Songbird Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 24, 2003

Songbird was a gospel label started in 1963-64 as a subsidiary of Duke-Peacock. It went to ABC in the deal for Duke-Peacock. The ABC label was concentric circles of shades of blue and violet. Print was black.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

SBLP-200 - The Need Of Prayer - Inez Andrews And Anderwettes [?] It was Jesus/It's in My Heart/The Need of Prayer/Look Up and Live/Crying of the Israelites/A God Somewhere/Let the Church Roll On/Battlefield/I Can Tell the World/In Thee/Oh Lord Don't Turn Around/Nobody Knows

SBLP-201 - Letter To Jesus - Inez Andrews And Anderwettes [?] Letter to Jesus/You're Gonna Need Somebody/Thank You Lord (For Blessing Me Again)/Toiling/Nothing Beats a Failure But a Try/Lord, I Love Thee/I Need You to Walk with Me/I'm Going Away/To be Used of God/I Find No Fault In Him

SBLP-202 - Tribute In Prayer (from a Soldier in Vietnam) - Rev. Oris Mays [?] What a Time/Rock My Soul/Tribute in Prayer/I've Done What You Told Me to Do/Blessed Quietness/After It's All Over/The Reason I Love Him/Jordan River/Jesus is Walking with Me/I've Been Charged/What a Shame/Devil is Trying to Turn Me 'Round

SBLP-203 - Believe In Me - Melody Kings Of Los Angeles [?] I Have Someone/This Little Light of Mine/Believe in Me/Lo, I am with You/One Step Inside/I Prayed from a Long Way/Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Sweet Bye and Bye/The Sweet Name Jesus/Lord, If You Lead Me

SBLP-204 - Where I Long To Be - Gospel Crusaders Of Los Angeles [?] Where I Long to Be/Can I Ride/Wait on Jesus/When the World is on Fire/My Precious Lord/ Remember Me Lord/Nothing in Between/He Watches Me/Too Late/My Soul Says Yes/That Perfect Day/Born to Die/Feel Good

SBLP-205 - Softy The Night Is Falling - Kansas City Melodyaires [?] Be Right with Jesus/I'm So Glad/Like a Tree/Softly the Night is Falling/y Job/My Loving Mother/God's Gift to Me/Good Religion/Beams of Heaven/Waymaker/I Felt So Good/When on the Cross/Do You Know Him

SBLP-206 - World's Greatest Spiritual And Gospel Artists - Various Artists [?] I'm Glad About It -Inez Andrews And Anderwettes/God is My Refuge - Rhonda Davis/He Watches Me - Rhonda Davis/View of the City, Part 1 - Drexall Singers/What a Love - Gospel Challengers/Home Going - Victoria Hawkins/Never Grow Old - Sister Beatrice Haynes/Kansas City - Sister Beatrice Haynes/Be Right with Jesus - Melodyaires/So Much to Talk About - Sister Josephine James/Fix Me - Loving Sisters/I'm Going Home - Powerlites

SBLP-207 - Come To Jesus - Rev. Amos Waller [?] Come to Jesus/I'm Going Home to Live with Jesus/Lord Help Us Today/I Love the Lord/ others

SBLP-208 - In Concert - Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Choir [?] Stand By Me/When Our Work is Done/Savior More Than Life/Faith in God/I Do, Don't You/So Glad I'm a Witness/Jesus Cares/Jesus Is a Rock/A Blessing in Prayer/The Lord is My Shepherd

SBLP-209 - Second Coming Of Christ - Rev. Isaac Jenkins Sermon


SBLP-211 - Presenting Rev. C.E. Simmons And Biblical Gospel Singers - Rev. C.E. Simmons And Biblical Gospel Singers [?] I Come to Praise Him/No One Knows the Hour/What Kind of God We Serve/Waiting for Me/ others

SBLP-212 - Too Late - Jackson Southernaires [?] Too Late Part 1 and 2/I Found All I Need/Oh Lord, I'm Still Waiting/On My Way Home/As I Am/Does It Please Him/Wayfaring Stranger/So Glad/Until I Die

SBLP-213 - Close To Thee - Inez Andrews [?] Close to Thee Part 1 and 2/Step on Over/God Makes the Difference/Battle Hymn of the Republic/I Want to Die Easy/I Hear Music/My Prayer/What a Blessing/A Sinner Saved by Grace

SBLP-214 - Presenting The Lane Relation Singers - Lane Relation Singers [?] Judging Someone/Changing World/He Part 1 and 2/Get Along Sinner/While There is Life in Me/Put on the Whole Amour of Faith/Lost Year/Everything is Going to Be Alright/I May Have to Cry/Looking for a Miracle/Everybody Has a Day

SBLP-215 - It's Gospel Time - Sons Of The Birds [?] I Want to Be Ready/God's Been Good to Me/Somebody bigger/How Great Thou Art/God Shall Wipe All Tears Away/Christian Life/Lord Have Mercy/Nothing But the Blood/Born Again/In that Sweet Home

SBLP-216 - Presenting the St. Matthews Baptist Church Choir - St. Matthews Baptist Church ChoirPrecious Lord/Everytime I Feel the Spirit/Pass Me Not/God Speak to Me/ others

SBLP-217 - If Anyone Asks You Who I Am - Rev. R.E. Easley Jr. [?] Sermon

SBLP-218 - The Revealing Book Of Life - Cotton Brothers [?] Alright, Alright/Conscious/The Gift/You Can Make It If You Try/Rich Young Ruler/ others

SBLP-219 - The Revealing Book Of Life - Sweet Brothers [?] God Spoke to Me/I'll Be Welcomed/Oh Lord, Don't Forget Me/Great Day/ others

SBLP-220 - World's Greatest Spiritual And Gospel Artists - Various Artists [?] Coming up Through the Years - Supreme Jubilees/I Made a Vow - Supreme Jubilees /Nobody Can Turn Me Around - Supreme Jubilees /Jesus is My Friend - Liz and Her Gospelettes/ others

SBLP-221 - Dallas Academy Youth Choir - Dallas Academy Youth Choir

SBLP-222 - He's My Brother - Jackson Southernaires And Sensational Williams Brothers [?] Little Children - Jackson Southernaires /Traveling On - Jackson Southernaires /Nobody Knows - Jackson Southernaires /How Long Will It Last - Jackson Southernaires /Does It Please Him - Jackson Southernaires /Try God -Williams Brothers/He's Alright - Williams Brothers/In My Dying Hour - Williams Brothers/I'm Waiting - Williams Brothers/This Old World - Williams Brothers

SBLP-223 - The Soul of Jean Austin - Jean Austin

SBLP-224 - The World Series - Rev. Roy E. Easley Sermon

SBLP-225 - Pilgrim Five - Pilgrim Five

SBLP-226 - Lord, Don't Move The Mountain - Inez Andrews [?] Lord, Don't Move the Mountain/I'm Free/Wandering Child/Looking Back/ others

SBLP-227 - Best Of Rev. Oris Mays - Rev. Oris Mays [?] What a Time/Rock My Soul/Royal Telephone/Alive from Boston Street/ others

SBLP-228 - Somebody Bigger Than You And I - Eugene Williams & Sister Lee Ida Brown [?] Signed, Sealed, Delivered/Battle Hymn of the Republic/He Included Me/God Will Take Care of You/ others

SBLP-229 - Everything's Gonna Be Alright - Liz Dargan & Her Gospelettes

SBLP-230 - Save My Child - Jackson Southernaires [?] Don't Let Him Catch You (With Your Work Undone)/Community of Smithdale (Calls Me Home)/Going Home/Keep on Praying/Walk Around Heaven All Day/Save My Child/The Lord Will Make a Way Somehow/Lord, You've Been Good to Me/Lord I'm So Thankful/I'd Like to Recommend You to the Lord

SBLP-231 - Jesus Is On The Mainline (I'll Be Free) - Capital City Star Singers [3/74]

SBLP-232 - The New Man - Rev. Roy Easley Jr. [2/74]

SBLP-233 - The Sound of Music - Ollie Collins [2/74]

SBLP-234 - Out On A Hill - Simaires [2/74]

SBLP-235 - A Holiday Gift Just For You - Various Artists [1973]

SBLP-236 - Holding On - Williams Brothers


SBLP-238 - Daniel In The Lion's Den - Rev. Isaac Jenkins Sermon

SBLP-239 - More Church In The Home - Inez Andrews [?] Songs of Love/Lord, I Love Thee/A Letter to God/You and Me/Think Love/Headline News/Who Told You That/More Church in the Home/A Brother's Prayer

SBLP-240 - Mother's Favorite Songs - Various Artists [?] I Shall Not Be Moved - Brooklyn Skyways/Standing in the Need of Prayer - Dallas Academy/Come Ye Disconsolate - Dixie Hummingbirds/Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee - Five Blind Boys of Mississippi/Leaning on Jesus - Five Blind Boys of Mississippi/What a Friend - Hardeman Singers/Amazing Grace - Mighty Clouds of Joy/Steal Away - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers

SBLP-241 - Do You Know Him - Pilgrim Outlets [3/74] Do You Know Him/I'm Sorry/I Just Want to Testify/Standing in the Need of Prayer/Where Could I Go/Didn't Think I Could Make It This Far/Here I Am Jesus/Don't Let the Devil Fool You/A Letter/Get on Up

SBLP-242 - It's So Easy Now - Biblical Gospel Singers [3/74]

SBLP-243 - Hope Ahead - Ziontones

SBLP-244 - The Woman I Love Won't Treat Me Right - Rev. Leroy Bailey [1974]

SBLP-245 - A Dead End Street - Rev. W.T. Sneed


SBLP-247 - Lord Will Make A Way - Smiling Jubilaires

SBLP-248 - What's Wrong With The People Today - Williams Brothers [?] What's Wrong with the People Today/Mama's Last Request/Natural Inclination/Yes, Jesus Loves Me/God's Getting Us Ready/Here I Am, Jesus/I Can't Live Here Always/At the Cross/Lord, I Just Want to Thank You/Sit Down and Rest Awhile

SBLP-249 - Look Around - Jackson Southernaires [?] Look Around/He'll Make It All Worth While/You May Find Your Best Friend Gone/Old Man Time Gonna Bring You Down/I Found Just What I Need/Why Me, Lord/Steal Away/Just Can't Make It By Myself/Joy, peace, Happiness and Love/I Can't Lose with the Stuff I Use

SBLP-250 - Seek Ye First The Kingdom - Eugene Willams & Sister Ida Lee Brown

SBLP-251 - The Joker - Rev. F.L. Brown [?] Sermon

SBLP-252 - It's Cheaper To Seek Her - Rev. Theodore Cuveston [?] Sermon

SBLP-253 - Oh Why - Liz Dargan And The Gospelettes

SBLP-254 - Munich Gospel Festival - Inez Andrews


SBLP-256 - Theme From Revelations - Elite Jewells

SBLP-257 - Living A Sacred Life - Josh "Albert" Hailey

SBLP-258 - Tomorrow's Help Today - Rev. Oris Mays

SBLP-259 - This Is Not The First Time I've Been Last - Inez Andrews[1975] This is Not the First Time I've Been Lost/Jesus Power/God's Humble Servant/Help Me/ Lord, Is It Me?/Show Me the Way/Believe in Humanity/Shine on Me/Praying Band

SBLP-260 - Life Beyond - Rev. Clay Evans [1975] Sermon


SBLP-262 - Work While It's Day - Eugene Williams & Sister Ida Lee Brown

SBLP-263 - Surely God Is Able - Liz Dargan And The Gospelettes

SBLP-264 - A Fountain Filled with Blood - Rev. Isaac Jenkins

SBLP-265 - Whereof I Am Called - Josh Hailey

SBLP-266 - War On Sin - Inez Andrews [1976] Lord, Bless Me/Nobody Knows/Sing My Song/I'm Alright Now/Keep Me Humble/War on Sin/No Greater Love/Troubled Young Man/We Need a Miracle


SBLP-268 - Pray For The Good Of The Land - Biblical Gospel Singers

SB-269 - Chapter Five - Inez Andrews [1978] Soprano sax by Gene "Daddy G" Barge. I've Got Your Love In My Life/Lest I Stray/How Can You Love Him/Read Your Bible/Have Mercy Lord//Accept Him Now/The healer/That's The Kind Of God He Is/Nobody



SB-272 - It Pays Each Day - Robert Lyons and the Robert Lyons Singers

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