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Name: Mike Callahan
Website: Both Sides Now Publications
From: Fairfax Station, VA
Time: 1997-06-05 05:56:00
Comments: Hi, everyone! Please leave a message... Questions? Answers? Things you'd like to see in the Newsletter? Info to share with fellow-stereo-oldies-lovers? New places to find great oldies CDs? Let us all know!! -- Mike & Brenda

Name: Randy Price
From: New York
Time: 1997-06-07 09:32:00
Comments: How about a comprehensive list of those hits reissued in stereo which differ significantly from the mono single versions. And also a list of hits that have been issued in stereo on vinyl, but are still missing in action from CD reissues.

[ -- Thanks for the comment. We'd be willing to put up such a list on a page on the BSN web site, but the time it would take to compile such lists are just beyond us at the moment. If anyone would like to make a stab at this one, send the list to us at -- Mike & Brenda]

Name: RocknDee
From: East Coast
Time: 1997-06-07 13:57:00
Comments: To anyone that reads this...If you have any interest in the subject of STEREO VS mono, Both Sides Now is required reading. I've subscribed since the beginning and also enjoyed the articles back in Goldmine. I've saved money learning which records/cds to ignore yet I was able to build quite a collection of STEREO titles. To the staff, thanks!!!

Name: Mike Thompson
From: Terre Haute, IN
Time: 1997-06-09 04:55:00
Comments: To: Mike, Brenda & Staff - Good site, but knew it would be! To: Visitors - I have been a subscriber for 6 years, don't read Mike's hype, just subscribe to the newsletter. If you avoid one trash CD, you will have come out ahead. Did not see mention of Tower Records web site, has good search engine to help you find that rare gem.

[ -- "Don't read Mike's hype?" Gee, we thought it was just explanation.... Seriously, thanks for the kind words. The link to the Tower Records site has now been added. -- Mike & Brenda]

Name: David Clark
From: Ottawa, Canada
Time: 1997-06-11 02:56:00
Comments: nice to see you on the net....on the reviewed Moody Blues CD, the version of "Question" is the LP version, whereas on Time-Life's Sounds of the Seventies 1970: Take Two, it is different (shorter, punchier and a different mix), would the latter be the 45? Note that "Nights" on the Moody Blues CD is the stereo 45 (hard-to-find) and that "Tuesday Afternoon" ends like the 45....important stuff, I think!

[ -- Thanks for the information. We don't have the 45 of "Question" handy at the moment, so we'll have to check and post an updated answer later. -- Mike & Brenda]

Name: Regina Litman
From: Philadelphia area
Time: 1997-06-11 03:00:00
Comments: Hi, I've been waiting for you to put up a web site. I hope to get more up-to-date reports here, and I hope I can share stuff here, too. Please, anyone reading this, try not to put up private messages. Let everyone feel included, OK? If Mike and Brenda have put up an email address, use that, so we don't feel left out.

[ -- Thanks for the comment. We think private messages are a handy way to e-mail us, and we promise that we will take them "off the board" after we read them so that others don't have to wade through a pile of "private" messages and wonder what THAT was about. We would hope that this chat board could be used somewhat like a newsgroup for stereo fans, with new finds posted, observations about alternate versions, 45 versions, etc. In short, we hope this chat board will become much like the letters section of the Newsletter. -- Mike & Brenda]

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1997-06-13 21:09:00

Ok, I heard California Girls by the Beach Boys in true stereo on 94.5 FM here the other day. I also heard 19th Nervous Breakdown in true stereo on 93.7 FM. Anyone know where these are?

[ -- They haven't been officially released, but are probably available through collectors' tapes or radio-only CD services. -- MC]

Where can I get "Baby Let's Wait" by the Royal Guardsmen in true stereo?

[ -- I haven't seen it on CD, but it was stereo on a couple of long-gone vinyl LPs. It was two-track, if I remember correctly. It will probably show up sooner or later. -- MC]

Are there more than one version of "Old Fashioned Love Song" by Three Dog Night?

[ -- Yes. The album version doesn't have the wild part near the end that was spliced onto the 45, so the last few bars of the two versions end differently. -- MC]

Has anyone found "Shambala" in true stereo yet?

[ -- No. It's even rechanneled on the "stereo" side of the M/S DJ 45. Andy McKaie said that when they put the 3DN package out a couple of years ago, they didn't find any stereo version. -- MC]


Name: Michael R. Fiedler
From: Minneapolis, MN
Time: 1997-06-14 02:59:00
Comments: Mike: Couldn't get in yesterday...must be getting a lot of "hits." Nice website. Question....asked this before....what is the difference between the Crystalette and Dot versions of Dodie Stevens' "Pink Shoelaces?" Has the hit version been included on a CD yet. Local CD place has a 20% off sale going on and I picked up an interesting CD for $11.99. It is called "Class Reunion" on RCA (BMG) label. I didn't realize until I got home that the CD which I thought was a 2 cd set turned out to be a 4 cd set. Each CD covers the years 1947-1950. I am just listening to disc 1 (1947) now and the sound is not the best D to D-... all disc dubs, not cleaned up at all, but there are a few items that are on these discs that have not appeared on CD before. Covers 4 or 5 major labels. RCA DMC1-1195, 1196, 1197, 1198.

[ -- Thanks for the warning. The Crystalette and Dot versions of "Pink Shoelaces" sound similar, as Dot just redid the song and tried to make it sound as close as they could to the original. The main difference is in the inflection of her voice on certain words; if you're familiar with the original Crystalette version, the inflections on the Dot version stand out like alarm clocks. The original was mono only, so if you hear it in stereo, it's the Dot remake. Usually, the mono versions on CD are the originals. Actually, I haven't heard the Dot version in mono on CD, so it's almost a stereo/mono thing, although the Dot version was originally out in mono on her Dot LP from 1960. -- MC]

Name: Jay Fink
From: California (via Connecticut!)
Time: 1997-06-14 04:12:00
Comments: Hi Mike, Congratulations on a great new website. I just placed an order for all the back issues and the book as well. Looking forward to many hours of enjoyable reading. Best Of Luck, Jay Fink, Alliance Entertainment One Stop Group, Santa Fe Springs, California

[ -- Thanks. -- MC]

Name: Marty Blaise
Website: The Blaise Page
From: Houston, Texas
Time: 1997-06-20 19:33:00
Comments: Just some random thoughts - anyone know of any new stereo on any of the following: Beach Boys/O'Kaysions/Lou Christie/Gene Pitney/Surfaris/ Troggs/Tremeloes/New Vaudeville Band/Loretta Lynn/Neil Diamond/Herman's Hermits/ Dave Clark Five/Manfred Mann/Procol Harum/Spencer Davis Group/Toys/Kingsmen/ Rolling Stones/Beatles/Kinks/The Who/Animals/Yardbirds/Merilee Rush/ Harlow Wilcox/Bill Deal & Rhonells/Tommy James & Shondells/Shocking Blue/ Timmy Thomas/David Dundaz/Luther Ingram/Paul Revere & Raiders/ Seeds/Leaves/Sir Douglas Quintet/Moody Blues/Shadows of Knight/ Them/Royal Guardsmen/Kasener-Katz/Bel-Notes/Perez Prado/Joe Jones/ Crystals Wow what a list - thanks. Marty Blaise.

[ -- I understand the true stereo version of Procol Harum's "Whiter Shade of Pale" is being worked on now. By the end of the year, there should be a version of it out on a Music Club (UK) package. The original tape runs over 6 minutes and ends cold. At present, an alternate take is on hand (and it sounds mighty like the 45 version), but they're still looking for the 45 take. The tape is clear and clean, ... and in an unmarked box, which is probably why we haven't heard it in stereo all these years. When it does appear in stereo, it will be a revelation (trust me), even if it's "only" the alternate take. -- MC]

Name: Paul Piccione
From: Florida
Time: 1997-06-23 17:23:00
Comments: Just want to thank Both Sides Now and Dave Asvitt who wrote (issue#41) about The Dave Clark 5 being available in stereo on a import from Japan. I was finally able to track it down and the stereo is great!

Name: Marty Blaise
Time: 1997-06-23 18:15:00
Comments: Thanks for the info on the Procol Harum. It sure is interesting how those tape boxes show up from time-to-time. I know there were some recording studios here in Houston back in the 1960s. Wish I could find out if there's some tapes around here somewhere.

Name: Dean Zemaitaitis
From: Calgary Canada
Time: 1997-06-24 00:06:00
Comments: I recently heard a stereo version of "I'm A Man" by the Spencer Davis Group. Where can I find a copy of this and is it available on CD? The same question applies to "Asia Minor" by Kokomo. Is this also available? "Abergavenny", a top 50 song from 1969 by Shannon was apparently actually done by Marty Wilde and was released on an album called "Diversions". I have never come across this album and was wondering if the song is in true stereo on this album. Every version I have heard has been in mono. Another song that I am curious about if it ever came out in stereo is "Let's Get Together" by Hayley Mills, a top 10 from '62. I am assuming that a soundtrack was issued to this movie which means it may be available in stereo on the soundtrack Lp though it was recently released in mono on a Disney CD that included songs from various Disney movies. One last question: why aren't the Ricky Nelsons songs "Teen Age Idol" & "Young World" available in stereo since several songs recorded before these ones were released in stereo? Keep up the good work, Mike!

[ -- "I'm A Man" was in stereo on a long-ago UK greatest hits compilation, as well as on an LP on the Stone label in Canada. It has not made it to commercial CD to my knowledge yet. I have never heard "Abergavenny" in stereo, either, and know nothing of the stereo content of the LP you mention. Anyone else have the album out there? As for "Asia Minor," it is now in stereo on the mail-order CD 20 More Instrumental Gems, available from Collectors' Choice Music. Their phone number is 1-800-923-1122 (fax is 1-630-775-3355). They don't have a web site yet but they tell me they should have one later this summer. Also available from CCM is a new CD called I Wish I Was A Princess: The Great Lost Female Teen Idols, which has the stereo version of "Let's Get Together", which originally appeared on the impossible-to-find stereo version of The Parent Trap soundtrack LP. There are several other hard-to-find stereo versions on both of these CDs. -- MC]

Name: Marty Blaise
From: Earth, Solar System, Universe
Time: 1997-06-25 18:18:00
Comments: I keep hearing stuff in stereo. This morning I heard See You In September by the Happenings. Real thing or remake? It was definitely true stereo.

[ -- Both the Happenings version and the Tempos version of the song have been released in stereo. The Happenings version was first in stereo on the B.T. Puppy LPs of the 1960s. The Tempos version from the late '50s has only recently appeared in stereo, however, first showing up on the American Graffiti soundtrack released in the US a couple of years ago. It's not in stereo on the non-US releases, to my knowledge. -- MC]

Name: Charlie Brown
From: Perrysburg Ohio
Time: 1997-06-28 05:19:00
Comments: Hi Mike. Great web site. I was hoping you or someone else could help me find the double oldies CD put out last fall by Warner Sound Exchange. The CD is Lost Hits of the Sixties: 40 Solid Gold Radio Classics The CD contained many hard to find hits, including "Last Plane To London" by the Rose Garden. I ordered the disc last fall, got put on back order and then around the first of the year Warner Sound Exchange went out of business. Does anyone know if this song is stereo on this set? More important can anyone help me find this set ? Thanks.

[ -- A lot of people are looking for this set. If anybody can find a cache of them, let me know. I think "Last Plane" should be stereo on this set, since the master was on Atco (also owned by Warners), and it was stereo on the original LP. -- MC]

Name: Paul Piccione
From: Florida
Time: 1997-06-28 10:20:00
Comments: Hi Mike, I just wanted to know how come The Rolling Stones Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks from Japan on London Records (CD) contains several tracks in STEREO while these same tracks are in MONO on Abkco Records (CD)? Are there any other 60's British Groups recordings that way and if so whom?

[ -- When CDs first came out in the 1980s, the German versions had some direct-from-session-tape stereo versions that were previously unreleased. The Japan disc is sort of a copy of the German disc, except the Japanese discs fade in on a couple of songs while the German CDs have the full beginnings. Abkco here, apparently with the Stones' concurrence, decided that from now on, most of the London singles should be mono, and from what I've heard, "pulled" the okay to issue the songs in stereo. They never did get to be stereo here in the US. This is a unique situation as far as '60s groups. Other groups have a lot of multitracks "in the can," however, they've never been out in stereo someplace like the Stones material. -- MC]

Name: John Carpenter
From: Delaware Valley
Time: 1997-06-28 15:06:00
Comments: Here's something that has puzzled me since 1966, namely Words of Love by the Mamas and Papas. I seem to recall a "hardier" version played on radio stations and in juke boxes. Cass Elliot used a more powerful inflection on the word "more" (at 1:03) and ended the song cold with her voice at full volume as opposed to the fade out that we've endured for the the past thirty years. Does anyone have a recollection of this song in the way I described it?

[ -- Several of the Mamas & Papas 45s were different from the album versions. I suspect the version you're talking about was in mono on the 45. -- MC]

Name: Eliot Goshman
Website: Taragon Records Company
Time: 1997-06-29 10:13:00
Comments: Good looking website, Mike! Thanks for the links and the kind words. Our CDMO street/city address has changed from the one listed on your site; it is now CDMO, Inc., P.O. Box 765, Deer Park, New York 11729-0765 U.S.A. Phone 516-242-8820, Fax 516-242-5761. Our hours are now Monday-Friday, 10AM-6PM Eastern Time.

Name: Dean Zemaitaitis
From: Calgary, Canada
Time: 1997-06-29 20:01:00
Comments: Thanks for answering my previous questions. Here are a few more that I hope you can answer. While most of the Four Seasons songs are available in stereo, I can't seem to find "Ronnie" in stereo. Is it only available in mono? The same seems to apply to the Dave Clark Fives songs "Over and Over"& "I Like It Like That" from '65 which is odd since previous released songs by the DC5 are easily found in stereo. Why only mono for these ones? Finally, was "Barefootin'" by Robert Parker released in stereo on the origional album in '66. Thanks Mike

[ -- I've never found "Ronnie" or the DC5 tracks you mention in true stereo anywhere. They undoubtedly were recorded using multitrack equipment, but nobody has sat down and mixed them into stereo yet. Maybe someday? I believe "Barefootin'" was not in stereo on the stereo version of the original LP. Although I don't have the stereo LP, evidently Collectables used a copy for their Robert Parker reissue, and "Barefootin'" was not stereo. Also, I would think somebody in the stereo collectors community would have known about it by now if it had been real stereo. -- MC]

Name: Michael Solomon
From: New York City
Time: 1997-06-30 17:34:00
Comments: Hi, Someone mentioned hearing California Girls by the Beach Boys in stereo. I recently heard Wouldn't it be Nice in stereo on WCBS FM here in NYC. As for 19th Nervous Breakdown by the Stones, someone gave me a cassette a few years ago...all songs recorded from a bootleg, with a bunch of the Stones' early hits in stereo. All are the original takes we're familiar with, and all in C to D quality. I'd have to go through the tape once again, but included are the stereo mixes of 19th Nervous Breakdown (also an alternate, stereo mix is there), The Last Time, and Get Off My Cloud. Great WEB site! Now I have yet *another* place to visit while on the WEB!

Name: Steve Hershall
Time: 1997-06-30 20:37:00

The Quill Records Story [Collectables CD 0662; 1-800-446-8426] is a killer retrospective of the Chicago rock scene from 1965 to 1969. 25 tracks including garage hits, psychedelic rarities & first-time stereo. Compiled with the full cooperation of Quill label owner, Peter Wright, this amazing CD also features authoritative liner notes, detailed recording information & previously unpublished photos.

"Among the gems on 'The Quill Records Story' are two lush Beach Boys-inflected tracks by the Exceptions, a Chicago unit that included a pre-Chicago Peter Cetera; snarling garage punk by the Exterminators, the Delights, and the Riddles; and lots of derivative but entertaining folk-rock, pop, and power punk." -- Billboard, July 5, 1997.

*** (Three Stars) "...essential Windy City nuggets, which generally alternate between raw rave-ups and harmony-soaked crooning. For example, the Exterminators' 'Voo-Doo' bashes out a nasty trash-rock rumble, while the Skunks' 'Don't Ask Why' wobbles with a memorable case of psychedelia... Chicago rock historians should note that a number of the bands represented here (Ronnie Rice & the Gents, the Night Flight) eventually contributed members and tunes to the New Colony Six, while the Exceptions boasted future Chicago bassist Peter Cetera." -- Chicago Tribune, June 6, 1997.

"...for any Chicago completist--Chicago the band, that is--the CD is a must just for the raucous sides by the Exceptions, featuring a pre-slow jam Peter Cetera." -- Chicago Reader, May 23, 1997.

Track lineup [first-time stereo is marked with an asterisk (*)]: The Exceptions (with Peter Cetera, later of the band Chicago, Marty Grebb, later of the Buckinghams & Billy Herman, later of the New Colony Six): "As Far As I Can See*", "Business As Usual;" The Skunks: "Don't Ask Why;" The Exterminators: "Voo-Doo," "Declaration Of Independence '65;" Ronnie Rice & The Gents: "Warm Baby*," "La-Do-Da-Da*;" The Night Flight: "Without You*," "To Color Turn*;" The Prophets: "Yes I Know," "Sad On Me;" The Riddles: "It's One Thing To Say;" Jimmy Watson & The Original Royals: "A Heart Is Made Of Many Things," "I Wanna Do It;" The Ricochetts: "Losing You;" Chances R: "I'll Have You Cryin';" The High-Schoolers: "The Graduation Song;" The Proper Strangers: "Joyce," "One In A Million;" The Commons LTD: "I'm Going To Change The World;" The Delights: "Every Minute, Every Hour, Every Moment*," "Just Out Of Reach;" and The Rooks: "Ice and Fire," "Turquoise," "Free Sunday Paper."

Name: Jim Bailey
From: Connecticut
Time: 1997-06-30 20:54:00
Comments: Hi Mike. I'm a subscriber to the newsletter. Always look forward to receiving my new issue. Have you heard anything about any more of the Capitol collectors series or EMI Legends of Rock&Roll CDs being reissued? I missed several of them and really would like to pick them up. Got the 4 Preps on the collectables reissue. Any others going to be done? I called and wrote Capitol but didn't get an answer. Sure hope someone licenses them for reissue. Love to hear those session tapes and studio talk.

[ -- Capitol/EMI has been very, very slow in releasing the CD packages they have that are done and not released yet, much less reissuing ones they've deleted. Hopefully, with the recent reorganization at Capitol, the reissue Division will look to get some of these packages out. Otherwise, it's just going to be catching them on Collectables, One Way, or another reissue label, or finding them in the used CD stores. -- MC]

Name: Mike Arcidiacono
From: NYC, The Big Apple
Time: 1997-06-30 21:58:00
Comments: Hi Mike and Brenda....congrats on your fine website. I know that all of us BSN readers are looking foward to the quick information exchange on new stereo finds. A few things with this note. I posted a nasty note about ABKCO and the Cameo/Parkway material, and someone fowarded it to them!! They wrote back to me saying that the Cameo Parkway box set will be out "soon". Of course with these guys, "soon" could be 10 years from now. But, it's better than nothing. Also, from trading with other collectors, I found true stereo versions of "Reeling & Rocking" by The Dave Clark 5, "5 O'clock World" by The Vogues (why couldn't it be "You're The One??"), and a few others. The world needs a CD called Rare Stereo, with all these impossible to finds cuts. As always, love the newsletter. -- Mikey

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