Big Tree Album Discography
By David Edwards, Mike Callahan, Randy Watts, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: March 6, 2010

The Big Tree label started in 1970, by Doug Morris and Dick Vanderbilt. Morris is currently the head of Universal Music Group. Originally it was distributed by Ampex (better known for tape manufacture) for the first few albums, then in 1972 switched to Bell, then switched to Atlantic for distributorship around May, 1974. At that time, Morris left to work for Atlantic and Vanderbilt ran the label until 1984.

The label featured artists such as England Dan [Dan Seals] and John Ford Coley, Lobo, Brownsville Station, Hot, April Wine, and Hot Chocolate. By late 1979, the label had all but stopped releasing new material. The best selling Big Tree albums remained in the Warner- Elektra-Atlantic catalogs until the end of 1983, but by that time it was clear that the Big Tree was a dead tree.

There were four distinct labels. The first was used when Big Tree was distributed by Ampex. It had a red center with yellow half-circles at the top and bottom of the label. When distributed by Bell, the yellow half-circles at the top and bottom of the label changed to white. The deejay label was all white with black printing. The third label, corresponding to the early Atlantic-distributed issues, was a similar design, except instead of white semicircles, aqua blue was used. The last label design was started in 1976, and had a drawing of a bird and her chicks in a nest, with the mother bird feeding them a musical note.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

2000 Series:
From 1970-1972, distributed by Ampex, having a red and yellow label,
with green logo and black print.

BTS-2001 - Debut - The Neighborhood [1970] Laugh/Eli's Coming/Flesh Failure/Big Yellow Taxi/MacArthur Park//Sounds Of Silence/Now's The Time For Love/She Said, She Said/So Many People/Watch Out For The Sunchild


BTS-2003 - Introducing Lobo - Lobo [1971] (6-71, #178) Introduction: Country Feelings (S)/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (S)/The Albatross (S)/We'll Make It...I Know We Will (S)/A Little Different (S)/Reaching Out For Someone (S)//She Didn't Do Magic (S)/Little Joe (They're Out To Get Ya) (S)/I'm The Only One (S)/We'll Be One By Two Today (S)/Another Hill To Climb (S)/Reprise: Country Feelings (S)

*BTS-2004 - Please to See the King - Steeleye Span [1971] Blacksmith/Boys Of Bedlam/Bryan O'Lynn (Jig)/Cold, Haily, Windy Night/False Knight On The Road/Female Drummer/Lonely On The Water/Prince Charles Stuart/The Hag With The Money/The King/The Lark In The Morning

BTS-2005 - Double Barrell - Dave & Ansill Collins [1971] Double Barrel/Wild Bunch/Elfrego Bacca/Monkey Spanner Version/My Best Girl/Secret Weapon//I The Third/That Girl/Impossible Mission/Ten To One/I Can Count The Days/Two For One

BTS-2006 - No Truth to Sell - Alex Bevan [1971] Take Your Time/Never Lock The Door/Coventry Avenue/Ring Of Silver/No Truth To Sell/Ease Your Load//Brady Street Hotel (Empty Rooms)/Two-Man Carnival Show/Sometimes (Evening Prayer)/Trains Gone By/Linda's Song/Sunburn/Every Song

BTS-2007 - The Album - Soup [1971] Dance Magic Woman/Don't Be Lonely/Rock And Roll Lady/Many Lovers Dance Inside Your Head/To Keep Peace//Never Love Again/Black Cadillac/The Lady Is Part Of You/From The Center Of The Earth/Playin' A Different Game

BTS-2008 - Close Up - Lobo [Scheduled for 1971; Unreleased]

*BTS-2009 - Introducing the Sugar Bears - Sugar Bears [1971] All Of My Life/Anyone But You/Feather Balloon/Happiness Train/It's A Good Day/Kinda Friendly Things/Love You've Been A Long Time Coming/Right On/Someone Like You/The Two Of Us Together/You Are The One

1972-74 distribution changes to Bell, label becomes red and white,
with green logo and black print.

BTS-2010 - A Night on the Town - Brownsville Station [1972] (10-72, #191) Country Flavor/I Got Time/Jonah's Here To Stay/Leavin' Here/Lovin' Lady Lee/Mad For Me/The Man Who Wanted More (The Saints Rock & Roll)/Mister Robert/Rock With The Music/Wanted (Dead Or Alive)

BTS-2011 - Nostalgia, Volume 1 - Various Artists [1972] Reissue of Laurie label and Legrand label (licensed by Laurie) hits. Hushabye - Mystics (E)/Runaround Sue - Dion (E)/Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron - Royal Guardsmen (S)/Little Bit O' Soul - Music Explosion (S)/A Little Bit Of Soap - Jarmels (E)/Sweet Talkin' Guy - Chiffons (S)/He's So Fine - Chiffons (E)//Ferry Cross The Mersey - Gerry & Pacemakers (E)/Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying - Gerry & Pacemakers (E)/Quarter To Three - Gary (US) Bonds (E)/New Orleans - Gary (US) Bonds (E)/Lonely Teenager - Dion (E)/One Fine Day - Chiffons (E)/The Wanderer - Dion (E)

BTS-2012 - April Wine - April Wine [1972] Farkus (S)/You Could Have Been A Lady (S; all album versions and reissues of this song fade in, while the 45 starts cold)/Believe In Me (S)/Work All Day (S)/Drop Your Guns (S)//Bad Side Of The Moon (S)/Refuge (S)/Flow River Flow (S)/Carry On (S)/Didn't You (S)

BTS-2013 - Of a Simple Man - Lobo [1972] (10-72, #37) Am I True To Myself/Big Red Kite/I'd Love You To Want Me/Gypsy And The Midnight Ghost/Let Me Down Easy/Recycle Sally/Running Deer/Simple Man/There Ain't No Way/Pee-Ro Juan Valdez Sam Quixote

2100 Series (1973, Distributed by Bell):

BTS-2100 - Introducing Lobo - Lobo [1973] (5-73, #163) Reissue of BTS-2003 with different cover. Introduction: Country Feelings (S)/Me And You And A Dog Named Boo (S)/The Albatross (S)/We'll Make It...I Know We Will (S)/A Little Different (S)/Reaching Out For Someone (S)//She Didn't Do Magic (S)/Little Joe (They're Out To Get Ya) (S)/I'm The Only One (S)/We'll Be One By Two Today (S)/Another Hill To Climb (S)/Reprise: Country Feelings (S)

BTS-2101 - Calumet - Lobo [1973] (6-73, #128) How Can I Tell Her (S)/Stoney (S)/Rock And Roll Days (S)/One And The Same Thing (S)/Hope You're Proud Of Me Girl (S)//Love Me For What I Am (S)/Try (S)/It Sure Took A Long Time (S)/Standing At The End Of The Line (S)/Goodbye Is Just Another Word (S)

BTS-2102 - Yeah - Brownsville Station [1973] (9-73, #98) Question Of Temperature (S)/Lightnin' Bar Blues (S)/Take It Or Leave It (S)/All Night Long (S)/Let Your Yeah Be Yeah (S)//Sweet Jane (S)/Love Love Love (S)/Go Out And Get Her (S)/Barefootin' (S)/Smokin' In The Boy's Room (S)

89500 Series (1974-1977, Distributed by Atlantic):

Distribution shifts to Atlantic, with red and aqua label,
with green logo and black print.

BT 89500 - School Punks - Brownsville Station [1974] (6-74, #170) I'm The Leader Of The Gang/Fast Phyllis/Hey Little Girl/I Get So Excited/I Got It Bad For You/I'm A King Bee-I've Got Love If You Want It/Kings Of The party/Mama Don't Allow No Parkin'/Meet Me On The Fourth Floor/Ostrich

BT 89501 - Just a Singer - Lobo [1974] (8-74, #183) Rings/The Shelter Of Your Eyes/I'm Only Sleeping/Daydream Believer/Reason To Believe//Armstrong/Universal Soldier/Let's Get Together/Lodi/For The Love Of A Girl

BT 89502 - Wild Thing - Fancy [1974] Wild Thing/Love For Sale/Move On/I Don't Need Your Love/One Night//Touch Me/U.S. Surprise/Between The Devil And Me/I'm A Woman/Feel Good

BT 89503 - Cicero Park - Hot Chocolate [1974] (3-75, #55) Cicero Park (S)/Could have Been Born In The Ghetto (Theme From Love Head) (S)/A Love Like Yours (S)/You're A Natural High (S)/Emma (S)//Changing World (S)/Disco Queen (S)/Makin' Music (S)/Funky Rock 'N' Roll (S)/Brother Louie (S)

BT 89504 - Demis Roussos - Demis Roussos [1974] O My Friends You've Been Untrue to Me/Rebecca/End of the Line/(When) I'm a Kid/Goodbye My Love, Goodbye//She Came Up From the North/Lay it Down/Velvet Mornings/My Blue Ship's A-Sailin'/Forever and Ever

BT 89505 - A Cowboy Afraid of Horses - Lobo [1975] (4-75, #181) A Cowboy Afraid Of Horses/Don't Tell Me Goodnight/Everyday Is My Way/However.../Morning Sun/My Momma Had Soul/Something To See Me Through/Then I Met You/Thinking Of You/Three Pick-Ups/War To End All Wars/Would I Still Have You

BT 89506 - Stand Back - April Wine [1975] Oowatanite/Don't Push Me Around/Cum Hear The Band/Slow Poke/Victim Of Your Love//Baby Done Got Some Soul/I Wouldn't Want To Lose Your Love/Highway Hard Run/Not For You Not For Rock And Roll/Wouldn't Want Your Love (Any Other Way)/Tonite Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love

BT 89507 - Diamond Reo - Diamond Reo [1975] This is a four-man rock and roll band, not to be confused with the 1990s country band Diamond Rio [note difference in spelling]. Rock And Roll Till I Die (S)/I Want You (S)/Work Hard Labor (S)/Thing For You (S)/Nowhere To Run (S)//Ain't That Peculiar (S)/Lover In The Sky (S)/It's Gonna Be Alright (S)/Sittin' On Top Of The Blues (S)/I'm Movin' On (S)

BT 89508 - The Elephant - Elephant [1975] Seattle Morning/Sweet Michelle/Little Girl Sunshine/I See You/Do What You Love//Fantastic Lady/The Pusher/Sailing/Over The Rainbow

BT 89509 - Souvenirs - Demis Roussos [1975] Action Lady/From Souvenirs To Souvenirs/I'll Be Your Friend/Midnight Is The Time I Need You/Names/Perdoname/Sing An Ode To Love/Tell Me Now/Trying To Catch The Wind/White Wings/Winter Rains

BT 89510 - Motor City Connection - Brownsville Station [1975] Automatic Heartbreak/One That Got Away/Self Abuse/Crazy Legs/Give It To Get It/Combination Boogie//Load Of Love/You Know Better/They Call Me Rock 'N' Roll (They Call Me Rock 'N' Roll, Part I - God Bless Rock 'N' Roll - Can't Wait For Friday Night - Welcome - They Call Me Rock 'N' Roll, Part II)

BT 89511 - Run Joey Run - David Geddes [1975] Run, Joey Run/Frankie, I'm So Sorry/Wise Up Girl/Changing Colors/Wait For Me//Sneaking 'Round Corners/What Will My Mary Say/Give Her What She Wants/When You're Number One/Let Me Hear It Out There

BT 89512 - Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate [1975] (11-75, #41) Hello America/The Street/Call The Police/Dollar Sign/You Sexy Thing//A Child's Prayer/A Warm Smile/Amazing Skin Song/Love's Coming On Strong/Lay Me Down

BT 89513 - The Best of Lobo - Lobo [1975] I'd Love You To Want Me/Armstrong/I'm The Only One/Rock And Roll Days/Rings/She Didn't Do Magic/Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend//Me And You And A Dog Named Boo/A Simple Man/Standing At The End Of The Line/It Sure Took A Long, Long Time/A Little Different/How Can I Tell Her/Goodbye Is Just Another Word

BT 89514 - Nanette Workman - Nanette Workman [1976] Who Cares/The Queen/Too Late/Crying Crying/Running Wild//Save Me/Shake It/I Give It To You/If It Wasn't For The Money/Things Of The Past

BT 89515 - Lenny LeBlanc - Lenny LeBlanc [1975] Desert Cowboy/Lady Singer/Rag Doll/Lost Again/Mary, What's Come Over You?//Rainy Nights/Hound Dog Man/Sharing The Night Together/Dance Around The Campfire/Ain't It Funny

BT 89516 - Mike Lesley - Mike Lesley [1976] Come Together/You/Highway Blues/Don't Be So Serious/Reggae Music//Slippin' And Slidin'/Song For You/Freedom Goes/Hard Hard Life/My Mama Said/Next To You

BT 89517 - Nights Are Forever - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1976] (8-76, #17) I'd Really Love To See You Tonight (S)/I'll Stay (S)/Westward Wind (S)/Long Way Home (S)/There'll Never Be Another For me (S)//Nights Are Forever Without You (S)/It's Not The Same (S)/Showboat Gambler (S)/The Prisoner (S)/Lady (S)/Everything's Gonna Be Alright (S)

BT 89518 - Not a Word on It - Pete Carr [1976] Tuscumbian Lover/Foxfire/Journey With The Breeze/On Lucifer's Knee/Theme From Sparkle//Trapped In A Bubble/Broken Stone/Race Of The Computers/Twisted Hair

BT 89519 - Man to Man - Hot Chocolate [1976] (9-76, #172) Don't Stop It Now/Harry/Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac/Living On A Shoe String/Man To Man/Seventeen Years Of Age/Sex Appeal/Sugar Daddy/You Could've Been A Lady

BT 89520 - Parker McGee - Parker McGee [1976] Goodbye Old Buddies/You Got Me Runnin'/This Magic Night/Talkin' 'Bout Loving You/Angel Dancing/Got That Feeling/I Just Can't Say No To You/Boy Meets Girl/Feather Lite And Honey Smooth/Rock-A-Bye Baby/Family Reunion

Label changes to a black printing on a full color background drawing of a bird feeding a musical note to her chicks in the nest.

BT 89521 - Midnight Light - LeBlanc & Carr [1977] (3-78, #145) Something About You (S)/Falling (S)/How Does It Feel (To Be In Love) (S)/Midnight Light (S)/Stronger Love (S)//Johnny Too Bad (S)/Desperado (S)/Coming And Going (S)/I Need To Know (S)/I Believe That We (S)

BT 89522 - Hot - Hot [1977] (5-77, #125) Angel In Your Arms/The Right Feeling At The Wrong Time/You Brought The Woman Out Of Me/If You Don't Love Her (When You Gonna Leave Her ?)/Who's Gonna Love You/Mama's Girl//You Can Do It/You're The Reason For All The Songs/Why Don't You Believe In Your Man/Don't Let Me Leave You Behind/Just 'Cause I'm Guilty

BT 89523 - Love & Learn - Tom Powers [1977] Rise And Shine/Thoughts Of You/Willie/Live And Learn//Song About You/It Ain't Love/One Too Many Times/Music

76000 Series (1977-1979, Distributed by Atlantic):

BT 76000 - Dowdy Ferry Road - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1977] (4-77, #80) Dowdy Ferry Road/It's Sad To Belong/Soldier In The Rain/Love Is The One Thing We Hide/Gone Too Far//Where Do I Go From Here/Falling Stars/You Know We Belong Together/Don't Feel That Way No More/Holocaust

BT 76001

BT 76002 - 10 Greatest Hits - Hot Chocolate [1977] So You Win Again (S)/You Could've Been A Lady (S)/Brother Louie (S)/Heaven Is In The Back Seat Of My Cadillac (S)/You Sexy Thing (S)//Disco Queen (S)/Emma (S)/Don't Stop It Now (S)/Rumors (S)/Man To Man (S)

BT 76003 - Hound Dog Man - Lenny LeBlanc [1977] Desert Cowboy/Lady Singer/Rag Doll/Lost Again/Mary, What's Come Over You ?//Rainy Nights/Hound Dog Man/Sharing The Night Together/Dance Around The Campfire/Ain't It Funny

BT 76004 - Outside Help - Johnny Rivers [1977] (1-78, #142) Curious Mind (Um Um Um Um Um Um)/Ashes And Sand/For You/Monkey Time/One last Dance (For The Melody)/Outside Help/Rotation/Swayin' To The Music (Slow Dancin')

BT 76005 - If That's the Way You Want It...You Got It - Hot [1977] One Day At A Time/Will You Still Love Me After I Leave Him/The Number Man's Game/If I've Ever Needed You/If That's The Way That You Want It//I Don't Wanna Be The Reason That You Leave Her/No Love In The Morning/Just Because You Want It Don't Make It Yours/I'm A Lover/You're A Star Too Far Away

BT 76006 - Some Things Don't Come Easy - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1978] (4- 78, #61) Some Things Don't Come Easy/If The World Ran Out Of Love Tonight/You Can't Dance/Who's Lonely Now/Hold Me/We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again//Lovin' Somebody On A Rainy Night/Beyond The Tears/Calling For You Again/Wanting You Desperately/Just The Two Of Us

BT 76007 - Jimmie Mack - Jimmie Mack [1978] There Was Love/Waiting For Tonight/Hold On/Side Street Girl/Going Out With The Boys//Play With Love/Bump In The Night/Let Me Down Easy/Dream/All I Got Left

BT 76008 - Miss Broadway - Belle Epoque [1978] Miss Broadway/Me And You/Losing You//Black Is Black (Disco Sound-Black Is Black- Why Don't You Lay Down-Black Is Black)

BT 76009 - Multiple Flash - Pete Carr [1978] Someday We Will/Multiple Flash/Take Away The Wheels/Rings Of Saturn//Canadian Sunset/The Southern Cross/Knockin' On Heaven's Door

BT 76010

BT 76011 - Funky Situation - Wilson Pickett [1978] Dance With Me/She's So Tight/The Night We Called It A Day/Dance You Down/Hold On To Your Hiney//Groovin'/Lay Me Like You Hate Me/Funky Situation/Time To Let The Sun Shine On Me/Who Turned You On

BT 76012 - Things I Meant To Say - Marcus Joseph [1978] Before The Night Is Over/Nice Guys Finish Last-Runaway/I Don't Want To Get Over You/One Of These Days/Things I Meant To Say//I've Got You Where I Want You/Take Me There/Rock Me Baby/Trapeze/Israel

BT 76013

BT 76014 - On The Corner - Jimmie Mack [1979] Ain't Gonna Make It/On The Corner/I'd Rather Be The One/On The Ice/Give It Away//Lover/Pushin' Me/I Want The Night To Go On/Subway

BT 76015 - Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1979] (4-79, #106) Hollywood Heckle And Jive/What Can I Do With This Broken Heart/Another Golden Oldie Night For Wendy/Broken Hearted Me/Children Of The Half-Light/Rolling Fever//Love Is The Answer/Only A Matter Of Time/Caught Up In The Middle/Running After You/What's Forever For

BT 76016 - Strong Together - Hot [1979] Taking My Love For Granted/Slippin' Up Slippin' Around/One Man's Woman/If That's What Love Is All About/We Can Be Strong//Borrow Me/If You're A Friend/You've Got To Be Strong (To Be The Other Woman)/Take A Little Time Out/Gonna Get You Into My Heart/I Don't Wanna Be Around When The Hurt Comes

BT 76017

BT 76018 - The Best of England Dan & John Ford Coley - England Dan & John Ford Coley [1979] (1-80, #194) Falling Stars/Gone Too Far/In It For Love/I'd Really Love To See You Tonight/It's Sad To Belong/Love Is The Answer/Nights Are Forever Without You/Soldier In The Rain/We'll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again/What Can I Do With This Broken Heart/Who's Lonely Now/Why Is It Me


SA-1001 - 20 Chartstoppers, Vol. 1 - Various Artists [1971] Includes many tracks from the Big Tree label. Me And You And A Dog Named Boo - Lobo (S)/Mighty Clouds Of Joy - B.J. Thomas (S)/Double Barrell - Dave & Ansill Collins (M)/You Are Everything - Stylistics (S)/Make It Funky - James Brown (M)/My Pledge Of Love - Joe Jeffrey Group (S)/I Ain't Got Time Anymore - Glass Bottle (M)/Stay Awhile - Bells (S)/Thanks For The Smiles - Jim Stover (S)/White Lies-Blue Eyes - Bullet (S)//Hot Pants - James Brown (S)/Please Mrs. Henry - Manfred Mann (S)/Stop Look Listen - Stylistics (M)/Big Yellow Taxi - Neighborhood (S)/She Didn't Do Magic - Lobo (S)/She's A Lady - Bells (S)/No Love At All - B.J. Thomas (S)/Backfield In Motion - Mel & Tim (S)/California On My Mind - Morning Mist (S)/One Night Stand - Magic Lanterns (M)

Thanks to Bill Pitzonka, Danny Tunick, Dane Spencer and Dick Rosemont.

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