Atlantic Album Discography, Part 14
SD-R-001 Religious Series (1967-1970)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 23, 2000

Atlantic, as many of the other major labels, started a series that contained gospel music and sermons.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

SD R-001 - Perspectives in Gospel - Garden State Choir [1967]

SD R-002 - Presenting the Mighty Clouds of Harmony - Mighty Clouds of Harmony [1967]

SD R-003 - Hark the Voice - Sondra Williams [1967]

SD R-004 - Walter Arties Chorale Sings Jewels of Faith - Walter Arties Chorale [1967]Joshua Fit De Battle of Jericho/I Surrender All/I Am Bound for the Promised Land/Go Down Moses/It's a Blessing/Wonderful Words of Life//Mornin' Train/Precious Lord/Soon Ah Will Be Done/Amen Amen/Oh Ain't I Glad/Come By Here

SD R-005 - Shine on Me - Harmonizing Four [1967]

SD R-006 - World's Greatest Gospel Organist - Alfred Bolden [1967] Lord Jesus/Great Name/If I'm Right/Get Right Church/Jesus Will Bring Things Out Alright/You Can't Make Me Doubt Him//Only What You Do For Christ/What a Friend/A Blessing/He's Sweet I Know/I Want Jesus to Walk With Me/Amazing Grace

SD R-007 - When I've Done the Best I Can - Gospel Chimes [1967]

SD R-008 - Gospel "Blessed With Soul" - Institutional Church of God in Christ [1967]

SD R-009 - Presenting George Hines and the Gospel Winds - George Hines and the Gospel Winds [1968] Mercy/I'm in Your Care/No Other Desire/I Started/My Everything//Give a Little/My Life/A Cross of Jordan/Try Jesus/I'm Looking

SD R-010 - "In" Time - Garden State Choir [1968]

SD R-011 - Didn't It Rain - Mighty Clouds of Harmony [1968]

SD R-012 - Gospel Bliss - Richburg Singers [1968] Open Up Your Heart/Close to Thee/Where in the World/How Great Thou Art/Doing the Will of God//Lead Me/Stand By Me/I Love to Tell the Story/Since Jesus, Love I've Found/Child of the King

SD R-013 - 40 Years of Singing Gospel - Harmonizing Four [1968]

SD R-014 - Joy - Helen Robinson Youth Choir [1968] Tell the Story/Mary Had a Baby/What a Friend We Have in Jesus/Jesus Loves Me/He's My Rock, My Sword, My Shield//Jesus Has a Message For Me/Trouble the Water/I'm Happy in Jesus Alone/Straighten Out Your Life/Look to the Cross and Thou Shalt Live

SD R-015 - Holy and Righteous - Utterbach Concert Ensemble [1968] Holy and Righteous is Thy Name/City Called Heaven/That's Why I'm Glad/No, Not a Word/Ain't That Good News (Medley)//The Lord's Prayer/Out of Egypt/Deep River/John the Baptist/Soon Will Be Done

SD R-016 - Lift Every Voice and Sing - Stars of Virginia [1968] Lift Every Voice/If You Hold Out/Do You Know How to Trust in the Lord/Son o God/Thank You Lord//All These Things to Me/The Thought of Jesus/Be Ready/Going Where Jesus Is/Battle Hymn

SD R-017 - His Name Is Wonderful - Walter Arties Chorale [1968] His Name is Wonderful/All That Thrills My Soul/Church in the Wildwood/Have Thine Own Way Lord/Ha-Le-Lu/Hail All Hail/All He Wants is You//Deep River/Little David/He Never Sleeps/Brazilian Psalm/Lord What is Man/Hallelujah

SD R-018 - Gospel's Queen - Gloria Griffin [1968]

SD R-019 - We Shall Overcome - Alfred Bolden [1969] Blessed Quietness/My Heaven/Soon I Will Be Done/In Times Like These/If I Could Hear/Will the Circle Be Unbroken//I'll Praise His Name/They All Belong to Him/Touch Me Lord/Precious Lord, Take My Hand/Jesus You're My King/We Shall Overcome

SD R-020 - A Stirring Message - Rev. Edmond Blair [1968] Sermon, Side one 14:09, side two 17:46

SD R-021 -

SD R-022 - Gospel Erupts - Garden State Choir [1969]

SD R-023 - Gospel "Plus" - Mighty Clouds of Harmony [1969] If It Wasn't For Him/Wonderful Jesus/So Sweet to Be Saved/Can't Do Nothing Until He Comes/Someone Who Knows/Work Until My Day is Done//No Strangers Now/I Gave My Heart to Jesus/I Keep Trying/Stretch Out on His Word/What a Love/He's All I Need

SD R-024 - Jimmy Ellis with the Riverview Spiritual Singers - Jimmy Ellis [10/69]

SD R-025 - Running For My Life - CYC Community Youth Choir [1969]Running For My Life/Shepherd Feed My Sheep/What a Friend/His Name is Wonderful//Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow/God Never Fails/He'll Fight My Battles/Beautiful Garden of Prayer

SD R-026 - Tommie, Lonnie and Me - Harmonizing Four [1970]

SD R-027 - George Hines and the Gospel Winds - George Hines and the Gospel Winds [1970] Higher Heights/King of Kings/If I Go/Shoot/Trouble in Your Home/Too Mean//Someday/Help/Do More/I Need the Lord/Make Me a Channel of Blessings/Throw Out the Life Line

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