Atlantic Album Discography, Part 3
1200 Jazz Series (1966-1977)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: September 27, 2007

At approximately SD-1464, Atlantic switched label designs. The new Atlantic label was similar to the black fan label, except the large "A", small "ATLANTIC" to the left of the fan and the black fan itself have been replaced by the new Atlantic logo, which has a box containing the large "A" to the left of the black fan, and "ATLANTIC" in small letters running horizontally at the bottom of the logo box. We have termed this the "logo box" label. Monaural records were red on the top and purple on the bottom with black printing. Stereo records had the same graphics with the top of the label being green and the bottom of the label being blue. The promotional issues are white with black printing with the same graphics. This label was used from 1464 to about 1499.

At about SD-1500, a new label was introduced that was green on the top and red/orange on the bottom, with a white band through the center of the record. Above the center hole was the Atlantic logo in a yellow box, containing the large "A" with a black fan next to it in a pink box, on top of the word "ATLANTIC." At the bottom of the label is the 1841 Broadway address. This label was used from approximately into late 1973. This label was used on both stereo and the occasional monaural releases after 1968.

From late 1973 to 1975, the same label was used, but at the bottom of the label, 73 Rockefeller Plaza replaced the 1841 Broadway address.

From 1975 onward, the label was the same, except that a small Warner Brothers logo was inserted at the bottom of the label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

*SD-1464 - Our Mann Flute - Herbie Mann [1966] (10-66, #139) Down By The Riverside/Fiddler On The Roof/Frere Jacques/Good Lovin'/Happy Brass/Monday Monday/Our Man Flint/Philly Dog/Scratch/Skip To My Lou/Theme From Malamondo (Funny World)/Theme From This Is My Beloved

SD-1465 - Indo-Jazz Suite - Joe Harriott [1966] Overture/Contrasts/Raga Megha/Raga Gaud-saranga

SD-1466 - The Great Arrival - Sergio Mendes [1966] The Great Arrival (Cheganca)/Monday, Monday/Carnaval/Cancao Do Amanhecer/Here's That Rainy Day/Boranda//Nana/Bonita/Morning/Don't Go Breaking My Heart/Tristeza De Amar/Girl Talk

SD-1467 - Drums Unlimited - Max Roach [1966]

SD-1468 - Blues At Carnegie Hall - Modern Jazz Quartet [1966]

SD-1469 - Boss Sounds! - Shelley Manne [1966] Wandering/Breeze & I/Frank's Tune/You Name It/Margie/Idle One

SD-1470 - Mr. Blues - Hank Crawford [1967]

SD-1471 - New Mann At Newport - Herbie Mann [1966]

SD-1472 - Tobacco Road - Jack McDuff [1967]

SD-1473 - Forest Flower-Charles Lloyd At Monterey - Charles Lloyd [1967] (7-67, #188) Forest Flower: Sunrise/Forest Flower: Sunset/Sorcery/Song of Her/East of the Sun

SD-1474 - Nat Adderley At Memory Lane - Nat Adderley [1967]

SD-1475 - Impressions of the Middle East - Herbie Mann [1967]

SD-1476 - Horizons - Ira Sullivan [1967]

SD-1477 - Backlash - Freddie Hubbard [1967]

SD-1478 - Tender Storm - Eddie Harris [1967]

SD-1479 - Harlem Lullaby - Junior Mance [1967]

SD-1480 - Beat of Brazil - Sergio Mendes [1967]

*SD-1481 - Love-In - Charles Lloyd [1967] (8-67, #171) Here There And Everywhere/Is It Really The Same?/Island Blues/Love-In/Memphis Dues Again/Sunday Morning/Temple Bells/Tribal Dance

SD-1482 - Indo-Jazz Fusion - Joe Harriott and John Mayer Double Quintet [1967]

SD-1483 - The Beat Goes On - Herbie Mann [1967]

SD-1484 - Do It Now - Brother Jack McDuff [1967]

SD-1485 - Midnight Walk - Elvin Jones [1967]

SD-1486 - Live At the Lighthouse - Modern Jazz Quartet [1967] The Spiritual/Baseball/The Shadow of Your Smile/Intima/Novamo/For Someone I Love/What's New

SD-1487 - Jazz Gunn - Shelly Manne and His Men [1967] A Bluish Bag/Silver Tears/Sweet//Theme For Sam/A Quiet Happening/Night Owl/Peter Gunn

SD-1488 - Virgo Vibes - Roy Ayers [1967]

SD-1489 - House of David - David Newman [1968] I Wish You Love/One Room Paradise/Little Sister/Miss Minnie/Just Like a Woman/House of David/Blue New/The Holy Land

SD-1490 - String Album - Herbie Mann [1967]

SD-1491 - Better Listen - Jimmy Owens and Kenny Barron Quintet [1967]

SD-1492 - People Get Ready - Freedom Sounds [1967]

SD-1493 - Journey Within - Charles Lloyd Quartet [1967]

SD-1494 - The Grass Is Greener - Grassella Olipant [1967]

*SD-1495 - The Electrifying Eddie Harris - Eddie Harris [1968] (4-68, #36) I Don't want No One But You/Judie's Theme/Listen Here/Sham Time/Spanish Bull/Theme In Search Of A Movie

SD-1496 - I Believe To My Soul - Junior Mance and Bobby Timmons [1968]

SD-1497 - The Wailing Dervishes - Herbie Mann [1968] The Wailing Dervishes/Norwegian Wood/Flute Bag/In The Medina/Armenian Lullaby

SD-1498 - Double Barreled Soul Brother - Jack McDuff and David Lloyd [1968]

SD-1499 - The Complete Yusef Lateef - Yusef Lateef [1968]

SD-1500 - Charles Lloyd In Europe - Charles Lloyd [1968]

SD-1501 - High Blues Pressure - Freddie Hubbard [1968]

SD-1502 - Inflated Tear - Roland Kirk [1968]

SD-1503 - Double Cross - Hank Crawford [1968]

SD-1504 - Tribute To Courage - Rufus Harley [1968]

SD-1505 - Bigger and Better - David Newman [1968]

*SD-1506 - Plug Me In - Eddie Harris [1968] (8-68, #120) Ballad (For My Love)/It's Crazy/Live Right Now/Lovely Is Today/Theme In Search Of A T.V. Commercial/Winter Meeting

SD-1507 - Windows Opened - Herbie Mann [1968]

SD-1508 - Blue - Yusef Lateef [1968]

SD-1509 - Laws' Cause - Hubert Laws [1969]

SD-1510 - Members, Don't Git Weary - Max Roach [1968]

SD-1511 - I Been Doin' Some Thinkin' - Mose Allison [1968]

SD-1512 - Soul Sound System - Freedom Sounds [1969]

SD-1513 - The Inspiration I Feel - Herbie Mann [1968]

SD-1514 - Stoned Soul Picnic - Roy Ayers [1968]

SD-1515 - Soul Song - Shirley Scott [1968]

*SD-1516 - Much Les - Les McCann [1968] (3-69, #169) Benjamin/Burnin' Coal/Doin' That Thing/Love For Sale/Roberta/With These Hands

*SD-1517 - Silver Cycles - Eddie Harris [1968] (2-69, #199) Coltrane's View/Electric Ballad/Free At Last/I'm Gonna Leave You By Yourself/Infrapolations/Little Bit/1974 Blues/Silver Cycles/Smoke Signals

SD-1518 - Left and Right - Roland Kirk [1968]

SD-1519 - Soundtrack - Charles Lloyd [1969]

SD-1520 - Thesaurus - Claire Fischer [1968]

SD-1521 - Live At the Top - Junior Mance and Bobby Timmons [1968]

*SD-1522 - Memphis Underground - Herbie Mann [1968] (5-69, #20) Battle Hymn Of The Republic/Chain Of Fools/Hold On, I'm Comin'/Memphis Underground/New Orleans

SD-1523 - Mr. Blues Plays Lady Soul - Hank Crawford [1969]

SD-1524 - The Many Faces of David Newman - David Newman [1968]

*SD-1525 - Yuself Lateef's Detroit - Yusef Lateef [1969] (8-69, #183) Belle Isle/Bishop School/Eastern market/Livingston Playground/Raymond Winchester/Russell And Eliot/That Lucky Old Sun/Woodward Avenue

SD-1526 - Soul Experiment - Freddie Hubbard [1968]

SD-1527 - Little Giant - Luis Gasca [1968]

SD-1528 - Jazz Super Hits - Various Artists [1969]

*SD-1529 - High Voltage - Eddie Harris [1969] (8-69, #122) Ballad (For My Love)/Children's Song/Funky Doo/Is There A Place For Us/Listen Here/Movin' On Out

SD-1530 - Right On - Phil Moore Jr. [1969]

SD-1531 - Throb - Gary Burton [1969]

SD-1532 - Shirley Scott and the Soul Saxes - Shirley Scott & Soul Saxes [1969] It's Your Thing/(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman/I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free//You/Stand By Me/Get Back/More Today Than Yesterday

SD-1533 - George Wein's Newport All Stars - George Wein [1969]

SD-1534 - Volunteered Slavery - Roland Kirk [1970]

SD-1535 - Jump for Joy - Bobby Scott [1969]

*SD-1536 - Live At the Whisky A Go Go - Herbie Mann [1969] (11-69, #139) Ooh Baby/Philly Dog

*SD-1537 - Swiss Movement - Les McCann and Eddie Harris [1969] (12-69, #29) Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. Cold Duck Time/Compared To What/Generation Gap/Kathleen's Theme/You Got It In Your Soulness

SD-1538 - Daddy's Back - Roy Ayers [1970]

SD-1539 - Kings and Queens - Rufus Harley [1970]

SD-1540 - Concerto Grosso in D Blues - Herbie Mann

SD-1541 - Best of John Coltrane - John Coltrane [1969]

SD-1542 - Best of Mose Allison - Mose Allison [1969]

SD-1543 - Best of Ray Charles - Ray Charles [1970]

*SD-1544 - The Best of Herbie Mann - Herbie Mann [1970] (3-70, #189) Comin' Home Baby/Man And A Woman/Memphis Underground/This Little Girl Of Mine

*SD-1545 - The Best of Eddie Harris - Eddie Harris [1970] (4-70, #191) Freedom Jazz Dance/Listen Here/Live Right Now/Love Theme From The Sandpiper/Movin' On Out/Theme In Search Of A Movie

SD-1546 - Best of the Modern Jazz Quartet - Modern Jazz Quartet [1970]

SD-1547 - Comment - Les McCann [1970]

SD-1548 - Diverse - Yusef Lateef [1969]

SD-1549 - Black Angel - Freddie Hubbard [1969]

SD-1550 - Hello There, Universe - Mose Allison [1969] No Exit/Hymn To Everything/Wild Man on the Loose/Monsters of the Id/I Don't Want Much/Somebody Gotta Move/On the Run/Blues In the Night/Hello There, Universe/I'm Smashed

SD-1551 - Doin' What We Wanna - Clarence Wheeler and the Enforcers [1970]

SD-1552 - Over and Over Again - Wilbur DeParis [1970]

SD-1553 - The Coltrane Legacy - John Coltrane [1970]

SD-1554 - Come on Down! - Eddie Harris [1970]

SD-1555 - Best of Charlie Mingus - Charlie Mingus [1970]

SD-1556 - Best of Charles Lloyd - Charles Lloyd [1970]

SD-1557 - Best of Hank Crawford - Hank Crawford [1970] The Peeper/Ain't No Way/Angel Eyes/Boo's Tune/Whispering Grass/Dig These Blues/Lorelei's Lament/Stoney Lonesome

SD-1558 - Best of Ornette Coleman - Ornette Coleman [1970]

SD-1559 - Jazz Super Hits Volume 2 - Various Artists [1970]

SD-1560 - Good Vibes - Gary Burton [1969] Boston Marathon/Vibrafinger/I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)//Pain In My Heart/Leroy The Magician/Las Vegas Tango

SD-1561 - Sure Thing - Shirley Scott [1970]

SD-1562 - With a Lotta Help - Junior Mance [1970]

SD-1563 - Suite 16 - Yusef Lateef [1970]

SD-1564 - Ray Bryant MCMLXX - Ray Bryant [1971]

SD-1565 - Burnin' - Esther Phillips [1970] (1-71, #115) Don't Let Me Lose This Dream/And I Love Him/Cry Me a River Blues/I'm Gettin' 'Long Alright//Release Me/Makin' Whoopee/If It's the Last Thing I Do/Shangri-La/Please Send Me someone to Love

SD-1566 - The Me Nobody Knows (Original Cast) - Gary William Friedman [1970] An obscure Original Cast record, this has some historical significance, as the cast included both 19-year old Beverly Bremers, who the next year started a short string of chart hits for the Scepter Records company, and a 10-year old Irene Cara, who ten years later was topping the charts with hits such as "Fame" and "Flashdance...What a Feeling." Although the musical won the 1970 Obie award for best musical, today this album seems to be "the record nobody knows," since it is seldom mentioned as an early recording in the bios of the two singers. Other cast members, mostly kids 7-17 years old, included Melanie Henderson, Laura Michaels, Jose Fernandez, Douglas Grant, Gerri Dean, Paul Mace, Northern J. Calloway, Carl Thoma, Kevin Lindsay, and Hattie Winston. Introduction/Dream Babies/Light Sings/This World/How I Feel/The White Horse/If I Had A Million Dollars//Sounds/The Tree/Something Beautiful/Sounds (Reprise)/Black/War Babies/Let Me Come In

*SD-1567 - Mongo '70 - Mongo Santamaria [1970] (10-70, #195) Adobo Criollo/Dedicated To Love/Grass Roots/Look Away/March Of The Panther/Mo' Do'/Night Crawler/The Whistler/Windjammer/Yesterday's Tomorrow

SD-1568 - Just a Little Lovin' - Carmen McRae [1970] Just A Little Lovin'/Something/I Thought I Knew You Well/I Want You/More Today Than Yesterday/Here There And Everywhere//Carry That Weight/Breakfast In Bed/I Love The Life I Live/What'cha Gonna Do/Didn't We/Goodbye Joe

SD-1569 - Chapter Two - Roberta Flack [8/70] (8-70, #33) Reverend Lee/Do What You Gotta Do/Just Like A Woman/Let It Be Me//Gone Away/Until It's Time For You To Go/The Impossible Dream/Business Goes On As Usual

SD-1570 - Live At the Roosevelt Grill - Yank Lawson and Bob Haggart [1970]

SD-1571 - In the Soviet Union - Charles Lloyd [1970]

SD-1572 - The Art of the Improvisers - Ornette Coleman [1970]

SD-1573 - Free Spirit - Eddie Harris [1970]

SD-1574 - Nobody Else But Me - Bobby Short [1970]

SD-1575 - Rahsaan Rahsaan - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1970]

SD-1576 - Sing Me a Song - Freddie Hubbard [1970] Threnody For Sharon Tate/This Is Combat, I Know/The Crowd/What a Good Time For a Kent State/Monodrama/Black Soldier/Interlude 1/Interlude 2/And Yet, There Could Be Love/Postlude

SD-1577 - Gary Burton and Keith Jarrett - Gary Burton and Keith Jarrett [1971]

SD-1578 - Natural Black Inventions - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1971]

SD-1579 - Zawinul - Joe Zawinul [1971]

SD-1580 - New Orleans Suite - Duke Ellington [1970]

SD-1581 - Mongo's Way - Mongo Santamaria [1970]

SD-1582 - What's New - Lawson/Haggart Band [1970]

*SD-1583 - Second Movement - Eddie Harris and Les McCann [1971] (5-71, #41) Carry On Brother/Samia/Set Us Free/Shorty Rides Again/Universal Prisoner

SD-1584 - Western Man - Mose Allison [1971]

SD-1585 - The Love I've Been Looking For - Clarence Wheeler & the Enforcers [1971]

SD-1586 - Flowering of the Original - Charles Lloyd [1971]

SD-1587 - Lift Every Voice and Sing - Max Roach [1971]

SD-1588 - Twins - Ornette Coleman [1971]

SD-1589 - Plastic Dreams - Modern Jazz Quartet [1971]

SD-1590 - Best of David "Fathead" Newman - David "Fathead" Newman [1970]

SD-1591 - Best of Yusef Lateef - Yusef Lateef [1971]

SD-1592 - Rahsaan Roland Kirk - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1971]

SD-1593 - Mongo Santamaria At Montreux - Mongo Santamaria [1971] Come Candela/Climax/Disappear/Marty's Tune/Soleil/Conversation In Drums/I Wanna Know/Watermelon Man/Standing Ovation/Cloud Nine/Watermelon Man

SD-1594 - Quiet Fire - Roberta Flack [1971] (12-71, #18) Go Up Moses/Bridge Over Troubled Water/Sunday and Sister Jones/See You Then//Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow/To Love Somebody/Let Them Talk/Sweet Bitter Love

*SD-1595 - Live At Newport - Eddie Harris [1971] (11-71, #164) Carry On Brother/Children's Song/Don't You Know The Future's In Space/Silent Majority/South Side/Walk Soft

SD-1596 - Mourning of a Star - Keith Jarrett [1971]

SD-1597 - Paris Encounter - Gary Burton and Stephane Grappelli [1971] Daphne/Blue In Green/Falling Grace/Here's That Rainy Day/Coquette/Sweet Rain/The Night Has a Thousand Eyes/Arpege/Eiderdown

SD-1598 - Alone At Last - Gary Burton [1971]

SD-1599 - In the Beginning - Isaac Hayes [1972] Reissue of Enterprise SD 13-101 Original label is red and green with a white stripe side to side. Precious Precious/When I Fall In Love/Medley: I Just Want To Make Love To You-Rock Me Baby//Medley: Going To Chicago Blues- Misty/You Don't Know Like I Know

SD-1600 - Lonely Avenue - David "Fathead" Newman [1972] Fuzz/Precious Lord/Symphonette//Lonely Avenue/3/4 of the Time/Fire Weaver

SD-1601 - Blacknuss - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1971] Ain't No Sunshine/What's Goin' On/I Love You Yes I Do/Take Me Girl, I'm Ready/My Girl/Which Way is It Going/One Nation//Never Can Say Goodbye/Old Rugged Cross/Make It With You/Blacknuss

SD-1602 - Gentle Giant - Yusef Lateef [1972] Nubian Lady/Lowland Lullaby/Hey Jude//Jungle Plum/The Poor Fishermen/African Song/Queen of the Night/Below Yellow Bell

SD-1603 - Invitation To Openness - Les McCann [1972] (4-72, #141) The Lovers//Beaux J. Poo Poo/Poo Bye McGoochie (And His Friends)

SD-1604 - Dealing With Hard Times - Richard Evans [1972] Patutu/Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)/The Wedding Song/Angela, My Sister//Dealing With Hard Times/Ellie's Love theme/Wado City/Close to You/Pie Daddy's Dream

SD-1605 - The Don Shirley Point of View - Don Shirley [1971]

SD-1606 - Truth Is Fallen - Dave Brubeck [1971] Prelude/Merciful Men Are Taken Away/Oh, That My Head Were Waters/Speak Out/I Called and No One Answered/Yea Truth Faileth/Truth/Is the Lord's Hand Shortened?/Arise!

SD-1607 - Last Set At Newport - Dave Brubeck [1971]

SD-1608 - Mirror - Charlie Mariano [1971]

SD-1609 - African Cookbook - Randy Weston [1971]

SD-1610 - Mississippi Gambler - Herbie Mann [1972]

*SD-1611 - Instant Death - Eddie Harris [1971] (7-72, #185) Instant Death/Little Wes/Nightcap/Summer's On Its Way/Superfluous/Tampion/Zambezi Dance

SD-1612 - Birth - Keith Jarrett [1971]

SD-1613 - Many Faces of Ragtime - Turk Murphy [1971]

SD-1614 - Strange Fruit - Billie Holiday [1971]

Note: The next four LPs were to be issued as part of the Commodore Series. However, these were unissued as single discs and replaced by the double disc sets in the 300 series.

SD-1615 - Jelly Roll Morton [Unissued]

SD-1616 - Coleman Hawkins [Unissued]

SD-1617 - Chu Berry and Ben Webster [Unissued]

SD-1618 - Lester Young [Unissued]

SD-1619 - Talk To the People - Les McCann [1972] (10-72, #181) What's Going On/Shamading/Seems So Long/She's Here/North Carolina/Let It Lay/Talk To the People

SD-1620 - Very Best of Bobby Short - Bobby Short [1972]

SD-1621 - Up From the Roots - Mongo Santamaria [1972]

SD-1622 - Mountain In the Clouds - Miroslav Vitous [1972]

SD-1623 - Legendary Profile - Modern Jazz Quartet [1972]

SD-1624 - Wild Flower - Hubert Laws [1972]

SD-1625 - Sings the Blues - Eddie Harris [1972]

SD-1626 - Alone At Montreux - Ray Bryant [1972]

SD-1627 - Mose In Your Ear - Mose Allison [1972]

SD-1628 - Doin' It Right Now - Von Freeman [1972] The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face/White Sand/Lost In a Fog/Portrait of John Young/Doin' It Right Now/Catnap/Sweet and Lovely/Brother George

SD-1629 - Movin' On - Oscar Brown Jr. [1972]

SD-1630 - Meeting of the Times - Rahsaan Roland Kirk and Al Hibbler [1972]

SD-1631 - Ella Loves Cole - Ella Fitzgerald [1972]

*SD-1632 - Hold on, I'm Comin' - Herbie Mann [1972] (6-73, #163) (Gimme Some Of That Good Old) Soul Beat Momma/Memphis Underground/Never Can Say Goodbye/Recsect Yourself

SD-1633 - Gypsy Man - Robin Kenyatta [1973]

SD-1634 - Oh, Girl - Young-Holt Unlimited [1973]

SD-1635 - Hush 'N' Thunder - Yusef Lateef [1973]

SD-1636 - New Chicago Blues - Clarence Wheeler and Enforcers [1972]

SD-1637 - Blues At Montreux - King Curtis & Champion Jack Dupree [1973] Junker's Blues/Sneaky Pete/Everything's Gonna Be Alright//Get With It/Poor Boy Blues/I'm Having Fun

SD-1638 - The Weapon - David "Fathead" Newman [1972]

SD-1639 - Bap-Tizum - Art Ensemble of Chicago [1972]

SD-1640 - Prepare Thyself To Deal With a Miracle - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1972]

SD-1641 - We're All Together Again - Dave Brubeck [1972]

*SD-1642 - Turtle Bay - Herbie Mann [1973] (9-73, #146) Do It Again/Family Affair/Happier Than The Morning Sun/In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed/(Just An Old) Balalaika Love Song/Never Ending Song Of Love/Now I've Found A Lady (Soul Rachanga)/Rainy Night In Georgia/Reverend Lee/Theme From Cries And Whispers/Turtle Bay

SD-1643 - Svengali - Gil Evans [1973] Thoroughbred/Blues In Orbit/Eleven/Cry of Hunger/Summertime/Zee Zee

SD-1644 - Tera Nova - Robin Kenyatta [1973]

SD-1645 - Two Generations of Brubeck - Dave Brubeck [1973] Dysrhythmia/Three to Get Ready/Blue Rondo A La Turk/Unsquare Dance/The Holy One/Call of the Wild/Knives/Tin Sink/Thank You

SD-1646 - Layers - Les McCann [2/74] Sometimes I Cry/Let's Gather/Anticipation/Dunbar High School Marching Band/Soaring/Harlem Buck Dance Strut/Interlude/Before I Rest/Let's Play/It Never Stopped in My Hometown/Soaring Part 2

SD-1647 - E.H. In the U.K.-London Sessions - Eddie Harris [1974] (2-74, #150) Baby/Conversations Of Everything And Nothing/He's Island Man/I Waited For You/I've Tried Everything/Wait A Little Longer

*SD-1648 - London Underground - Herbie Mann [1974] (3-74, #109) Bitch/Layla/Mellow Yellow/Memphis Spoon Bread And Dover Sole/Paper Sun/Something In The Air/Spin Ball/Whiter Shade Of Pale/You Never Give Me Your Money

SD-1649 - Brother, Where are You? - Oscar Brown Jr. [5/74] Lone Ranger/Under the Sun/The Joneses/If You Come Back/Separate Ways/Brother Where Are You?/I Love San Francisco/Who Knows What Goes When the Door Closes?/Memory Lane/From My Window Like a Flower

SD-1650 - Part of the Search - Yusef Lateef [6/74] KC Shuffle/Oatsy Doatsy/Soul's Bakery/Lunceford Prance/Rockhouse/In the Still of the Night/Superfine/Strange Lullaby/Big Bass Drum/Gettin' Sentimental

SD-1651 - Jazzlore: Fanfare For Warriors - Art Ensemble of Chicago [6/74]

SD-1652 - Blues on Bach - Modern Jazz Quartet [6/74] Begret?/Blues in B/Rise Up In the Morning/Blues in a Minor/Precious Joy/Blues in C Minor/Don't Stop This Train/Tears From the Children/Blues in H

SD-1653 - Mingus Moves - Charlie Mingus [6/74] Canon/Opus 4/Moves/Wee/Flowers for a Lady/Newcomer/Opus 3

SD-1654 - Experience and Judgment - Andy Bey [1973]

*SD-1655 - Reggae - Herbie Mann [1974] (8-74, #141) My Girl/b-La-Di, Ob-La-Da/Rivers Of Babylon/Swingin' Shepherd Blues

SD-1656 - Stompin' At the Savoy - Robin Kenyatta [1974]

SD-1657 - Raw Root - Harold Alexander [1974]

*SD-1658 - First Light - The Family of Mann [1974] Daffodil/Davey Blue/Lullaby For Mary Elizabeth/Mexicali/Muh Hoss Knows The Way/Music Is A Game We Play/Sunrise Highs/Thank You Mr. Rushing/The Turtle And The Frog/Toot Sick

*SD-1659 - Is It In - Eddie Harris [1974] (10-74, #100) Funkaroma/Happy Gemini/House Party Blues/Is It In/It's War/Look Ahere/Space Commercial/These Lonely Nights/Tranquility And Antagonistic

SD-1660 - Brother, the Great Spirit Made Us - Dave Brubeck [1974] Christopher Columbus/Forty Days/It's A Raggy Waltz/Mr. Broadway/Ragaroni/Sky Scape/Temptation Boogie/The Duke

SD-1661 - Journey - Arif Mardin [1974]

SD-1662 - Newmanism - David Newman [1974]

SD-1663 - Free Fall - Pat Rebillot [1974]

SD-1664 - Mad Twenties - Bobby Short [1974]

SD-1665 - Recollections of the Big Band Era - Duke Ellington [1974]

*SD-1666 - Another Beginning - Les McCann [1974] (1-75, #166) Go On And Cry/Maybe You'll Come Back/Morning Song/My Soul Lies Deep/Somebody's Been Lying 'Bout Me/Someday We'll Meet Again/When It's Over

SD-1667 - Mingus At Carnegie Hall - Charles Mingus [1974]

SD-1668 - Alternate Takes - John Coltrane [3/75] Giant Steps/Naime/Like Sonny/Cousin Mary/I'll Wait and Pray/Countdown/Body and Soul/Syeeda's Song Flute

*SD-1669 - I Need Some Money - Eddie Harris [1975] (4-75, #125) Bumpin/Carnival/Get On Down/I Don't Want Nobody/I Need Some Money/That's It/Time To Do Your Thing

*SD-1670 - Discotheque - Herbie Mann [1975] (4-75, #27) Bird Of Beauty/Guava Jelly/High Above The Andes/Hijack/I Can't Turn You Loose/I Won't Last A Day Without You/Lady Marmalade/Mediterranean/Pick Up The Pieces

SD-1671 - Satchmo Remembered - Dick Hyman [1975] St. Louis Tickle/Creole Belles/Funeral March/Free as a Bird/Oh Didn't He Ramble/Chimes Blues/Cake Walking Babies From Home/Potato Head Blues/Weather Bird Rag/Willie the Weaper/Big Butter and Egg Man/Someday/Rosetta/St. Louis Blues/You've Been a Good Old Wagon/S.O.L. Blues

SD-1672 - Phineas Newborn - Phineas Newborn [8/75] Together Again/Serenade in Blue/Where is the Love/Lorraine's Walk/Willow Weep For Me/Nica's Dream/Goodbye/Flamingo/Live and Love/One For Horace/Bouncing With Bud/Memphis Blues/Midnight Sun Will Never set/Out of This World/Giant Steps/Everything I Have Is Yours

*SD-1673 - El Juicio (The Judgement) - Keith Jarrett [1975] El Juicio/Gypsy Moth/Pardon My Rags/Piece For Omette/Piece For Omette/Pre-Judgement Atmosphere/Toll Road

SD-1674 - Case of the 3 Sided Dream in Audio Color - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [1975] Bye Bye Blackbird/Horses/High Heel Sneakers/Echoes of Primitive Ohio and Chili Dogs/The Enternainer/Freaks for the Festival/Portrail of Those Beautiful Ladies

*SD-1675 - Bad Luck Is All I Have - Eddie Harris [1975] (9-75, #133) Abstractions/Bad Luck Is All I Have/Get On Up And Dance/It Feels So Good/Obnoxious/Why Must We Part

SD-1676 - Waterbed - Herbie Mann [1975] (9-75, #75) Bang! Bang!/Body Oil/Comin' Home Baby/Deus Xango/I Got A Woman/Paradise Music/Violet Don't Be Blue/Waterbed

SD-1677 - Changes One - Charles Mingus [1975] Devil Blues/Remember Rockefeller At Attica/Sues Changes/Duke Ellington's Sound of Love

SD-1678 - Changes Two - Charles Mingus [1975]

*SD-1679 - Hustle To Survive - Les McCann [1975] (11-75, #161) Butterflies/Changing Seasons/Everytime I See A Butterfly/Got To Hustle To Survive/Let Your Learning Be Your Eyes/Says Who Says What?/Us/Well, Cuss My Daddy/Why Is Now/Will We Ever Find Our Fathers

*SD-1680 - Confessin' the Blues - Esther Phillips [1975] (1-76, #170) Blow Top Blues/Bye Bye Blackbird/C.C. Rider/Cherry Red/Confessin' The Blues/I Love Paris/I Wonder/I'm Gettin' 'Long Alright/In The Evenin'/It Could Happen To You/Jelly Jelly Blues/Long John Blues/Romance In The Dark

SD-1681 - Rhyme and Reason - Herb Geller [1/76] Rhyme and Reason Time/Sudden Senility/Power of a Smile/Space a la Mode

*SD-1682 - Surprises - Herbie Mann [1976] (5-76, #178) Anata (I Wish You Were Here With Me)/Asa Branca/Cajun Moon/Creepin'/Cricket Dance/Draw Your Breaks/Easter Rising/Sound Of Windwood

SD-1683 - That Is Why You're Overweight - Eddie Harris [1976] It's All Right Now/Why Do You Hurt Me/Flowers/That Is Why You're Overweight/Tryin' Ain't Dyin'/Live Again/Ooh/Exempt

SD-1684 - All the Things We Are - Dave Brubeck [1976] Like Someone In Love/In Your Own Sweet Way/All the Things You Are/Medley: Deep in a Dream, Like Someone in Love/Here's That Rainy Day, Polka Dots and Moonbeams/It Could Happen to You/Don't Get Around Much Anymore

SD-1685 - The Doctor Is In and Out - Yusef Lateef [8/76] Mississippi Mud/Mushmouth/Technological Homosapien/Street Musicians/In a Little Spanish Town

SD-1686 - Other Folks' Music - Rahsaan Roland Kirk [8/76] Water for Robeson and Williams/Simone/Donna Lee/Anysha/Samba Kwa Mwanamke Mweusi/Arrival/That's All

SD-1687 - Echoes of Blue - Freddie Hubbard [8/76] Roman Dog Broadus on a Bientot/Latina/For B.P./Backlash/Echoes of Blue/On the Que-Tee

SD-1688 - Jazz Violin Session - Duke Ellington [1977] Take the A Train/In a Sentimental Mood/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/Day Dream/Cotton Tail/Pretty Little One/Tricky's Licks/Blues In C/String Along With Strings/Limbo Jazz/The Feeling of Jazz

SD-1689 - Personal - Bobby Short [1977]

SD-1690 - River High, River Low - Les McCann [10/76] You Little Cheat/I'm Back Home/Loved You Full in Every Way/A Hand From the Crowd/I'm a Liberated Woman/River High, River Low/I've Been Thinking About My Problems/Baby Just So Much Faith/I Go/People Ask Me a Question/Woman Come Home/What Is It That we Have To Do To Let Our Children Grow

SD-1691 - Your Mind Is on Vacation - Mose Allison [1976] Your Mind is On Vacation/No Matter/One of These Days/I Feel So Good/Fires of Spring/If You Only Knew/What Do You Do After You Ruin Your Life/Swingin' Machine/Perfect Moment/Your Molecular Structure/Foolin' Myself/I Can't See For Lookin'

*SD-1692 - Daddy Bug And Friends - Roy Ayers [1976] Bonita/Daddy Bug/I Love You Michelle/In The Limelight/Native Dancer/Slow Motion/Virgo Vibes (Outside Blues)

SD-1693 - Jazz Gala Concert - Various Artists [1976] Blues in My Shoes - Gerry Mulligan/Song For Strayhorn - Gerry Mulligan/Festive Minor - Chick Corea/Moondance - Chick Corea/Times Lie - Chick Corea/Gentle Mood - Nat Atterley/Up and Down Man - Nat Atterley/Jive Samba - Nat Atterley/Work Song - Nat Atterley

SD-1694 - Concerto Retitled - Joe Zawinul [11/76] A Concerto Retitled/From Vienna With Love/His Last Journey/In a Silent Way/My One and Only Love/Riverbed/Sharon's Waltz

SD-1695 - Springfever - Joachim Kuhn [1976] Lady Amber/Sunshine/Two Whips/Spring Fever/Morning/Mushroom/Equal Evil/California Woman

SD-1696 - McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Hancock - McCoy Tyner, Chick Corea, Hancock [1977]

SD-1697 - [There is nothing in the Atlantic mastering files about this release, it is probably unissued.]

SD-1698 - How Can You Live Like That - Eddie Harris [1977] How Can I Find Some Way To Tell You/Love Is Too Much To Touch/How Can You Live Like That/Get Down With It/I'd Love To Take You Home/Come Dance With Me/Bird of Stone/Ambidextrous/Nothing Else To Do

SD-1699 - Tomorrow's Promises - Don Pullen [1977] Big Alice/Autumn Song/Poodle Pie/Kadji/Last Year's Lies and Tomorrow's Promises/Let's Be Friends

SD-1700 - Three or Four Shades of Blues - Charles Mingus [10/77] Better Get Hit In Your Soul/Goodbye Porkpie Hat/Noddin' Ya Head Blues/3 or 4 Shades of Blues/Nobody Knows

Due to running out of catalog numbers, the series ends. Most of the popular jazz artists were switched to the SD-18100 series, with some "back catalog" type artists issued on the new SD-8800 series.

Atlantic 8800 Series:

SD-8800 - Last of the Blue Devils - Jay McShann [3/78]

SD-8801 - Cumbia and Jazz Fusion - Charles Mingus [7/78]

SD-8802 - Montreux Concert - Don Pullen [9/78]

SD-8803 - Me, Myself, and Eye - Charles Mingus [3/79]

SD-8804 - Big Apple Bash - Jay McShann [5/79]

SD-8805 - Something Like a Bird - Charles Mingus [12/80]

SD-8806 - More From the Last Concert - Modern Jazz Quartet [5/81]

SD-8807 - The Versatile Eddie Harris - Eddie Harris [2/82]

SD-8808 - Somewhere Before - Keith Jarrett [2/82]

SD-8809 - Pithecanthropus Erectus - Charles Mingus [2/82]

SD-8810 - Twins - Ornette Coleman [2/82]

SD-8811 - Big Mouth - Milt Jackson [2/82]

SD-8812 - Boss of the Blues - Joe Turner [2/82] Reissue of Atlantic 1234. Cherry Red/Roll 'Em Pete/I Want a Little Girl/Low Down Dog/Wee Baby Blues//You're Driving Me Crazy/How Long Blues/Morning Glories/St. Louis Blues/Piney Brown Blues

SD-8813 - The Laws of Jazz - Hubert Laws [2/82]

Thanks to Peter Preuss, Charles G. Hill, and Jeff Vokracka.

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