Sussex Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: October 21, 2005

Sussex Records operated from Hollywood, and was first distributed by Buddah Records, and then was self-distributed starting in 1974. Sussex had a wide range of artists, from the Presidents' great soul album (produced by Van McCoy) to the heavy rock of Mutzie, and to the curious Amish ("natural music" from a Galt, Ontario, Amish band).

Without a doubt, the most successful Sussex artist was West Virginian Bill Withers. After nine years in the navy (where he underwent speech therapy to overcome a stuttering problem), Withers wrote songs in his spare time while delivering milk or working for IBM or the Ford Motor Company. Eventually moving to Los Angeles in the late 1960s, he began proposing his songs to record companies. He was signed to Sussex in early 1970 by Clarence Avent, who introduced Withers to Booker T. Jones. Booker T. went on to produce Bill Withers' first album, with the M.G.'s and Stephen Stills as backing musicians. Many hits followed, of which "Ain't No Sunshine" and "Lean On Me" are best remembered. When Sussex folded in 1975, Withers moved to CBS, who also obtained his back catalog. Withers was also the vocalist on the 1981 top-5 smash "Just the Two of Us", by Grover Washington, Jr.

The label design stayed the same for all releases: a brown label surrounded by an orange circle, with blue, orange and green concentric circles around the center hole and "SUSSEX" written in thick orange letters just above these circles. After the Buddah distribution was discontinued, the label color changed slightly from a brown to a dark tan. During the Buddah years, the following text was written in black lettering in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label: "Sussex Record Inc. 6430 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif. 90028 - Dist. By Buddah Records, 1650 Broadway N.Y.C." with a small Buddah logo (i.e. the famous "Shiva" statue) in between the words "Buddah" and "Records". When the distribution deal with Buddah stopped, the text changed to "Sussex Record Inc. 6255 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood, California 90028".

All releases were stereo only. The track listing below is given in playing sequence whenever this information was available. The songs on the albums whose catalog numbers are marked with an asterisk (*) are given in alphabetical order because the exact playing order is not known to us. We would appreciate this information from anyone who has it.

We would appreciate any additions or corrections to this discography. Just send them to us via e-mail. Both Sides Now Publications is an information web page. We are not a catalog, nor can we provide the records listed below. We have no association with Sussex or Buddah Records, which are currently owned by BMG Special Products. Should you be interested in acquiring albums listed in this discography (which are all out of print), we suggest you see our Frequently Asked Questions page and follow the instructions found there. This story and discography are copyright 2000 by Mike Callahan.


Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

7000 series (Distributed by Buddah)

*SXBS 7000 - Cold Fact - Rodriguez [1971] Crucify/Establishment Blues/Forget It/Gommorah/Hate Street Dialogue/I Wonder/Inner City Blues/Jane S. Piddy/Like Janus/Only Good For Conversation/Rich Folks Hoax/Sugar Man

SXBS 7001 - Light of Your Shadow - Mutzie [1971] Highway/The Light Of Your Shadow (The Inception (Including The Transition) - The Consummation (Including The Judgement))//Cocaine Blues/Jessie Fly/Because Of You/The Game/Daily Cycle

*SXBS 7002 - Gypsy Queen - Priscilla [1970] (AKA Priscilla Coolidge-Jones) Come On Sweet/Good Morning Freedom/Gypsy King/Hummingbird/Let It Shine/Long Rivers Flow/Now The Children Remind You/On The Road/Salty Haze/Spring Rain/T My T

SXBS 7003 - Do What You Want to Do... - Willie Bobo & The Bo-Gents [1971]

SXBS 7004 - Evolution - Dennis Coffey & The Detroit Guitar Band [1971] (11-71, #36) Getting It On/Whole Lot Of Love/Summer Time Girl/Scorpio/Garden Of The Moon//Impressions/Sad Angel/Big City Funk/Wind Song/Good Time Rhythm And Blues

SXBS 7005 - 5-10-15-20-25-30 Years of Love - Presidents [1971] (1-71, #158) 5-10-15- 20 (25-30 Years Of Love)/Sweet Magic/For You/Fiddle De De/Why Are You So Good To Me/This Is My Dream World//Triangle Of Love (Hey Diddle Diddle)/Girl You Cheated On Me/How Can You Say You're Leavin'/It's All Over/I'm Still Dancing/Gotta Keep Movin'

SXBS 7006 - Just as I Am - Bill Withers [1971] (6-71, #39) Harlem/Ain't No Sunshine/Grandma's Hands/Sweet Wanoni/Everybody's Talkin'/Do It Good//Hope She'll Be Happier/Let It Be/I'm Her Daddy/In Her Heart/Moanin' And Groanin'/Better Off Dead

SXBS 7007 -

SXBS 7008 - Wadsworth Mansion - Wadsworth Mansion [1972] Long Haired Brown Eyed Girl (S)/Queenie Dew (S)/City Gardner (S)/She Said She Would (S)/Sweet Mary (S, slower, completely different recording from the 45 version)//I Like It (S)/Michigan Harry Slaughter (S)/Let It Shine (S)/Goodbye (S)/Havin' Such A Good Time (S)

SXBS 7009 -

SXBS 7010 - Goin' for Myself - Dennis Coffey [1972] (3-72, #90) Taurus/Can You Feel It/Never Can Say Goodbye/Ride, Sally, Ride/Midnight Blue//Bridge Over Troubled Water/Man And Boy (Main Theme)/It's Too Late/Toast And Jam

SXBS 7011 - Man And Boy (Soundtrack) - Johnny (J.J.) Johnson [1971] Theme From "Man And Boy" ("Better Days") (Vocal By Bill Withers)/Slo-Mo/Emancipation Procrastination (Monologue By Douglas Turner-Ward)/Pull, Jubal, Pull/Man And Boy (Main Title)//Theme >From "Man And Boy"/Country Soul/Rosita/Hard Times, Mister/Trekkin' (Lee Christmas Theme)/Man And Boy (End Title)

*SXBS 7012 - Coming from Reality - Sixto Rodriguez [1972] Cause/Climb Up On My Music/Halfway Up The Stairs/Heikki's Suburbia Bus Tour/I Think Of You/It Started Out So Nice/Most Disgusting Song/Sandrevan Lullaby-Lifestyles/Silver Word/To Whom It May Concern

*SXBS 7013 - Hot Thang - Eddy Senay [1972] Ain't No Sunshine/Down Home/Hot Thang/Jubo/Just Feeling It/Message Of Love/Rev. Lowdown/Zambezi

*SXBS 7014 - Still Bill - Bill Withers [1972] (5-72, #4) Another Day To Run/I Don't Know/I Don't Want You On My Mind/Kissing My Love/Lean On Me/Let Me In Your Life/Lonely Town Lonely Street/Take It All In And Check It All Out/Use Me/Who Is He And What Is He To You?

SXBS 7015 - Zulema - Zulema [1972]

SXBS 7016 - Amish - Amish [1972] Sad Girl/Black Lace Woman/Wise Man/Help Me//I Don't Need Nobody/Dear Mr. Fantasy/The Sea/Down The Road

SXBS 7017 - Nice to Be with You - Gallery [1972] (8-72, #75) There's An Island/Louisiana Line/Someone/Ginger Haired Man/Nice To Be With You/Gee Whiz//I Believe In Music/Lover's Hideaway/You're Always On My Mind/He Will Break Your Heart/Sunday And Me/Big City Miss Ruth Ann

SXBS 7018 - Step By Step - Eddy Sensy [1/73]

SXBS 7019 - Heavy Love - Faith, Hope & Charity [1972]

*SXBS 7020 - We the People - Soul Searchers [1973] Blowout/It's All In Your Mind/1993/Soul To The People/Think/We The People/When Will My Eyes See/Your Love Is So Doggone Good

*SXBS 7021 - Electric Coffey - Dennis Coffey [1973] (1-73, #189) Capricorn's Thing/Guitar Big band/Lonely Moon Child/Love And Understanding/Love Song For Libra/Son Of Scorpio/The Sagittarian/Twins Of Gemini/Virgo's Song

SXBS 7022 - Billy Charne Is Looking Up - Billy Charne [2/73] I'm Going To Heaven/You Must Not Do That Anymore/To-Ma-Ray Tom-O-Ray/Louisiana Woman/The Dog Song//Fresno Rodeo/Ida Red/Like A Human Drum/Sparrow/The Poet Lives On In A Song

SXBS 7023 - Segments of Time - Segments of Time [3/73]

SXBS 7024 - Bill Cosby Presents the Bunions Bradford Funeral Marching Band - Bunions Bradford Funeral Marching Band [4/73]

SXBS 7025 - Bill Withers Live at Carnegie Hall - Bill Withers [1973] (4-73, #63) (2-LP set) Use Me/Friend Of Mine/Ain't No Sunshine/Grandma's Hands (With Rap)//World Keeps Going Around/Let Me In Your Life (With Rap)/Better Off Dead/For My Friend//I Can't Write Left Handed/Lean On Me/Lonely Town Lonely Street/Hope She'll Be Happier//Let Us Love/Harlem - Cold Baloney

SXBS 7026 - Gallery Featuring Jim Gold - Gallery [1973] Friends/Lady Luck/John McGuinn/Mystery Woman/Love Every Little Thing About You//Maybe Baby/Rest In Peace/Wonderful World/Love Is You/River Boat Captain

8000 series (Distributed by Chelsea)

At the end of 1973, Sussex discontinued their distribution agreement with Buddah. The numbering system was changed to the SRA 80xx series, but continued the individual numbers ("xx") as in the 70xx series. It is possible that some of the above issues were reissued with the new numbering series.

SRA 8027 - Creative Source - Creative Source [1974] You Can't Hide Love/Let Me Into Your Life/Lovesville/You're Too Good To Be True/Wild Flower//Magic Carpet Ride/Who Is He And What Is He To You?/Oh Love

SRA 8028 - High On The Seas - Masterfleet [1974]

SRA 8029 - Ms. Z - Zulema Cusseaux [1974] Giving Up/I Was So Wrong/I Was There/Tree//You Changed On Me/Love Has Flown/Love Train/I'm Watchin' You/Hold Back The Night/Telling The World Good-Bye

SRA 8030 - Salt of the Earth - Soul Searchers [1974]

SRA 8031 - Instant Coffey - Dennis Coffey [1974] Sonata/Moon Star/Theme From Enter The Dragon//Chicano/A Time For Love/Kathy/Outrageous (The Mind Excursion)

SRA 8032 - +'Justments - Bill Withers [1974] (4-74, #67) You/The Same Love That Made Me Laugh/Stories/Green Grass/Ruby Lee//Heartbreak Road/Can We Pretend/Liza/Make A Smile For Me/Railroad Man

SRA 8033 - Differently - Ralph Graham [1974] Differently/What Do I Have To Do/I Don't Know How To Look For Love/Ain't No Need/My Love's Gone With You//I Don't Want To Play This Game/I See Some One New In Your Future/Got To Find Somebody/Let Me Love You/Stay On The Good Side

SRA 8034 -

SRA 8035 - Migration - Creative Source [1974] I'm Gonna Be There/Harlem/I Just Can't See Myself Without You//Keep On Movin'/Migration/Corazon/Let Me Be The One

SRA 8036 - Last Kiss - Wednesday [7/74] Teen Angel/Roses Are Red/Last Kiss/Gloria/Tell Laura I Love Her//Don't Let Me Wait Too Long/What's On My Mind/Good Time Girl/Ride/Taking Me Home

SRA 8037 - The Best of Bill Withers - Bill Withers [1975] (5-75, #182) Lean On Me/Grandma's Hands/Harlem/Use Me/Everybody's Talkin'//Ain't No Sunshine/Kissing My Love/The Same Love That Made Me Laugh/You/Who Is He (And What Is He To You)

Thanks to Peter Preuss.

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