was released originally - I've never heard the LP, though I've worn out two copies of the 45. Can anyone confirm?

Name: Mike Hartman
From: Vernon Hills, IL
Time: 1999-05-26 09:46:45
Comments: Charles, I have the Arbors LP & that's how it is on the LP for "The Letter". That track can also be found on Legacy's"Rock Artifacts Vol 2. the same way.

Name: Dave Sampson
Time: 1999-05-26 12:24:37
Comments: Al Wilson's "The Snake" hasn't turned up on CD too many places that I've found. The only place I have it(and a very strange place it is) "Originals Still The Greatest Vol IV (K-Tel 881-2)from 1990. This cd is also worth it for Brenton Wood's "Gimmie LIttle Sign" in Wide stereo. The same disc contains a Re recording of the Casino's "Then you can tell me goodbye". By The Way-could anyone suggest a good Stereo CD Source for O.C. Smith's "Son of Hickory Holler's Tramp"? Thanks in Advance.

Name: truth in advertising fan
Time: 1999-05-26 12:28:52
Comments: I just read Neil Patte's email regarding the latest Mavis releases and clicked on their web site.The web site indicates that all these Mavis CDs, among others, are "digitally remastered from the original stereo master tapes".Come on...I've heard earlier volumes of these CDs and there is first, almost nothing in stereo, and second,almost nothing mastered from tapes.I think it's time that we, as collectors, start calling these people with these ridiculous claims. Do they think we're that stupid that we can't tell the differences.Also, I would like to ask Mr. Patte to list the organizations that he has licensed these tracks from.I happen to know someone who owns the rights to some of these songs and he has had no contact from Mr. Patte regarding getting a license to use his tracks.

Name: truth in advertising fan
Time: 1999-05-26 12:33:37
Comments: I just read Neil Patte's email regarding the latest Mavis releases and clicked on their web site.The web site indicates that all these Mavis CDs, among others, are "digitally remastered from the original stereo master tapes".Come on...I've heard earlier volumes of these CDs and there is first, almost nothing in stereo, and second,almost nothing mastered from tapes.I think it's time that we, as collectors, start calling these people with these ridiculous claims. Do they think we're that stupid that we can't tell the differences.Also, I would like to ask Mr. Patte to list the organizations that he has licensed these tracks from.I happen to know someone who owns the rights to some of these songs and he has had no contact from Mr. Patte regarding getting a license to use his tracks.

Name: Graham
From: co
Time: 1999-05-26 13:59:23
Comments: Thanx for everyones help, I just ordered "Best of Steve Lawrence and Edie Gorme" with "Go Away Little Girl" in stereo from Discollector. HEADS UP!!!! Discollector told me that a CD of early Rolling Stones in !STEREO! will be available by them in a couple of weeks!! They did not tell me what songs.

Name: Jonr
Website: Presenting The Fabulous Ronettes
Time: 1999-05-26 17:27:27
Comments: Looking for a cd comp of the NEWBEATS who recorded on the Hickory label,I think I saw Collectables label had it out once but I have been burned before by that label and wonder if anyone has any info?

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-26 19:42:05
Comments: RE The Newbeats. Sequel HAD a collection (NEXCD231), but I do not know if it's still available. I bought my copy at Tower in 1994. All of their hits are in Stereo on it, but it has been a while since I listened to it, and can't say anything else about it.

Name: Paul
From: Fl
Time: 1999-05-27 08:16:46
Comments: Graham, Regarding Early Rolling Stones stereo, I can't seem to find Discollector's website. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Paul

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1999-05-27 09:11:18
Comments: Re: Rolling Stones stereo - I don't know what Discollector has, but right now probably the best single disc to get would be the Jap version of Hot Rocks 1. The German version is similar, but has fade-ups on some songs. Both are now out of print, so you'll have to do some searching. All tracks are in stereo except As Tears Go By and 19th Nervous Breakdown (which has never shown up in stereo officially, but can be found privately). Also, the US (ABKCO even) NOW! CD has three tracks in true stereo - Heart of Stone, What A Shame, and Down The Road Apeice. Anyone who wants more info just email me.

Name: Mike
Website: Disc Collector
From: Parker , Colorado
Time: 1999-05-27 10:25:29
Comments: To clarify the comment Graham made on the Rolling Stones release , we expect to CARRY an import collection of stereo Stones material reportedly due in late June....we are told it is 60's only -- most probably taken from the import Hot Rocks series --now OUT OF PRINT worldwide -- plus spectacular stereo on the previous muddy " The Last Time" & "19th Nervous Breakdown" (we are told)....should be fabulous...feel free to check with us for updates , and check out our website for one of the largest oldies selections available...cheers!

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1999-05-27 11:14:22
Comments: RE DOVELLS. I was just surfing around, and came across THE DOVELLS: ALL THEIR HITS AND MORE at the CDNOW web site. This is said to be a 2-CD set from Germany for big money. Stereo content aside, can anyone fill me in on how this compares to the GLOBE CD issued a few years back?

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1999-05-28 06:58:30
Comments: To Jonr: I have the Newbeats CD on Collectables. The hits are all in stereo and they do not sound like they are disc dubs from vinyl. My guess is that since this was issued at a time when Collectables was licensing tapes from Polygram Special Markets, this CD was mastered from the tapes that were used for an LP that came out on MGM. For awhile, MGM issued stereo 45s of the hits, too!

Name: Dave Breathe
Time: 1999-05-28 08:45:20
Comments: Anybody know if the song "It Started All Over Again" by Brenda Lee is available in Stereo on CD, maybe on the 3 CD set "36 ALL TIME GREATEST HITS" on C&C Music (that was mentioned on this page recently)? Thanks, Dave.

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1999-05-28 12:18:38
Comments: My ears perked up like a roller coaster, when I heard the "Palisades Park" radio station jingle by Freddy Cannon on Rhino's various artists collection "Oldies Radio K-EARTH 101 FM Greatest Hits." Done in 1996, Cannon recorded new vocals over the ORIGINAL music bed of his 1962 Swan hit. But this noticeably edited and shorter version (only 1:31 long) appears to restore the complete organ playing by keyboardist Jimmy Wisner that was deleted behind Cannon's earlier vocals. Either that, or it's a darn accurate overdub. Also, a master tape of "Woo Hoo" by the Rock-A-Teens was apparently found for Rhino's new "Loud,Fast & Out Of Control: The Wild Sounds of '50 Rock" box set. This is the cleanest reissue of the 1959 instrumental hit I've ever heard. And on the same 4-CD anthology, the unedited version of "Finger Poppin' Time" by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters appears in classic MONO, tagged with a longer fade. Hey-now! HEY-NOW!

Name: Bill Knoble
From: Dallas
Time: 1999-05-31 19:46:22
Comments: TO: Jonr.....I own the BEST OF THE NEWBEATS [Sequel NEXCD231 (1992)] cd and it's excellent in both content & quality. M.C. rates it a 'B' (in OLDIES ON CD, 2nd ed.) noting that the: "stereo tracks have outstanding sound, the mono excellent" (NOTE: the Collectables cd hasn't been rated yet) NEXCD231 CONTAINS: (1) 28 song tracks (13 in stereo) PLUS a 2:22 interview with Larry Henley. (2) 6 of their 7 Top 100 charters (4 in stereo)-----"GROOVIN'(Out of Life)" is the missing charter. (3) 1 of their 3 Bubbling charters-----"LAURA (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)" in mono. (4) 2 of the songs are credited to Dean & Marc (the Mathis Brothers)-----neither song is their 1959 charter: "TELL HIM NO". (5) 4 of the songs (incl. the 1 Bubbing charter mentioned above) is credited to Larry Henley as a solo artist. I bought the cd in April 1996 at Forever Young Records (imo, the best selection of oldies' cds in the entire Dallas/Ft.Worth area). They have two stores: (1) Grand Prairie, TX at 972-206-2726 and (2) Irving, TX at 972-313-0522. QUESTION: My copy has a dropout at 1:40 into the song "I'M A TEARDROP" (track 20). Is this dropout on any other Sequel NEXCD231 copies or just mine ? (M.C. doesn't mention this in his review) Can anyone confirm ? Thanks.

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