Page One Album Discography
By Mike Callahan, David Edwards and Patrice Eyries
Last update: October 26, 2003

Page One Records was started in England in 1966 by Larry Page and Dick James. Page (nee Leonard Davies) had been a teenage singing star in the 1950s, but retired and began doing ballroom-type instrumentals in the early 1960s. He was at one time a manager of the Kinks and then the Troggs.

Early material on the British version of the label featured the Troggs, the Larry Page Orchestra, and Plastic Penny. Later, albums by the Buchanan Brothers and Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band, which were on other labels here, appeared on the UK Page One label. The US version of the Page One label was distributed by Bell Records. The first U.S. album release was, not unexpectedly, an album of string schmaltz produced by Des Champ. This sold so well here (not!) that it took Page One over a year to issue their second album.

The Sun, the Wind, and Other Things In 1968, Page put out an album called The Sun, the Wind, and Other Things by the British quintet Vanity Fare. Although the album did have the songs "I Live for the Sun" and "Four Strong Winds," the title of the album was undoubtedly inspired by the Cowsills' US hit single "The Rain, the Park, and Other Things" from the year before. When the Vanity Fare album was released in somewhat modified form in the US, it was retitled Early in the Morning after their first US hit [Page One 21027].

Vanity Fare: l-r Allix, Jarrett, Brice,
Golden, Landerman Even though Vanity Fare had had several UK hits, the group failed to chart in the US until "Early in the Morning" reached #12 in November, 1969. They followed that with "Hitchin' a Ride" [Page One 21029], which reached #5 in early 1970, but that was the end of the big Vanity Fare hits. Their followup, (I Remember) Summer Morning" [Page One 21033] only reached #97. Vanity Fare was Dick Allix (drums), Tony Jarrett (bass), Tony Goulden (guitar), Trevor Brice (vocals), and Barry Landeman (keyboards).

Birds of a Feather Other artists who had singles on the US Page One label include Colours of Love, Pancho Gonzales, Ronald Binge, Seth Martin, Plastic Penny, Mirage, Billy Budd, the James Brothers, the Larry Page Orchestra, Kevin "King" Lear, Apple, Pop Workshop, Brian Keith, the Loot, Nerve, the Earl of Cricklewood, Alan David, the Moles, Lace, Birds of a Feather, and the Troggs. None of these singles was successful here in the US.

When Page One Records folded, about 1971, Larry Page founded the Penny Farthing label, while Dick James formed DJM. Of the two, James was by far the more successful, with 1970s powerhouse Elton John on his label, among others.

Although Page One issued dozens of albums overseas, there were only two offerings here in the U.S.. The Page One album label is red and white with black print. Promotional copies were white with black print. Around the bottom of the label is written (on the 1967 release), "Distributed by Amy Mala Bell Records, N.Y.C." By the 1969 release, this had changed to, "Distributed by BELL RECORDS A Division of Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc., NYC". This US label resembles the label Page One used in other countries, which were different colors using the same basic design.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

2501 - Anniversary - Sentimental String Chorale [1967] Anniversary Waltz/I Couldn't Live Without Your Love/When The Children Are Asleep/Try A Little Tenderness/Love & Marriage/Always//I Married An Angel/The Folks Who Live On The Hill/Anniversary Song/You My Love/Eternally

2502 - Early in the Morning - Vanity Fare [1969] Early In The Morning (S)/In My Lonely Room (S)/Music Music Music (S)/Man Child (S)/I Live For The Sun (S)//Hitchin' A Ride (S, US 45 version)/Highway Of Dreams (S)/(I Remember) Summer Morning (S)/Four Strong Winds (S)/You Made Me Love You (S)/Hey Baby (S)


REP 4155-WZ - The Sun The Wind And Other Things - Vanity Fare [1991] I Live For The Sun (S)/Hitchin' A Ride (S, missing overdubs)/Come Tomorrow (S)/Early In The Morning (S)/Carolina's Coming Home (S)/Highway Of Dreams (S)/Our Own Way Of Living (M, surface noise)/Summer Morning (S)/Betty Carter (M, surface noise)/In My Lonely Room (S)/Four Strong Winds (S)/Nowhere To Go (S, surface noise)/Waiting For The Nightfall (M)/On Our Own (S)/Man Child (M)/Hey Baby (S)/Megowd (S)/I Hear Trumpets Blow (S)/Music Music Music (S)/You Made Me Love You (S)/Lucky Lady Bug (S)/Puppet On A String (S)/Younger Girl (S)/On The Other Side Of Life (S)/You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (S

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