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Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-12-01 22:56:22
Comments: For Ed : Re Bobby Vee Ed...... the stereo "Since I Met You Baby" is on the Cd "Bobby Vee- the EP Collection" on See For Miles. Its a very strong Cd, I listen to this one all the time. Its got a bunch of things that were apparantly hits in England but not here. Hope this helps!! Mikey

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1998-12-02 10:38:45
Comments: I feel it's necessary to clear up a discrepancy here regarding Columbia's alleged remakes of Anita Bryant's Carlton hits. Since I have the capability, and Paul Stoddard provided me with loaners of the original Carlton stereo LPs, I synched-up the Carlton originals with the Columbia "Greatest Hits" issue. They are identical! Apparently Columbia purchased or leased the masters from Joe Carlton when Ms. Bryant switched label affiliations, but anyway, "Paper Roses," on the Stardust CD of "Treasured Tunes" is identical to the one issued on "Hear Anita Bryant in Your Home Tonight," the original Carlton STLP 12/127 LP on which it appeared. I hope this clears up an discrepancies in anyone's discographies.

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1998-12-02 16:33:54
Comments: I saw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on TV the other night (the Rankin/Bass production) and listened to the sound on my stereo TV, but it sounded like it was in mono. I remember the earlier posts about the songs being in stereo, but does anyone know if the TV special was actually in stereo? I didn't have a way to check with headphones. It certainly sounded mono. I even tried using the remote control and moving the sound left and right, but it didn't sound stereo. Anyone have any ideas on this one? Thanks.

Name: Graham
From: CO
Time: 1998-12-02 19:15:57
Comments: To Marty: The only song I have from "Rudolf..." is "Holly Jolly Christmas" by Burl Ives and it is in very true STEREO on a Christmas compilation CD. I still have not received my BSN stereo update, has anyone else?

Name: Chris Nagel
Time: 1998-12-02 19:30:10
Comments: To Marty-- The "Rudolph" special was first aired in 1964 and has not, to the best of my knowledge, been aired with a stereo soundtrack. The current MCA Special Products CD is mostly STEREO, but some of the songs are synch-ups, some start in mono and switch to Stereo, and one (We're a Couple of Misfits) is a re-recording made for the original LP release back in 1964. Also, the program that is airing now on CBS is not a complete version (one song is shortened and some dialogue has been edited because someone thought it was not politically correct.) The version on video is complete, however.

Name: Peter Doskoch
From: NJ
Time: 1998-12-03 12:52:30
Comments: Regarding the Kinks' "Lola..." reissue: According to a Kinks web site, the "Lola" bonus track is the "cherry cola" mono single mix. The "Apeman" bonus track is also the mono single mix, but the rest of the CD (including the LP versions of "Lola" and "Apeman" are stereo. I haven't heard this particular disk, but I do have the reissue of "Something Else," and I'm pretty disappointed in the sound. It's too tinny; there's no warmth. I've read similar comments regarding this and other discs in the series from other people on an internet discussion group, but some people do say they like the "brightness" of the remastering. YMMV. Also, "Something Else" and the 4 preceding albums are all in mono, for those who care; the "Kinks Live" and "Village Green" CDs include both the mono and stereo versions. Hope that helps.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-03 20:49:55
Comments: I was just surfing through the archives and noticed a post regarding She Loves You and the recording facilities at Abbey Road. While there is no doubt that SLY was recorded on two track tape, EMI *did* have 4 track facilities even before the Beatles got there - possibly as early as 1961. Why Martin choose not to use them is anyone's guess, but...

Name: Michael R. Fiedler
From: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 1998-12-03 21:23:17
Comments: This note is a response to those who were inquiring about the Dove Records (Minneapolis recording studio) CD release. The CD was issued in late 1997 by a company called Get Hip Records. The name of the CD is "Free Flight: Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-'69." It contains various cuts that were never released to the public by such groups as The Underbeats, The Magpies, and The FBI Idiots (Gregory Dee & the Avanties) to name just a few. 27 cuts of Upper Midwest garage rock. Excellent liner notes and photos. GHAS-5012CD. If you can't find the CD, you can order it direct from: Get Hip Mailorder, Columbus & Preble Aves, Pittsburgh, PA 15233, phone # is 412-231-4766; fax # is 412-231-4777.

Name: Larry Davis
From: Longview, Washington
Time: 1998-12-03 22:49:38
Comments: To Tom Daly: Your post about Anita Bryant didn't clear up the issue about her Carlton hits being re-recorded as much as it raised more questions for me..... The most recent issue discussed in BSN was the 1995 Collectables CD, PAPER ROSES. This was put out by Sony Special Products for Collectables, thus you would expect it to use masters controlled by Sony (Columbia). Those hits on this CD that were on Columbia are the originals. Those that were on Carlton are remakes.......Since then, in 1997 Marginal records has put out a CD called ALL THE HITS AND MORE, which does contain the Carlton originals. I didn't have to A-B the Collectable's to know immediately that they were not the originals of Carlton material......Now you seem to be talking about a "Greatest Hits" collection (on vinyl?) put out by Columbia that you say contains the Carlton hits... I'm not sure why you brought this up, at this time. And maybe we are talking apples and oranges here, but Sony (previously known as Columbia) IS trying to pass off Bryant remakes as Carlton originals......Larry

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-12-04 00:34:59
Comments: For Luke: Dont know where you got your info from, but there was def NOT a 4 track recorder at EMI studios in 1961!!! Abbey Road Studios did NOT have 4 track facilities before 1964. The Abbey Road History book clearly explains that the Studer 4 track recorder arrived in VERY late 1963, and was not used by The Beatles until early 1964. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was The Beatles FIRST 4 track recording, done in early 1964. Thats why everything done before this song was in two track stereo. EMI only had stereo machines until late 1963. What does get confusing is that George Martin DID record The Beatles in "regular" stereo, but he doesnt remember it that way. In actuality, some tracks off "Introducing The Beatles" are not just vocals on one side and music on the other, but are true stereo mixes. I *think* "Misery" and "Boys" are the one he recorded in real stereo. Mikey

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, California
Time: 1998-12-04 01:43:25
Comments: Just got the Paul Anka Cd. Canadian label. I Miss You So in Stereo sounds like from master, Lonely Boy and Time to Cry in Stereo, sounds like taken from a disc. Also got Johnny Bond's Cd. Hot Rod Lincoln in Mono and a Stereo under dub , almost the same, acouple of sound effects missing, still sounds great. Does anyone know if Once Upon A Time bu Rochelle and the Candles is on Cd from a master tape? Bye for now Bob.

Name: Marty Wekser
From: Los Angeles
Time: 1998-12-04 02:10:50
Comments: I would like to echo Tom Daly's comments regarding Anita Bryant. Before Collectables released their CD, I was chasing down this project for Varese for whom I was going to do a compilation. Anita did get her Carlton masters back (as did, obviously Jack Scott) when Carlton went belly up. While she recorded quite a few original songs for Columbia, the Carlton masters are the ones Collectables licensed through Sony Special Products for their CD. This may be of interest to fans of binaural tracks. I recently completed a CD by Sauter-Finegan for Collectors' Choice (Feb. 1999 release) and while 17 of the 20 tracks were recorded circa 1953-54-55, the last three were recorded in 1957. On these last three, in addition to the 30IPS mono masters, I located "twin-track" (RCA's term back then for binaural) versions which appear on the upcoming Collectors' Choice release. Since these are solely instrumental tracks, the binaurals are amazing (obviously you don't have the problem of all music on one channel and all vocal on the other!!)

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-04 11:06:47
Comments: Mike, re: I'd like to clear some things up. 1) IWTHYH was recorded in October of 1963, NOT 1964. 2) Pretty much the only stereo mix done on 2 track without the vocals on one side was Money from With The Beatles. Boys and Misery both have instruments on one side and vocals (with the a few solo overdubs) on the other. As far as four track, I do believe the facilities existed before IWTHYH. (For one instance), I believe a Billy J. Kramer session from mid 1963 was done on 4 track. In the early days I believe the four track was reserved for classical stuff, and the pop side not getting access till later. Obviously, the Beatles did not use 4 track before then. The first 4 track machines were from Telefunken - the Studer came later.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-12-04 21:48:51
Comments: Re: The Beatles and 4 track. Guys, 4 track recording did not exist at EMI until late 1963---heres why: The quote from George Martin in "All You Need Is Ears"- "At Last, towards the very end of 1963, the EMI bosses decided to join the world of modern recording and we got 4 track". Now we know that "She Loves You" could not have been done on 4 track, because they would have done a nice stereo mix, the same way they did with everything ELSE that was done on 4 track. We DO know that "IWTHYH" WAS done on 4 track because we have seen the various mixes that have come out since then, which simply could not be possible if the vocals, Lead guitar and backing were not all on seperate tracks.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-04 22:42:10
Comments: Mike, re: Never trust what George Martin says. In recent interviews he claims that stereo versions of Please Please Me and With The Beatles were not supervised by him and did not come out in the UK till after he left EMI (in 1965). Both accounts are wrong - he was there for the stereo mixes, and the stereo LPs came out at the same time as the mono (well, a month or so later for PPM). He has also claimed that the first song the Beatles re-did from scratch was Strawberry Fields Forever - also not true. Lots of songs were re-done before this: Please Please Me, Love Me Do, And I Love Her, I'm Looking Through You, etc... I don't claim that the Beatles used 4 track before IWTHYH - it is clear that it was the first Beatles song done on 4 track. However, Abbey Road *did* have 4 track facilities prior to that time. Allan Kozinn, a reporter for (I believe) the New York Times, has seen studio documentation from Abbey Road that shows they had four track facilities through 1962 and possibly 1961 as well.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-04 22:47:25
Comments: BTW, there is no reason why IWTHYH could not have been recorded on 2 track (even though it wasn't). Martin could have recorded the band in stereo, with the vocals going on both tracks - he just didn't care to. Rather, he put the vocals on one side and instruments on the other so he had more control during the mono mixing stage... Four track simply let him keep the vocals on a seperate track and spread the instruments around on more tracks.

Name: Jim Clarke
From: Bellflower, CA
Time: 1998-12-05 04:10:19
Comments: SOmeone mentioned Time-Life series coming down in price. Be forwarned that TL is now issuing several series to retail outlets but in modified form (only 12 tracks per CD). Series I've seen include Your Hit Parade, Rock & Roll Era, Sounds Of The Seventies, The Eighties and AM Gold. Cheaper but you get less and there are none of the rarer songs, only top ten type hits. OK if you don't have any of them, I guess.

Name: Steve
From: Red Stick
Time: 1998-12-05 10:06:13
Comments: What should be of more interest to readers of this page (regarding the BEATLES, at least) is the obvious degradation in sound quality wrought by the process of making masters. What was most ear-opening was the quality found on the three Beatles ANTHOLOGIES that were released a few years back. (And for those who really know -- how much better still was the analog vinyl of those releases).

Name: curt lundgren
Website: NetRadio Vintage Rock
Time: 1998-12-05 11:24:36
Comments: NetRadio has finally put up the two channels I put together for them, "Rockin' Rhythm: The 50s" and "PreFab: The Early 60s". Click above, and select either from the dropdown menu. Unfortunately, all "living mono", and encoded at 16 kbps....but better than anything similar online. (Still have to get in there with the MusicMaster scheduling software, so you don't get two or three of the same artist in a given quarter-hour.)

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-05 14:23:28
Comments: Re: Bealtes' Anthology. Personally, I felt the quality was varied. Anthology 1 was pretty much terrible, with most of the material being in mono and not sounding good. Even tracks like Besame Mucho sound better on bootleg. And of course songs like One After 909 and Can't Buy Me Love can be heard in full stereo on boot. As for the other stuff, in general the sound quality is good, but the mixes are not - they are often shrill and lacking the feel of the 60's masters (which they tried to go after).

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1998-12-06 22:10:44
Comments: I think to examine the "EMI" history of four-track it needs to be understood that EMI is/was composed of various labels including Columbia, His Masters Voice, Parlophone, Regal, etc. All internally ranked within EMI in order of importance. Parlophone was considered one of the "low-rent" labels and not necessarily blessed with easy access to the best of equipment or studios - especially in 1962 or 1963. Artists on the more "prestigious" labels did have the label support to create with better facilities. I believe Cliff Richard was recording on 4-track before 1963 (I could not find evidence on the recent box set but listening seems to prove it) and the DC5 was recording on 4-track during 1963. Very regimented: Columbia, HMV - top equipment, Parlophone - whatever is available.

Name: Steve Massie
Time: 1998-12-06 22:33:55
Comments: I have hesitated to comment here lately because this space has been taken over by so many "experts" that it seems fruitless sometimes. But...I really must comment on some things. First, the Collectables Anita Bryant CD, as Marty Wekser indicates, does contain her ORIGINAL Carlton hits, not re-recordings. CBS bought those when she was signed to Columbia, much as they had done with Andy Williams and his Cadence recordings. Also, in spite of what you read in Pat Downey's books (which for the most part are outstanding) the Adam Wade CD on Collectables, licensed and manufactured by Sony, does contain ALL original COED hits, not re-recordings. Now, let me quote something regarding Abbey Road and stop all this speculation. I have the CD "Beat At Abbey Road" that is part of the EMI-Great Britain Abbey Road reissues. The very first page of the liner notes is entitled "mono vs. stereo" and I am going to quote from the first paragraph: "Although 4-track facilities aleady existed at Abbey Road from the beginning of the 60s, EMI's house producers had treated them with much caution, preferring to stay for the mostpart with the tried and tested mono AND stereo formats. Even with the arrival of the "Pop Groups", early recordings were made with everything being recorded at one-and-the-same time. These recordings were either direct-to-mono, or via 2-track. The 2-track method of recording utilised a stereo machine to simultaneously record the backing on one channel, and the vocal(s) on the other. These two tracks could then be copied to another tape machine while adding extra vocals or instruments but still maintaining control over the levels of three different elements." It goes on the explain that "MOR" recordings (e.g. Shirley Bassey, Matt Monro, etc.) recorded the orchestra in true stereo on two tracks, used one track for vocals, and left the fourth track open for whatever they needed it for. If anyone is a Cliff Richard fan, as I am, you will realize that his stuff was recorded in two and four track very early on, as were a lot of the Shadows tracks. These notes were written by Peter Vince, who along with Brian Southall and Allan Rouse have written a book entitled "Abbey Road" that details the history of that studio.

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-07 12:12:15
Comments: Hi All--Just wanted to add some comments on some recent CD purchases...I bought two new CDs from Sundazed: The Buckinghams' "Kind Of A Drag", which is great; the entire original LP plus two bonus tracks--"Lawdy Miss Clawdy" and "I'm A Man"--all in stereo. (I believe someone asked about "I'm A Man" a while back; here 'tis!) I also got the "Smell of Incense" CD by Southwest FOB; the original LP plus eleven bonus cuts (including some single and alternate mixes/edits and also two songs by their earlier incarnation, "Theze Five") for a total of twenty. The tracks that made up the original LP are stereo, but most of the bonus material is mono. I had so hoped that "Green Skies", the original flipside of "...Incense", would be stereo here, since it wasn't on the original album and so had never been stereo to my knowledge, but it's mono once again. I was beginning to think that it may not exist in stereo, since Sundazed is usually pretty thorough about using stereo wherever possible, although they do make a "snafu" once in a while...and I think this one. I was reading a review of this CD in DisCollector's website, and the author, George W. Krieger, DDS (The "Rock & Roll Dentist"), mentions that the Big Beat label in England did a vinyl reissue of this group in 1988 which contained "Green Skies", as well as two of the other bonus tracks--"Independent Me" and "Beggar Man"--in stereo! Oh well... Also wanted to mention a few goodies on Vols. 3 and 4 of the "On The Radio" series. I know I did some nitpicking about this series a while back, but they're generally excellent; everything on the new vols. is good to have, but here are a few that really stood out to me: On Vol. 3--"Creeque Alley"-The Mamas and the Papas (M) 45 version; this sounds really super! Since the Dunhill 45 masters were supposedly thrown out, I don't know if this is a very well-done disc transfer or if they got lucky and found a tape copy of it as I believe they did for "I Saw Her Again" on Vol. 1 (too bad they couldn't find one for the 45 version of "Magic Carpet Ride":-(, although they did pretty well transferring it from vinyl). "Mirage"-Tommy James and the Shondells--they couldn't find the 45 master for this, so they created sort of a stereo single version by using the stereo master tape and segueing to the mono 45 ending from clean vinyl. "Double Shot..."-The Swingin' Medallions--This is the mono "censored" version that has rarely shown up on CD. "The In-Crowd"-Dobie Gray (S)--the notes say this was taken from the finest available vinyl source, but I can't hear ANY surface noise; it sounds great! I guess digital clean-up is getting better all the time. "Desiderata"-Les Crane (S)--I believe this is the first time this one has ever shown up on CD. On Vol. 4: "Simon Says"-1910 Fruitgum Company (M)--this is the 45 version in which the background vocals don't come in until the second verse. "Sweet Mary"-Wadsworth Mansion (M) with cold ending!--This sounds super and appears to be from tape (I believe the version (that fades) on Rhino's "Have A Nice Day, Vol. 4" was a vinyl transfer). As I was saying, these are just a few examples; both of these vols. are excellent throughout... Whew! Guess I should close for now; I think this has been one of my longest postings! Best regards to everyone--Barry.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1998-12-07 13:41:38
Comments: Re: Beatles Anthology Vol 1................i agree that the sonics on The Anthology series are less than stellar. I read a very interesting article in (*I Think*) Sensible Sound in 1994 that mentioned that in THEIR opinion, the decision by George Martin to run all the tracks thru a 1969 TRANSISTOR mixing board for the assembly was the biggest reason why they didnt sound they way they should. The article mentioned that the original tracks were mostly all recorded on EMI tube consoles, and that the transistor boards just didnt cut it. Personally, I think they should have put all the tracks on a DAW and done digital processing to make them sound the best possible, the one thing that they did NOT do. Perhaps EMI wil re-release this material in the future and have their current engineers do just that. I think you would see a huge difference in the sound quality. Mikey

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-07 14:22:20
Comments: Re: Beatles' Anthology. Yes, I too heard that they decided to use a lates 60's/early 70's transistor desk. I think if they really wanted to go retro, they should have used a valve (tube) desk - otherwise, a modern desk probably would have sounded better... Also, it's a shame that so much on Anthology 1 is in mono - there are only 2 EMI studio cuts in stereo, and one of them is not a very good mix. A lot of that EMI material has been bootlegged before, in stereo, and it sounds much better. Of course they *did* get it right on the FAAB single, with I Saw Her Standing There and This Boy in stereo...

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-07 23:40:48
Comments: Hi again, folks--I thought I'd better make a correction to my last note... I got my BSN Newsletter today; it has a review of the Buckinghams' "Kind Of A Drag" CD which lists a hidden track at the end--an ad for Rowe-AMI jukeboxes in mono. I said in my posting that the disc is all stereo--oops! Guess I'm not perfect after all, darn!:-) All of the music tracks ARE stereo, so I guess I can get off on a technicality there... Also, I was wondering, Mike--I remember you mentioning in an earlier newsletter that Taragon was supposedly unearthing a stereo tape of the Springfields' "Silver Threads And Golden Needles" for inclusion on their new "Very Best Of..." CD of them. I see in your review in this issue that it's in mono after all; I wonder what happened? Well, the disc does have some stereo and the sound is up to Taragon's usual high standards, so I'm sure I'll be happy with it...

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, Ca.
Time: 1998-12-08 03:58:31
Comments: Regarding Anita Bryant; is "Till There Was You", and "Do Re Me" available in stereo on any CD? When is somebody going to release all of Betty Johnson's Bally and Atlantic hits on CD? Bob. PS. I find it interesting how some of you guys argue on this site, but as long as the facts are true it's OK. By the way, Huggy Boy got a job at KEARTH 101 in LA; at 9:00PM. Bye for now.

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1998-12-08 18:02:02
Comments: If you want to hear something cool in stereo (even better than the Young Rascals Good Loving ping ponging), listen to the one-hit wonder by the Bubble Puppy Hot Smoke and Sassafras. I think the recording engineer panned every track throughout the entire song! Then again, maybe this song has a hidden message?! Hope everyone is having a great December, whatever holiday you celebrate.

Name: Bill Buster
From: ERIC Records
Time: 1998-12-09 04:27:47
Comments: To Bob Olivia and interested others: Scheduled for release on ERIC in the Spring of 1999: "The Best of Betty Johnson" and "The Best of Linda Scott". Both will contain all their chart hits and other greats. If any of you have any last minute comments or input, please e-mail me. At the same time ERIC will be releasing 3 more volumes in the "Hard-To-Find 45s on CD" series focusing this time on pop vocal hits from the 50s and Orchestral Instrumentals from the 50s and 60s. Both will be widely cross-licensed (many different labels). Of course, you can expect top quality and as much stereo as possible in all these CDs . If we ever have to use vinyl as a source because tape masters can't be found, we defy you to tell! By the way, did you know that one key track on "Hard To Find 45's on CD, Volume 2" was taken from vinyl, borrowed from the owner of this chat board no less? Anyone think they can tell which track it is?

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-09 09:36:10
Comments: I was wondering if you guys could enlighten me about something... I remember Mike (and several readers) mentioning in some reviews somewhere along the line about certain tracks being "mono from a rechanneled source", or "M, from E", as Mike puts it. How exactly can you tell that something in mono has been derived from a rechanneled tape? Is it just something that comes from listening experience? Of course, I understand that the unnatural, "doctored" sound that comes from the rechanneling would be carried back over when a track is put back into mono, but I wondered if there is more to it than that?...

[ -- If the original 45 had very little reverb, and the version on the CD has tons of it, it's usually because the source tape used was a previously-rechanneled version that somebody has put into flat mono. Most of the time when I say M from E, I'm talking about a sound quality that is very unnatural for a normal record (like the kind of reverb used on voices to give it a little lift in the mastering of the original 45), I'm talking reverb or echo on everything, including the instruments, when it wasn't there in the first place. It would be E if there were any separation, but somebody obviously though "mono is better than E" without bothering to get the original mono source tape. -- MC]

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-12-09 23:08:45
Comments: To Bill B. I think the vinyl track on HTF45'svol.2 is "I wish that we were married"/Ronnie & the Hi-Lites. to whom it may concern,there are 4 new volumes of the series "Jukebox Hits"[by Jezebel] out .they are 1966 through 1969.with one volume for each year,more volumes are expected to be on there way.I didn't listen to any of the first four because the tunes were the normal run of the mill oldies from those years....also vol.9 & 10 of "Treasured Tunes"and more "Vintage Inst." are on there way from Stardust.sooooo stay tuned....

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1998-12-09 23:40:36
Comments: During a phone interview with Andy Williams this week, I took the opportunity to ask him about a few mono/stereo differences in his Cadence discography. He told me that the reason the stereo mix of "Lonely Steet" is missing the extra harmony vocal that's on the single is because he thought the single mix, compared to the other songs he'd recorded for his "Lonely Street" album (Cadence 25030), would stand out too much. He added that the single-voice album version has always been his PREFERRED mix of the song, which explains why the 45 has only been reissued on Varese Vintage's "I Like Your Kind of Love" CD for collectors. Williams was less knowledgeable about the banjo that's heard on "The Bilbao Song" 45 and not on any LP version. He could only guess that it was Cadence prez Archie Bleyer's decision to issue separate mixes of the 1961 hit. And before the interview ended, I also learned that Williams didn't want to record "Can't Get Used to Losing You," nor did he think it would be a hit. Nevertheless, I was thrilled to find out that he had also recorded the song in Italian, and he sang an impromptu chorus of it for me on the phone. If anyone has this foreign version, or might know a source for me to hear it, please let me know. Thanks. Ciao!

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1998-12-10 12:58:34
Comments: To Steve Massie:Next time you talk to Andy Williams, perhaps you could find out when Sony will be coming out with a proper anthology--including "Ain't It True," the single-only upbeat (for him, anyway) top-40 hit from 1965 (in stereo, dare we hope?)

Name: Mark Mathews
From: Long Island
Time: 1998-12-10 19:54:54
Comments: Hello All! To Bill Buster: since the whole CD sounds great, that's a tuffy but I'll go with "The Wedding" by Julie Rogers. It has a distinctive sound in the vocal that suggests it may have once resided on a record. Looking forward to the upcoming releases! To all: By the way, about the "Snoopy's Christmas" CD, I mistakenly reported "Return Of Red Baron" as narrow stereo, but I tried to widen the mix w/dolby etc, and it really just sounds re-channelled (only a sound effect has separation) and yes, as Tom D. reported, the disc is does not sound super (a CEMA special products deal) But if you want "Snoopy Vs Red Baron" in stereo, this is the only place I've found it. Until now, I only had it on a Laurie compilation LP that sounds terrible. Also...I haven't done any looking around, but can anyone recommend a good CD that has "I Fought The Law" and "Loves Made A Fool Of You" (by Bobby Fuller) in stereo? The collections I've seen listed don't tell you, and that Rhino disc I used to see everywhere is long gone. I must have been absent that day. Thanks for any help. -MM

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-12-10 23:13:17
Comments: To Mark M. I found "Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron" in stereo on a cd called The Right Stuff-Sampler..DPRO66684. this is a "Promo use"only disc.but the liner notes indicate future releases by the artists & groups on the disc.I'm still waiting for the Royal Guardsmen disc to show up somewhere...but till then ...who knows.I found this disc at a record show,so the chances of finding one are slim & none....Anyone know who owns the rights to the Buddah & Karma-Sutra material? also I think we should have a Swan Records Best Of....Hello...Mr. Molton..ta ta

Name: Chris Nagel
Time: 1998-12-11 01:58:07
Comments: To Don Duffey: The Kama Sutra/Buddah material is now owned by BMG Entertainment–they're credited for the 1910 Fruitgum Co. cut on Dick Bartley On The Radio Vol. 4.

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: Land of fizzled
Time: 1998-12-11 19:42:00
Comments: HEY ! A few RHINOtes : somebody asked about the new Burt box. Well, STEREO wins out this time, according to the producer's note in the back of the "book set's" booklet, added looking almost like an afterthought, in tiny print at the bottom of the last page. Some such stereo sound speechification of techno-babble "aural / sonic / ambience" hoo - haw discourse letting us know that "LP masters" & stereo was (luckily for us bsners -this time) chosen this time out. What is it, guys, "say let's try some of that there new-fangled non-mono stuff on this'n"??? Or "Well, let's see, it's that time of the decade again - let's toss out some stereo " ?!?! Whatever the case, it has come out in our favor this time. I will report back here if the cds play mostly (or even some) mono (as this has been known to happen - press & liners promise, discs don't deliver..). Contrast this with the recent "NUGGETS" debacle. You gotta figure these guys know that they're in for some flak when they lead off the set's booklet notes with a whole page of narrow-minded, at times crude, loony justifications for the 99% MONO over the course of 4 cds. Never mind that the original Elektra 2 LP set had a bunch of stereo tunes. Never mind that a good many of the tunes were creations by & of the same players & studios & time period represented in their "high brow"/"batchelor pad" Burt box presentation. O.K., off to the races.... The 2 "non-jewel box" Beach Boys releases I know of include a recent cd of newer recordings, and a second "limited" Capitol commemorative/anniversary series single disc of purportedly rare/unissued stuff, which, in reality is a compilation of some of the "30 Years.." box set items & a few other items from, I think, the "Pet Sounds" box. All's I know is I passed on it cuz it was a re-hash job. Also in the same (100th EMI b-day ??) series was a David Bowie cd, with similar packaging. Anyone got any info on it ?? Joel, the only "break-in" novelty I know of that has been re -edited/remastered and has portions in stereo is "Russian Bandstand" by Spencer & Spencer from , i think, 1959. This early '80s issue was on either a Rhino or EMI-America compilation LP that I no longer can account for in my stacks-o-wax. I think that after this mastering marvel appeared, the dictionary added a new definition for the term "painstaking". Whether or not PETE TOWNSEND ever did have old early - 60s WHO masters or not, let's hope that they didn't go the way of some of the group's tapes. Upon recording the entire North American tour for editing into the live LP release that eventually was "Live at Leeds", he, in one of his regular fits of artistic frustration/perfectionism (added to a dose of laziness when faced with the task of review & assembly of the reels & reels of tapes) took the whole lot out of doors & burned 'em !!!! How about this for folks who want single/45 "edits" of a particular tune: give it us in its full length version on cd so that the majority of the sane folks who know that the full recording is essential, and then for those nyum-nyuks who want to re - live their transistor AM - youth can tape & push pause at the appropriate moment, thus removing all of those "tedious" solos, bridges & such !!!!!??? By the by I have one hint for those who must complete the full flaky forty-fives fest : use the MONO SWITCH !!! Let us have oour stereo & when & if you do come to your senses, it'll be there on the disc, in stereo the way it was created in the studio !! BOBBY FULLER 4 : the best set I have come across is the 2 cd Del Fi Mustang Years "mini-box" that followed up their first 2 cd "Texas Tapes Revisited". Both feature lots & lots of rarities, notes, pictures good sound & stereo (On the "Mustangs"). Last time I checked the whole lot is at I agree that the overdue 2 cd CARPENTERS xmas package is nice, but how do we get the originals R.C. has deemed "inferior" on CD ?? How much trouble would it have been to include them ?!?! This revisionist crap really does no service to the memory of his sister. In fact I have avoided all of the domestic collections, what with the "re-mixing" and other "corrections" & seguing that ruin them. I think that a 4 cd set I had been considering "From the Top" was one such instance, but I have yet to find a decent review or info. on it. Did Chipmunks fans know that Alvin, Theodore & Simon were named by Ross Bagdasarian for Liberty honchos? One I recall off the top of my head i Simon "Sy" Waronker. Alrighty, what's this biz about the Americans being "..more stereo conscious than we (Brits) are.." ?!?!? (Ace response to their leaning more towards mono -- "Golden Age..Vol. 7") Last time I looked each both had two ears ! THAT"S ALL FOLKS !!!

Name: brian
Time: 1998-12-11 20:42:06
Comments: JUKEBOX HITS CD compilation series. Again, I apologize for this "commercial" activity on a "chat" forum, but I need a valid E-Mail contact for Ed in Md....You had emailed me to ask about the JUKEBOX HITS CDs I have for DIRT CHEAP. Hurry up, I only have 20 volumes left, a sprinkling of volumes from 1954 - 1965. All have great sound & 25-31 cuts, lots of STEREO. To check the track listings, look at --------------- ------ Lists this series & tons of other cds' contents. HELLO, ED????!?!...Oh, well....anyone else interested ?? Email me quick like. GOODBYE!

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1998-12-12 23:07:29
Comments: Regarding Boppin' Brian's post about "Russian Bandstand" and novelty break-in records. The altered "stereo" version was on a Rhino Dr. Demento LP covering the 1950s. The unaltered version is available on CD on "THE FLYING SAUCER! (30 ROCK 'N' ROLL COMEDYS)" on UFO 550. This disc should be available from either DiscCollector or Collector's Choice Music. Most of the Buchanan & Goodman hits are on it, as well as the Spencer & Spencer, Herb B. Lou, etc. Where stereo exists, the original mono segments were replaced with exact stereo segments. This disc is a must for any fan of break-in records.

Name: Mark Nemeth
From: Greensboro, NC
Time: 1998-12-14 01:26:06
Comments: I haven't seen this question posted in your board before, so I have to ask this. I just picked up a CD called A Rock 'n' Roll Christmas (PSM 314 520 244-2). Track 3 is "Sock It To Me Santa" by Bob Seger. If I'm correct, it was originally on Cameo records, now on ABKCO. Did somebody knock Klein on the head to get the license for it? It's amazing to see that song made it onto CD. For Boppin' Brian, Alvin was Al Bennett, president of Liberty Records, Simon was Si Waronker, vice-president, and Theodore was Ted Keep, a recording engineer. By the way, stereo rules, mono sucks. Have a Happy Holiday Mark

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1998-12-14 10:20:18
Comments: I thought the draw of eight previously unissued Dale Hawkins Checker masters on Ace Records' "Rock 'n' Roll Tornado" import collection (Ace 693) would justify getting the CD. Well, it was, but up popped a "ninth" reason -- a TRUE STEREO mix of the 1959 single "Lifeguard Man" (Checker 959). Luckily, this was one of the "Susie-Q" clones Hawkins released, and it gives the only indication of what his big classic hit might have sounded like in widely separated stereo. A real surprise for stereophiles!

Name: Dave
Time: 1998-12-14 10:44:40
Comments: Re: Burt Bacharach "Look of Love" Set, the following many tracks are Mono: The Story Of My Life (Marty Robbins) Magic Moments (Perry Como) The Blob (The Five Blobs) Please Stay (The Drifters) I Wake Up Crying (Chuck Jackson) Tower Of Strength (Gene McDaniels) Baby It’s You (The Shirelles) Mexican Divorce (The Drifters) The Forgotten Man (Jimmy Radcliffe) Let The Music Play (The Drifters) Blue Guitar (Richard Chamberlain) Reach Out For Me (Lou Johnson) (There’s) Always Something There To Remind Me (Lou Johnson) To Wait For Love (Tony Orlando) Kentucky Bluebird (Send A Message To Martha) (Lou Johnson) The Last One To Be Loved (Lou Johnson) Made In Paris (Trini Lopez) Come And Get Me (Jackie DeShannon) Nikki (The Burt Bacharach Orchestra & Chorus) Paper Mache (Dionne Warwick) One Less Bell To Answer (The Fifth Dimension) (very narrow stereo?) Living Together, Growing Together (The Fifth Dimension) (very narrow stereo?) On My Own (!!!) (Patti LaBelle & Michael McDonald) That’s What Friends Are For (!!!) (Dionne Warwick & Friends) & the remaining are Stereo! Sound is OK!

Name: Kenny
Time: 1998-12-14 19:45:55
Comments: News of the stereo content on the Bacharach box just plain nauseated me. It looks like they didn't even try!

Name: Chris Nagel
From: The North Pole
Time: 1998-12-15 09:09:43
Comments: Does anyone know if "L.A. Goodbye" by The Ides of March is available on CD? (I have the 45, but they're packed away...) thanks!!!

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-15 09:23:19
Comments: Re: Donovan's "Catch The Wind"... I was listening to the "Troubadour..." collection of Donovan on Legacy yesterday for the first time in a while, and I noticed that the version of "Catch The Wind" here is a different "take" than the one on vol. 2 of Rhino's "British Invasion" series, or at least the vocal is, anyway. Here the guitar interlude near the end is a bit longer, too, and there is also a harmonica in this part that isn't in the version on the Rhino disc. This may be my imagination, but the Rhino version also seems to have some very subtle background vocals in some spots that aren't in the Legacy version. Actually, both versions are nice, and I'm glad to have them both, but curiosity forces me to ask--which was the version that was on the 1965 Hickory single? And that reminds me... There was a Donovan collection on the Garland label several years ago that was supposed to have been very good; it utilized the original Pye/Hickory tapes... I wonder which version of "Catch The Wind" was used on there? Finally, a thought about the Legacy "Troubadour..." collection... This isn't bad at all, and contains very good notes and photos, but this one seems to be a definite step below most other Legacy releases, with lots of mono where stereo surely exists; and they even used the 45 edit of "Sunshine Superman" instead of the full-length version! Also, my copy is the "Special Limited Collectors' Edition" in the long-box with the extra photo booklet... again, this is nice, but the extra packaging seems like a waste of time to me; the actual CD set is in a regular double jewel box which also holds the majority of the notes, and this is placed in the long-box with the photo booklet and a lot of empty space... I've recently seen some copies of this in Best Buy that are just in the double jewel box. I guess they had to try to do something to make some copies "unique" so they could make a few more bucks off of them, although I don't think my "Collectors' Edition" cost any more than the regular copies ($20.99)... Oh, and by the way... has "Mellow Yellow" EVER been in stereo? All appearances of it that I know of have been mono or rechanneled; surely it was done in multitrack...

Name: Paul Stoddard
From: Boston, MA
Time: 1998-12-16 11:23:15
Comments: Well, 1998 is in its waning days. The CD has been with us for 15 years. Most of the major catalogs have been reissued on CD, with the exception of ABKCO. We collectors are still waiting for that handful of releases that we all have on our private want lists, and these may or may not ever happen. No new advances have been made in CD technology, mainly because there aren't any to make. The CD player is as good as it's ever going to get. The CD format is a standard and cannot be changed without full backward compatibility capabilty. HDCD simply uses 2 "unassigned" bits in the data record to store extra bits for each sound sample and requires the use of a special decoder to recover those extra bits and take advantage of the sonic improvements they provide. HDCD discs play on standard CD players without problem. The only real sonic advances are those being made in analog-to-digital conversion and digital restoration technologies. What can we expect next? Well, there'll most likely be another round of remastering of top-selling titles in 1999, since this will give the record companies a chance to get us all to buy the same titles one more time, and most likely at full price! I figure that the major labels will become less and less concerned with back catalog, and that the smaller, dedicated reissue labels will become more important to collectors. The next time that there will be major label emphasis on back catalog will be the introduction of the audio DVD. Then we can start the repurchase cycle all over again from scratch! It's conceivable that certain artists' catalogs that are long overdue for remastering may not be remastered until the audio DVD hits the market. Also, when this does happen, the emphasis will most likely be on 80's and 90's material for reissues, since the "prime demographic" for the major labels will be the 25-35 year old buyer. So, if there are CDs that you've been putting off buying, it might not be a bad idea to track them down and get them now, while you still can!

Name: Ron Fisch
Time: 1998-12-16 11:48:48
Comments: To Dave regarding the Bacharach LOOK OF LOVE box set stereo content: Paper Mache is stereo, so are the Fifth Dimension tracks. A headphones test reveals wide separation of the instrumental tracks, maybe it's hard to hear the separation just through the speakers. Also, What's New Pussycat by Tom Jones is in stereo on that box set AND has the full intro that was truncated during the last 30 years of stereo reissues (also exists with full intro on the Ryko CD reissue of the sountrack to WNP).

Name: Marty Blaise
Time: 1998-12-16 13:30:56
Comments: Anyone know why the local oldies station in Houston chooses to play the mono version of Time Is Tight by Booker T. & The MGs? Does it exist in stereo? Also, just curious if the the J.J. Jackson song It's Alright has ever made a stereo appearance. Thanks.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1998-12-16 14:27:59
Comments: I have to agree with my buddy Paul Stoddard about CDs being basically in the mature phase of the product life cycle. I also agree with his comments about audio DVD....what I guess may happen is that the record companies will offer ALL recordings (ex. all The Beatles LPs ) ever made by the artist on one DVD disk. They will sell the convienence, the space saving and the "upgraded" mastering , which all of us here know wont be worth the paper its printed on. They are not going to go back and remaster any material that was remastered in this decade. Remember Capitol and the Beach Boy single Cds? They actually had the NERVE to put "Digitally Remastered" on the Cds, when all they did was use the same digital masters from the "two-fer" series some 5 years back. My only hope is that with some artists, they comb the cataloge and include the songs that for some reason never made it onto the greatest hits Cds. The Brenda Lee song that has been discussed here comes to mind. Only question is...after they give us EVERYTHING, then what??? Video DVDs of the same artists?? Mikey

Name: Mike Hartman
From: Vernon Hills, IL
Time: 1998-12-16 16:53:03
Comments: RE: Booker T's "Time Is Tight". My guess is they are using Rhino's "Rock Instrumental Classics Vol.4" where it's mono...along with the Beg, Scream & Shout Box set (mono). If you want the 45 version in stereo (the LP version is completely different) you can find it on 3 different Time-Life collections(Solid Gold Soul 1969, Classic Rock-1969 The Beat Goes On & Rhythm & Blues 1969). Also Rhino did put it in stereo on "Soul Shots Vol.2". As for "But It Alright" - it's never been in stereo.

Name: David Sampson
Time: 1998-12-16 18:44:37
Comments: Hey, You can get the stereo "Time is tight"(single version) on the new Dick Bartley CD "On the Radio-Collectors Essentials-Vol. 4" One of only several reasons to own this CD. By The way, one small nitpick with the liner notes of this disc concerning the Foundation's stereo version of "Build me up Buttercup"-Dick states: "We are proud to present the original single version in Stereo - there are no noticeable differences from the mono release." Well, I'd like to point out that the lead vocal in the song is double tracked in the mono version-but only single track in the stereo. Not a big difference-but a difference all the same. Still, I prefer the Stereo over the mono anyway-but I thought I'd point that out.

Name: Daryl
From: Alpine, CA
Time: 1998-12-17 02:01:22
Comments: I'd like HELP! from any fellow Brit invasion fans. I know this is a little outside of the normal parameters of this group, but since we've been discussing TV programs I guess it should be OK. Does anyone know if the ABKCO VHS of "Gimme Shelter" is in stereo? At one time there was a laser disk version also. Any idea if it's in stereo? Happy Hollidays to all.

Name: Steve Baird
From: Baton Rouge
Time: 1998-12-17 13:17:45
Comments: I'd like to put my two cents in on a number of items posted over the last several days. FIRST, the easy stuff. Unlike David Sampson, I cannot be so enthusiastically positive about the two new Dick Bartley volumes. While it is probably true that some of the songs appearing here sound at least as good as they have on other CDs, I am disappointed that there is so much duplication. I mean, how many stereo copies of 'Chapel of Love' or 'My Boyfriend's Back' does a collector need anyway? I have ten of each, thank you very much. And hasn't anyone noticed that they clipped the first half-second off the beginning of 'Little Honda'? By the time I got to 'Long Cool Woman' I had pretty much decided that except for the Stereo 'In Crowd' these two really were a waste money. But 'Long Cool Woman' sounded pretty good, so I pulled out my vinyl copy of Distant Light, only to be amazed at how much better that 26 year-old record really sounded, ticks, pops included. Ergo, I don't think the sound quality here is anything to write home about. #########.....SECOND, and perhaps more importantly, Kudos to PAUL STODDARD for his brief essay on the state of the art in CD recording. With this in mind, I'd like to recommend to anyone who is really interested in collecting music that was originally recorded in ANALOG, to get hold of the January '99 issue of FI MAGAZINE. There are two particularly good articles that should interest many BSN enthusiasts (this is usually a very mediocre magazine, but this is one issue I will keep). The first is Robert Harley's "Future Fi" (P. 79) which discusses what to expect from the new formats in digital recording (SACD & DVD-Audio). There is nothing new here, but Harley has done an excellent job in puttting this into perspective from an industry point of view. Couple this with Paul's realistic opinion of what it means for oldies collectors, and the paradigm is set for the next several years. The second article is Steve Guttenberg's review on Page 93 of the Marantz DR-700 and Wadia A/D converter used together. SG rightly points out that with your own records and these two devices you can actually make better sounding CDs than what is available for sale from the record companies. (No matter how great your tick and pop remover software on your computer is, it still removes some of the original music.) Obviously this is not 100% true, but as TOM DALY once suggested to me that the 1959 LP, Miles Davis: 'KIND OF BLUE' sounds better than any digital iteration yet to be released (I, of course, already knew that, but Tom, you should hear the Classic Records pure analog vinyl release that came out in 1997). To Luke. THAT was what I meant when I mentioned the Beatles Anthologies. If you have not heard the limited edition vinyl, then you have not heard the Beatles Anthologies. #####----THIRD, the December 1998 issue of AUDIO MEDIA notes on page 10 that there has been a resurgence of analog audio tape usage in studios accross the country. The article of some 2000 words comes to the conclusion that analog sounds better. One notable quote comes from Bernie Grundman who should be no stranger to most visitors to this website, quote: "About 60% of the work at my studio comes in on analog. What I find when I compare analog to digital is that the analog seems to have size and fullness. It's bigger in the bottom, and has more extension at the top end. Digital sound always has a thinness about it --what I call 'skinny sound.' To be fair, digital tape occasionally has a little more detail in the mid-range."

Name: David Sampson
Time: 1998-12-17 14:47:09
Comments: Re: Dick Bartely Collector's Essentials CDs. Well, Duplication aside, I suppose it depends on how complete your music collection is. Not having been old enough to appreciate many of these songs when they were first out-getting the original singles in decent shape is a challange. To Get the single versions of "Creeque Alley", "Gimme gimme good lovin", "& when I Die"(in stereo) and even "Mirage"(even tho they had to reconstruct the ending) are woth the price of admission. Also, having "Sweet Mary" with the cold ending was an extra bonus-since I've been looking for that for years. As for "my Boyfriend's Back", this is the stereo version edited like the single. The single version always ran longer at the end of the song-but was missing the instrumental break that is in the stero LP version. I think the logic behind putting these other well known songs on the CDs is to make them a little more "accessible" for the general public. If these were full of obscure songs-only we collectors would buy them. If these discs don't sell well, it's unlikey that there will be a volume 5 & 6. Id rather an entire compilation of songs I don't have-but thats not very realistic from a record company's point of view. I'm certainly more than willing to support any company that is going to give us collectors a little of what we want. You do have to admit that Varese had been alot kinder to us than Rhino has been in recent years. It's sad to think what Rhino used to be and how much I supported the label. I used to buy almost everything they put out cause I knew it would be good - now If I buy one or two Rhino CDs a year Im lucky. Varese and Sundazed are getting my money, simply because they care and they listen to the people that buy their product.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1998-12-17 14:50:11
Comments: To Steve Baird and others: Regarding Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" and other late 50s vintage CBS albums... I have found that where a classic album has never gone out-of-print on a CBS label, the digital issues are from fairly high generation tapes, yet albums that have seen minimal pressings are from mixdowns, first or second generation tapes. The Doris Day two-fers available in the UK are not from high generation tapes at all, but "Time Out," "Kind of Blue," and "Lady in Satin" all lack the pristine highs heard on the original vinyl pressings, and that, combined with a fairly high hiss level, indicates high generation source tapes. From repeated analytical listening to multiple sources, when "Time Out" was recorded, two masters were made. The stereo master was two or three track, and was cut at 15ips. The mono master was full-track and was cut at 30ips. There's a marked difference in the tonal balance between the two, with the mono mix being more dynamic, with nice crips highs, bright mids and resonant bass. The stereo mix (even a 1959 promo pressing) lacks all of these sonic wonders. This is a case where I wish Sony would release the mono master on CD, as it's just gorgeous compared to the any of the stereo issues. One CBS issue I thought always sounded nice in stereo was Judy Holiday's "Trouble is a Man." Very nice sound for its age (at least on vinyl). Even the "Sing Along with Mitch" albums on vinyl were vibrant! Another gripe with a CBS tape concerns Jill Corey's single hit, "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)," where the 45rpm styrene single sounds fabulous compared to the source tape used on "Happy Hits," a Sony Special Products CD. All the life seems to have been sucked out of the recording. I know Bob Irwin and Vic Anesini don't do the Special Products discs, but there's still no excuse for a 40 year-old 45rpm record to sound better than a CD if the same tape was used as the source. Recently, Paul Stoddard and I listened to an original 45rpm pressing of "The Sounds of Silence," after listening to a recent Hall-of-Fame pressing. There was no comparison. The recent pressing was lifeless compared to the original. Sony might want to consider using clean disc dubs of their vintage material rather than the vault tapes. The CDs might sound better...

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1998-12-17 16:51:41
Comments: Re: Mint Vinyl- I will never forget the LP copy of "And Then ALong Comes- The Association" that I had on Valiant. It sounded just AMAZING, I've always thought I somehow ended up with one of the first presssings off the stamper. No Cd Ive heard of the Association (even the "Hits That Made Them Famous" Cd) comes anywhere close. Also, my friend Marc brought over the Mobile Fidelity pressing of "A Hard Days Night". After I aligned my turntable, we put it on and I was blown away. Not just the stereo, but the sonics, were so much better than George Martins mono piece of crap. I wanted to throw the Cd away on the spot. Luckily, now I have the Cd version of the first four lps in stereo on the Beat Cds. Not as great, but pretty close, since they were made using a pristine MF LP as the master source. Mikey

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-17 17:01:54
Comments: Tom, re: Sounds of Silence - how does the single stack up to the recently remixed version on Old Friends? I personally find the sound on that set fantastic, especially the early remixes. Also, have you heard the new remix of Miles Ahead? I guess they have finally replicated the original mono mix in stereo - the notes on Sony's website are very interesting. As for general Columbia/Sony stuff, I've heard that for a long time they would use a particular tape for a pressing, almost until it was worn out, then make a copy of it... The stereo masters for the early S&G and Byrds material are either missing or totally worn out. I wonder how Take Five would sound remixed... BTW, I do believe that 3 track was the format at Columbia from 1957-1965 (or so on either end)... I do know that Miles Ahead was done on 3 track, and Columbia went 8 track sometime in '65, so...

Name: Chip Cristarella
From: New Jersey
Time: 1998-12-17 17:09:52
Comments: To Tom Daly: Concerning the "sound" of CBS 45's from the late 50's - mid to late 60's (Up until they went to stereo 45's), I have it from a very reliable source that they sound that way because a high dose of second harmonic distortion was INTENTIONALLY added during the cutting stage to make them "jump" from the (usually) lo-fi equipment used by kids and AM radio, and to make the 60-80Hz low end filtering less obvious. Adding 2nd Harmonic distortion gives a very euphonic sound and the impression of louder and more extended bass than there actually is in the disc. It is therefore quite probable that the source tapes ARE the same, and it isn't the passing of years and gradual tape degradation that contributes to the "sterile" sound of many CBS tracks vis-a-vis their ORIGINAL 45 counterparts. ("Hall of Fame" singles, although mono, were cut later after the practice had stopped - this explains your "Sounds of Silence" difference.) Speaking of mono 45's, ever notice how the original mono mix (LP & 45) of "I Am A Rock" has a different lead vocal and no audible contribution from Art Garfunkel?

Name: Charlie
From: Perrysburg Ohio
Time: 1998-12-17 19:01:40
Comments: Hello Stereo Fans....As someone else recently noted the year is winding down fast. This has been a good year for me in terms of stereo tracks and new to CD songs for my collection both stereo and mono. Below are my four nominations for the the first annual BSN "Oldie Reissue Of The Year " awards. 1 The Red Bird And Blue Cat Story from Taragon. 2 Dick Bartley's On The Radio Volume 3 & 4 from Varese. 3 Just Like Us Paul Revere & Raiders on Sundazed. 4 Greatest Hits...Sam Cooke from RCA-BMG. The amount of work , research and care taken with the Red Bird CD from Taragon resulted in one of the best sounding discs ever. This was all material that benefited greatly from the rescue Taragon preformed. A great job and easy my nominee for the top spot for 1998. Other Taragon releases from The Arbors , The Tokens and The Cascades all have outstanding sound and should recieve very high marks and praise from many collectors.Any of these releases could be number one for 1998. Let's hope Elliot goshman keeps up his great work. For 1999 I wish Taragon could rescue the entire catalog for The Association . Now on to my number two selection for 1998.The Bartley discs, either volume . There is little I can say to add to what has been said already. I think both discs contain a great collection of songs. In many cases I enjoy hearing the single versions I heard first that have been lost over the years. Some of the mono tracks are an improvement over the more common stereo versions. The first time stereo for other cuts is a real plus. Even though I may have some of the songs found on these discs I find that the versions on the Bartley series to be an upgrade for my collection. I am glad to have the Bartley "Chapel Of Love" with the chimes and bells not on other dubs of this song. I hope this series continues. Did any radio buffs notice that the radio dial on covers of Volume 1 and 2 point to 77 WABC New York City while on Volumes 3 and 4 it moved to 68 WRKO Boston? My number three nominee could be the entire Sundazed catalog of titles released in 1998. Bob Irwin keeps coming up with great discs from many different artists. The sound found on the Paul Revere & Raiders "Just Like Us" is light years ahead of the sound found on many of the strange mixes from the older two CD Paul Revere set from Sony. "Kind Of A Drag" by The Buckinhams on Sundazed sounds good also. The mix for the title song is much better that the mix found on previous releases. And finally the RCA Sam Cooke disc. This release really surprised me . I guess I am not used to a major label doing an upgrade on an artist already covered by that label. All the songs on this disc are an upgrade over the older RCA Sam Cooke CD. I never thought that these songs would sound this good. My nomination for most dissapointing releases is a tie. Both are Rhino releases. The Nuggets Box and the recent Sam The Sham disc. While both sets are good in terms of artwork, packaging , liner notes and song selection.The use of mono over stereo causes both these releases to be substandard. The overall sound is good but the use of mono for mono's sake results in me only spending a small fration of what I used to spend on Rhino products. Everyone in this group should read the opening page of the liner notes booklet found in The Nuggets box. This full page essay penned by Bill Inglot really displays his (and to some degree Rhino's , for allowing the use of mono) feelings on the subject of stereo. Lets now hear from other BSN fans . I would like to see other peoples nominations and comments. Charlie

Name: Bruce Schirmer
Time: 1998-12-17 23:27:01
Comments: This one's probably already been covered and I missed it, but if you're looking to pick up The Very Best of Skip & Flip (Collectables 5919) to get Cherry Pie in stereo - forget it. It's a rechanneled piece of crap. Thanks again to Collectables. I should pay more attention to what my gut tells me.

Name: Chas
Time: 1998-12-17 23:26:58
Comments: For Mike:I agree with you the Mobile Fidelity "Beatles LPs"are amazing.The Beat Releases are good,But there is another CD release that BLOWS the "Beats" away!! A small limited CDR release of the first 4 Beatle MFSL LPs was released a few years back.The sound quality is amazing! Also the same source released ALL the BEATLES MFSL Lps on CDR.All with excellent sound.And for The American releases, I prefer the Beat 2 for 1.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1998-12-18 00:34:31
Comments: To Bruce Schirmer, re "Cherry Pie" on the Collectables Skip & Flip CD: Although the mix is somewhat muddy and there is some strange cross-talk going on between the two channels of the backing track, "Cherry Pie" is stereo (not reprocessed) on this CD. Adjusting the balance so that the lead vocals are more centered makes it more obvious that they are on a separate track from the backing. But, yes, this probably could have been done better.

Name: Marty Blaise
Time: 1998-12-18 11:13:47
Comments: Just a brief apology to all. If I would just look at BSN newsletter, I would answer my own questions. Now, another question - are the real audio radio stations on the Internet in "true" stereo or some variation of such? Looks like more and more Internet stations are becoming stereo.

Name: Paul
Time: 1998-12-18 16:04:36
Comments: Does anyone have any info on the new MOVE remasters on Repertoire? I have the box set "Movements" on the West Side label, and just to compare, I bought the first Move CD remaster from Repertoire. On first listen, the West Side stuff sounds slightly cleaner, but the Repertoire stuff sounds louder and a little brighter and some of the songs run noticeably faster. Were the 1st generation tapes used on both remasters with the different engineers' tastes accounting for the sonic differences, or is one from a better source? By the way, for anyone who wants to know, the new Steely Dan remasters really sound a lot better than the last pressings. I didn't think they could improve on them that much, but they sound unbelievable in a computer A-B test.

Name: Paul
Time: 1998-12-18 16:11:32
Comments: Rhino has stated in Ice magazine that on the new Monkees Anthology, the 1st generation tapes for the Pisces, Aquarius stuff was used for the first time. Does anyone know if they plan to rerelease the whole album using the newly found tapes?

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-12-18 17:40:38
Comments: Re: The Monkees. Its nice that Rhino is going to use the first gen tapes for that LP, but heres a question that I've been wondering about for 15 years......WHERE are the 4 track Multitrack tapes for the Monkees first LP? This LP has never been remixed (the second LP, More of The Monkees was remixed for the Arista release, but not the first one...). It wasnt until a few years ago that they even found the stereo mixdown tapes for side two. The side one songs had been in mono for many years on CD. The tracks were recorded in RCA studions in LA....Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart produced it, and thats about all the info Ive been able to get. Anybody?

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1998-12-18 17:43:24
Comments: Re: Beatles MFSL.....yes, i've heard that there is a CDR release that blows the Beat CDs away...but I've never been able to find it....does anybody have any leads on this? Mikey

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1998-12-19 21:55:06
Comments: Hello! Who changed the background colors? I liked blue!

Anyway, I do not know if this has been posted before but I found a stereo version of Tom Jones' "What's New Pussycat?" WITH the instrumental beginning and the sound effect. It's on an import on a two CD set from BR Music BS 8102-2. I do not know if this is a "questionable" import but it sounds like it's from tape sources and claims license from various labels. Looks like a very good 2CD overview of Mr. Cool himself! Not very expensive either. Merry Christmas everyone!

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, TX
Time: 1998-12-19 22:01:10
Comments: Re: the Tom Jones posting - important point about "What's New Pussycat" left out:

IT"S IN <----- STEREO -------> !!!

Thanks, Paul

Name: Larry Naramore
From: Sun Valley, Ca.
Time: 1998-12-19 23:17:33
Comments: Yea, give me the blue background. Are there any bootleg Walter Brennan available?

Name: bob mackey
From: thousand oaks
Time: 1998-12-20 01:50:59
Comments: Trying to find sound track to Song of the South (Disneys old movie), is it available on CD or (preferred!!) VIDEO; this is my 1st time using your site. regards, bob

Name: Mike Cloud
From: Houston, TX
Time: 1998-12-20 03:03:45
Comments: Disney's "Song of the South" has not been released on CD or video and will not likely be. Though a children's movie, it's depiction of blacks comes off as racist today. However, two animated clips are on one of Disney's Sing-a-Long videos.

Name: Paul
Time: 1998-12-20 12:52:37
Comments: Does anyone know if there is a Christmas CD by Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme on Sony/Columbia that was recorded sometime around 1963-64? Also, on a totally different note, I want to put it out to anyone interested - I'd love to see a Teddy & The Pandas CD collection. I was just listening to a couple of their singles the other day - "Once Upon A Time", Serachin For The Good Times", "We Can't Go On This Way" Great songs, and their excellent bubblegum album, "Basic Magnetism". Sundazed would do a good job on this one!

Name: Jeff Petschow
From: Illinois
Time: 1998-12-20 23:44:53
Comments: Does anyone know anything about the 2 10CD box sets of oldies that are in the latest Collectors Choice Music catalog. They are called 200 Original Jukebox Hits and Chart Breaker: Greatest Hits of the 50's and 60's. The song selection looks good. Does anyone have this? What is the sound and stereo content like?

From: ELY MN
Time: 1998-12-21 18:45:20
Comments: This has probably been covered before but can anyone tell me about the status of a stereo mix for "Ups and Downs" by Paul Revere and the Raiders? Thanks, Ed

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-22 09:47:30
Comments: For Ed Steklasa... Paul Revere & The Raiders' "Ups And Downs" appears to be one of their songs that was just never mixed to stereo. It's rechanneled on the "Greatest Hits" CD; and mono on the 2-CD "Legend of Paul Revere" set from Legacy, whose notes say "Where the original multitracks were not available, the original mono single version was used". Well, "not available" may not necessarily mean "non-existent", since "Him Or Me..." was also mono on that set but has since turned up in stereo on the Bob Irwin-produced "Essential Ride..." and "Revolution" CDs, and on Vol. 4 of Dick Bartley's "On The Radio" CD series. But "Ups And Downs" is still mono on those Irwin/Sundazed/Legacy discs; I guess even Mr. Irwin and his sleuthing team couldn't dig up a multi for it. But never give up hope; more and more stereo sources for things are being found all the time...

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-22 16:06:13
Comments: This isn't exactly stunning news, but Bob Irwin is currently working on the final round of Byrds remasters over at Sony - I would guess these would be the final 3 CBS LPs.

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa
Time: 1998-12-22 19:27:10
Comments: Please tell me you experts, the stereo "My Boyfriend's Back" on the new Dick Bartley clocks in at 2:08 on my CD player, while what I thought was the single version (in mono) on Mercury Chronicles "The Best Of The Angels" clocks in at 2:14 (it runs a little longer). So, what's the story? Also, nothing but praise must go out to DB and Varese for putting these out. Where else would we get the ever-so-rare stereo "The In Crowd" and the mono single version of "Creeque Alley"? Even "More Today Than Yesterday" sounds better here than on CDs where I previously have it. True, not all tunes are super rare but he has to put on some familiar ones to sell them more than to just us collectors, as well, he can even put on his favorites if he wants to. Bottom-line: keep it up DB and Varese!

Name: Joel Goldenberg
From: Montreal
Time: 1998-12-23 08:16:26
Comments: From what I've been reading here, my sense is that not much is expected of DVDs in improving oldies. I don't know if this has been suggested, but there is great potential! The existence of other audio tracks for different language versions of movies means the same can be done for music, in this case mono and stereo versions, or even alternate mixes on the same song choice. Even our one track mind (get it, one track, mono, ha ha ha) friends at Rhino might go for this.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline Digital Audio Restoration Service
From: Metro Boston
Time: 1998-12-23 14:03:25
Comments: To Joel Goldenberg and others: I would not expect that reissued albums on DVDs would include both stereo and mono mixes of the albums, especially from third-party reissue labels like Rhino, Eric, Varese, Collectables, and One-Way. The majors charge a "per track" fee for licensing. Two different copies of the same song on a CD counts for two licenses. If I wanted to issue a compilation of The Drifters' hits, including both 45 and stereo mixes of the hits, I'd have to license the titles twice, once for the 45 mix and again for the LP mix. This would drive the cost of licensing a 20 track disc through the roof, and with WEA's 20,000 piece minimums, I'm sure you can figure out the licensing cost at $.06 per track times 20 tracks, times 20,000 pieces. That's just in licensing fees alone, not including mastering, pressing, packaging, marketing and distribution! I would not expect this type of DVD release unless the majors and rights-holders change the way they do business, and at this point, I see the licensing costs rising instead of descending.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: nyc
Time: 1998-12-23 18:34:14
Comments: Re: DVD. While I agree with Tom Daly, I also wish to point out that when DVD hits the audio world, many reissue labels will be questioning the current fee per track setup. After all, this is the first time in history where the space limitations of a playable medium have been almost totally overcome. Perhaps the setup will be changed to a deal whereby the first version of a song on a DVD costs the normal fee, but all subsequent versions cost a percentage. This *may* work, because there is MORE profit potential under this scenario, because now, the labels seldom include multiple versions. Give them a break, and the numbers should rise...Comments?

Name: Boppin Brian
From: Chilly California--FLASH!--cold snap ! 64 degrees in SoCal.!!!
Time: 1998-12-23 20:24:53
Comments: Chilled coastal california calling - - computer cataloging Christmas carols & critters !!!! CHIPMUNKS "Chipmunk Song" ...I first rrecall hearing the STEREO version on '89 Rhino "Dr. Demento Presents....Novelty CD", but it could be that EMI's ("Legends of xmas Past") came out first (don't have it..). Point : is there more than one "mix" / stereo version of this "love it or hate it" chestnut ??? "WHITE CHRISTMAS" new 2 CD "The Voice of Christmas" MCA/Decca 11840 has multiple versions....(but still probably won't satisfy completists) The version that has been most readily available for decades on reissues is not the original (1942). Notes in 4 CD box "BING CROSBY his Legendary Years '31-'57" (MCA 10887) touted "1st reissue of original(1942)". New 2 CD set goes one further with 1st release of "A" take with "fluffed" line. '42 version was "B" take from same May (!) session & became 1st issue/hit. Even usually O.K. Billboard (Rhino) Cd compilation got it wrong using '47 re - make. They goofed on "Silent Night", too, using '46 remake not '35 original. This would be O.K. if they identified them correctly, as the intention would seem to be use the best sounding version for such a "mainstream" release, but the misinformation really screws things up ! Similarly, the original "The Chrismas Song" by (NAT) KING COLE TRIO finally re-appeared on the 4 CD Capitol box set. Meanwhile, evrything's screwy with Louis ....MCA has a "LOUIS ARMSTRONG & friends" CD entitled "What A wonderful xmas" (MCA/Hip o 40065) that gives us not only a sleigh bells-less "Cool Yule", but an incorrect run down of the contents - "Santa Baby" is track 10, not 5, making for a live dj's nightmare. "Cool Yule" is there, sleigh bells & all on Rhino's "Hipster's Holiday" (crispy) & "Santa Claus Blues" (Jass 3) (muffly). The latter, though not too hi in the fi, contains oodles of rare jazzy xmas gems. I think the "Little St. Nick" sleigh bells scenario has been dicsussed here before, but the "Ultimate xmas.." BEACH BOYS CD has the 2 different versions. So get in your slegh, you last minute shoppers !! (or at least look for these in the after Christmas sale bins). Now how about "Do You Hear What I Hear' & "Christmas is for Children" .....???! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * (I still don't know how you folks get seperate paragraphs here....!) * * * * * * * * * * * Somebody asked about cheap-o megalomart sighting of "100 Juke Box Hits" import set. WATCH IT !!! This is one of those Euro re-hash jobs! Re-recordings are the norm when you see packaging that boldly screams "Original Artists". Interestingly enough, there are a few original recordings (records, too !- the Suns are about 1/2 disc dubs) and Whoo Hoo! - Tony Bennett's "Jeepers Creepers" in stereo. The 1/2 a dozen odd tracks per cd that are originals are probably available elsewhere (maybe from mega Bear box sets...). Let me know if you'd still like 1/2 a cd's worth of music (& the rest of the 4 cd set - - TRASH !) ..... let's see I could really ruin your next party for the price of one good cd !!! As tends to be the case with these things, the very next CD that pops up from these same folks is really not 1/2 (...hmmm...3/4 !?!?) bad at all..only 1 (maybe 2 - "Poly Rock" by B Bumble & Stingers??) re-recording. The rest is all original '50s R & R. Some good rarities too from Capitol, Chalenge, Decca, Flip, etc. It's "Rock and Roll I "(Roman numeral one). Label is (take your pick !): TKO/United Audio Ent./Kuys Leisure # UAE 30742. Sticker on wrap : "Made in Holland" . The "100.Hits" box has the notation "Barry Collings Entertainments" on the bottom of the outer box & on the cd tray cards each (but not all) noted with"*" are "Barry's" re-recordings. Anyone have any tips on other similar collections on labels like "Tri", "Disky", "Fat Boy (U.K.)", "Tring", "Kenwest", "Thunderbolt" ?????? GOODYE ! Feliz Navidad !!

Name: Paul Stoddard
From: Boston, MA
Time: 1998-12-24 08:04:14
Comments: According to the latest ICE magazine, Sony/Legacy is planning a bunch of new greatest hits packages for the month of February. There are "16 Biggest Hits" collections from Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, plus "Greatest Hits" packages from Blood, Sweat, & Tears, The Byrds, Donovan, Kansas, and Mitch Miller (??!!??). If these are true Legacy packages and have been given the SBM treatment, they could be worthwhile. Nothing has really been done with the Orbison tapes since the box set. The current Kansas and Donovan greatest hits packages have been around for years. There might even be some new stereo on the new Donovan. I'm hoping that it'll at least be better than that awful "Troubador" set. It's hard to imagine any improvement over The Byrds' "20 Essential Tracks From The Box Set" package. This was the one that went the box set one better by including the recently-found true stereo "Mr Tambourine Man". I also find the release of yet another BS&T package interesting. We've had a remastered 2-CD set that contained all of the LP versions of the hits, plus a remastered single CD that contained all of the single versions. What more could this new package offer? I guess we'll have to wait and see. A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-24 11:32:03
Comments: Re: Byrds. If that 20 greatest came out before the recent remasters (which I belive it did), there is room for improvement - while the box set still used some old stereo mixdown tapes, just about everything from the reissues has been remixed - I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better sounds much better, in particular... Also, I don't remember if I mentioned it, but Bob Irwin is currently doing the last set of Byrds remasters...

Name: Joe Fornarotto
From: Oceanport,NJ
Time: 1998-12-24 15:47:48
Comments: Unless I missed one ,Blood Sweat & Tears does not have a single disc compilation with the true single versions on it. Columbia's Greatest hits CD contains the LP versions -the original vinyl versions of this LP had the edits on it-I believe the new collection on legacy are to include the 45 versions in stereo and include some bonus tracks. Something I am looking foward to. To bad Legacy no longer controls the Chicago catalog-sure would like to have them 45 versions on CD.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-25 21:58:10
Comments: For X-Mas I picked up the new remaster of "The Temptin' Temptations" for my mom. I compared it to the remaster of Greatest Hits Vol 1., and I think the sound is a lot better on this one - a much smoother sound, while Greatest Hits sounds overly bright to me... I don't think it makes much of a difference, but Greatest Hits was done in 20 bit, while this issue is 24 bit... Oh, and it *IS* stereo...

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: seedy CD - land.... ???
Time: 1998-12-26 20:02:09
Comments: Has anyone out there had any experience, good or bad with any of the following "import" labels ??? :

TELESONIC ("The Magic Collection" series), KNIGHT ("Soul Years"), GRF ("60s Decade"), FLASH, GOLDEN/GOLDEN JAZZ/GOLDEN BLUES, SOUL SUPPLY ("Cream of Soul"), EDEN, EDEL (Kinks 2 cd), CRIMSON, ESSENTIAL, TRI, TRING, DISKY, KENWEST, FAT BOY.

Any info would be greatly appreciated !!

Name: Paul Stoddard
From: Boston, MA
Time: 1998-12-27 11:30:35
Comments: For Boppin' Brian: The Knight and Essential labels are part of the Castle Communications group. The CDs that I have on those labels sound good and contain original versions. The Disky label is out of the Netherlands and the products are a toss-up. Sometimes you get the real thing and sometimes you get re-recordings or live versions. You really have to see the package to know for sure, since they print the licensing information on the back. I have 2 series from the KenWest label and both sound good and contain the original versions. It was on one of the volumes of the "Walkin' On Sunshine" series that the song "Pilot Of The Airwaves" made its first CD appearance. They used the LP version. The Fat Boy label should be avoided like the plague. It is 99% re-recordings and live versions, and the 1% that are originals sound terrible. I've seen a lot of Crimson product around, especially in Tower. Some of the packages look interesting but, since there is no licensing information visible on the package, I'm not inclined to buy any. The tracks on the Crimson packages come from all of the major labels, and the lack of licensing information makes me suspicious. Hope this helps!

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: day-off-ville, ca.
Time: 1998-12-27 20:46:25
Comments: OK, so i gotta lotta spare time !!! Thanks for the tip (below) on the "shady" CDs...keep 'em comin' !! Also, if anyone out there can recommend any other resources out there in computer-land that gives reviews of and details about "oldy" CD reissues, let me know !! (Can you tell, MC, some of us folks are REALLY anxious to get a hold of your latest, updated "OLDIES ON CD" book ???!!) Now, has anyone got any tips on any of the following:

Paul Revere & the Raiders "Midnight Ride" on Columbia 9308

KINGSMEN any "tips" on which CD has the Wand hits in stereo (sans "live" crowd sfx, please). Still the best place I know of to hear "That's Cool - That's Trash", "Money", "Jolly Green Giant", etc. are LPs...

B.B. KING ...Flair/Virgin "Best of Vol. 1" (was Ace U.K. compilation) some tracks have '60s overdubs..which ones ? has this been corrected on recent issues ?? The Flair "2 fer" of old Crown LPs has the unadulterated '50s cuts, but not all the hits.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-27 21:07:24
Comments: Re: Kingsmen - I can't personally vouch for any of them, but I'd bet you would do good with the Sundazed issues - anyone care to back that up?

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-12-28 10:05:56
Comments: Does anybody have any 45s or LPs on the HIT label. This a was a cheapie supermarket label in the '60s that did cover versions of then current hits and sold very cheaply to rack jobbers. I'm putting together a comp and need all that I can get. Please email me if you have any...thanks!! Mike

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-28 17:02:35
Comments: For "Boppin' Brian"... I have the Paul Revere & Raiders' "Midnight Ride" Columbia CD, so I can give you a first-hand tip on that one. I bought it a while back; I figured that since Columbia/Sony already had it out, a Sundazed version wasn't likely, so I went ahead and bought it on Columbia. (Although I suppose it's possible that Sundazed COULD eventually redo it, since they've done so many of their other LPs...) Anyway, it's an excellent CD; an all-stereo straight reissue of the LP. The jacket and disc claim AAD, but according to the review in the "Oldies On CD" book, it's actually ADD, with all tracks having been digitally remixed. My own ears bear this out; you really can hear the difference. My only real gripe about this one is that it's skimpy on total playing time (27:46). To me, this is one that cries out for bonus tracks to "flesh out" the extra disc space; for example, this would have been a perfect place to add "Shake It Up", the original flipside of "Kicks" which wasn't in the LP. Well, at least "Shake It Up" IS on the Legacy "Legend Of Paul Revere" set... But back to your question--Sound-wise this is a great CD, and it's fairly low-priced (I think mine cost about $10)...

Name: Boppin' Brian
From: legoland, usa
Time: 1998-12-28 20:10:03
Comments: Ah write, dis compyooter done shut me down in the midst of my checklist !! Again, anyone out there got any info on these:

"Another Trip Down Memory Lane" (W.B. 21412 -2 cd set) Al Jolson, Bill Haley, Dorseys, Bing Crosby,etc.

Soul Supply "Cream of (Vintage) Soul" 3 cd

Kenwest 811 "Doo Wop Days" 3 cd

Castle 8068 "World of Psychedelic" 2 cd

" " 251 "Summer in the City"

" " 222 "Best of Folk"

" " 203 "Soul Sensation"

" "204 "Sensational 70s"

" " 217 "Sweet Soul Classics" (2 cd)

" " 8027-9(2 cd sets) "The Sound of Young America"

" " 3049 Searchers "Masters Coll."

" " 303 " " "Complete Collection"

" " 301 Tremeloes "Complete Collection"

" " 302 Small Faces " " " "

" " 3076 Small Faces "MastersColl."

" " Small Faces "Greatest Hits"

" " 306 Pat Boone "Best of"

Frank Ifield EMI3816 "Best of/Remeber These.."

Bert Kaempfert Polydor 529168 "Collection"

Deep Beats 784 "Old School Harmony #2"

" " 704 & 728 "Essential 60s Soul" 1 & 2

Diabol 811 "Microdelia" (Seeds, Yardbirds, Count 5, Who, etc.)

Sun 10149 Johnny Cash " 20 Orig. Hits"

BMG 17 & 42116 Jim Reeves Greatest Hits & G.H. Vol. 2

" " 62 & 70 Perry Como "Born to Be A Hit" vol. 1 & 2.

Dunhill 31044 MAMAS & PAPAS "Deliver" (Steve Hoffman ???)and a whole lotta others on ODD sounding labels like NEWSOUND, TELESONIC, FLASH, GRF, GOLDEN, etc. - - - looking, for the most part like "Ya pays yer money ya take your chances" - type discs, but HEY ! if anyone out there has dug up any gems with these, let's hear about it. I suppose there are other computer - based resources for this info ("news groups" ??), & if anyone has leads on that, great...I've tried various "searches"...........I guess it's just that BSN crew is the most knowledgable on CD reissues I've yet to come across ....... BYE !!

Name: The Bub
Time: 1998-12-30 01:28:13
Comments: Hey and Happy Days. Re: Hit Records... I had posted a while back Re: this label, rumor was, that they also produced L.P.s...I got no response... Anyhoo' Mike A's cause is noble, and please go huntin' for this stuff..It was a neat label, and now is, obviously obscure!

Name: chas
Time: 1998-12-30 02:22:22
Comments: Did anyone else hear the STEREO mix of the "Beach Boys":"PARTY" Cd, on the "Sea Of Tunes" Label?It is incredible!!!!

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, California
Time: 1998-12-30 03:27:51
Comments: OK everyone. I think it's time we flood Allen Klein and ABCKO like we did Rhino in September. The Cameo/Parkway stuff must get released. Does anyone have their Website or E-mail? Please respond, and pick a date. Maybe New Years Day would be good. Bob.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Racine, WI
Time: 1998-12-30 10:21:29
Comments: worked last time I tried...

Name: Barry Cashion
From: Mooresville, NC
Time: 1998-12-31 15:47:25
Comments: Regarding website/e-mail addresses for Abkco... Since there is an e-mail address for Jody Klein, I wonder if there is also a general website address for Abkco, such as ""? I tried this address, but I keep getting a message that "a connection with the server could not be established". I also came up empty-handed when I tried a web search on "excite", "webcrawler", and "lycos". Well, at least we can all try the address that Luke P. mentioned; maybe we'll get their attention...

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