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Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank, Ca.
Time: 1998-04-01 04:10:57
Comments: I, for one, am sick and tired of Allen Klein. It's time for him to sell out to the highest bidder, lock stock and barrel. He has no interest in music, only his greedy self, and anyone else in his family who sticks up for him. We don't need clowns like him in the business. Any offers pending??? My current want list: are there any CDs anywhere with Betty Johnson of "Little Blue Man" fame available? She had many hits on Bally Records as well as Atlantic Records.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-04-01 22:51:10
Comments: More stereo finds: The Best Of Steve & Eydie [Point CD 16265, Canada] has "Go Away Little Girl" and "Blame It On The Bosa Nova" in stereo, but "Can't Get Over The Bosa Nova" is mono.... I found a super cheepy-budget-junky CD called Do You Remember 1971 Pop Anthology, Stemra [inport eec] all the tracks are re-recordings except "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" [Mac & Katie Kissoon] which is the original in STEREO with decent sound. Gotta go -mono sucks!!!

Name: Joel Goldenberg
From: Montreal
Time: 1998-04-03 17:19:28
Comments: Hi, all. Here's my pick for most awful fake stereo of all time: "Love Me Tender" by Elvis and the entire Beach Boys Today! album, especially "Bull Session with the Big Daddy." Why reprocess a conversation?! "Love Me Tender" just sounds gruesome that way, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear it in true stereo on the Heart and Soul CD.... Here's a controversial tidbit. In many cases, I still like the sound of vinyl over CD, even great-sounding CDs. Vinyl sound has a sort of presence CDs don't have, but I will acknowledge that CDs have improved in recent years. Whatever happened to the laser record player that was described in Discoveries a few years ago?... Another opinion: I mostly have cassettes in my collection. Used, they're extremely inexpensive, and when the sound quality isn't great, it isn't as disappointing as it can be when hearing a "special products-like"package on CD. There's my two cents.

[ The laser turntable never did work correctly, was extremely expensive, and you had to wash the records beforehand or else dirt would show up as sound. Not too good, so it died a quiet death. R.I.P. MC]

Name: Danno
From: Mid-State NY
Time: 1998-04-03 20:33:29
Comments: Friends : Today in a used CD store I saw Phil Spector's Christmas Album on CD. The label indicated that it was an import from the U.K., and was issued in STEREO. Was this available in the U.S. in STEREO? I have the CD in its MONO version that was included as Disc#4 in the Spector Back To Mono box set.

Name: Alex Shkoditzh
From: Good ol' NY
Time: 1998-04-04 13:22:12
Comments: Are any of these available in true stereo (even two track)? "Gimme Some Loving" - Spencer Davis Group; "Proud Mary" or "Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence; any of the Dave Clark 5 early singles (you know the ones I mean); "Hanky Panky" or "I Think We're Alone Now" - Tommy James; "19th Nervous Breakdown" - Rolling Stones; Herman Hermits - singles; Animals - early singles? It seems that all of these in my collection, on various media, always are in mono. Just wondering about the availability.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1998-04-04 13:34:21
Comments: "Are any of these available in true stereo (even two track)???" Well, two track is stereo, so...:) "Proud Mary" or "Bad Moon Rising" - Creedence? I believe Bad Moon is always in stereo, just very narrow. Better mixes are available on a quad version of Creedence Gold, if I remember correctly. "19th Nervous Breakdown" - Rolling Stones? Only on bootleg?

Name: Paul Stoddard
From: Boston, MA
Time: 1998-04-04 17:48:35
Comments: New Stereo Find: The Varese Vintage package called God, Love, and Rock & Roll contains the stereo version of "Deck Of Cards" by Wink Martindale. This is the first legitimate appearance of this track that I'm aware of. The rest of the CD consists of other songs with religious overtones, but nothing else previously unavailable on CD.

Name: Joel Goldenberg
From: Montreal
Time: 1998-04-05 12:11:14
Comments: Hi y'all. I had a most productive weekend, stereo-wise. Got a used copy of the 1992 remaster of the Time-Life 1960 Rock n'Roll Era CD with the stereo Hank Ballard tracks - very good. Next, I was able to listen to Disc 1 of the Atlantic 50th Anniversary 2-CD set (very expensive here, $39.99 Canadian), remastered using the HDCD process. I could only listen on earphones. Sounds clean, but no revelations. Coasters track is in mono, "What'd I Say," "Dock of the Bay" and "Mack the Knife" are stereo. Disappointingly, "I Got You Babe" is mono, as is "In The Midnight Hour."... On a more encouraging note, I bought the Who's expanded Odds and Sods album. The sound is great. "Under My Thumb" is (to my knowledge) first-time stereo, with a count-off. "Faith In Something Bigger" is stereo (hard to tell what it was on the original Odds and Sods LP). We also have studio versions of "Summertime Blues" and "Young Man Blues" (the latter previously only available on a UK Track Records collection). Finally (whew!) my brother bought a Carpenters Love Songs collection (first released in UK, then Canada, don't know if it's in U.S.) ... Mike, in Oldies on CD, you asked "whatever became of the 45 RPM version of "Top of the World?" If the version includes extra "clip-clop"percussion and a tambourine type overdub, it's on this collection, not just in New Zealand. Also, "For All We Know" sounds pared down, and other tracks have bass parts I hadn't heard before. That's it, and quite a mouthful!

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1998-04-05 20:21:50
Comments: Re: Odds & Sods - well, I just have to jump in. Under My Thumb - yes, it is in stereo for the first time, but is missing the lead guitar line throughout the entire song. The word is this mix was left over from the box set - I really can't belive nobody caught the problem... As for Young Man Blues, this is NOT the version from The House That Track Built. It is a previously unreleased version from the same sessions. This version is vastly inferior to the version on THTTB, IMO.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1998-04-06 01:21:35
Comments: Rhino is currently soliciting contributions to a FAQ section on its Web page. I've already sent in my suggestion ("Why is Rhino under the mistaken impression that everything from the '60s sounds better in mono? (This is why I don't buy Rhino CDs anymore)." Anyone who wishes to add his or her own two cents can e-mail Rhino at with "FAQ" in the subject line.

Name: John Adkins
From: Phoenix
Time: 1998-04-06 10:17:09
Comments: More for Alex S. re stereo..."Hanky Panky"--no. Legend is this song was recorded on single track tape in a radio station production studio several years before it was a national hit in 1966. That master even got lost over the years so that CD releases had to use a pristine 45 as the source. "I Think We're Alone Now"--yes. Was finally unearthed about 4 years ago, I think. Dick Bartley had it early on. First appeared on a Rhino (now isn't THAT amazing?) Tommy James budget CD, not on their original Tommy James Anthology (unless it's been remastered). However, I still hear the mono verson being played on oldies radio stations. KOOL-FM/Phoenix went to the stereo, finally, about a year after it came out, but then six months later reverted back to the mono version and has stayed that way! As far as the DC-5, some of their hits were released in stereo on a UK (EMI label) compilation LP some years back. Some tracks are slightly alternate mixes from the mono 45s. "Can't You See That She's Mine" and "Catch Us If You Can" come to mind. I suppose I'd have to pose a question here, that being, where are the follow-up CDs that Dave Clark was going to release after his first DC-5 CD (finally) came out? The story was there would be a CD with the hits in stereo.

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC
Time: 1998-04-06 21:17:14
Comments: Some comments on the previous few posts: 1) Elvis in Fake Stereo--- No Thanks!! 2) "Hanky Panky" - Tommy James himself has said it was done on a mono recorder. That would mean, of course, no stereo ever. 3) The DC5. This one I know, because I had a nice long chat with a Vice President of Hollywood Records, which is the label that Dave Clark chose to release the DC5 CDs. Heres what happened: Dave Clark did not like the way the 50 Greatest Hits CD was handled by the team at Hollywood. In his deal with Hollywood, he had the option to pull any future material from being released until the contract runs out in 1999. He is doing just that, and will most likely seek a new home for the DC5 material at that time. My hope was to see ALL the great DC5 LPs on a series of two-fers. As far as stereo DC5 stuff goes, there was an LP on EMI issued in the mid 70s called The Best Of The Dave Clark Five. This LP (which I still have) had most, tho not all of the early stuff in true stereo. "Anyway You Want It" and "Over and Over" are two hits that have NEVER been in true stereo. "Catch Us If You Can" was a very different mix than the 45. "Can't You See That Shes Mine" was a different TAKE altogether. This alternate take (not the American LP or 45 track) had much more active drum fills than the hit version. It found its way onto the 1976 mono LP Glad All Over Again on Epic." "Reeling and Rocking" appeared in true stereo ONLY on a European LP of DC5 covers. "Ive Got To Have a Reason" is in stereo only on the stereo version of the 1967 LP. There are also several bootleg CDs that have this material in stereo. Also on the SIRE History Of British Rock series of LPs, some of the stuff was in true stereo. Luckily, the stereo DC5 isn't all that impossible to find. I enjoy this band in stereo, I only wish there was more availble on CD. Hopefully, before we all die, Dave Clark will release the rest of the catalog.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-04-06 21:36:29
Comments: Due to overwelming requests, here is the run down of the Best of Steve & Eydie ....Footsteps [S]/Pretty Blue Eyes [S]/Come Back Silly Girl [S]/Loving Is a Way of Living [S]/Why, Why, Why [S]/Go Away Little Girl [S]/Yet...I Know [S]/Walking Proud [M]/Don't Be Afraid Little Darling [M]/The Banana Boat Song [M]/Fabulous [M]/The Chicken & the Hawk [M]/Party Doll [M]/Girls, Girls, Girls[M]/Little Boy Blue [M]/Everybody Knows [S]/I Want to Stay Here [M]/I Can't Stop Talkin' About You [M]/I Want You to Meet My Baby [M]/Don't Try to Fight it Baby [M]/Blame it on the Bosa Nova [S]/Yes My Darling Daughter [E]/Everybody Go Home [M]/Can't Get Over the Bosa Nova[M]/You're Nobody till Somebody Loves You [S]........Most of these tracks sound like they were mastered from vinyl, but they are quite clean only noticable at the very begining of the song. I found my copy at The beat Goes On...E-Mail the CD is a Canadian import [POINT CD 16265].

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1998-04-06 21:40:34
Comments: While it's true that Rhino mastered Tommy James and the Shondells' "Hanky Panky" from mint vinyl, a clean tape of the song was discovered and released on Sequel's 1994 twofer Hanky Panky/Mony Mony. According to TJ discographer Michael Thom, who coordinated and wrote the liner notes for Rhino's CDs, the master tape plays slightly longer than the vinyl dub. He also notes that although the original "Hanky Panky" LP on Roulette did contain stereo tracks, the entire album is mono on the Sequel disc.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline
From: Malden, MA
Time: 1998-04-07 08:30:47
Comments: One thing is painfully obvious: Phil Spector's "Wall-of-Sound" joins a very high noise floor. In working with some of the Philles, Moonglow, and A&M material, all of which is unrelentingly hissy, one wonders where the multis for this material is hiding. It would appear that nothing that's been released over the last 20 years or so was ever in the same room with a session master.

Name: don
From: memphis
Time: 1998-04-07 13:22:31
Comments: Dunno if anybody's commented on this, but the new Castle UK reissues of the 1st 5 Kinks albums are almost entirely in mono!! There are bonus tracks, and the remastering is apparently superb... and heck, I might've paid lots to hear LPs like Something Else or Face to Face in mono, but still.... Since Ray Davies is involved, perhaps he's having an attack of Brian Wilson/Phil Spector monomania?

Name: Bill Peterson
From: Olympia, WA
Time: 1998-04-08 19:31:11
Comments: Just found you all. In the early '60s I purchased a copy of "Deserie" by the Charts on the Wand label, thinking it was the same old popular ballad from the late '50s on a wierd label. To my surprise, it was the same words and apparently the same group, but the song was done in a very upbeat way with heavy background music. Can anyone shed some light on this cut? Did it get very much air play, etc.?... I'm also looking for copies on any media of the following two singles: "Looking For An Echo" by Kenny Vance - circa early '70s, and "The Stars Will Remember" by the Holidays - circa early '60s. Both were popular in the New York area. I buy original label 45s and would pay top dollar for the above singles.

[ You might try posting your wants to the usenet newsgroup MC]

Name: Bill Buster
From: American Hits/Eric Records
Time: 1998-04-08 21:53:36
Comments: Note to Bill Peterson: We've got the Kenny Vance single in stock. The Holidays song is available on an Ace (UK) CD called Laurie Doo Wop, also available from us. In fact, anyone out there interested in new (unused) 45 RPM singles, both original label and reissues, feel free (literally) to give me a call AFTER 6PM Pacific time at (800) 563-4487. There's over 500,000 oldie singles here from 1960 to the present. If it charted, we probably have it.

Name: Daryl Denton
From: Alpine,CA
Time: 1998-04-09 02:24:49
Comments: I don't know if the new Sam Cooke CD is in short supply or not. My local chain record store only got two copies, which were already sold before I could get over there after reading the message recently posted. However, I ordered a copy from Tower's web site, (, which arrived today. In my opinion, it's a definite "A." Even the mono material sounds great, and the stereo versions of "Cupid," "Twistin' the Night Away," and several others are almost like hearing the songs for the first time.

Name: chaz
Time: 1998-04-09 02:43:47
Comments: I am looking for the following Cds; Jack Scott's Capitol Collectors Series; Jerry Lewis's Capitol Collector Series; and the Fantastic Baggys' EMI Legendary Master Series. Any help would be appreciated; please e-mail me at above address. Thanks.... Just picked up the Temptations Greatest Hits, Vols 1&2. Excellent Stereo!!! Where have those stereo masters been hiding all these years? I suppose in the stereo vaults. Hope we get more of these.

Name: Tom Daly
Website: Skyline
From: Malden, MA
Time: 1998-04-10 07:23:46
Comments: Whatever happened to the 45 version of "Master Jack" by Four Jacks and a Jill? The original single was a mono-only recording, cut in South Africa. The commonly reissued version is a stereo remake, recorded in L.A. after the 45 became a hit.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1998-04-10 09:27:02
Comments: Re Chaz's comment on Temptations' CDs ("I hope we get more of these"): We have! Motown has just reissued the 1970 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Greatest Hits album on CD, with the same 20-bit mastering used on the Temptations' disks. All stereo, great sound, budget price, all the chart hits except "California Soul."

Name: Glen Cassan
From: Mississauga, Ontario
Time: 1998-04-10 12:18:46
Comments: Has anybody had a listen to the 3 CD set entitled Kinks Remastered and can comment on sound quality??

[ Sound quality is pretty good, but not spectacular. MC]

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1998-04-10 16:06:32
Comments: Just a quick note regarding Marvin Gaye and stereo. As many of you probably know, the original Motown Anthology CD (before it was upgraded) used the stereo mixes of the pre - "What's Going On" hits. The problem was, that the quality left something to be desired, with the tapes being, obviously, a few generations down. Not so with The Norman Whitfield Sessions, which came out in '94. It's all stereo and in great quality - remastered at Ocean View by Joe Gastwirt.....Highly recommended. Dave Modny

Name: Paul Bigelow
From: Austin, Texas
Time: 1998-04-10 16:57:11
Comments: There's been a lot of discussion concerning Motown quality lately. I remember reading in ICE some years ago about the discovery of the Motown master tapes in Los Angeles and that there were LOTS of unissued material, complete unissued album masters, etc. but that it was an unorganized mess. I did not hear anything about the discovery after that. Were multi-tracks found? Was the cataloging completed? Were the tapes unusable? OR did "the powers that be" do all the preservation work but decided continue to use *mostly* the mono masters at hand anyway? Obviously there needs to be a systematic, chronological series of Motown album reissues without the endless "thematic" compilations that cloud the whole issue. Maybe Bear Family needs to get a hold of Motown.... (hold on to your wallets!)

Name: Mike Arcidiacono, Stereo Afficionado
From: NYC
Time: 1998-04-11 00:03:27
Comments: Those who have been following reissue news over the years may remember that around five years ago, record producer Clark Enslin came across 200 multitrack master reels from Columbia Records in an abandoned storage room in Nashville. A lot of so called "Lost Masters " were among these tapes. He bought all the tapes for $6,000, whereupon Sony sued him for the rights. He won the case, and was supposed to start issuing some of this priceless material. Altho I do think that the Byrds CDs came from these tapes, I have not heard anything else about Clark, the tapes, a list of exactly whats there, etc. Does anybody here on BSN have any info, or know of any articles on the subject? This is really interesting to me, the tapes reresented some of Columbia's biggest artists of the '60s and are a proverbial gold mine to oldies enthusiasts. Clark, if you read BSN, please advise!! Thanks! Mike

Name: David R. Modny
Time: 1998-04-11 10:01:25
Comments: Re: "Lost Columbia Tapes" - I too remember reading in Goldmine about the Nashville tape discovery. I remember one of the "finds" being an alternate take of S&G's "Scarborough Fair". I too would welcome any news on the status of these tapes.

Name: Rod Jewett
From: East Lansing, MI
Time: 1998-04-11 12:09:39

Last year Varese announced a P.F. Sloan CD: Child Of Our Times: The Trousdale Demo Sessions 1965-1967 (VSD 5825) I've been watching for it ever since. Was this ever issued or what happened?

Name: T. P. Uschanov
From: Helsinki, Finland
Time: 1998-04-11 18:41:20
Comments: I have a little comment to make about the Zombies' Zombie Heaven box, which hasn't been discussed much here. Some time ago Paul Bigelow protested that it was almost all mono. I don't think that protest was really justified, since the Zombies are the one major sixties group that has been reissued almost exclusively in stereo -- on at least fifty different CDs, always from the LP masters mixed shortly after the group's break-up in 1969. Meanwhile, as the box set booklet cares to explain, the mono single versions of their 1964-1966 material on Disc 1, including alternative takes from those on the stereo reissues, and in many cases even prominent overdubs added at the mixing stage (just check out "She's Not There"), have never been consistently used on a reissue until now. If Ace didn't care about stereo, I don't think they'd have included the first-time stereo "This Will Be Our Year" on Disc 2 of the box. Also, the BBC material on Disc 4 was not even taped in stereo originally, so it can hardly be expected to be stereo now. I myself consider the box the reissue of the decade, and the use of those mono versions (eleven of them making their CD debuts) is a big contributing factor.

Name: chaz
Time: 1998-04-12 00:33:45
Comments: Thanks to Randy Price for the Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Greatest Hits CD information. I ,just picked it up. Excellent sound. Is it possible that the STEREO masters are finally going to come out? I would love to here the Supremes Greatest Hits 1&2 in this STEREO quality. I need some help with the following CD : Baby Boomer Classics: Groovin Sixties [JCI-3115] 1987. On page 284 #64 in Mike's Oldies on CD Guide. I purchased this CD FIVE times and every time, the CD would not play, or when it did play it had a lot of distortion . I've been trying to get a playable copy for five or more years now. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE ADDRESS TO JCI OR TELEPHONE NUMBER? Any help will be greatly appreciated.Chaz.

Name: Mike Raphone
Time: 1998-04-12 08:30:56
Comments: JCI (part of defunct Essex Entertainment) is out of business and the CDs are out of print. There's plenty of them still floating around, though...

Name: Mike Cloud
From: Houston
Time: 1998-04-12 13:24:03
Comments: Collector's Choice is selling an import of The Very Best of Herman's Hermits. Has anyone heard it and can comment on sound quality? Stereo content isn't important since it's probably all mono. Couldn't find it in your book, Mike.

Name: Dave Daugherty
From: Dublin, Ohio
Time: 1998-04-13 22:02:39
Comments: For Mike Cloud.....If the Herman's Hermits disc you're referring to is the EMI re-issue of their debut British album, it's really very good (or at least as good as any Micky Most produced recording). It is all mono, but the sound quality is probably as good as it gets. I don't own the disc, but I did get to audition a copy and I was impressed. However, I was also able to listen to a Herman's Hermits Greatest Hits disc on the EMI mid-line label....Music For Pleasure (MFP) and it also sounded great. Could be from the same digital master.

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1998-04-14 13:44:12
Comments: Spring has sprung a must-have: Johnny Preston CD that's titled Charming Billy: The Stereo Recordings (Bear Family BCD 16234). All of its 34 tracks are original Mercury masters, including Preston's 1960 hits "Feel So Fine" and "Leave My Kitten Alone." There's lots of duplication between the latest release and Bear Family's previously issued "Running Bear" anthology (BCD 15473), but that compilation was almost totally mono and neither "Running Bear" or "Cradle of Love" appears on the new stereo disc -- both are only known to exist in mono. Also notable are two never-before-released versions of Preston singing Bobby Day's "Over and Over" and Jimmy Clanton's "Lucky in Love with You.." And with Charming Billy: The Stereo Recordings being sold for less than $12 by a few online music stores, the price of is definitely right.

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: Click here for Taragon Records release information...
Time: 1998-04-15 12:14:48
Comments: For those that are interested, The Very Best Of Red Bird/Blue Cat Records will finally be released to our distributors/dealers on April 24. (It will take a few days to get to the stores.) We appreciate your patience, and hope you will enjoy the release. We welcome your comments, too. Further track information is available at our website: WWW.TARAGON.COM.

Name: Christopher (Dr.D.) Dolmetsch
From: Hurricane, West Virginia/USA
Time: 1998-04-15 15:08:37
Comments: Does anyone out there know how many original versions there are of Jan & Dean's 1964 hit record "Deadman's Curve?" Just when I thought I had heard *all* of them, I tuned into an oldies radio station the other day and heard a version/mix I don't believe I'd ever heard before. The instrumental track was pretty much the same as the most common/popular version (here I'm thinking of the version included on Disc 1 of From Surf City To Drag City collection) but the vocals were distinctly different. I had heard at least two released versions of this song from 64 (not including the bootlegged private version with comments about being burned in the fire at the end of the take), but this most recent version is neither of the two I knew. Anyone care to comment here? Thanks!

Name: Larry Davis
From: Longview, Washington
Time: 1998-04-15 17:07:57
Comments: Has anyone come across the Columbia hits of Jo Stafford? I have 8 CD reissues by Jo and only a few of her 34 chart hits for Columbia have ever appeared on CD. There was an announcement of a 16 Most Requested addition to the Sony series of Pop artist reissues some years back, even a track listing was published, but it never came out. It must be difficult to get the rights from Jo (and with her husband Paul's death, it may be even harder now). But Bear Family put out a great collection of her Columbia duets with Frankie Laine. Maybe Jo doesn't control all international rights, so maybe some European or Japanese label could get this material reissued? Sony seems to have given up trying to do anything here in the U.S.

Name: Charlie
From: Perrysburg Ohio
Time: 1998-04-16 16:54:41
Comments: Hello All.....The latest Collectors'Choice catalog has a Carpenters CD titled Love Songs on sale. Does anyone know if the songs are the original hits? Are the annoying seques found on other Carpenters' CDs found here? Is "Top Of The World" the 45 RPM hit version or the LP version? Thanks for any help.........Charlie

Name: Bob Fink
From: Conn.
Time: 1998-04-16 17:00:56
Comments: Hi: Thought I'd drop a note regarding the Procol Harum 30th Anniversary Anthology set import on the Westside label. A fine job, especially Tom Moulton's brilliant Stereo mix of the "Whiter Shade.. alternate take. Nice wide stereo, and it runs out to a full and beautiful cold ending. Looks like this will be as close as we ever get to knowing how the released version would have been in stereo. Alternates of "Homburg" and "..Garden fence" are just a couple of the many real treats on disc 3. This is a must have for any fan of this great British group of the 60's! Thanks. Bob.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-04-16 22:32:10
Comments: More goodies I found from across the pond [Canada]. Paul Anka's My Heart Sings [Radio Archives RA436510] is almost an exact copy of his gold double LP on Sire. It has the same stereo/rech/mono/tunes, only this CD has 30 tracks. Nice sound... Charlie Gracie's Fabulous [Park 561] has all his charters [all 3 of them] in mono, probably cederized, quite clean.... The Tymes' So Much In Love [Park 552] has all their charters ..cedarized.. "So much in Love" is mono, but quite clean, and the stereo tracks are marked.... The Best Of The Five Man Electrical Band [Polydor 314-523-331-2] contains all their charters in stereo with the LP & 45 versions of "Signs" in somewhat wider seperation than I prevously heard.... Best Of The Invictas [Forevermore 5007] contains their only [local] hit "The Hump" in mono. That's all for now.

Name: Larry Davis
From: Longview, Washington
Time: 1998-04-17 09:01:56
Comments: The import CD Sweeter Than Wine by Jimmie Rodgers is a great sounding collection of his Roulette recordings. It has 26 tracks with STEREO on the following: "Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring", "Are You Really Mine", "Because They're Young", "Froggy Went A-Courting", "Ring-A-Ling A Lario", "Wonderful You", "Tucumcari", "T.L.C. - Tender Love And Care", "Waltzing Matilda", "Just A Closer Walk With You", "A Little Dog Cried", and "English Country Garden". This is from Westside WESM 536 and it sounds like they found fairly early generation tapes. Now if we could have as good a collection of his Dot and A&M recordings!

Name: Wes Smith
From: monson,ma.
Time: 1998-04-18 06:10:51
Comments: Just wanted anyone who may be interested to know that on the Santo & Johnny CD, Best of (Stardust 1027), there is one song in stereo that is not credited as such. That would be track 13, "A Thousand Miles Away", which I've never heard in stereo before, and it sure sounds perfect to my ears. This song bubbled under the Billboard charts in April,'64 at number 122. (Can-Am.167)

Wes, good to see you're on the chat board! For those of you who don't know Wes, he's one of my most long-standing stereo-lover friends, and was responsible for me getting into writing about stereo for Goldmine twenty years ago. He's also about as knowledgeable about the subject as anyone I have ever met. Welcome. -- MC]

Name: Marty Natchez
Time: 1998-04-19 11:38:20
Comments: In the "We-Never-Would've-Believed-It" Department, Sundazed Music's new CD reissues of Sonny & Cher's Atco LPs Look At Us, The Wondrous World of Sonny & Cher and In Case You're In Love are almost entirely in mono. Shockingly, reissue producer and Sundazed prez Bob Irwin -- who is greatly respected for being a champion of stereo and an strong advocate for stereo remixing -- opted to present those vintage collections in mono, because, he explains on Sundazed's website (, "Sonny (Bono) did not record most of the tracks on these records with stereo mixes in mind." Irwin also notes that he remixed The Wondrous World of Sonny & Cher to mono from existing three-track session tapes. In doing so, "What Now My Love" and other songs now have longer endings. Even so, this is the first time that Irwin has really let stereo collectors down. As he sees it, the new CDs preserve the late Sonny Bono's intent, as a producer, and the musical integrity of the duo's legacy. On the flipside, if you've never heard how great the same songs sounded on stereo vinyl, now's the time to go used-record shopping before S&C's stereo beats from the past completely disappear.

Name: chaz
Time: 1998-04-19 18:14:37
Comments: I finally found that JCI Groovin' '60s (and it plays with no distortion) for only $2.99 in a cut out bin. Wow. I was really looking forward to the three Sonny & Cher CDs. I guess I can save some money now !!!!

Name: J T Anderton
Website: Duncan's American Radio
From: Cincinnati
Time: 1998-04-20 01:43:28
Comments: Does anyone know of a CD-reissue of "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Charlie Ryan and The Timberline Riders, originally on 4-Star 7047 from 1960?

Name: Christopher (Dr.D.) Dolmetsch
From: Hurricane, WV/USA
Time: 1998-04-20 17:03:24
Comments: Does anyone have any info on the recently released 2 disc Del Shannon collection? This is supposedly a "best of" his entire career retrospective. I'd especially welcome comments on the stereo content and sound quality, as I know that many of the previous Del Shannon CD collections have used mono mixes and, yes, even old album masters as their sources. I've refrained from buying much Del Shannon because of the low ratings many of these reissues and "Best Of's" have received. Thanks!

Name: roger ledoux
From: rhode island
Time: 1998-04-21 10:27:22
Comments: To JT Anderton: "Hot Rod Lincoln" by Charlie Ryan is on a Time-Life CD called Country USA 1960.

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1998-04-21 23:43:17
Comments: Marty and Chaz: There is a very good reason why the Sundazed Sonny & Cher CDs are almost all mono--they were manufactured by Rhino. Stereo content for the hits included on the three CDs is the same as on Rhino's Best Of--that is, hardly any.

Name: Larry Naramore
From: Sun Valley, Ca.
Time: 1998-04-22 00:51:48
Comments: Just picked up the Marvin Gaye/Tammi Terrell disc and besides the stereo content, I am not really impressed that much. The sound is good, although it sounds as though there has been some noise suppression, and the disc has Motown's famous "tinny" sound. I also picked up Capitol Sings Kid's Songs for Grown-ups remastered by Bob Norberg, and for my money I think the sound is far superior to Gaye/Terrells' disc, and this is material mostly from the late '40s. Guess I'll have to listen again. By the way, the Price Club in Burbank has Motown's Hitsville USA first box set for $35.99. Anybody know of a reissue of Nat Stuckey's "Sun Comin Up" single?

Name: Joel Goldenberg
From: Montreal
Time: 1998-04-22 10:48:43
Comments: To Charlie from Ohio: As I wrote previously, I believe "Top of the World" is the long-sought after 45rpm version on Love Songs, at least judging by the clip-clop percussion overdub.

Name: Mike Cloud
From: Houston, TX
Time: 1998-04-22 17:50:17
Comments: Thirty years ago the Mamas and the Papas released a 45 version of "Words of Love" with brass orchestra. Does anyone else remember this or know where to find it? I haven't heard it since its initial release.

Name: Andrew W. Panda
Time: 1998-04-23 10:42:26
Comments: New U.S. Dusty Springfield Greatest Hits (Mercury 558208): I Only Want To Be With You (M)/Wishin' And Hopin' (S)/You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (S)/Stay Awhile (M)/Son Of A Preacher Man (S)/I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself (M)/What's It Gonna Be, All Cried Out (M)/In The Middle Of Nowhere (S)/All I See Is You (S)/The Look Of Love (S)/Little By Little (S)/I Close My Eyes And Count To Ten (S)/Some Of Your Lovin' (S)/I'll Try Anything (M)/Losing You (M)/Guess Who? (S)/A Brand New Me (S)/Give Me Time (S)/Goin' Back (S)... quality sounds hissy and or tinny on many of these tracks, as always...

Name: Ken Garland
Time: 1998-04-23 20:37:24
Comments: Mike, the double CD Creeque Alley has "Words of Love" on it. I have not listen to it in a while, so I am not sure if that is the version you want.

Name: Michael J
From: New York City
Time: 1998-04-25 01:40:43
Comments: My copy of The Best of Red Bird and Blue Cat Records CD arrived today. The sound quality is great! One mono track, 14 in wide stereo. "Leader of the Pack" is the uncut version in full stereo throughout. "People Say" is more stereo than just the bells at the break. And then, of course, "Chapel of Love" in stereo. Very exciting. Great job, Eliot Goshman, Ron Furmanek, and Taragon. Michael

Name: Bob Olivia
From: Burbank,Ca.
Time: 1998-04-25 12:08:28
Comments: Just got my copy of Hot Rod Cowboys. Guess what? "Hot Rod Lincoln" is another remake in stereo. Who's got the original version from Gene Autry's Republic Label??? Oh well, more money down the drain for being supplied with the wrong info. Bob Olivia

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma
Time: 1998-04-25 15:49:48
Comments: And a few hours later, my own copy of The Red Bird/Blue Cat compilation turns up, and it was definitely worth the wait. "Remember" runs all the way out to 2:40, and is still scary; "I Can Never Go Home Anymore" has the heartbreaking "Listen, I'm not finished", excised from the 45, before the last verse. The only way this set could possibly have been improved would have been to squeeze in "Past, Present and Future". And Polygram thinks it's going to sell a Shangs collection? Rotsa ruck. Once again, Taragon beats the majors.

Name: Dave Daugherty
From: Dublin, OH
Time: 1998-04-27 22:53:59
Comments: Hey Eliot.....Super job on the Red Bird/Blue Cat CD. Just got my copy today and I was knocked out to finally hear those songs in stereo in really good quality for a change. The Shangri-La's tracks are incredible, but "Chapel Of Love" and "The Boy From New York City" are worth the price of admission alone. I've had both of these tracks in stereo, but never sounding anywhere near this good. It's also about time somebody panned the motorcycle across the stereo stage in "Leader Of The Pack". This is the stereo highlight of the year. Congratulations and Thanks!

Name: Eliot Goshman
Time: 1998-04-28 08:44:40
Comments: Thanks, guys, for all the nice comments on The Very Best Of Red Bird/Blue Cat Records...We appeciate them all, and we hope to do more Red Bird comps in the future. It took literally years to put together, but it was worth it! If you plan to buy your copy in a retail store, copies should be arriving within a week...if the store doesn't have it, tell the manager to order it for you! We've got great new releases coming on June 30 from Jigsaw, Kokomo, The Ames Brothers, Lou Christie and (finally) a Tokens All Time Greatest Hits featuring "Portrait Of My Love" in great stereo! More info will be available soon on our web page. And thanks again for your support.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1998-04-28 17:53:25
Comments: Anyone know much/anything about Mason Proffit? Only one of their records (Come & Gone, a collection of two previous LPs if I am correct) has been released on CD, and only on small obscure labels (One Way Records in the US and Line in Germany). I'd love to hear more of their albums, but I have no idea who actually owns this stuff... "Two Hangmen" is really a great song...

Name: Charles G. Hill
Website: Chez Chaz
From: Dustbury, Oklahoma
Time: 1998-04-28 21:54:29
Comments: Mason Proffit? It's Dunwich, man. Bill Traut, he of the '60s Chicago scene and the H. P. Lovecraft fixation, managed the group (basically John and Terry Talbot with sidemen), who were signed to the Happy Tiger label in Los Angeles way back when. 45-wise, "Two Hangmen" was a B-side, but became an FM staple just the same. Whether Traut owned the masters, I don't know. The Talbot Brothers turned up under their own name in the Seventies on Warner Bros.

Name: Don Duffey
From: Buffalo
Time: 1998-04-28 22:48:35
Comments: For all you collectors looking for Sonny & Cher in stereo, I found a CD a few years back called The Sonny & Cher Collection [WEA 9548-30152-2 Germany]. 14 tracks with all their biggest hits in stereo [except "Baby Don't Go"] and some of Cher's solo work. Nice sound, made from tape.... Also, has anyone ever heard of a group called Aorta? They had a album, possibly two, in the late sixties on Columbia. They had a 45 release, "Strange," was the name of the tune {I think} thanks...

Name: Greg Burns
From: Calabasas, Ca.
Time: 1998-04-29 03:38:21
Comments: Has the remastered Last Time Around by Buffalo Springfield come out yet? And if so, how is it?

Name: Jim Warrick
From: Burke, VA
Time: 1998-04-29 07:54:31
Comments: This is a response to Luke Pacholski regarding Mason Proffit: I am aware of (and own) all of the following LPs by Mason Proffit: Wanted [Happy Tiger HT1009; Happy Tiger Records, Los Angeles); Movin' Towards Happiness [Happy Tiger HT1019]; Last Night I Had the Strangest Dream [Ampex A10138; Ampex Records, New York city]; Rockfish Crossing [Warner Bros. BS2657]; and Bareback Rider [Warner Bros. BS2704]. I am not aware of any other CD except for the one you mentioned. There is a CD on the Sparrow Label which contains the "best of" John Michael Talbot and Terry Talbot. Its title is The talbot Brothers [Sparrow SPD1510]. This is a 2 CD compilation. Of course there are numerous LPs and CDs by John Michael Talbot, who is a very popular contemporary Christian artist. I believe Terry Talbot also has some CDs, but I am unsure. The early recordings by these two brothers were excelent soft country rock. They both evolved into the Christian music scene over the years. Hope this is helpful info. I do love their music. If anyone knows of additional CDs please let me know.

Name: Luke Pacholski
From: Madison, WI
Time: 1998-04-29 12:32:53
Comments: Thanks for the Mason Proffit info... I knew a little about John Talbot's current gigs, but... FWIW, Come & Gone has some tiny print saying something like "Released in arrangement with WEA International", so I wonder if Warner/WEA still owns the stuff... While this CD isn't bad per sae, I'm sure a much better job could be done. Maybe I will try to contact WB...

[ -- John Michael Talbot did a CD with Christian Music star Michael Card a year or so back. It's a nice acoustic sound. -- MC]

Name: Dave Daugherty
From: Dublin, Ohio
Time: 1998-04-29 22:45:32
Comments: To Greg Burns......The Buffalo Springfield Last Time Around CD has been out for about a month. I have both the 1992 remastered disc and the new one (which does by the way have a sticker on the front indicating it's the new one, and if you look closely at the back under the words "Remastered from the original master tapes" , you'll see that it was done by John Nowland. The older one was done by Joe Gastwirt). The sound on the new one is better, although it's not as dramatic a step as the first two CDs were. It is cleaner and louder and I prefer the sound on the new one.

Name: Michael Thom
Time: 1998-04-30 02:54:38
Comments: I sent a more detailed reply to Don Duffey, but in case others may be interested, Aorta was a Chicago-based group, also part of the Dunwich stable, that first recorded "The Shape of Things to Come"/"Strange" for Atlantic, then signed with Columbia for its eponymous 1968 LP. The LP also includes "Strange," identical to the Atlantic recording. The only single taken from the LP was "Strange' (an edited version) b/w "Ode to Missy Mxyzptlk." The Columbia LP, a psych classic in my view, was reissued on CD in German in 1994, BOD 104, and runs continuously without the break that was forced to be made between sides 1 and 2 of the LP. It sounds a bit murky but must have been taken from a tape. A revised version of the group, still with leader Jim Donlinger, recorded the drastically different Aorta 2 LP for Happy Tiger in 1969. Donlinger then joined a latter-day version of H. P. Lovecraft, then known simply as Lovecraft, which also featured former Buckinghams member Marty Grebb, and recorded the excellent Valley of the Moon LP for Reprise. The original Aorta also appears doing promo spots for the U.S. Armed Forces on a very rare promotional LP joined by another great Chicago-area group, the Cryan' Shames.

Name: Glenn Sauter
Time: 1998-04-30 13:25:15
Comments: Once again, Eliot Goshman and Taragon Records prove that if one cares about the music, the end product will reflect this. The Red Bird/Blue Cat Records Story is simply outstanding. These are now the definitive versions of these songs. Eliot, I would like to know, regarding your upcoming Tokens piece, if it will include "She Lets Her Hair Down" which was originally on Buddah records? Thanks again for some great stereo!

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: click here for TARAGON RECORDS HOME PAGE!!
Time: 1998-04-30 14:58:30
Comments: Yes it will...For BSN readers ONLY, here is an advance look at the tracks on our All Time Greatest Hits by the Tokens: Tonight I Fell In Love (Warwick)(M)/When I Go To Sleep At Night (RCA)(S)/The Lion Sleeps Tonight (RCA)(S)/B'wa Nina (Pretty Girl) (RCA)(S)/La Bomba (RCA)(S)/I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow (RCA)(S)/Hear The Bells (RCA)(S)/Let's Go To The Drag Strip (RCA)(S)/He's In Town (BT Puppy)(M)/I Hear Trumpets Blow (BT Puppy)(S)/Portrait Of My Love (Warner Bros.)(S)/It's A Happening World (Warner Bros.)(S)/She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning) (Buddah)(S)/Don't Worry Baby (Buddah)(S) We regret not being able to include the group's work as Cross Country due to the high costs of cross-licensing all these tracks. The collection will be out on June 30. Watch our website for further details!

[ -- Thanks, Eliot. It's always nice to have a little inside info for our readers! -- MC]

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