Miscellaneous Atlantic/Atco Distributed Labels
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 25, 2005

The following are some of the smaller labels distributed by Atlantic over the years.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents


The Brooklyn label was owned by New York disc jockey Murray "the K" Kaufmann and was distributed by Atlantic.

SD-301 - Murray the K's Greatest Holiday Show: Live from the Brooklyn Fox - Various Artists [1965]

SD-302 - Live From The Brooklyn Fox - Various Artists [1966]


The Carla record series was distributed by Atco and was included in the Atco 33-100 series.

33-188/SD 33-188 - Love Makes The World Go Round - Deon Jackson [1966] Love Makes The World Go Round/1-2-3/Love Is What You Make It/Not So Much/You Said You Love Me/S.O.S.//Love Takes A Long Time Growing/Nursery Rhymes/King Of The Road/I'm Telling You/Hush Little Baby/Come Back Home


The following Cherie label record was distributed by Atlantic, using the consolidated Atlantic numbering system.

CR 19330 - This Must Be Heaven - Jerry Carr [1981]


The Clean Label was distributed by Atlantic. The Clean label is pink with a hand presenting a white card with "Clean" written in white letters in the top half of the label and DIST. BY ATLANTIC RECORDING CORP., 1841 BROADWAY N.Y., N.Y." written in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label :

CN 600 - Country - Country [1971] Country included singer-songwriter Tom Snow. Beverly Glen/Love Quite Like Her Kind/Give My Best To Everyone/Traveling Salesman/Janie/Going Away//Fine And Easy/It's All The Same/Man From Alabama/Aragon Ballroom/Killer/Rock And Roll Heaven

CN-601 - Delbert and Glen - Delbert and Glen [1972] Delbert and Glen were Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark. Old Sandby/Ain't What You Eat But the Way How You Chew It/I Received a Letter/I Feel the Burden (Being Lifter Off My Sholders)/"B" Movie Box Car Blues/Everyday Will Be Like a Holiday//All Them Other Good Things/Sugar Daddy/Here Comes the Bllues Again/Rosie's (The Working Girls' Hotel)/C.O.D.

CN-602 - Subject to Change - Delbert and Glen [1973] Oh My/If You Don't Leave Me Alone (I'm Gonna Find Somebody That Will)/Lucky Boy (Your Ramblin' Days Are Through)/Too Much/Sidewalk Diploma/Cold November//I Don't Want to Hear It Anymore/Let Me Be Your Lover/Bless 'Em/California Livin'/You Gonna Miss Me/To Be With You


The East-West label was owned by Atlantic. It was an early attempt by Atlantic to establish another jazz label. The label operated in 1957, 1958 and 1959 when is was discontinued. There were 4 LP releases on the label, all four of which appeared in the April 1958 Schwann catalog in the New Release section.

E-W 4001 - Tommy Potter's Hard Funk - Tommy Potter [1957] Imp/Keester Parade/Russ and Arlene/Punsch/T.N.T./Reets and I

E-W 4002 - The Jackie Paris Sound - Jackie Paris [1957]

E-W 4003 - Lars Gullin Swings - Lars Gullin [1957] Jeepers Creepers/Like Someone in Love/Half Nelson/Ma/Lover Come Back to Me/After Eight P.M./Yesterdays/Always

E-W 4004 - The Prestidigitator - George Wallington [5/58] In Salah/Composin' at the Composer/Jouons/Rural Route/Promised Land/August Moon/Prestidigitator


The Emerald City label was distributed by Atco and was included in the 32-100 and 38-100 series.

SD 32-109 - Apache - Apache [9/81]

EC 38-136 - From Branch To Branch - Leon Redbone [1981] (4-81, #152) (Mama's Got A Baby Named) Te Na Na/A Hot Time In The Old Town Tonight/Sweet Mama Papa's Getting Mad/Step It Up And Go/Your Cheatin' Heart/Seduced//Why/My Blue Heaven/Extra Blues/When You Wish Upon A Star/Prairie Lullaby


The Finnadar label was distributed by Atlantic

SR-9001 - Electronic Compositions - Ihlan Mimaroglu [1973] Wings Of The Delirious Demon/ Anacolutha: Encounter & Episode 11/ Interlude 11/ Provocations/ White Cackatoo/Hyperboles.

SR-9002 - Musical Experiences - Dubuffet [1973]

SR-9003 - Music For Jean Dubuffet's Coucou Bazaar - Ihlan Mirmaroglu [1973]


QD-9005 - Wiretap - Eric Salzman [1975] Helix/Wiretap/Larynx Music/Queens College

QD-9006 - Wound - George Flynn [1975] Wound

SR-9007 - Viola Today - Karen Phillips [197?] Dream/Sequenza VI/Viola (open-form version)/Viola (closed-form version)/Spillihpnerak


SR-9009 - The Negative Band - Stockhausen [197?] Set Sail For the Sun/ Short Wave

QD-9010 - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center Ensembles for Synthesizer - Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center Ensembles for Synthesizer [197?] /Eclipses/Farewell to a Hill/A Piece For a Tape Recorder/Electronic Study No. 3/Stereo Electronic Music No. 2

SR-9011 - No Place to Go But Around - Frederic Rzewski [197?] Variations on "No Place to Go But Around"/ P-JOS..4K-D-(Mix)/ Third Sonata (3 movements)

*SR-9012 - Face The Windmills, Turn Left - Ihlan Mimaroglu [197?] Agony/Le Tombeau d'Edgar Poe/Bowery Bum/Intermezzo/Prelude No.1/Prelude No.2/Prelude No.6/Prelude No.9/Prelude No.11/Prelude No12-2/Prelude No14 (Face Thee Windmills,...)/Prelude No16-3.

*SR-9013 - The Ravel & Stravinsky Album - Idel Biret [197?] Serenade Grotesque (Ravel)/Gaspard De La Nuit (Ravel)/Ondine/Le Gibet/Scarbo/Les Cinq Doigts (The Five Fingers) (I. Stravinsky)/Valse Pour Les Enfants (A Waltz For The Children) (Stravinsky)/Petrouchka:3 Scenes (Stravinsky).

*SR-9014 - Herbie Mann - Herbie Mann [1976] Etenraku, Pt. 1-2/Etenraku, Pt. 2- 2/Etenraku, Pt. 3-2/Mauve Over Blues/Shomyo (Monk's Chant)/Kurodabushi (Sake Drinking Song)/Gagaku And Beyond.

*SR-9015 - New Music For Contrabass - Bertram Turetzky [197?] Goodbye, Porkpie Hat (Charles Mingus); Free Form No. 2/Evocazione (Bobuslaw Sch„ffer)/Akasha (Joseph Julian)/Gamelan Music (B. Turetzky)/Trio For Two (Donald Erb)/Project (B. Sch„ffer).

*SR-9016 - The Piano Music Of Henry Cowell - Doris Hays [197?] The Voice Of Lir/Advertisement/Anger Dance/Amiable Conversation/The Tides Of Manaunaun/Aelian Harp/The Hero Sun/Tiger; Six Ings: Floating/Frisking/Fleeting/Scooting/Lafting/Seething/Dynamic Motion/The Harp Of Life/What's This/Sinister Resonance/Fabric/Antinomy/The Trumpet Of Angus Og/The Banshee/Maestoso/The Lilt Of The Reel.

*SR-9017 - Percussion Music - Donald Knaack [197?] The Bride Stripped Bare/27'10'554" For A Percussionist/27'10'554" Conclusion.

*SR-9018 - The Varese Record - Juilliard Percussion Orchestra & New York Woodwind Ensemble [197?] Density 21.5 (E. Varese)/Ionisation (E. Varese)/Octandre (E. Varese)/Int‚grales (E. Varese)/Interpolations From D‚serts:/Interpolation I/Interpolation II/Interpolation III.

*SR-9019 - Ken Werner - Ken Werner [197?] Flashes (Bix Beiderbecke)/Davenport (Beiderbecke)/Candlelights (B. Beiderbecke)/In Amist (B. Beiderbecke)/In The Dark (B. Beiderbecke)/Rialto Ripples (G. Gershwin)/Preludes For Piano (G. Gershwin)/Jasbo Brown Blues (G. Gershwin)/Caprice Rag (James P. Johnson)/Poem Of Love (James P. Johnson)/Daintiness Rag (James P. Johnson)/Soda Fountain Rag (D. Ellington)/Bird Of Paradise (D. Ellington)/New World A'coming (D. Ellington).

*SR-9020 - Electronic Music For Dance - Bulent Arel & Daria Semegen [197?] Arc: Music For Dancers/Mimiana 1:Flux/Mimiana 2:Frieze/Mimiana 3:Six & Seven

*SR-9021 - New Line Piano - Idil Biret [197?] Sessions (I. Mimaroglu)/Cangianti (N. Castiglioni)/Archipel IV (A. Boucourechliev)/Sonata "Pian E Forte" (Leo Brouwer).

*SR-9022 - Miaskovsky Cello Sonatas - Yehuda Hanani [197?] Sonata No. 1 In D Major/Sonata No. 2 In A Minor


SR-9024 - Time Plus Seven - Teo Macero [6/79]










SR-9034 - Jimmy Lyon Plays Cole Porter's Steinway and Music - Jimmy Lyon [6/81]


Focus SD-336 was distributed by Atlantic, it is not known if the other albums in this series were Atlantic distributed.

SD-333 - Tapestry - Chuck Wayne [1963] Thank the Lord/Softly/Greensleeves/'Round Midnight/Lady's Love Song/Astaterine/Loads of Love/Down the Road/Satin DollMy Favorite Things/On Green Dolphin Street

SD-334 - Bittersweet - Carmen McRae [1964] When Sunny Gets Blue/How Did He Look/Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out.Meaning of the Blues/If You Could Love Me/Spring can Really Hang You Up/Second Chance/If You Could See Me Now/Here's That Rainy Day/I'm Gonna Laught You Right Out/Ghost of Yesterday/I'm Lost/Come Sunday

SD-335 - The Real Earl Hines - Earl Hines [1964]

SD-336 - Just About Everything - Bob Dorough [1966]


The Hilltak label was distributed by Atlantic records. Hilltak albums were included in the SD 19000 series (Atlantic consolidated).

HT 19225 - Magic Man - Broadway [5/79]

HT 19226 - Choice - Dalton & Dubarri [1979] Dalton & Dubarri were Gary Dalton and Kent Dubarri. There Is Love In Everybody/Caught In The Act/How I Hate The Nightime/I (You) Can Dance All By My (Your) Self//Flyin' Free/Keepin' It Up/Sweet Sweet Sweet Thang/Til The Day I Started Lovin' You

HT 19227 - All This For A Song - Guess Who [1979] C'mon Little Mama/That's The Moment/It's Getting Pretty Bad/Raisin' Hell On The Prairies/Moon Wave Maker//Taxman/Sharin' Love/Sweet Young Thing/All This For A Song/Plastic Paradise

PR-331 - Hilltak Records Presents Track and Dialogue from "All this for a Song" - Guess Who Promotional disc, with same label design as regular label, but with a promotional statement printed on the label. When All This for a Song was available on CD in 1994 on the LaCindy/Valley Vue label, the interview from side 1 of this promo LP was included as a bonus track. Dialogue (17:31)//C'Mon Little Mama/Raisin' Hell on the Prairies/Sharin' Love/Sweet Young Thing/All This For A Song

Hilltak 1101 Series:

This series was not distributed by Atlantic.

HT 1101 - Superheroes - 9th Creation [1979]


The Karen Record Series was distributed by Atco and in the Atco 33-100 number series.

SD 33-190 - Dance the Cool Jerk - Capitols [1966] (7-66, #95) Cool Jerk/My Girl/I Got My Mojo Working/Please Please Please/In the Midnight Hour/Good Lovin'//Love Makes the World Go Round/Zig Zaggin'/Dog and Cat/hello Stranger/Tired Running From You/The Kick

SD 33-201 - We Got a Thing - Capitols [1966] Knock on Wood/Hold On, I'm Comin'/Open the Door to Your Heart/Let's Go Get Stoned/Working in the Coal Mine/When a Man Loves a Woman//We got a Thing That's In the Groove/Wild Thing/It's Boogaloo Time/I Feel Alright/Tired Running From You/I Got To Handle It


The Nemperor label was distributed by Atlantic. The Nemperor label was later distributed by Columbia Records using Columbia catalog numbers.

NE 430 - Like Children - Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer [1974] (2-75, #150) Country And Eastern Music/No Fear/I Remember Me/Earth (Still Our Only Home)/Topeka//Steppings Tones/Night/Full Moon Boogie/Giving In Gently - I Wonder

*NE 431 - Stanley Clarke - Stanley Clarke [1974] (1-75, #59) Life Suite (Part I, II, III & IV)/Lopsy Lu/Power/Spanish Phases For Strings And Bass/Vulcan Princess/Yesterday Princess

NE-432 - The First Seven Days - Jan Hammer [1975] Darkness-Earth In Search Of A Sun/Light-Sun/Oceans And Continents/Fouth Day-Planets And Trees//The Animals/Sixth Day-The People/The Seventh Day

*NE 433 - Journey To Love - Stanley Clarke [1975] (11-75, #34) Concerto For Jazz/Hello Jeff/Journey To Love/Rock Orchestra/Silly Putty/Song To John

NE 434 - Raices - Raices [1975] Lenguas/Karmanalia/Bamboo/Parallax//Parata Gua Gua/El Tropical/After Sunrise/Bluegarian Funk Dance

*NE 435 - Venusian Summer - Lenny White [1975] (1-76, #177) Away Go Troubles Down The Drain/Chicken-Fried Steak/Mating Drive/Prelude To Rainbow Delta/Prince Of The Sea/Venusian Summer Suite Medley

NE 436 - Teaser - Tommy Bolin [1975] The Grind/Homeward Strut/Dreamer/Savannah Woman/Teaser//People, People/Marching Powder/Wild Dogs/Lotus

*NE 437 - Oh, Yeah? - The Jan Hammer Group [1976] Bambu Forest/Evolove/Let The Children Grow/Magical Dog/Oh, Yeah?/One To One/Red And Orange/Twenty One

*NE 438 - Resolution - Andy Pratt [1976] (7-76, #104) Can't Stop My Love/Constant Heat/Everything Falls Into Place (Lillian's Song)/If You Could See Yourself (Through My Eyes)/Karen's Song/Love Song/Resolution/Set Your Sights/Some Things Go On Forever/That's When Miracles Occur/Treasure That Canary

NE 439 - School Days - Stanley Clarke [1976] School Days/Quiet Afternoon/The Dancer// Desert Song/Hot Fun/Life Is Just A Game

NE-440 - Robbin Thompson - Robbin Thompson [1976] Highway 101/Boy From Boston/It's My Turn/Midnite Man/Lover Come Quickly//Dream On Melinda/Take Me Away/Like A River/Another Cup Of Coffee And A Cigarette/Another Day-Another Dollar

*NE 441 - Big City - Lenny White [1975] And We Meet Again/Big City/Dreams Come And Go Away/Enchanted Pool Suite: Prelude - Part I - Part II/Interludes: Egypt - Nocturne/Rapid Transit/Ritmo Loco/Sweet Dreamer

NE-442 -

*NE 443 - Shiver In The Night - Andy Pratt [1977] (8-77, #90) All I Want Is You/Born To Learn/Dreams/I Want To See You Dance/Keep Your Dream Alive/Landscape/Mama's Getting Love/My Love Is So Tender/Rainbow/So Faint/What's Important To You

NE-900 - School Days - Stanley Clarke [1977] Reissue of Nemperor NE439. School Days/Quiet Afternoon/The Dancer//Desert Song/Hot Fun/Life Is Just A Game

The following Nemperor albums were distributed by Columbia:

JZ 35080 - Too Much Is Not Enough - Charlie Ainley [1978]

KZ 35303 - Modern Man - Stanley Clark [1978] (4-78, #57) Opening (Statement)/He Lives On (Story About The Last Journey Of A Warrior)/More Hot Fun/Slow Dance/Interlude: A Relaxed Occasion/Got To Find My Own Place//Dayride/Interlude: It's What She Didn't Say/Modern Man/Interlude: A Relaxed Occasion/Rock'n'Roll Jelly/Closing (Statement)

KZ 35621 - Lips - Lips [1979]

KZ 35648 - Bang Your Door - Charlie Ainley [1978]

KZ 35680 - I Wanna Play for You - Stanley Clark [1979] (7-79, #62) (2-LP set)


The Niktom label was owned by Nikki Giovanni, who used it as a vehicle for her poetry. It was distributed by Atlantic.

4200 - Like a Ripple on a Pond - Nikki Giovanni

4201 - The Way I Feel - Nikki Giovanni


The label is yellow and green with "Greetings from PACIFIC RECORDS" written in multicolored letters (as a postcard) in the top half of the label, and a purple flower and "DIST. BY ATLANTIC RECORDING CORP., 75 ROCKEFELLER PLAZA N.Y., N.Y.- A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY" written in the form of an arc at the bottom of the label:

PC 4300 - Appetizers - Alan O'Day [1977] (9-77, #109) Soldier Of Fortune/Satisfied/Started Out Dancing, Ended Up Making Love/Gifts/Slot Machine//Undercover Angel/Do Me Wrong, But Do Me/Catch My Breath/Angie Baby/Caress Me Pretty Music

PC 4301 - Oh Johnny! - Alan O'Day [1979] How To Pick Up Girls/Tonight You Belong To Me/Oh Johnny!/Skinny Girls/England//Love At First Night/Telephone Lovers/People Who Talk To Themselves/Ain't That Crazy Baby

PC 4302 - The Truth of Us - David Pomerantz [1980]


The Pompeii label from 6000 to 6005 was distributed by Atco: The number 6006 and above were not distributed by Atco. The Pompeii label was yellow with black printing. "POMPEII" above the center hole. At the bottom of the label is "DIST. BY ATCO DIV. OF ATLANTIC RECORDING CORP., 1841 B'WAY, N.Y., N.Y."

SD 6000 - So Fine - Ike & Tina Turner [1968] Too Hot To Hold/Bet Cha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time)/Ain't Nobody's Business/It Sho Ain't Me/A Fool In Love//So Fine/I Better Get Ta Steppin'/Shake A Tail Feather/We Need An Understanding/You're So Fine

SD 6001 - Jacoby Brings the House Down - Don "Jake" Jacoby [1968] By the Time I Get To Phoenix/The Eyes of Love/Theme from Elvira Madigan/The Heat of the Night/Doo Dah//Jacoby's Theme/ Since You've Been Gone (Sweet Sweet Baby)/(There's) Always Something There To Remind Me/Chain Of Fools/ Sunday Best

SD 6002 - The Abstracts - Abstracts [1968] To Say The Least/Results Of Love/The Rich Young Heir/O.D.D. Clown/Smell Of Incense/Summertime//See The Birdies/Any Old Time/Dreaming Of Blue/A Matter Of Life And Breath/My Mind Ain't Peculiar/Time To Understand

SD 6003 - A Black Man's Soul - Ike Turner [1969]

SD 6004 - Cussin', Cryin' And Carryin' On - Ike & Tina Turner [1969]

SD 6005 -

SD 6006 LP - Ike And Tina Get It Together! - Ike & Tina Turner [1969] Too Hot To Hold/I'm Fed Up/Make 'Em Wait/Poor Little Fool/You Got What You Wanted/Freedom Sound//Bet 'Cha Can't Kiss Me (Just One Time)/So Blue Over You/Cussin', Cryin' And Carryin' On/Beauty Is Just Skin Deep/Ain't Nobody's Business/Funky Mule

SD 6007 -

SD 6008 -

SD 6009 - Hear and Now - Hear and Now [1971]


1000 series (distributed by Bell Records):

PRS 1001 - Live! - Black Pearl Featuring Bernie B.B. Fieldings [1970] (10-70, #189) Uptown/I Get The Blues Most Every Night/Hermit Freak Show//Cold Sweat/People Get Ready

PRS 1002 - Birth Control - Birth Control [1970] Birth Control is a German hard rock/progressive group. No Drugs/Recollection/Deep Inside/Foolish Action//Sundown/Change Of Mind/Light My Fire

PRS 1003 - Amon Düül - Amon Düül [1970] Amon Düül is a German psych-progressive group which also released a couple of albums on Atco as Amon Düül II (2nd incarnation of the band). Ein Wunderhübsches Mädchen Träumt Von Sandosa/Kaskados Minnelied/Mama Düül Und Ihre Sauerkrautband Spielt Auf/Im Garten Sandosa/Der Garten Sandosa Im Morgentau/Bitterlings Verwandlung

PRS 1004 - Cajan Blues - Clifton Chenier [1970]

6000 series (distributed by Atco Records):

SD 6050 - Shotgun Ltd. - Shotgun Ltd. [1971]

SD 6051 - Pollution - Pollution [1971] Travelin' High (With The Lord)/This Feelin' Won't Last Long/Ballad Of A Well Known Gun/Do You Really Have A Heart/Dry Dream//Underdog/River/Lo And Behold/Mother Earth

SD 6052 - Tough & Tender - Charlie Starr [1971]

SD 6053 -

SD 6054 -

SD 6055 - The Hot Rock (Soundtrack) - Quincy Jones [1972] Listen To The Melody (Vocal: Tata With The Ian Smith Singers)/Main Title/Talking Drums/Seldom Seen Sam/Parole Party/When You Believe (Vocal By Tata)//Hot Rock Theme/Miasmo/Sahara Stone/Slam City/Listen To The Melody/Dixie Tag/End Title

SD 6056 -

SD 6057 - Pollution II - Pollution [1972] Hospitals/Vegetable Soup/Polly/The End/How Does It Feel//Why/Sharecropper's Blues/Allen P. Ader/Just The Way/Foolhearted Woman


The Rabbit label was distributed by Atco and was included in the 36-100 and 38-100 series.

SD 36-145 - The Winters Brothers Band - The Winters Brothers Band [1976] I Can't Help It/Shotgun Rider/Sang Her Love Songs/Devil After My Soul//Misty Mountain Morning/Old Stories/Smokey Mountain Log Cabin Jones/Sweet Dream Lady/Dream Ride/Laredo

SD 36-152 - Redwing - Grinder Switch [1977] (11-77, #144) Redwing/You And Me/That Special Woman/Taste Of Love//This Road/Wings Of An Angel/Watermelon Time In Georgia/I Bought All The Lies/Faster And Faster

SD 38-106 - Coast To Coast - The Winters Brothers Band [1978]


The Real World label was distributed by Atco and there were issues in the 38-100 and 32-100 Atco Consolidated numbering systems.

SD-38-134 - Sterling Harrison - Sterling Harrison [3/81] The label on this album is Real World.

SD-32-105 - Margo Michaels and Nitelite - Margo Michaels and Nitelite [8/81] The label on this album is Real World


The San Francisco label was distributed by Atlantic. The San Francisco label was green with black printing. "SAN FRANCISCO" above the center hole in a red and yellow drawing of a sunset. Promotional issues had the same graphics but the colors were omitted.

SD 158 - San Francisco Sampler-Fall 1970 - Various Artists [1970] This album is a sampler of the San Francisco albums, it has the standard San Francisco label and is not a white label promo. Tuane - Hammer/Secret Of The Bloom - Victoria/Sparkling In The Sand - Tower Of Power/Shop Talk - Cold Blood  Wait For The Light - Hare Krishna - David Lannan//Too Many People - Cold Blood/Patterson's Song - David Lannan/Social Lubrication - Tower Of Tower/Time Has A Funny Way - Victoria/Charity Taylor - Hammer

SD-200 - Cold Blood - Cold Blood [1969] (12-69, #23) I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free/If You Will/You Got Me Hummin'//I Just Want to Make Love to You/I'ma Good Woman/Let Me Down Easy/Watch Your Step

SD 201 - Secret Of The Bloom - Victoria [1970] Tule's Blues/Out In The Country/Time Has A Funny Way/Secret Of The Bloom//New Country Song/Fawn (Frank And Annie's Wedding Night)/Helplessly Hoping/A Famous Myth

SD 202 - Streetsinger - David Lannan [1970] You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/I Ain't Got No Home/Hallelujah I'm a Bum/Springtime/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/Two Gun Texan/Wait for the Light/Hare Krishna/Brown Storm //Wine Upon the Water/Patterson's Song/Kawliga or Minni-Ha-Cha/Treat Me Like a Dog/You Ain't Goin' Nowhere/Judas' Mass/Morning

*SD-203 - Hammer - Hammer [1970] Charity Taylor/Death To A King/Hangover Horns/Hot And Cold/Pains And Tears/Sad Song, Happy Song/Something Easy/Sweet Sunday Morning/Tuana/You May Never Woke Up

SD-204 - East Bay Grease - Tower of Power [1969] (4-71, #106) Knock Yourself Out/Social Lubrication/The Price//Back on the Streets Again/The Skunk, the Goose, and the Fly/Sparkling in the Sand

SD-205 - Sisyphus - Cold Blood [1970] (1-71, #60) Shop Talk/Funky on My Back/Your Good Thing//Understanding/I Can't Stay/Too Many People

SD 206 - Victoria - Victoria [1971] One Way Road/Two Doves/Song Cycle: Greenhouse Woman - Grant Avenue, May 15 - Sweet Baby Man//Now You're Gone/Song About The Sun/Nevasong/We've Got Ways To Keep High


The SGC Record Label was distributed by Atco. The bottom half of the SGC label is orange and the top half is pink with black printing. "SGC" in blue above the center hole. The group Nazz, which was the mainstay of the label, included guitarist-singer-songwriter and studio wizard Todd Rundgren.

SD 5001 - Nazz - Nazz [1968] (10-68, #118) Open My Eyes/Back Of Your Mind/See What You Can Be/Hello It's Me/Wildwood Blues//If That's The Way You Feel/When I Get My Plane/Lemming Song/Crowded/She's Goin' Down

SD 5002 - Nazz Nazz - Nazz [1969] (5-69, #80) First pressings were on red vinyl. There was also a mail order edition of this album, with a different label color, with matrix number ending in "MO" in the trailoff groove area. Forget All About It/Not Away Long/Rain Rider/Gonna Cry Today/Meridian Leeward/Under The Ice//Hang On Paul/Kiddie Boy/Featherbedding Lover/Letters Don't Count/A Beautiful Song

SD 5003 - Run Wild, Run Free (Soundtrack) - David Whitaker [1969] Run Wild, Run Free (Vocal By The New Christy Minstrels)/Philip On The Moors/Philip Grows Up/The Outside World/The White Colt/Bird's Nest/The Heartbeat Of The Moors/The Ravaged Nest/A Boy And His Horse//Across The River And Into The Forest/A Ride On The White Colt/The Horse Escapes/The Search/The Injury To Lady/The Burial/A Ride Over The Moors/The Spectre/Philip's Triumph

SD 5004 - Nazz III - Nazz [1971] Some People/Only One Winner/Kicks/Resolution/It's Not That Easy/Old Time Lovemaking/Magic Me//Loosen Up/How Can You Call That Beautiful?/Plenty Of Lovin'/Christopher Columbus/You Are My Window


The following She label album was distributed by Atlantic.

SH 740 - Riding High - Faze-O [1977] Riding High/Funky Reputation/You And I (Belong Together)//Toejam/True Love/Get Some Booty/Test-This Is Faze-O

SH 741 - Good Thang - Faze-O [1978]

SH 742 - Breakin' The Funk - Faze-O [1979]


The following are the Virgin label issues that were distributed by Atlantic.

VR13-105 - Tubular Bells - Michael Oldfield [1973] Tubular Bells Part 1//Tubular Bells Part 2

VR13-106 - Marjory Razor Blade - Kevin Coyne [1973] Marjory Razor Blade/Marlene/Talking To No One/Old Soldier/I Want My Crown/ Nasty/ House On The Hill/Everybody Says/ Dog Latin/Lovesick Fool/Eastbourne Ladies

VR13-107 - Henry Cow - Henry Cow [1973] Extract From "With The Yellow Moon And Blue Star"/Teenbeat, Reprise/ The Tenth Caffinch/ Nine Funerals Of The Citizen King/ Nirvana For Mice/ Amygdala/ Teenbeat, Introduction : Teenbeat

VR13-108 - Phaedra - Tangerine Dream [1973] Phaedra/ Mysterious Semblance At The Strand Of Nightmares/ Movements Of A Visionary/ Sequent C

VR13-109 - Michael Oldfield - Michael Oldfield [1974] Hergest Ride Part 1// Hergest Ride Part 2

*VR13-110 - Hatfield And The North - Hatfield and the North [1974] The Stubbs Effect/Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)/Going Up To People And Tinkling/Calyx/Son Of "There's No Place Like Homerton"/Aigrette/Rifferama/Fol De Rol/Shaving Is Boring/Licks For The Ladies/Bossa No Chance/Big Jobs No. 2/Lobster In Cleavage Probe/Gigantic Land Crabs In Earth Take Overbid/The Other Stubb's Effect

*VR13-111 - Aqua - Edgar Froese [1974] Aqua/ Panorphelia/ Ngc 891/ Upland

*VR13-112 - Rock Bottom - Robert Wyatt [1974] Sea Song/ A Ast Straw/ Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road/ Alifib/ Alife/ Little Red Robin Hood Hit The Road

*VR13-113 - You - Gong [1974] Thought For Naught/ A.P.H.P.'S Advice/ Magic Mother Invocation/ Master Builder/ A Sprinkling Of Clouds/ Perfect Mystery/ The Isle Of Everywhere/ You Never Blow Your Trip Forever

VR13-114 - Star's End - David Bedford [1974] Star's End //Star's End

VR13-115 - The Orchestral Tubular Bells - Tubular Bells [1974] The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Part 1//The Orchestral Tubular Bells, Part 2

VR13-116 - Rybycon - Tangerine Dream [1975] Rybycon, Part 1 //Rubycon, Part 2

*VR13-117 - Matching Head And Feet - Kevin Coyne [1975] Saviour/ Lucy/ Lonely Lovers/ Sunday Morning Sunrise/ Rock' N' Roll Hymn/ Mrs. Hooley Go Home/ It's Not Me/Turpentine/ Tulip/ One Fine Day

*VR13-118 - Fish Rising - Steve Hillage [7/75] Solar Musick Suite (4 Parts)/Fish/ Meditations Of The Snake/The Salmon Song (4 Parts)/Aftaglid (7 Parts)


The Vortex label was a jazz label distributed by Atlantic.

2001 - Tomorrow - Steve Marcus [1967]

2002 - The Rise and Fall of the Third Stream - Joe Zawinul

2003 - It's Not Up to Us - Byard Lancaster [1966]

2004 - Tones for Joan's Bones - Chick Corea [1966]

2005 - Until - Robin Kenyatta [1966]

2006 - Live Between The Exit Signs - Keith Jarrett [1967]

2007 - The Doors of Perception (David Pike Live) - David Pike [1966]

2008 - Restoration Ruins - Keith Jarrett

2009 - Count's Rock Band - Steve Marcus

2010 - Soul Fountain - Clifford Jordan [1966]

2011 - Soul Talk - Leo Right

2012 - Somewhere Before - Keith Jarrett [1970]

2013 - The Lord's Prayer - Steve Marcus

2014 - Black Woman - Sonny Sharrock


The Win or Lose label was used on the following record in the Atco 33-100 series.

SD 33-387 - Thin Line Between Love & Hate - Persuaders [1972] The label on this album is Win Or Lose Records. Thin Line Between Love and Hate/Let's Get Down Together/Blood Brothers/You Musta Put Something in Your Love/Thanks For Loving Me//Love Gonna Pack Up (And Walk Out)/If This Is What You Call Love (I Don't Want No Part of It)/Mr. Sunshine/Thigh Spy/Can't Go No Further and Do No Better

Thanks to Peter Preuss, Rene Wu, Leif Sandsjö,Phil Newport, Mark J. Moerman, and Curtis.

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