Talking Stereo Oldies...and other things.

We have set up an area much like a newsgroup, where new finds can be reported, questions about stereo content can be asked, and we can all help each other out.

This chat board was set up as a means of communication among oldies collectors, reissue producers and engineers, and others interested in the topic of oldies. The main focus of the chat board is stereo oldies. This is not a board for buying or selling CD or vinyl products, audio equipment, or anything else. The tone of the chat board is friendly and civil, although occasionally controversial topics will be discussed where varying strong opinions will be held. Previous postings on the Chat Board are fully searchable.

This is a private, members only, moderated message board. You must be a registered member to view the chat board. Before you register, the rules are below. Pay particular attention to Rule #1.

Since approved members are the only ones allowed to post messages, posting is a privilege, not a right. Violation of rules will result in permanent revocation of membership; for new members, this will happen without warning. These rules are not negotiable; for long standing members, if you are warned about rule violations and chose to continue with the same behavior, you won't get another warning, you'll just be barred from participating. I don't have time for high maintenance members.

The rules are simple. Again, violation of rules can get your membership cancelled without warning.

1. This is a members-only board which requires the Moderators to know the real names of the persons posting, and a valid e-mail address, in order to register and remain in good standing. This means your real full name must be on your profile and remain there. This is a requirement of membership. Keep your e-mail address up to date. If I can't verify you're a real person, your membership request will be rejected.

Note to new registrants: Hotmail, gmail, or other "throwaway" e-mail addresses are a waste of everyone's time; unless you have a long internet history, using a brand-new e-mail address to register here will get your application rejected almost 100% of the time. You won't get spammed from here. We do not give out e-mail addresses to others even if they request them. We do not make the profiles public - only moderators can have access to your actual e-mail address.

2. Members are expected to refrain from obscene or excessively vulgar language. No matter how you talk with your friends, posts here are expected to avoid the typical obscenities or vulgarities of street talk. If necessary, pretend your post will be going to someone you respect.

3. Members are expected to be courteous and refrain from personal attacks on others, inflammatory language, or any other kind of "fightin' words." This usually includes gratuitous opinions on politics and religion (which are off-topic anyway). Messages can be edited or removed altogether by the moderator if deemed in poor taste or in violation of the rules of the board. Personal attacks against other members or non-members will not be tolerated, and will result in permanent revocation of membership.

4. This is not a board to sell vinyl or CDs, and it is not a board to offer to trade mp3s, wav files, or the like. If you need to trade songs, do it by private e-mail. This board does not condone copyright violations. If you ask where to find a song and a member directs you to a third-party site like Amazon, e-Bay, iTunes, or any other site to find the song, this is information and you go to those sites at your own risk. We are not responsible for other sites or their practices. File-sharing on this site is prohibited.

5. This is a board devoted to stereo, information about recordings, tapes, etc., and song availability on commercial issues. Other opinions, as long as they are not too far off topic (there's got to be a connect to music somewhere, I think), are welcome.

This is a short list of rules that will be fairly easy for most to follow. Just be on your best behavior here and things will be fine.

This chat board is part of the Both Sides Now web site, and we reserve the right to edit or remove any message left on the board.

The Archive section contains posts from the early years of the Chat Board, but due to server crashes and the like, is an incomplete record of the Chat Board history. The current version of the chat board, going back to January 2004, can be searched.

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