Dakar Album Discography
by David Edwards, Mike Callahan, and Patrice Eyries
Last update: May 11, 2011

Tyrone Davis Even though he was working at Brunswick, Carl Davis started another record label called Dakar in 1967. Dakar had it's own stable of artists and was initially distributed by the Atlantic Records subsidiary Cotillion. The biggest selling artist on Dakar in the early days was Tyrone Davis. In early 1968, Davis had a big hit called "Can I Change My Mind" and he followed that up with "Turn Back the Hands of Time". Later in the label's history, Hamilton Bohannon became the label's hottest act.

The distribution agreement with Atlantic lasted until December 1971, when Dakar promotion and distribution was taken over by Brunswick. As far as we know, all the tracks are true stereo.

The early Dakar albums were distributed by Cotillion, a Division of Atlantic Records, and used the Cotillion numbering system. The Cotillion-distributed Dakar label was black with silver printing. Around the outer half inch of the label was a rainbow colored ring. "DAKAR RECORDS" lettering in white in a green box above the center hole.

The 76900 series was distributed by Brunswick Records. The label was black with silver printing. "DAKAR" in white lettering to the left of the center hole, a multicolored arrow to the right of the center hole. The promotional label was white with black printing, "DAKAR" in black to the left of the center hole, the arrow is black to the right.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

9000 Series (Distributed by Cotillion):

SD-9005 - Can I Change My Mind - Tyrone Davis [1969] (3-69, #146) She's Lookin' Good/Knock On Wood/Have You Ever Wondered Why?/Slip Away/Let The Good Times Roll/Can I Change My Mind//Open The Door To Your Heart/Call On Me/Just The One I've Been Looking For/You Can't Keep Good Man Down/A Woman Needs To Be Loved

SD-9027 - Turn Back The Hands Of Time - Tyrone Davis [1970] (7-70, #90) Turn Back The Hands Of Time/The Waiting Was Not In Vain/Let Me Back In/Love Bones/I'll Be Right Here//Something You Got/Undying Love/Lust Because Of You/If It's Love That You're After/I Keep Coming Back

76900 Series (Distributed by Brunswick):

DK-76901 - I Had It All the Time - Tyrone Davis [1972] (7-72, #182) Your Loves Keeps Haunting Me/Was It Just A Feeling/This Time/How Could I Forget You/After All This Time//Was I Just A Fool/Come And Get This Ring/You Wouldn't Believe/I Had It All The Time

DK-76902 - Greatest Hits - Tyrone Davis [1972] Can I Change My Mind/Come And Get This Ring/Was I Just A Fool/You Keep Me Holding On/That's Just My Way Of Loving You/After All This Time/Was It Just A Feeling/If You Had A Change In Mind//Turn Back The Hands Of Time/Could I Forget You/I Had It All The Time/You Wouldn't Believe/How Could I Forget You/Your Love Keeps Haunting Me/One Way Ticket To Nowhere/Judge Me Right

DK-76903 - Stop and Go - Hamilton Bohannon [1973] The Stop And Go/Getting To The Other Side/The Pimp Walk/Run It On Down Mr. D.J.//Save Their Souls/Singing A Song For My Mother/It's Time For Peace/Happiness

DK-76904 - Without You in My Life - Tyrone Davis [1973] (8-73, #174) You Wouldn't Believe/Wrapped Up In Your Warm Arms/Without You In My Life/There It Is/If You Had a Change In Mind/I'm Just Your Man/I Had It All the Time/I Got a Sure Thing/Honey Your Are My Sunshine

DK-76905 - Even Stevens - Even Stevens [1973] Three Is A Crowd/Do What You Gotta Do/Hope To See You Again/Music I Can Feel//The Woman She Say/French Toast/M.L.G. (Make Love Girl)/She's A Friend

DK-76906 - Man on the Inside - Johnny Sayles [1973] Snake In The Grass/Good Golly/Troubles A Comin'/My Love//Voices From The Inside/Ooh Wee Baby I Love You/I Understand/Feeling Is Believing


DK-76908 - Gregory James Edition - Prophets Of Soul [1973] Brother Marcus/Ain't No Sunshine/Grandma Heavy/Shaft//Changing Things/Love And Happiness/Make It Easy On Yourself

DK-76909 - It's All in the Game - Tyrone Davis [1973] Happiness Is Being With You/I Wish It Was Me/I Can't Make It Without You/I Wake Up Crying//Where Lovers Meet (At The Dark End Of The Street)/You Don't Have To Beg Me To Stay/What Goes Up (Must Come Down)/There's Got To Be An Answer/It's All In The Game

DK-76910 - Keep on Dancin' - Hamilton Bohannon [1974] Rap On Mr. D.J./Keep On Dancing/Truck Stop/Dance With Your Parno//Have A Good Day/The Fat Man/Red Bone/South African Man

DK-76911 - Mighty Doug Haynes - Mighty Doug Haynes [1974] I'll Be Right Here/Hold On, I'm Comin'/By the Time I Get to Phoenix/I Wish You Love/Oo Wee Baby I Love You//Can I Change My Mind/Honey/Love on a Two Way Street/Yes Im Ready (If I Don't Get to Go)/The Sly, Slick and the Wicked


DK-76913 - Earth Creature - Boobie Knight & Universal Lady [1974] Feeling My Cheerios/Burn The Saturday Night Fever/April/Power Greater Than Man/Somebody Touch Me (In The Right Place)//Flaming Youth/Ain't Nobody Betta Dan You/A Woman Will Make You Love/The Lovomaniacs/Earth Creature

DK-76914 - I Enjoy Loving You - Sidney Joe Qualls [1975] I Enjoy Loving You/Shut Your Mouth/I'm Being Held Hostage/Where The Lillies Grow/Can't Get Enough Of Your Love//Run To Me/If You Don't Know Me By Now/Please Help Me/The Next Time I Fall In Love/How Can You Say Goodbye

DK-76915 - Home Wrecker - Tyrone Davis [1975] Homewreckers/This Time/Is It Something You've Got/After All This Time/Was I Just A Fool//It Ain't Me No More/I Got A Sure Thing/You Don't Have To Beg Me To Stay/A Woman Needs To Be Loved/How Could I Forget You

DK-76916 - Insides Out - Hamilton Bohannon [1975] Foot-Stompin' Music/East Coast Groove/Disco Stomp//Love Is Fading/Thoughts and Wishes/Keep on Being My Girl/Happy Feeling

DK-76917 - Bohannon - Hamilton Bohannon [1975] Bohannon's Beat, Part I/The Funky Reggae/The Bohannon Walk/Can You Feel It//Gentle Breeze/Think Of Me/The Day To Remember

DK-76918 - Turning Point - Tyrone Davis [1976] It's So Good (To Be Home With You)/Turning Point/Forever/I Can't Bump (Part 1, instrumental)/Saving My Love For You//Ever Lovin' Girl/Don't Let It Be Too Late/I Can't Bump (Part 2, vocal)/Turn Back The Hands Of Time

DK-76919 - Dance Your Ass Off - Hamilton Bohannon [1976] Dance Your Ass Off/Spread The Groove Around/The Groove I Feel/Bohannon's Theme/Zulu/Trying To Be Slick/Party People


DK-76921 - Gittin' Off - Hamilton Bohannon [1976] Gittin' Off/Feel Good At Midnight/Let's Rock The Band/South Africa '76//Come Winter/Don't Be Mad At Me/I'm In Love

DK 76922 - Bohannon's Greatest Disco Hits - Hamilton Bohannon [1976] South African Man/Foot Stompin Music/The Stop And Go/The Pimp Walk/Bohannon's Beat, Part 1//Disco Stomp, Part 1/Disco Stomp, Part 2/Keep On Dancing, Part 1/Keep On Dancing, Part 2/Truck Stop

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