Westbound Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, and David Edwards
Last update: September 25, 2005

Westbound was a soul label. It began about 1970, with distribution by Janus. In 1974 Janus acquired Chess, and the distribution was by Chess/Janus, which lasted until 1975, and a move to 20th Century for distribution. Westbound became part of the Atlantic distribution system in early 1977.

In the early days, Westbound had some fairly big-name stars, with Funkadelic and Ohio Players leading the way. They also had the folk-country-rock duo of Skip "Van Winkle" Knape and David Teegarden. Once these stars left Westbound for the major labels (Funkadelic to Warner Brothers, Ohio Players to Mercury, Teegarden and Van Winkle to Bob Seger's band on Capitol), the fortunes of the label waned. Their 1977 signing with Atlantic resulted in little success, as only one of the Atlantic-distributed Westbound albums even made the charts.

The early label design was one of the worst label designs ever, resembling a slab of vomit on a shaky blue background. By the time they signed with Atlantic, the label was changed to a smart-looking blue- grey label featuring a truck heading west, with the logo at the top of the label. The tracks listed for each album are in the order they appear, except for albums marked with an asterisk (*), where the tracks are listed alphabetically.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

Westbound 2000 series (Distributed by Chess/Janus):

WB 2000 - Funkadelic - Funkadelic [1970] (3-70, #126) Mommy, What's A Funkadelic?/I Bet You/Music For My Mother/I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing//Good Old Music/Qualify And Satisfy/What Is Soul

*WB 2001 - Free Your Mind... And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic [1970] (10-70, #92) Eulogy And Light/Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow/Friday Night, August 14th/Funky Dollar Bill/I Wanna Know If It's Good To You ?/Some More

WB 2002 - For Free - Catfish Hodge [1970]

WB 2003 - Teegarden & Van Winkle - Teegarden & Van Winkle [1970] God, Love And Rock And Roll (We Believe)/Mona Sweet Mona/Ruth Colleen/Everything Is Going To Be Alright/Going Back Home//Eleanor Rigby/You Do/Homegrown/Okie From Muskogee

WB 2004 - The Assemblage Album - Assemblage [1971] Satisfaction/It's Not Easy/Dirty Gurty//Drink Deep/Lean On Me/Everything Is Going To Be Alright/Black And White

WB 2005 - Keep On Truckin' - Frut [1971] Keep On Truckin'/This Time/Bristol Stomp/Be- Bop-A-Lu-La/Donna/I Love You Baby (But You Don't Dress Cool)/Chiffon Baby/Are We Really Goin' Steady/Come Go With Me/Buzz Buzz-A-Diddle It/Take Your Clothes Off And I'll Love You!/Running Bear

WB 2006 - Do Me Right - Detroit Emeralds [1971] (6-71, #151) Do Me Right/Wear This Ring (With Love)/Long Live The King/What You Gonna Do About Me/You Can't Take This Love For You, From Me/Just Now And Then//Lee/If I Lose Your Love/And I Love Her/I Can't See Myself (Doing Without You)/Holding On/Admit Your Love Is Gone

WB 2007 - Maggot Brain - Funkadelic [1971] (8-71, #108) Maggot Brain/Can You Get To That/Hit It And Quit It/You And Your Folks, Me And My Folks//Super Stupid/Back In Our Minds/Wars Of Armageddon

WB 2008 - Spoiled Rotten - Frut [1972] Ruby Baby/Sixteen Candles/You Can't Sit Down/Gimme What You Got/Sea Of Love/You Just Gotta Have What It Takes//Snatch N' Grabit/Send Me Down/Freckles On Her Butt/Peggy Sue/Save The Last Dance For Me/Prison Of Love

WB 2009 - Jonathon Round - Jonathon Round [1971] This album was issued with a die- cut round cover. In Quest Of The Unicorn/Don't It Make You Wanna' Go Home/Tolu/Sympathy For The Devil//To Love Somebody/Travelin' Mama Blues/And I Will Not Be Moved/Train-A-Comin'/Young Sadie (Dancing Lady)

WB 2010 - On Our Way - Teegarden & Van Winkle With Bruce [1972] Carry On (With You)/Midnight Rider/Movin' On Down The Highway/Going Down/Ride Away (With Me)//Ain't Love Grand/Stoned On The Love Of Jesus/Rueben Red/Arted Is My Last Name (Passing Gas)/If You Live/I Need You

*WB 2011 - What's Up Front That-Counts - Counts [1972] (7-72, #193) Bills/Pack Of Lies/Rhythm Changes/Thinking Single/What's Up From That-Counts/Why Not Start All Over Again

WB 2012 - Trapped By a Thing Called Love - Denise Lasalle [1972] (5-72, #120) Trapped By A Thing Called Love/Now Run And Tell That/Heartbreaker Of The Year/Good Goody Better/Catch Me If You Can//Hung Up, Strung Up/Do Me Right/The Deeper I Go (The Better It Gets)/If You Should Lose Me/Keep It Coming/It's Too Late

WB 2013 - You Want It, You Got It - Detroit Emeralds [1972] (7-72, #78) You Want It, You Got It/There's A Love For Me Somewhere/I'll Never Sail The Sea Again/Take My Love//Feel The Need In Me/I've Got To Move/Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)/I Bet You Get The One You Love/Till You Decide To Come Home

WB 2014 -

*WB 2015 - Pain - Ohio Players [1972] (3-72, #177) I Wanna Hear From You/Never Had A Dream/Pain (Part I)/Players Balling (Players Doin' Their Own Thing)/Singing In The Morning/The Reds

WB 2016 - On the Loose - Denise Lasalle [1973] A Man Size Job/What It Takes To Get A Good Woman/Harper Valley P.T.A./What Am I Doing Wrong/Breaking Up Somebody's Home//There Ain't Enough Hate Around (To Make Me Turn Around)/Your Man And Your Best Friend/Lean On Me/Making A Good Thing Better/I'm Over You/I'm Satisfied

WB 2017 - Pleasure - Ohio Players [1973] (2-73, #63) Pleasure/Laid It/Pride And Vanity/Walt's First Trip//Varee Is Love/Walked Away From You/Paint Me/Funky Worm/Our Love Has Died

WB 2018 - I'm in Love with You - Detroit Emeralds [1973] (4-73, #181) Shake Your Head/So Long/You're Getting A Little Too Smart/I Think Of You - You Control Me (Medley)//Whatcha Gonna Wear Tomorrow/Heaven Couldn't Be Like This - Without You Baby - I'm In Love With You (Medley)/My Dreams Have Got The Best Of Me

WB 2019 - Experimental Groundwork - Skip Van Winkle Knape & David Teegarden [1973] Audience Induction/Carol/Ain't I Good To You/Dancing In The Street/Don't Cry No More/Band (Audience) Dehypnotization//Band Induction (Partial)/Let It Roll/Dupries Dog/She's Alright/Sweet Thing/Lucille/Give Away None Of My Love/Band Dehypnotization (Partial)

*WB 2020 - America Eats Its Young - Funkadelic [1972] (6-72, #123) (2-LP set) America Eats Its Young/Balance/Biological Speculation/Everybody Is Going To Make It This Time/If You Don't Like The Effects, Don't Produce The Cause/Joyful Process/Loose Booty/Miss Lucifer's Love/Philmore/Pussy/That Was My Girl/Wake Up/We Hurt Too/You Hit The Nail On The Head

*WB 2021 - Ecstasy - Ohio Players [1973] (9-73, #70) Black Cat/Ecstasy/Food Stamps Y'all/(I Wanna Know) Do You Feel It/Not So Sad And Lonely/Short Change/Silly Billy/Sleep Talk/Spinning/You And Me

WB 2022 - Cosmic Slop - Funkadelic [1973] (7-73, #112) Cosmic Slop/No Compute/This Broken Heart/Trash A-Go-Go/Can't Stand The Strain//Nappy Dugout/You Can't Miss What You Can't Measure/March To The Witch's Castle/Let's Make It Last

Westbound 1000 series (Distributed by Chess/Janus):

*WB 1000 - The Americans - Byron MacGregor [1974] Amazing Grace (America The Beautiful)/America The Beautiful/Americans/Dixie/Eyes Of Texas/Gettysburg Address/God Save The Queen/How Good You Have It In America/Lincoln Lives On/Oh Canada/Star Spangled Banner/Stars And Stripes/The Strongest Americans

WB 1001 - Standing on the Verge of Getting It On - Funkadelic [1974] (9-74, #163) Red Hot Momma/Alice In My Fantasies/I'll Stay/Sexy Ways//Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On/Jimmy's Got A Little Bit Of Bitch In Him/Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts

WB 1002 -

WB 1003 - Climax - Ohio Players [1974] (11-74, #102) Sleep Talk/Ruffell Foot/Proud Mary/Climax//What's Going On/Food Stamps Y'all/Players Ballin'/Pack It Up

WB 1004 - Funkadelic's Greatest Hits - Funkadelic [1975] I Got A Thing, You Got A Thing, Everybody's Got A Thing/I Wanna Know If It's Good To You/Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On/Hit It And Quit/Cosmic Slop//Can You Get To That/Loose Booty/Funky Dollar Bill/A Joyful Process/I'll Bet You

WB 1005 - The Ohio Players Greatest Hits - Ohio Players [1975] (2-75, #92) Pain (Part I)/Pain (Part II)/Sleep Talk/Varee Is Love/Ecstasy//Funky Worm/I Wanna Hear From You/Pleasure/Walt's First Trip/Climax

Westbound 4000 gospel series (Distributed initially by Chess/Janus, later by SOG Records):

WB 4000 - I've Already Been to the Water - Bill Moss [6/72]

WB 4001 - Solid Rock - Bill Moss [1972]

WB 4002 - Wonderful Grace of Jesus - Mattie Moss Clark [1972]

WB 4003 - Doing My Job for Jesus - Bill Moss with the Celestials [6/72]

WB 4004 - That's Christ - Mattie Moss Clark [6/72]

WB 4005 - Bill Moss: The Boss Co. - Bill Moss [1973]

WB 4006 - Hands of God - Mattie Moss Clark [1973]

WB 4007

WB 4008 - I Don't Know What I Would Be Without the Lord - Mattie Moss Clark [12/74]

Westbound 200 series (Distributed by 20th Century Records):

W 200 - What We Do - Junie [1975] Junie/Loving Arms/Johnny Carson Samba/The Place/Anna//Tight Rope/You And You/When We Do/Married Him/Walt's Third Trip

W 201 - Alvin Stone (The Birth And Death Of A Gangster) - Fantastic Four [1975] (6-75, #99) Alvin Stone (The Birth And Death Of A Gangster)/Have A Little Mercy/County Line//Let This Moment Last Forever/Words/My Love Won't Stop At Nothing

W 202 - Soap Operas - Catfish Hodge [1975] Keep Driving Me Crazy/Silver Arrow/Ain't It A Shame/Bulldog/Oscar Teo//Des Woman/It's All Over Now/Sweet Cocaine/Take A Look In The Mirror/For Free

W 203 - Etta Jones - Etta Jones [5/75]

W 204 - Melvin Sparks - Melvin Sparks [1975]

W 205 - Houston Person - Houston Person [5/75]

W 206 - Caesar Frazier - Caesar Frazier [5/75]

W 207 - Specialty of the House - Spanky Wilson [1975]

W 208 - Standing on the Verge of Getting It On - Funkadelic [1975] Reissue of Westbound WB 1001.

W 209 - Here I Am Again - Denise Lasalle [1975] Here I Am Again/Married, But Not To Each Other/Share Your Man With Me/I Wanna Do What's On Your Mind/Trying To Forget//My Brand On You/Stay With Me Awhile/Anytime Is The Right Time/Don't Nobody Live Here (By The Name Of Fool)/Hit And Run

W 210 -

W 211 - Rattlesnake - Ohio Players [1975] (12-75, #61) Rattlesnake/Introducing The Players/What It Is/Rooster Poot/Gone Forever//Hustle Bird/Spinning/Hollywood Hump/Laid It/Varee (Is Love)/She Locked It

*W 212 - Finger Lickin' Good - Dennis Coffey [1975] (1-76, #147) El Tigre/Fame/Finger Lickin' Good/Honky Tonk/I've Got A Real Good Feeling/If You Can't Dance To This You Got No Business Havin' Feet/Live Wire/Some Like It Hot/Wild Child

W 213 - Get Out of My Way - Houston Person [1975]

W 214 - Freeze - Junie [1975] Freeze/Cookies Will get You/Not As Good As You Should/Musical Son//Super J./World Of Woe/Granny's Funky Rolls Royce/Junie II

*W 215 - Let's Take It to the Stage - Funkadelic [1975] (7-75, #102) Atmosphere/Be My Beach/Better By The Pound/Get Off Your Ass And Jam/Good To Be Earhole/I Owe You Something Good/Let's Take It To The Stage/No Head, No Backstage Pass/Stuffs And Things/The Song Is Familiar

W 216 - Funkadelic - Funkadelic [1975] Reissue of Westbound WB 2000.

W 217 - Free Your Mind... And Your Ass Will Follow - Funkadelic [1975] Reissue of Westbound WB 2001.

W 218 - Maggot Brain - Funkadelic [1975] Reissue of Westbound WB 2007.

W 219 - Pain - Ohio Players [1976] Reissue of Westbound WB 2015.

W 220 - Pleasure - Ohio Players [1976] Reissue of Westbound WB 2017.

W 221 - America Eats Its Young - Funkadelic [1976] Two record set. Reissue of Westbound WB 2020.

W 222 - Ecstasy - Ohio Players [1976] Reissue of Westbound WB 2021.

W 223 - Cosmic Slop - Funkadelic [1976] Reissue of Westbound WB 2022.

W 224 - The Magic Man - King Errisson [1976] Conga Man/Every Day's A Holiday/Dance With Me/The Magic Man/Sleep Talk//Back From The Dead/Tight Rope/Listen To The Music/Last Chance To Date

W 225 - Jim Gold and the Gallery - Jim Gold & Gallery [9/76]

W 226 - Night People - Fantastic Four [1976] Medley: Night People - Lies Divided By Jive/If I Lose My Job//Hideaway/By The River Under Tree/Don't Risk Your Happiness On Foolishness/They Took The Show On The Road

*W 227 - Tales of Kidd Funkadelic - Funkadelic [1976] (10-76, #103) Butt-To- Buttresuscitation/How Do Yeaw View You?/I'm Never Gonna Tell It/Let's Take It To The People/Take Your Dead Ass Home ! (Say Som'n Nasty)/Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic (Opusdelite Years)/Undisco Kidd

W 228 - Suzie Super Groupie - Junie [1976] Junie III/Suzie Thundertussy/If You Love Him/What Am I Gonna Do/Super Groupie//Surrender/Suzie/Stone Face Joe/Spirit

W-229 - A Whole Nother Thang - Fuzzy Haskins [1976] Tangarine Green/Cookie Jar/Mr. Junk Man/I Can See Myself In You/The Fuz And Da Boog//Which Way Do I Disco/Love's Now Is Forever/Sometimes I Rock And Roll/I'll Be Loving You

W-230 - Feel the Need - Detroit Emeralds [2/77]

Westbound 300 series (Distributed by Atlantic Records):

WD 300 - Back Home - Dennis Coffey [1977] Funk Connection/Back Home/Free Spirit/Our Love Goes On Forever//High On Love/Boogie Magic/Wings Of Fire

WB 301 - Devil's Gun - C.J. & Co. [7/77] This is the number listed for this release on the promotional album PR-278, the album may have been renumbered to WT-6100 before release.

WB 302 - Feel the Need - Detroit Emeralds [1977] Set It Out/Take It Or Leave Me/Feel The Need//Wednesday/Love For You/Look What's Happened To Our Love/Sexy Ways/Love Has Come To Me

W 303 - The Best of the Early Years - Funkadelic [1977]

W 304 - The Best of the Early Years - Ohio Players [1977]

WB 305 - Cosmic Wind - Mike Theodore Orchestra [1977] (10-77, #178) Belly Boogie/The Bul/Cosmic Wind//Moon Trek/Ain't Nothing To It/Brazilian Lullaby/I Love The Way You Move

WB 306 - Got to Have Your Love - Fantastic Four [1977] She'll Be Right For Me/Mixed Up Moods And Attitudes/There's Fire Down Below/Ain't I Been Good To You//Cash Money/I Got To Have Your Love/Disco Pool Blues/Give Me All The Love You Got

WT 307 - L.A. Bound - King Errisson [1977] Disco Congo/Manhattan Love Song//Sal Soul Sister/Well, Have A Nice Day/L.A. Bound

Westbound 800 Series (Distributed by Atlantic Records):

WT 800 - The Gospel According to the St. James Choir - St. James Choir

Westbound 5000 series (Distributed by Atlantic Records):

WB 5000 - Your Love Is My Desire - Erasmus Hall [1980]

Westbound 6100 series (Distributed by Atlantic Records):

WT 6100 - Devil's Gun - C.J. & Co. [1977] (7-77, #60) Devil's Gun/We Got Our Own Thing//Free To Be Me/Get A Groove In Order To Move/Sure Can't Go To The Moon

WT 6101 - Let's Get Together - Detroit Emeralds [1978] Let's Get Together/Turn On Lady/(Call Me) Traveling Man//I Can't Seem To Forget/What's The Deal/Treat Her Like A Lady/I Just Don't Know About This Girl Of Mine/Have A Good Day

WT 6102 - Radio Active - Fuzzy Haskins [1978]

WT 6103 - Another Life - Caesar Frazer [1978]

WT 6104 - Deadeye Dick - C.J. & Co. [1978] Burning Drums Of Fire/Deadeye Dick/Beware The Stranger//Big City Sidewalk/Hearsay/You're Still The Sweetest Thing In My Life

WT 6105 - A Sweet Taste Of Sin - Dennis Coffey Band [1978] A Sweet Taste Of Sin/Another Time, Another Place/Love Encounter//Someone Special/You Know Who You Are/Gimmie That Funk/Calling Planet Earth

WT 6106 - I Was Made For Love - Carlis Munro [1979] Big Time Fakers/I Was Made For Love/Use What Ya Got... Hot City Woman//Outside Looking In/Boogie Up, Rock Down... Ride A Funky Starship/Only An Angel/Plain Brown Wrapper

WT 6107 - Westbound Disco Sizzlers - Various Artists [1978] Medley: Night People-Lies Divided By Jive - Fantastic Four/Wings Of Fire - Dennis Coffey//Feel The Need - Detroit Emeralds/The Bull - Mike Theodore Orchestra

WT 6108 - B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Funk) - Fantastic Four [1978] Super Lover/I Just Want To Love Ya Baby/Shout (Let It All Hang Out)//Cold And Windy Night/Sexy Lady/Realize (When You're In Love/B.Y.O.F. (Bring Your Own Funk)

WT 6109 - High On Mad Mountain - Mike Theodore Orchestra [1979] High On Mad Mountain/Wonder Man//Disco People/Dragons Of Midnight

WT-6110 - Crowd Pleasers - Crowd Pleasers [1979]

Westbound Promotional Issue (Distributed by Atlantic Records):

PR-278 - Westbound LP Sampler - Various Artists [1977] Devil's Gun - C.J. & Co./Free to Be Me - C.J. & Co./Cosmic Slop - Funkadelic/No Compute - Funkadelic/Pain - Ohio Players //Players Balling (Players Doin' Their Own Thing)/Feel the Need - Detroit Emeralds/Love Has Come to Me - Detroit Emeralds/Our Love Goes on Forever - Dennis Coffey/Free Spirit - Dennis Coffey

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