Modern Records Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, and David Edwards
Last update: February 26, 2000

The Modern label was distributed by Atco and was included in the 38-100 and 90000series. The most successful artist on the label in the early 1980s was Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, who used the label for her solo efforts. Each individual label was a custom design. The logo was a box with "Modern Records, Established 1980".

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

MR 38-130 - Going Up - Joey Wilson [1980] If You Don't Want My Love/Taking Me Back/Underground/Hold On Girl/Women With Ideas//Call Off Your Dogs/I Was A Fool/My Car - Your Car/Chances We'll Take/Out Of Your World/Underground (Reprise)/Going Up

MR-38-135 - Jah Malla - Jah Malla [1981]

MR 38-139 - Bella Donna - Stevie Nicks [1981] (8-81, #1) Bella Donna/Kind Of Woman/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around/Think About It/After The Glitter Fades//Edge Of Seventeen/How Still My Love/Leather And Lace/Outside The Rain/The Highwayman

90084-1 - The Wild Heart - Stevie Nicks [1983] (7-83, #5) Wild Heart/If Anyone Falls/Gate And Garden/Enchanted/Nightbird//Stand Back/I Will Run Tp You [with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers]/Nothing Ever Changes/Sable On Blond/Beauty And The Beast

90479-1 - Rock a Little - Stevie Nicks [1985] (12-85, #12) I Can't Wait/Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily)/Sister Honey/I Sing For The Things/Imperial Hotel/Some Became Strangers//Talk To Me/The Nightmare/If I Were You/No Spoken Word/Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You

*91245-1 - The Other Side of the Mirror - Stevie Nicks [1989] (6-89, #10) Rooms On Fire/Long Way To Go/Two Kinds Of Love/Ooh My Love/Ghosts/Whole Lotta Trouble//Fire Burning/Cry Wolf/Alice/Juliet/Doing The Best That I Can (Escape From Berlin)/I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes)

91711-2 - TimeSpace: The Best of Stevie Nicks - Stevie Nicks [1991] (9-91, #30) This is a CD issue. Most of the early hits (*) have been remixed for this album. Sometimes It's A Bitch/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around [with Tom Petty](*)/Whole Lotta Trouble (*)/Talk To Me/Stand Back (*)/Beauty And The Beast/If Anyone Falls (*)/Rooms On Fire (*)/Love's A Hard Game To Play/Edge Of Seventeen (*)/Leather And Lace [with Don Henley](*)/I Can't Wait/Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You (*)/Desert Angel

92246-2 - Street Angel - Stevie Nicks [1994] This is a CD issue. Blue Denim/Gretta/Street Angel/Docklands/Listen To The Rain/Destiny/Unconditional Love/Love Is Like A River/Rose Garden/Maybe Love/Just Like A Woman/Kick It/Jane

83093-2 - Enchanted - Stevie Nicks [1998] (3-CD box set) Disc 1: Enchanted/Outside The Rain/After The Glitter Fades/Wild Heart/Leather And Lace [with Don Henley]/Garbo/Stand Back/Nightbird/Stop Draggin' My Heart Around [with Tom Petty]/Beauty And The Beast/Kind Of Woman/If Anyone Falls/One More Big Time Rock And Roll Star/Blue Denim/Bella Donna; Disc 2: Edge Of Seventeen (live)/Street Angel/Rock A Little (Go Ahead Lily)/I Sing For The Things/Rooms On Fire/I Can't Wait (extended mix)/Two Kinds Of Love [with Bruce Hornsby]/The Highwayman [with Don Henley]/Rose Garden/Talk To Me/Destiny/Ooh My Love/Desert Angel/Whole Lotta Trouble/Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You; Disc 3: Twisted (demo)/Long Distance Winner [Buckingham-Nicks]/Thousand Days/Battle Of The Dragon/Gold [John Stewart]/Free Fallin'/It's Late (demo)/Violet And Blue/Whenever I Call You Friend [Kenny Loggins]/Sweet Girl (demo)/Blue Lamp/Gold And Braid (live)/Reconsider Me [with Don Henley]/Somebody Stand By Me/Sleeping Angel/Rhiannon (1998 piano version)

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