DynoVoice Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan and Patrice Eyries
Last update: May 1, 2007

The DynoVoice and NewVoice labels were formed by Bob Crewe in New York City in 1965. A&R on the label was by Crewe himself.

DynoVoice started life as Dyno-Vox, but was changed about the time the fourth single (by Eddie Rambeau) was issued. Rambeau (Edward Flurie) managed to get to #35 nationally with "Concrete and Clay," a cover of a British hit by the Unit 4+2. A few months later, DynoVoice also registered hits with the Toys, a trio from Jamaica, New York (Barbara Harris, Barbara Parritt, and June Monteiro), who made #2 with "A Lover's Concerto" and followed with a top-20 appearance with "Attack." The latter song was in rechanneled stereo on the first pressing of the groups only album [DynoVoice 9002-S], but rare second pressings have the song in true stereo. The two pressings look identical, but the first pressing's matrix number, stamped in the trailoff groove area, ends in "-1A," while the second pressing has a higher number.

Another chart record on DynoVoice was "(When She Wants Good Lovin') She Comes to Me" by the Chicago Loop. The group, based in Chicago, made #37 nationally with the record, but charted higher in their home town. Probably recorded in stereo, the record did not appear on any albums, so has been issued in mono only. In late 1966, "the man himself," Bob Crewe, hit with an instrumental called "Music to Watch Girls By," which reached #15 nationally and spawned an album of the same name. DynoVoice was distributed by Bell Records until late 1967.

Late in 1967, Crewe consolidated the DynoVoice and its companion label, NewVoice, into a new, Dot-distributed DynoVoice, complete with a new logo and completely different look. Both Mitch Ryder and Bob Crewe issued albums on the new DynoVoice, as did the groups Glitterhouse, Good Earth Trio, and Bermuda Jam, but by 1969, Crewe abandoned the DynoVoice name in favor of his own, and started the "Crewe Group of Companies", or CGC, of which the Crewe Label was a part.

The 9000 series DynoVoice label is blue with silver print, with "dynoVoice" in silver above the center hole.

The Dot-distributed DynoVoice 1900/31900 series label is black with silver print, with the title at the bottom of the label. In the middle of the label is the white logo, which is a silhouette of a face turned to the right, with stars trailing to the left. Under the label is "DYNOVOICE" in block letters in yellow.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

9000 Series (Distributed by Bell):

9001-S - Concrete and Clay - Eddie Rambeau [1965] (7-65, #148) Concrete And Clay (S)/Baby Baby Me (S)/Don't Believe Him (S)/Girl Don't Come (S)/I Fell In Love So Easily (S)/I Just Need Your Love (S)/It's Not A Game Anymore (S)/It's Not Unusual (S)/King Of The Road (S)/(Look For The) Rainbow (S)/My Name Is Mud (S)/Same Old Room (S)/Save The Last Dance For Me (S)/Yesterday's Newspapers (S)

9002-S - The Toys Sing "A Lover's Concerto" and "Attack" - Toys [1966] (2-66, #92) Can't Get Enough of You Baby (E)/Deserted (E)/See How They Run (S)/Hallelujah (S)/I Got A Man (E)/A Lover's Concerto (E)//What's Wrong with Me Baby (S)/Yesterday (E)/Baby's Gone (S)/This Night (E)/Back Street (S)/Attack (E on first pressings, S on second pressing)

SLP-9003 - Music to Watch Girls By - Bob Crewe Generation [1967] (2-67, #100) Anna (S)/A Felicidade (Theme From Black Orpheus) (S)/Theme From A Man And A Woman (S)/Let's hang On (S)/Music To Watch Girls By (S)//Concrete And Clay (S)/Theme For A Lazy Girl (S)/A Lover's Concerto (S)/Girls On The Rocks (S)/Winchester Cathedral (S)

DynoVoice 1900/31900 Series (Distributed by Dot Records):

DY1901/DY31901 - What Now My Love - Mitch Ryder [11/67] Let It Be Me (S)/I Make A Fool Of Myself (S)/Born To Lose (S)/If You Go Away (Ne Me Quitte Pas) (S)/What Now My Love (S)//Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On (S)/Sally Go 'Round The Roses (S)/Brown-Eyed Handsome Man (S)/I Need Lovin' You (S)/That's It I Quit (S)

DY1902/DY31902 - Music to Watch Birds By - Bob Crewe Generation [1967] Winter Warm/Melancholy Serenade/I Will Wait/Chelsea Girls/Brother Dan/Song From Moulin Rouge/Will You Love Me/Birds of Britain/Streetcar/Clementine Boo-Ga-Loo

DY1903/DY31903 - How Deep Is the Ocean - Good Earth Trio [1968] The Good Earth Trio was Bill Oliver Swofford, Bob Hinkle, and Dan Shepherd. Swofford later had solo hits using the name "Oliver". Young Birds Fly/How Deep Is The Ocean/Now That You're Leaving/Goodbye Girl/River Is Wide//Stand By Me/Louise/The Spring Of My Mind/The World Through A Tear/Laia Ladaia


DY1905/31905 - Color Blind - Glitterhouse [1968] Cover is silver foil. Tinkerbell's Mind/Princess Of The Gingerland/Sassafrass And Cinnamon/Child Of Darkness (Journey Of A Child Traveler)//I Lost Me A Friend/Times Are Getting Hard/Where Have You Been Hiding/Hey Woman/Happy To Have You Here Again

DY1906/DY31906 - In Classic Form (Bob Crewe Presents Bhen Lanzaroni) - Bhen Lanzaroni [1968] Lonely Walks a Woman Home/Should I Laugh/Easy/Paper Butterfly/Simon/Lovers' Highway/Love Came Down/Build Me a Man/Eternity/Beat the Devil

DY1907/DY31907 - Bermuda Jam - Bermuda Jam [1969] Hold Me/Forever/Good Trip Lollipop/Who Put the Sun In/Forever Young/Up, Down/I Want To Love You/Easy To Say/Medley: Down In the Valley, Getting Ready, Don't Fight It, I Who Have Nothing

DY1908/DY31908 - Barbarella (Soundtrack) - The Bob Crewe Generation Orchestra [1968] Also issued on red vinyl. Barbarella [vocal: The Glitterhouse] (S)/Goodnight Alfie (S)/Spaceship Out Of Control (S)/Ski Ride (S)/The Hungry Dolls (S)/Love Love Love Drags Me Down [vocal: The Glitterhouse] (S)/Pygar Finds Barbarella (S)/I Love All The Love In You [vocal: The Glitterhouse] (S)/The Labrynth (S)/Pygar's New Wings (S)/First In Flight (S)//Entrance To Sogo (S)/Hello Pretty Pretty (S)/Pygar's Persecution (S)/The Black Queen's Beads (S)/Dead Duck (S)/The Pill (S)/Smoke (Viper Vapor) (S)/The Sex Machine (S)/The Chamber Of Dreams (S)/The Destruction Of Sogo (S)/An Angel is Love [vocal: Bob Crewe] (S)

Thanks to Darren Frantic, Dick Rosemont, Ernie Mabrey, and Davie Gordon.

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