Atlantic Album Discography, Part 1
100 & 400 Series (1949-1954)

By David Edwards, René Wu, Patrice Eyries, Mike Callahan, and Randy Watts
Last update: August 29, 2010

Atlantic entered the 33 1/3 rpm long play record business very early, issuing it's first album in March of 1949. Ahmet was well aware that a rhythm and blues album had little chance of success, since 78 rpm records dominated that genre. So even though Atlantic was successful with rhythm and blues recordings, their first foray into the album market was with a poetry album, Walter Benton's This Is My Beloved. John Dall provided the narration and Vernon Duke provided the background music. This 10-inch album carried the number 110 which stood for "one 10 inch disc." The matrix numbers on this disc were TLP 11213/11214.

The same material was released simultaneously as three 12 inch 78 rpm discs with the catalog number 312-S. The 312 stood for "three 12 inch discs" and "S" stood for standard speed which at that time was 78 rpm. The individual 78 rpm records were numbered 1201, 1202, and 1203.

Atlantic rather quickly dropped this unwieldy numbering system and issued their second and third LPs in May, 1950, as LP-108 by Joe Bushkin and LP-109 by Erroll Garner. The catalog prefixes for this series varied, sometimes just using "LP," and other times using "ALS-" or "ALR-". In the discography below, we have tried to go with (1) what's on the LP jacket, or (2) the prefix listed in the early Atlantic catalogs, or (3) the prefix on the label. Jacket prefixes and label prefixes were not always consistent. Atlantic may have even issued the same album with different prefixes, depending on how their catalog looked at any given time in the album's pressing history.

The first 12 inch LP issued by Atlantic (January, 1951) was ALS-401 which was a recording of scenes from Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" performed by Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring.

Scan courtesy of Peter Grendysa. The label for Atlantic 10-inch albums LP-108 and ALS-110 were grey with red print. The Atlantic name was white bordered in red, with "FULL RANGE RECORDING" in white under the name (see label at left). Around the top and bottom edge of the label were "LONG PLAYING" and "MICRO-GROOVE RECORD" respectively. There was a concentric white band about two-thirds of the way out from the center hole towards the edge of the label.
Scan courtesy of Michael Wrann. The label for Atlantic 10-inch album LP-109 had the same design as the label above, except the background was yellow instead of grey, and the print was black rather than red. The label name was white bordered in black. It also had a white band like the earlier label, outside of which was "LONG PLAYING" at the top and "MICRO-GROOVE RECORD" at the bottom. This label was issued at the same time as ALS-108. Seeing that Atlantic went with the yellow design in subsequent releases, they must have liked this one better.
Scan courtesy of Peter Grendysa. Starting with ALS-111 in 1952, the label on the Atlantic 10-inch albums and the first few 12-inch albums was yellow with black printing. "ATLANTIC" was over the center hole in black with a thin black line under it, there was a black ring about two-thirds of the way from the center hole to the edge of the label except in the area where the Atlantic name was located. At the bottom of the label was "LONG PLAYING" on one side and "UNBREAKABLE" on the other, between the words was a circle with 33 1/3 RPM. This label was used on all subsequent 10-inch albums and the 12-inch albums to LP-1211. Later pressings may have different labels, especially, the later all black label with silver print, but we have seen most of these on the yellow label.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] Contents

Atlantic 10-Inch LP/ALS/ALR-100 Series:

101 to 107 - [Numbers unused]

LP-108 - I Love a Piano - Joe Bushkin [5/50] But Not For Me/One For The Road/Never Entered My Mind/Dancing On The Ceiling/I Can't Get Started/I Love A Piano/Four Hand Boogie/So In Love/If I Knew You Were There/Oh Look At Me Now

LP-109 - Rhapsody - Erroll Garner [5/50] Flamingo/The Way You Look Tonight/Reverie/Twilight/Skylark/I Can't Give You Anything But Love/Pavanne/Impressions/Blue And Sentimental/Turquoise

ALS-110 - This Is My Beloved - John Dall narration, Vernon Duke music [3/49] The same material was released simultaneously as three 12 inch 78 RPM discs with the catalog number 312-S. The individual 78 RPM records were numbered 1201, 1202, and 1203.

ALS-111 - Heart Songs - Marie Powers [1952] Sing Me To Sleep/At Dawning/Still As The Night/Tenderness/The Rosary/Homing/Danny Boy/Mighty Lak A Rose

ALR-112 - Piano Solos - Erroll Garner [1952] Margie/I'll Be Seeing You/No Greater Love/The Sheik Of Araby/I May Be Wrong/Lullaby Of The Leaves/Serenade In Blue/Trees

LP-113 - Piano Panorama, Volume 1 - Billy Taylor [1952] Willow Weep For Me/The Very Thought Of You/Somebody Loves Me/Good Groove/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/What Is There To Say/If I Had You/Thou Swell

ALR-114 - Piano Panorama, Volume 2 - Mary Lou Williams [1952] Surrey With The Fringe On Top/Pagliacci/Opus Z/From This Moment On/S'Wonderful/Mary's Waltz/You're The Cream In My Coffee

ALS-115 - Ruth Brown Sings Rhythm and Blues Favorites - Ruth Brown [Unreleased?] This record is listed on the back of several of the early Atlantic 10 and 12 inch albums. Since no known copy of this record has ever surfaced it is the general consensus of record collectors that it was never released. So Long/Teardrops From My Eyes/Shrine Of Saint Cecilia/Where Can I Go/Happiness Is A Thing Called Joe/I'll Get Along Somehow, Parts 1 & 2/I Can Dream Can't I/I Don't Want Anybody

ALS-116 - Sarah Vaughan Sings - Sarah Vaughan [1953] I'm Scared Sarah Vaughan with John Kirby Orchestra/You Go To My Head Sarah Vaughan with John Kirby Orchestra/It Might As Well Be Spring Sarah Vaughan with John Kirby Orchestra/All Too Soon Sarah Vaughan with Tony Scott & His Down Beat Club Septet/We're Through Sarah Vaughan with Dickie Wells' Big Seven

ALR-117 - Tenor Sax Solos - Don Byas [1952] Flamingo/Stardust/The Man I Love/Georgia/Night And Day/Over The Rainbow/Where Or When/Easy To Love

ALS-118 - Soprano Sax Solos - Sidney Bechet [1952] It Had To Be You/Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams/Ooh, Boogie!/Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone//Baby Won't You Please Come Home/I'm Going Way Down Home/Margie/After You've Gone

ALS-119 - Jazz Guitar - Django Reinhardt [1953]

ALS-120 - Famous QRS Solos - Earl Hines [1952] A Monday Date/Off Time Blues/Blues In Thirds/Chimes In Blues/Panther Rag/Just Too Soon/Stowaway/Chicago High Life

ALS-121 - Fantasy for Clarinet and Strings - Barney Bigard [1953]

ALS-122 - Square Dance Party - Burt Hilber [1953]

ALS-123 - Haiti Dances - Drums of Haiti (Unidentified Performers) [1953] Nan Guinan/Daughu/Eh Loue/Cousin//Hounsi Canzo/Dambala/Kimbalagh/Three Drums/Nan Guinan

ALS-124 - Jazz Sax - Art Hodes [Unreleased?] This album is listed in the Atlantic mastering files, but the following record is also listed under 124, so this album is probably unissued.

ALS-124 - Waltzes of Vienna - Various Artists [1953]

ALR-125 - Goldie Plays By the Sea - Lou Hawkins [1952] I Get A Kick Out Of You/From This Moment On/Love Is A Simple Thing/'S Wonderful/Tenderly//Just One Of Those Things/If I Had You/Brazil/I've Got Five Dollars-Mountain Greenery/It's DeLovely

ALR-126 - Pee Wee Russell and His Rhythmakers - Pee Wee Russell [1952] Dinah/Baby Won't You Please Come Home/There'll Be Some Changes Made//Zutty's Hooty Blues/I Found A New Baby/Everybody Loves My Baby

ALR-127 - Piano Solos - Jimmy Jones [1953]

ALR-128 - Passport to Fame - Erroll Garner [1952] Perdido/Everything Happens To Me/Soft And Warm/Blues I Can't Forget/I Get A Kick Out Of You/I'm In The Mood For Love/Boogie Woogie Boogie/All The Thing You Are

ALR-129 - Be-Bop - Howard McGhee [9/51] Denise/Nicole/Etoile/Punkins/Donna Lee

ALR-130 - Yancey Special - Jimmy & Mama Yancey [1952] How Long Blues/Make Me A Pallet On The Floor/Monkey Woman Blues/Four O'Clock Blues/Santa Fe Blues/Yancey Special

ALR-131 - Al Hibbler - Al Hibbler [Unreleased?] This album is listed in the Atlantic mastering files but may be unissued.

ALR-132 - Piano Panorama, Volume 3 - Barbara Carroll [1952] Taking A Chance On Love/'Tis Autumn/They Can't Take That Away From Me/The Lady's In Love With You//You Took Advantage of Me/Autumn In New York/Love Of My Life/My Funny Valentine

LP-133 - Meade Lux Lewis, Volume 1: Interpretations of the Great Boogie-Woogie Styles - Meade Lux Lewis [1952] Label uses ALS- prefix. Pinetop's Boogie Woogie/Cow Cow Blues/Yancey Special/Mr. Freddie Blues/Albert's Blues/Jumpin' With Pete/Suitcase Blues/Honky Tonk Train Blues

ALR-134 - Piano Solos - Jimmy Yancey [1952] Yancey's Bugle Call/How Long Blues/Yancey's Special/Mournful Blues/35th And Dearborn/Salute To Pinetop/Shave 'Em Dry/Blues For Albert

ALR-135 - Piano Solos, Volume 2 - Erroll Garner [1952] Poinciana/Perpetual Emotion/Summertime/Ramona Futuramic/Reminiscing In Blue

ALR-136 - Piano Panorama, Volume 4 - Ellis Larkins [1953]

ALR-137 - Songs By Sylvia Syms - Sylvia Syms [10/52] (Cover pictured is a later reproduction.)There's Something About An Old Love/Down In The Depths/Mountain Greenery/What Is There To Say/Imagination/Lonely Woman/Can't You Just See Yourself/Love Walked In

ALR-138 - Dizzy, Volume 1 - Dizzy Gillespie [1953] Lullaby In Rhythm/Just One More Chance/Just Blues/Sa-Blu-E-Be Blues//Sleepy Time Down South/Blue And Sentimental/Blues Chanté/Moon Nocturne

ALS-139 - Dixieland at Jazz, Ltd. - Jazz Ltd. [1953] With Miff Mole, Doc Evans, Ralph Blank, Doc Cenardo, Sy Nelson, and Bill Reinhardt. Jazz Me Blues/The Charleston//Tin Roof Blues/High Society

ALR-140 - Dixieland at Jazz, Ltd., Volume 2 - Jazz Ltd. Five [5/53] With Sidney Bechet, soprano sax; Muggsy Spanier and Doc Evans, trumpets. Washington And Lee Swing/Careless/Wolverine Blues/Egyptian Fantasy//Maryland, My Maryland/A Good Man Is Hard To Find/Maple Leaf Rag/It's A Long Way To Tipperary

ALS-141 - New Orleans Jazz By Wilbur DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers - Wilbur DeParis [1953] Tres Moutarde/The Pearls/Hindustan//Prelude In C# Minor/The Martinique/When The Saints Go Marching In

ALR-142 - Dizzy, Volume 2 - Dizzy Gillespie [1953] Cocktails For Two/Cognac Blues/Ain't Misbehavin'/Fragile//Love Is Here To Stay/This Is Happiness/Diz's Tune/Nursery Rhymes

ALS-143 - New Orleans Jazz By Wilbur DeParis and His Rampart Street Ramblers, Volume 2 - Wilbur DeParis [1953] Shreveport Stomp/Under the Double Eagle/Marchin' and Swingin'/Sensation Rag

ALR-144 - Johnny Hodges with Harry Carney - Johnny Hodges [8/53] This is believed to be the last 10-inch record issued by Atlantic Records. You're Driving Me Crazy/Sumpin' Jumpin' Around Here/Key Largo/Mountain Air//After Hours On Dream Street/Chile Con Carney/Triple Play/Why Was I Born

Atlantic ALS-400 Series (10-inch LPs unless otherwise noted):

ALS-401 - Romeo and Juliet Scenes - Eva LaGallienne and Richard Waring with King, Webster [1/51] Two record set. 12 inch records.

LP-402 - Songs by Mabel Mercer, Volume 1 - Mabel Mercer [1953] Remind Me/Little Girl Blue/You Are Not My First Love/Hello Young Lovers/Just One Of Those Things/The End Of A Love Affair/Ivory Tower/The First Warm Day In May/Feuilles Mortes (Autumn Leaves)/Sunday In Savannah

ALS-403 - Songs by Mabel Mercer, Volume 2 - Mabel Mercer [2/53] Some Fine Day/From This Moment On/Let Me Love You/Trouble Man//By Myself/Over The Weekend/Goodbye John/Sneeden's Landing/Would You Believe It

ALS-404 - Fun with Mae Barnes - Mae Barnes [1953] You Turned The Tables On Me/I Ain't Got Nobody/Rinka Tinka Man/I Ain't Gonna Be No Topsy/On The Sunny Side Of The Street//Old Man Mose/What Will The Neighbors Say/Laziest Gal in Town/Sweet Georgia Brown/Here Comes The Captain

ALS-405 - Greta Keller Sings Kurt Weill - Greta Keller [1953] I'm A Stranger Here Myself/One Touch Of Venus/My Ship/Green-Up Time//This Is New/That's Him/Themes From "Der Dreigroschenopera" (Medley): Moritat Von Mackie Messer-Hochzeitslied-Seerauberjenny-Barbara Song- Reprise: Moritat/Stay Well

ALS-406 - Hugh Shannon Sings and Plays - Hugh Shannon [1953] True Blue Lou/Experiment/Everything Happens To Me/Down In The Depths/Looking At You/Easy Come, Easy Go/You'd Better Go Now/Baltimore Oriole/Without Love

ALS-407 - Vernon Duke Plays Vernon Duke - Vernon Duke [1953] Vocals by Dorothy Richards and Huguette Ferley. I Like The Likes Of You-What Is There To Say-I Can't Get Started With You-Who's To Blame/Cabin In The Sky-Honey In The Honey Comb-Taking A Chance On Love-The Love I Long For//Out Of The Clear Blue Sky-Round About-Autumn In New York-Island In The West Indies/Introduction-Rendezvous Sans Addresse-Summer Is A Comin' In-La Musique Avant Toutes Choses-April In Paris

ALS-408 - Songs By Mabel Mercer - Mabel Mercer [1953] It Was Worth It/Charm/Thank You For The Flowers/Early Morning Blues//The Riviera/While We're Young/You Will Wear Velvet/Carry Me Back To Old Manhattan

ALS-409 - George Byron Sings Jerome Kern - George Byron [1/54] More And More/The Sweetest Sight/The Siren's Song/Moon Song//Remind Me/Poor Pierrot/Up With The Lark/Can I Forget You

ALS-410 - George Byron Sings George Gershwin - George Byron [1/54] By Strauss/Blah, Blah, Blah/Isn't It A Pity/Lorelei//I Love To Rhyme/Three Times A Day/The Half Of It, Dearie, Blues/Back Bay Polka

Thanks to Peter Grendysa and Michael Wrann.

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