Manticore Album Discography
By Patrice Eyries, David Edwards, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 21, 2005

Manticore was a UK label which was distributed by Cotillion. The first record in the series had a Cotillion label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

ELP-66666 - Pictures at an Exhibition - Emerson, Lake and Palmer [1971] (1-72, #10) Promenade/The Gnome/Promenade/The Sage/The Old Castle/Blues Variation//Promenade/The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Curse Of Baba Yaga/The Hut Of Baba Yaga/The Great Gates Of Kiev/The End/Nutrocker

MC 66667 - Still - Pete Sinfield [1973] (10-73, #190) The Song of the Sea Goat/Under the Sky/Will It Be You/Wholefood Boogie/Still//Envelopes of Yesterday/The Piper/A House of Hopes and Dreams/The Night People

MC 66668 - Photos Of Ghosts - Premiata Forneria Marconi [12/73] Italian progressive group. River Of Life/Celebration/Photos Of Ghosts/Old Rain//Il Banchetto/Mr. 9 Till Five/Promenade The Puzzle

ELP 66669 - Brain Salad Surgery - Emerson, Lake & Palmer [1973] (12-73, #11) Jerusalem/Toccata (1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement)/Still... You Turn Me On/Benny The Bouncer/Karn Evil 9/1st Impression-Part 1//Karn Evil 9 - 1st Impression-Part 2/2nd Impression/3rd Impression

MC-66670 - Now Hear This - Hanson [1973] Traveling Like A Gypsy/Love Knows Everything/Mister Music Maker/Catch That Beat/Take You Into My Home//Gospel Truth/Rain/Smokin' To The Big M

MC 66671 - Stray Dog - Stray Dog [1973] Tramp (How It is)/Crazy/A Letter/Chevrolet//Speak Of The Devil/Slave/Rocky Mountain Suite (Bad Road)

MC-66672 - Magic Dragon - Hanson [1974] Rocking Horseman/Modern Day Religion/Down Into The Magic/Rock Me Baby//Love Yer, Need You/Boy Meets Girl/American Beauty Rose/Looking At Tin Soldiers/Magic Dragon

MC 66673 - The World Became The World - Premiata Forneria Marconi [1974] The Mountain/Just Look Away/The World Became The World//Four Holes In The Ground/Is My Face On Straight/Have Your Cake And Beat It

Manticore Three Record Set

SD 3-200 - Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends-Ladies And Gentlemen - Emerson, Lake & Palmer [1974] (9-74, #4) (3-LP set) Hoedown/Jerusalem/Toccata (1st Piano Concerto, 4th Movement)//Tarkus (Eruption - Stones Of Years - Iconoclast - Mass - Manticore - Battlefield (Including Epitath))//Tarkus (Aquatarkus) (Conclusion)/Take A Pebble (Including Still... You Turned Me On - Lucky Man)//Piano Improvisations (Including Fugues - Little Rock Getaway)/Take A Pebble (Conclusion)/Jeremy Bender - The Sheriff (Medley)//Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression (Includes Percussion Solo))//Karn Evil 9 (2nd Impression/3rd Impression)

In 1975 Manticore switched distribution to Motown, the following Manticore records were distributed by Motown.

MA 6-501 S1 - While You're Down There - Stray Dog [1974] Calamity Jane/Bits And Pieces/Pieces/I Would/Words To Say Goodbye//Junkyard Angel/Very Well/Dreams And Junk/Worldwinds

MA 6-502 S1 - P.F.M. Cook - Premiata Forneria Marconi [1974] Four Holes In The Ground/Dove... Quando.../Just Look Away/Celebration (Including The World Became The World)//Mr. Nine Till Five/Alma Loma Five Till Nine (Including William Tell Overture)

MA 6-503 S1 - Brighter Day - Keith Christmas [5/75] Brighter Day/Foothills/Country Farm/The Bargees//Lover's Cabaret/Robin Head/My Girl/Could Do Better/Song Of A Drifter

MA 6-504 S1 - Thee Image - Thee Image [2/75] Group includes Mike Pinera, former guitar player with Iron Butterfly, Blues Image and Cactus, as well as Duane Hitchings, former keyboard player with Cactus and Buddy Miles. Good Things/For Another Day/Drift Off Endlessly/Love Is Here/So Hard To Say//It Happens All The Time/Come To You/Temptation/Show Your Love

MA 6-505 S1 - Banco - Banco [8/75] Italian progressive group. Chorale (from Traccia's Theme)/L'Albero Del Pane (The Bread Tree)/Metamorphosis//Outside/Leave Me Alone/Nothing's The Same/Traccia II

MA 6-506 S1 - Inside the Triangle - Thee Image [11/75] Fly Away/Far Away Places/High Time Feeling/I.O.U.'s/All Night Long//Good To You/Alone With You/Rapture Of The Deep/Nobody Wins Till The Game Is Over

K53 508 - Chocolate Kings - Premiata Forneria Marconi [1976] From Under/Harlequin/Chocolate Kings/Out Of The Roundabout/Paper Charms

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