Bell Album Discography, Part 1
By David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: January 2, 2007

Bell started their LP series with LP-1, a 10-inch various artists album, in 1954. They quickly shifted to 12- inch albums, and reeled off ten more compilations in that format. The series, which included such well- known pop artists as Perez Prado, Sy Oliver, Enoch Light, and Sarah Vaughan, continued until 1961, when it was replaced by the 6000 series.

The early Bell logo used on album jackets was a bell with the album number on the striker of the bell. The labels in 1961 were yellow with black print, with "BELL RECORDS" across the top, a shape resembling two loudspeakers facing away from each other in the middle of the label, and "BELL RECORDS INC. - 1650 BROADWAY - NEW YORK 19, N.Y." around the bottom of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

10 Inch Series:

LP-1 - Jewish Comedy Volume 1 - Various Artists [1954]

LP-2 - Jewish Comedy Volume 2 - Various Artists [1954]

Original 12 Inch Series:

BLP-1 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-2 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-3 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-4 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-5 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-6 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-7 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-8 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-9 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-10 - Songs That Sold a Million - Various Artists [?]

BLP-11 - Mardi Gras - Enoch Light and Orchestra [1958] Released in stereo in 1959. I'll Remember Tonight/Bigger Than Texas/Bourbon Street Blues/Loyality/others

BLP-12 - Mambos, Cha Chas and Meringues - Perez Prado and Orchestra [1958] Contains nine Cha-Chas and Meringues

BLP-13 - Flower Drum Song - Jimmy Carroll [12/58] Released in stereo in 1959.


BLP-15 - Moods From the Movies - Various Artists [1959] Song From the Moulin Rouge/Around the World in 80 Days/Somethin's Gotta Give/True Love/Freindly Persuasion/Love is a Many Splendored Thing/April Love/Moonglow & Theme From Picnic/Que Sere Sers/Tammy



BLP-18 - Best Seats in the House - Sy Oliver [1959] Begin the Beguine/Stranger in Paradise/Theme from 3-Penny Opera/Hernando's Hideaway/Surrey With the Fringe on Top/Hey There/On the Street Where You Live/Standin' on the Corner/Night & Day/Man I Love







MLP-25 - Love on the Rocks - Richard Hayes [1959] Mala issue. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else/Glad To Be Unhappy/Love On The Rocks/The Night We Called It A Day/The Thrill Is Gone//You Gave It Away/You've Changed/Love You Didn't Do It Right By Me/I Get Along Without You Very Well/The End Of A Love Affair






LP-31 - The Mikado - Martyn Green [1959?] Overture/Wandering Minstrel I/Our Great Mikado/Virtuous Man/Behold The Lord High Executioner/I've Got A Little List/A More Humane Mikado/Let The Punishment Fit The Crime/Criminal Creed/The Flowers That Bloom In The Spring/Willow, Titwillow/There's Beauty In The Bellow Of The Blast/For He's Gone And Married Yum- Yum


BLP-33 - Best of Broadway - Various Artists [1960]



SBLP-36 - Organ in the Modern Manner - Perry Burgette with Trio [1961] Issued in both mono and stereophonic modes. Romance/Dancing In The Dark/I'd Love To Live In Loveland/I'll Take Romance/An Old Fashioned Waltz//Serenade In Blue/One Morning In May/Love Is Happiness/The Boy Next Door/Here I Am In Love Again

BLP-37 - Standing Room Only - Various Artists [1960]

BLP-38 - The Sound of Gospel - Gethsemane Gospel Singers [1960] Red label with same graphics as yellow label.



BLP-41 - The Voice of Sarah Vaughan - Sarah Vaughan [1961]

BLP-42 - Pee Wee Russell Plays Pee Wee - Pee Wee Russell [1961]


BLP-44 - Hot And Cool - Dick Cary [1961]

Thanks to Ken Barnes and Alan Glaser.

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