Peacock Album Discography
by David Edwards and Mike Callahan
Last update: April 15, 1999

The first Peacock label was black with silver printing. "PEACOCK" in silver above center hole with a drawing of a Peacock in black behind logo. Second label was black with silver printing. "PEACOCK" in white with a drawing of a Peacock in color behind logo, Distributed by ABC/Dunhill Records at bottom of label.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

Peacock Progressive Jazz Series:

PLP-90 - Out There With Betty Carter - Betty Carter [12/58] You're Driving Me Crazy/I Can't Help It/By the Bend of the River/Babe's Blues/Foul Play/You're Getting to Be a Habit With Me/On the Isle of May/But Beautiful/All I've 'Got/Make It Last/Bluebird of Happiness/Something Wonderful

PLP-91 - At The Crossroads - Sonny Criss [1959] Sweet Lorraine/You Don't Know/I Got It Bad/Sylvia/Softly/Butts Delight/Indiana

Peacock Gospel Series:

PLP-100 - A Christian Testimonial - Dixie Hummingbirds [6/59] Poor Pilgrim of Sorrow/Devil Can't Harm a Praying Man/Christian's Automobile/Nobody Knows the Trouble I See/The Final Edition/Are You Ready/We'll Meet Again/Oh! How I Love Jesus/He'll dl the Same for You/I Just Want to Tell You/God Is Now Speaking

PLP-101 - Songs Of Praise - Sensational Nightingales [1959] The Blood of Jesus/ It is No Secret/ Morning Train/ Jesus Is Going/ I Want to Go/ What Would You Give // Savior Don't Pass Me By/ Standing at the Judgment/ Live So God Can Use You/ Burying Ground/To the End

PLP-102 - Precious Memories - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi [1960] Our Father/Coming Home/Song of Praise/Save a Seat for Me/There's No Need to Cry/Someone Watches/Don't Give Up/Certainly Lord/Somebody's Knocking/Walk Together Children/Leaning on the Everlasting Arm/That Awful Hour

PLP-103 - Just Faith - Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio [1960] Just Faith/Sit Down Children/How Much Longer (Will My Journey Be)/He Heard Me Cry/Joy, Joy, Joy/Wonderful Jesus/I Didn't Know/Oh My Way to Glory/I'll Fly Away/My Work Was Not in Vain/If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again/Trouble No More

PLP-104 - The Handwriting On The Wall - Rev. William C. Trammell [1960] Sermon

PLP-105 - Walk On - Pilgrims Jubilee Singers [1961] Stretch Out/I See a Man/Walk On/Steal Away/A City/Separation Line/Like This/New Body/Helping Hand/Come Up/Let Thy Will Be Done/ Kings Highway - Rev. Robert Balinger

PLP-106 - Camp Meeting - Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio [1961] I've Got It/They Followed Jesus/They Won't Believe in Me/You've Been So Good to Me/Rest for the Weary/You Can't Make Me Doubt Him/Trust in the Lord/Walk in the Light Come and Go/God Said He Would/By and By/One More Chance

PLP-107 - Pray For Me - Cleophus Robinson & Josephine James [1962] Pray for Me/Sweet Home/I Believe/Everlasting Life/Everybody Talking About Heaven/Ain't Going/I know What the Lord Can Do/He's Got the Whole World in His Hands/All I Need/sweet Bye and Bye/Amazing Grace

PLP-108 - In The Morning - Dixie Hummingbirds [1962] He Cares for Me/God's Goodness/This Evening/Little Lambs/In the Morning/Bedside of a Neighbor/My Prayer/Let the Holy Ghost Fall on Me/Please Lord/Jesus Walked the Water/Jesus My King/Set Me Free/If You Have Faith

PLP-109 - If I Should Miss Heaven - Spirit Of Memphis Quartet [1962] If It Ain't One Thing (It's Another)/Further Up the Road/Why/If I Should Miss Heaven/Storm of Life/Take Your Burdens to the Lord/Somebody Here Lord/Ease My Troubling Mind/Singing Won't be in Vain/Working with Jesus/Jesus Loves Me

PLP-110 - Little Black Train - Rev. Robert Ballinger [1963] The King's Highway/There Are Days/The Little Black Train/Hold My Body Down/Oil in Your Vessel/No Bread/He Rode/Something Has Happened/Joy in His Company/Standing in the Safety Zone/Holy Spirit

PLP-111 - Bones In The Valley - Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio [1963] Stay There/Ride This Train/Why Should I Worry/Bones in the Valley/Live So God Can Use You/Search Me Lord/Thou Art Gone/Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen/Coming Home/The Last Day/The Lord Will Make a Way

PLP-112 - Glory Glory - Sensational Nightingales [1963] Somewhere to Lay My Head/My Soul Could Not Rest Content/Behold God's Face/Right Now for Jesus/Wonderful Time Up There/Time to Go to the Altar/Glory Glory/I'm on My Way/More Power/End of My Journey/I Am Thine/O' Lord/Bound for Higher Ground

PLP-113 - Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi [1964] Just a Little While/Something to Shout About/Leaning on Jesus/Time is Winding Up/Oh, Why/What is an Album/Our John/Saw the Number/Jesus Rose/Where There's a Will (There's a Way)/Waiting at the River/Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee

PLP-114 - Family Circle - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [1964] Family Circle/Glory Hallelujah/Lord Hold My Hand/Nearer to Thee/You'll Never Know/Judgment Day/By Faith/My Precious King/I Come to Jesus/Meeting Tonight/How I Found the Lord/Amazing Grace

PLP-115 - Prayer For Peace - Dixie Hummingbirds [1964] Let's Go Out to the Programs/I'll Keep on Living/After I Die/Will the Lord Be with Me?/Have a Little Talk with Jesus/Another Day/Come Ye Disconsolate/Our Prayer for Peace/Time Ain't Long/If You Travel This Road/Have Faith/Little Wooden Church/My Life Will be Sweeter


PLP-117 - The Old Ship Of Zion Pilgrim - Jubilee Singers [1964] Pearly Gates/The Old Ship of Zion/Waiting/Turn You 'Round/If You Don't Mind/Good Friend/Jesus I Love You/I Want to Go/Jesus, Love You So/You've Got to Wail/He's Giving/Testify/Wicked Race

PLP-118 - Travel On - Sensational Nightingales [1964] Travel On/ His Great Love/ Cleanse My Soul/Meet Me in Zion/Test in Judgment/Never Said a Word //Hard Fighting Soldier/Wicked World/My Soul is Fixed/I'll Be Listening/Don't Let His Name Go Down/When Jesus Comes

PLP-119 - Swing Down Chariot - Rev. Robert Ballinger [1964] Somebody Saved Me/Walk On By Faith/Streets of the City/Live the Life I Sing About/Sweet Lamb/Swing Down Chariot/Got Rode in a Windstorm/Poor Wayfaring Pilgrim/Don't Wonder 'Bout Him/He's My Everything/Hold On 'Til Jesus Comes/New World

PLP-120 - Remember Me - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [1964] Remember Me/Jesus Will Watch Over You/Fence Around Me/Great Day/Just a Closer Walk/Uncloudy Day/Traveling Shoes / others

PLP-121 - A Bright Side - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [1965] A Bright Side/I Need the Lord/We Think God Don't Care/Bright Tomorrow/A friend in Jesus/Two Wings/He's Coming Back/Look for Me in Heaven/I'll Go/Go Tell It on the Mountain / others

PLP-122 - On Jesus' Program - Sunset Travelers [1965] On Jesus' Program/Hide Me in Your Bosom/I Made It Over/Looking for a Better Place/What Do You Think About Jesus/Have You Ever Been Touched / others



PLP-125 - Trying Time - Loving Sisters [1965] Sing Your Troubles Away/Don't Let My Running Be in Vain/fix Me/Trying Time/He That Believeth/Unfailing God/Jericho Road/Holy Ghost/Glory Hallelujah/Lord Deliver Me/Jesus is Mine/Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

PLP-126 - God's Sons And Daughters - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [1965] God's Sons and Daughters/Great Getting Up Morning/Saved and Satisfied/Only Believe/Bye and Bye/Joyful Noise/Go Down Moses/God's Sons and Daughters/He's Alright/Elijah Rock/Somebody Here Lord

PLP-127 - Every Day And Every Hour - Dixie Hummingbirds [1965] Lord, I Come to Thee/If Anybody Ask You/Prayer for the Sick/You Don't Have Nothing/Every Day and Every Hour/He Won't Leave You Alone/It Has Been Said/Maybe It's You/Blessed Is He/The Reason I Shout/Keep Holding On/The Good Won't Suffer

PLP-128 - The Unfolding Book Of Life - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] How I Got Over/Down on My Knees/Shadrack/The Unfolding Book of Life/Peace in the Valley/Save a Seat for Me/If Everybody Had Jesus/I Thank You Lord/It is No Secret/Be Still/Bedside Lord

PLP-129 - I'd Trade A Lifetime - O'Neal Twins [?] Keep Faith in God/I'd Trade a Lifetime/Can Tell the World/I Bow on My Knees/I Can't Thank God Enough/I Need Him Always/Throw Out the Life Line/What More do I Need/The Lord Raised Me/My Job/Look Up and Live/Same Train

PLP-130 - The Lord Is Sweet - Hi-Way Que C's [?] The Lord is Sweet/I Got a Feeling/Lord Have Mercy/Lord I Want to Thank You/Change at the End/Long Ago/Father I Stretch My Hands/Get on Board/The Lord's Prayer/My Dream/We Need the Lord/Rock Me

PLP-131 - Prayed Too Late - Sensational Nightingales [1965] He Prayed Too Late/I'll Walk Right In/In the End/Somewhere to Be at Rest/End of Time/The Love of Jesus //Wooden Church/When the Morning Comes/His Truth/Walls of Jerusalem/Son of God

PLP-132 - He's Done Great Things - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] He's Done Great Things/Milky White Way/There Is Nothing Too Hard for God/Evening Sun/Way Over Yonder/I Know I've Been Changed / others

PLP-133 - We Are In Church - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [?] A Child's Blood, Part 1 and 2/My Soul/I Don't Mind/Die No More/Take Your Burdens to Jesus/Don't Forget What Mama Said/Healing Water/Lead Me, Jesus/Shout/All the Way/Oh Sinner

PLP-134 - Live At The Music Hall - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [?] I Ain't Got Long Here/What a Friend/I Come to Jesus/Hymn(Yes, Yes)/A Bright Side/I'm Glad About It/Stand by Me/Medley: Family Circle, None But the righteous, I'll Go

PLP-135 - Best Of Rev. Cleophus Robinson - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Pray for Me/I Can See So Much/Silent Night/I'm Not Tired Yet/Sweet Home/Solemn Prayer/Remember Me / others

PLP-136 - Best Of Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Mighty Clouds of Joy [?] Ain't Got Long Here/None But the Righteous/Glory Hallelujah/Nearer to Thee/I'll Go Part 2/A Friend in Jesus/He's Able/Swing Low/A Bright Side/Nobody Can Turn Me Around

PLP-137 - Best Of Sensational Nightingales - Sensational Nightingales [?] Burying Ground/To the End/A Closer Walk with Thee/Morning Train/Standing at the Judgment/I Want to Go/The Storm is Passing Over/Never Said a Word/I Want to go/Don't Put Off Today/New Jerusalem/What Would You Give

PLP-138 - Best Of Dixie Hummingbirds - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Let's Go Out to the Programs/Will the Lord be With Me?/Thank You Lord for One More Day/Christian's Automobile/The Final Edition/What a Friend/In the Morning/Beside of a Neighbor/Another Day/Our Prayer for Peace/If Anybody Asked You/Old Time Way

PLP-139 - Best Of Five Blind Boys - Five Blind Boys [?] Our Father/Old Ship of Zion/Mother Don't Worry/Somewhere Listening for My Name/Song of Praise/Save a Seat for Me/There's No Need to Cry/Lord, Lord, You've Been So Good to Me/Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee/Lord Remember Me/In the Hands of the Lord

PLP-140 - Golden Gems Of Gospel - Various Artists [?] Bells of Joy - Dixie Hummingbirds/Let's Talk About Jesus - Dixie Hummingbirds/Beside of a Neighbor - Five Blind Boys of Mississippi/Our Father - Gospelaires of Dayton Ohio/Rest for the Weary - Hi-Way Que C's/Tomorrow May Be Too Late - Mighty Clouds of Joy/Family Circle - O'Neal Twins/make Me a Blessing - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers/Stretch Out - Rev. Cleophus Robinson/Pray for Me - Rev. Cleophus Robinson

PLP-141 - Backsliding Heifer: A Live Sermon - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Sermon


PLP-143 - God's Lonesome Highway - Loving Sisters [?] In God's Bosom/Mighty Good Time/God's Lonesome Highway/The Crucifixion/It's Real/He Laid His Hands on Me/Sinner, Sin No More/I'm on the Lord's Side/Two Wings/Free Grace

PLP-144 - Your Good Deeds - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Only Jesus/Confidential God/Your Good Deeds/What the Lord is to Me/Am I Born to Die/Someone is Waiting/What Are You Doing for Your Soul/Working for My Crown/You Ought to Have Been There/Doing All the Good I Can/God is Good


PLP-146 - Tell Him - Chariot Gospel Singers [?] Battlefield/He'll Understand/Living on Mother's Prayer/Yes/Tell Him/Thank Him/Wadin' in Zion/My Life/Movin'

PLP-147 - A Hair Cut In The Wrong Barber Shop - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Sermon



PLP-150 - Christmas Carols And Good Gospel - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Little Drummer Boy/White Christmas/Silent Night/Sweet Little Jesus/Someone to Care / others

PLP-151 - Presenting The Untouchables - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [?] Pray for Me/Call Him Up/A Child of the King/His Precious Life/My Friend/How Far Have I Strayed/I'll Trust in God/Confidential God/Twelve Gates/He's Real to Me

PLP-152 - The Ambassadors of Gospel - O'Neal Twins & Missouri State Choir [?] The Promise of God/Oh Mary/How Can I Help/No Man is an Island/Whosoever Will/I've Decided to Follow Jesus/Lost Sheep/Love Lifted Me/You'll Never Walk Alone/So Glad I've Been Lifted

PLP-153 - The Gentlemen of Song - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Don't Let Me Fall/Going On/My New Home/Take It to Jesus/I'm on the Battlefield/What the Lord Want's Me to Be/When I Found Jesus Christ/Prodigal Son/I've Been Weighed/If You Trust God

PLP-154 - Heart And Soul - Sensational Nightingales [?] Christians, We Are the Ones/Another River/Golden Streets/Saints Hold On/Working on the Building/I'm So Happy/A better Home/The Old Rugged Cross/Going On with Jesus/Brightly Beams

PLP-155 - God's Love - Hi-Way Que C's [?] Conditions of the World/Going to See the King/Sinner Man/Oh What a Feeling/What the Lord Has Done/I've Got to Make This Journey/Blessed Jesus/He Lifted My Burden/The Lord is on My Side/Jesus is Real to Me


PLP-157 - The Rose Of Sharon - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Sermon


PLP-159 - He Did It All - Rev Cleophus Robinson [?] He Did It All/I Got a robe/Oh Messiah/How Great Thou Art / others

PLP-160 - The Unbelieving Man - Brooklyn Skyways [?] The Unbelieving Man/I'm No Stranger/Everybody Want's to Go to Heaven/It's Sweet to Be Saved/I Shall Not Be Moved/I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me/You Can't Hide from God/If You Treat Your Neighbor Right/In That Land/I met Mother This Morning

PLP-161 - Quit Talking To Yourself - Rev. Wilbert Leo Daniels [?] Sermon

PLP-162 - Tribute To Dr. Martin Luther King - Loving Sisters [1968] Tribute to Martin Luther King/Freedom Isn't Free/Time is Winding Up/What My God Can Do/Trials of Job/Read Your Bible/Creation/Serve the Lord/Precious Lord/Go Down Moses

PLP-163 - Songs of the Rev. Julius Cheeks and the Nightingales - Mighty Clouds of Joy [?] Who's Going Down in the Grave with Me/Burying Ground/It Is No Secret/Somewhere to Lay My Head/I Gave My Heart to Jesus //What Would You Give/I've Got a New Home/It's In My Mind/I Want to Go (Where Jesus Is)/Just a Closer Walk with Thee

PLP-164 - Rev. Julius Cheeks Sings - Rev. Julius Cheeks [?] Waiting (For My Child to Come Home)Somewhere Around God's Throne/How Far Is Heaven/Where Are You Going Mary/Same Train/Just Crying/Get My Child Out of Jail/Sweeter Than Honey/Mountain Railroad/One Prayer Away

PLP-165 - Sunrise, Sunset - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] Sunrise, Sunset/Jesus Will Fix It/It's a Highway to Heaven/Bless this House/I'm His and He's Mine / others

PLP-166 - The Super Groups - Various Artists [?] I'm Going On - Dixie Hummingbirds/I've Been Weighed - Dixie Hummingbirds/Conditions of the World - Hi-Way Que C's/Going to See the King - Hi-Way Que C's/How Far Have I Strayed - Mighty Clouds of Joy/Pray for Me - Mighty Clouds of Joy/On My Way Home - Jackson Southernaires/Hold on to the End - Jackson Southernaires/Saints Hold On - Sensational Nightingales/Brightly Beams -Sensational Nightingales

PLP-167 - Let Me Lean On You - Bells Of Zion [?] Lord, Hold Me in Your Arms/Let Me Lean on You/So Good/If You Don't Want to Go/See What He's Done/We'll Understand/Certainly Lord/He Lifted Me/I Still Remember/Falling All Around Me/Do What the Lord Say to Do

PLP-168 - It's Coming Up Again - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [?] Sermon

PLP-169 - Ye Shall Know The Truth - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Ye Shall Know the Truth/Someone to Depend On/I Have Found Him/The Lord Will Make a Way/Only God Almighty/A Tree/Tell the Truth (Gospel Truth)/ Fix Me Jesus/I found a Friend/Move in the Building

PLP-170 - God Bless America - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [?] Jonah/God Bless America/Man Can't Get No Satisfaction/ Have a Little Faith/I've Got One Thing (You Can't Take Away)/Use Me Lord/His Blood for Me/My Religion/Over in Zion/There's No Friend Like Jesus

PLP-171 - Can I Get A Witness - Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio [?] Can I Get a Witness/Did You Stop to Pray/Highway to Heaven/A Sad Song/Sit Down Children/Joy, Joy, Joy/Just Faith/Ride this Train/Remember Me

PLP-172 - God's Sun And The Son Of God - Rev. F.H. Dunn [?] Sermon

PLP-173 - Live At The Apollo - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [?] I'll Be Alright Someday/I've Come This Far By Faith/Jesus (My Precious King)/Pray for Me/Heavy Load/Amazing Grace/Who's Going Down in the Grave with Me?

PLP-174 - How Big Is Your God - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [?] Sermon

PLP-175 - It's Gonna Rain - Sensational Nightingales [?] A Heart Like Thine/At the Meeting/Where Could I Go/At Calvary/ others

PLP-176 - The Sounds Of A New Era - Loving Sisters [?] Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah/Why Shouldn't You and I/I Need the Lord (To Stand by Me)/God's Eagle/Who Can Ask for More / others

PLP-177 - You And I And Everyone - Sensational Nightingales [?] You and I and Everyone/I Once Was a Stranger/Battle Hymn on the Republic/Count Your Blessings/There's a Green Hill/Face to Face/Higher Ground/Wash Me, Lord/Take Your Burdens to the Lord/Count Your Blessings'

PLP-178 - We Love You Like A Rock - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Love Me Like a Rock/In These Changing Times/Somebody Hold On/Let It Alone/Jesus Children of America/Oh, I Want to See Him/I've Been Born Again/God is So Good/Never Alone

PLP-179 - Gospel In My Soul - Billy Preston [?] His Eye is on the Sparrow/You'll Never Walk Alone/Just a Closer Walk with Thee/Do Lord/ others


PLP-181 - I Found The Answer - Swan Silvertones [?] From Vee-Jay sessions. When the Saints Go Marching In/I Found the Answer/Glory Hallelujah/End of My Journey/Bedside of a Neighbor/Anyhow, Lord/What's the Matter Now/Tell of a Savior/Goin' On with Jesus/Away Somehow/How Great Thou Art

PLP-182 - Child Of A King - Harmonizing Four [?] From Vee-Jay sessions. Sweet Bye and Bye/Nobody Knows/Softly and Tenderly/What a Friend/Count Your Blessings/It's Me/Child of a King/Uncloudy Day/Storm is Passing Over/Stand by Me/Marching to Zion

PLP-183 - Best Of the Mighty Clouds Of Joy - Mighty Clouds Of Joy [?] Did You Stop to Pray/Swing Low, Sweet Chariot/Stand by Me/Man Can't Get No Satisfaction/ others

PLP-184 - Be At Rest - Hi-Way Que C's [?] Be at Rest/Walking with the King/All Men are Made by God/He Will take Care/My Friend/touch Me, Lord Jesus/Do You Know Him?/Somebody calling My Name/His Provisions/I'm Too Close to Heaven to Turn Around

PLP-185 - Golden Gems Of Gospel, Volume 2 - Various Artists [1973] Look Up And Live - Inez Andrews & Andrewettes/What A Time - Rev. Oris Mays/Down At The Cross - Smiling Jubilaires/He's My Savior - Williams Brothers & Sister Lee Ida Brown/No Need to Cry - Ollie Collins Jr./Lord Keep Me - Sensational Six Of Alabama/Lonesome Valley - Voice Of The Clouds//Without The Lord - Ollie Collins Jr./I Know You're Gonna Miss Me - Sensational Six Of Alabama/I'll Make It - Fabulous Sweet Brothers/The Failure Is Not In God - Jean Austin/Crying Of The Israelites - Inez Andrews & Andrewettes/That's God - Williams Brothers & Sister Lee Ida Brown/Spirit Of Jesus - Smiling Jubilaires

PLP-186 - Heaven Must Be A Beautiful Place - Willie Banks And The Messengers [?] Heaven Must Be a Beautiful Place/Help Me/ Mother's Still Alive/ Pity Me/ God's Calling for the Liars //Walking 'Til You See His Face/ Our Thanks to God/ Bedside Mother/I'm So Tired

PLP-187 - A New Dimension - Loving Sisters [?] It's Jesus/Y'All/Try Again/Hallelujah/Ain't It So/Love in Action / others

PLP-188 - Best Of the Five Blind Boys, Volume 2 - Five Blind Boys [?] John Saw the Number/ I Ain't Got Long/ Love Lifted Me/Where There's a Will (There's a Way)/ Jesus Satisfied/ My Soul is a Witness // Blessed Assurance/ Certainly Lord/ What is an Album?/Leaning on the Everlasting Arm/ Oh, Why/Speak for Jesus

PLP-189 - Best Of the O'Neal Twins - O'Neal Twins [?] No Man is an Island/I Need Him Always/You'll Never Walk Alone/I'd Trade a Lifetime / others

PLP-190 - Where Do I Go From - Here Rev. Julius Cheeks [?] Turn Your Radio On/Waiting (For My Child to Come Home)/Hide Behind the Mountain/Same Train/Get My Child Out of Jail/Jesus is Sweeter Than Honey/Mountain Railroad/Where Do I Go From Here/Like a Tramp on the Street/It's in My Mind/Practice What I Preach

PLP-191 - Best Of Rev. Cleophus Robinson - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?] He Did It All/Someone to Care/You'll Never Walk Alone/He's Alright/Traveling Shoes/Let the King Come In/Soon I Will Ge Done/Shout, Shout/He's Right on Time/God's Love

PLP-192 - Two Sides Of The Gospelaires - Gospelaires Of Dayton, Ohio [?] You've Got to Meet the Same People) On Your Way Down/Old Blind Bartimaeas/That's Alright/Babylon is Falling Down/Cool Clear Water/The Impossible Dream/I Believe/Old Man River/My Sweet Lord

PLP-193 - Don't Let Him Down - Pilgrim Jubilees [?] Don't Let Him Down/Put Forth an Effort/At the End of the line/Two Sides of Life/Take Me to the Water/No Time to Lose/Trouble in the Streets/A Great Tragedy/Don't Turn Back/It Isn't Safe Anymore

PLP-194 - Four Women In Christ - Various Artists [?] God Is My Refuge - Rhonda Davis/He Watches Me - Rhonda Davis/Walk Around Heaven All Day - Rhonda Davis/I've Got jesus - Rhonda Davis/Something I Want You To Do For Me - Sister Josephine James/God Will Hear An Honest Prayer - Sister Josephine James/Lord Send Me - Sister Josephine James/Bless Me Lord - Sister Josephine James/Hold My Hand - Sister Josephine James [with Blind Boys of Mississippi]/Deliver Me - Sister Josephine James [with Blind Boys of Mississippi]/Softly And Tenderly - Sister Josephine James [with Blind Boys of Mississippi]/Have Your Own Way Lord - Sister Josephine James/Well Well Well - Bertha Robinson/He Will Fight Your Battles - Bertha Robinson/Keep On Toiling - Bertha Robinson/I Believe I'll Run On - Bertha Robinson

PLP-195 - My Desire - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi [?] Oh Well, What Can You Do/Precious Memories/I Got It Within Me/Speak Gently to Your Mother/The Tide of Life/Remember Me (In Your Prayers)/My Crying is Over/I Haven't Been home/The Lord Will Make a Way/I Have But One Desire

PLP-196 - Looking For A Bargain - Rev. W. Leo Daniels [?] Sermon

PLP-197 - You Know Not The Hour - Sensational Nightingales [2/74] You Know Not the Hour/Mother Mary and Joseph/Giving You a Warning, Sinner/I Shall Know Him/Jesus Took My Burdens Away/God Is Not Pleased/Nothing Between/How Great Thou Art/Love Lifted Me

PLP-198 - Making It On Fragments - Rev. F.L. Brown [2/74] Sermon

PLP-199 - No Side Door To Heaven - Victoria Hawkins [3/74]

Starts ABC/Peacock label.

PLP-59200 - Gospel At It's Best - Various Artists [1974]

PLP-59201 - Won't It Be Grand - Crowns Of Glory [1974]

PLP-59202 - Oh Say Can You See - Andrea Vereen And St. Marks Choir [1974]

PLP-59203 - First Time We Met - King James Version [1974]

PLP-59204 - Sisters And Their Sons - Loving Sisters [1974]

PLP-59205 - Who Are We - Dixie Hummingbirds [1974]

PLP-59206 - Joined Together - Mildred Clark And Melody-Aires [1974]



PLP-59209 - My Sisters And Brothers - Sensational Nightingales [1974] My Sisters and Brothers/Ye Must Be Born Again/My Home/Just As I Am/I Was Traveling That Road/If You Strayed Away/He'll Make a Way/Lift Every Voice and Sing/Be Sure You Have Jesus



PLP-59212 - There's A God Somewhere - Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi [?] When I Get Inside/Somewhere Listening/We Are Building/I'm Looking for a Man/Who/There's a God Somewhere/Walk With Me, Lord/I Wonder, Do You?/His Eye is on the Sparrow/Let's Get Ready

PLP-59213 - Moments Of Meditation - Rev. Cleophus Robinson [?]

PLP-59214 - Wait On The Lord - Salem Travelers [?] Wait on the Lord/A Hungry Child/Games People Play/Lucky Old Sun/Don't Leave Me/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/That Feeling/Jesus is My Friend/The Air I Breathe/Music

PLP-59215 - Rev. Townsley Jr. And The Lighthouse Ensemble - Rev. Townsley Jr. And The Lighthouse Ensemble [1975]

PLP-59216 - Don't Let Him Down - Pilgrim Jubilee Singers [1975] Don't Let Him Down/Take Me To The Water/Put Forth An Effort/No Time To Lose/Trouble In The Streets/At The End Of The Line/A Great Tragedy/Don't Turn Back/Two Sides Of Life/It Isn't Safe Anymore

PLP-59217 - Thanks To Thee - Dixie Hummingbirds [1975] Mother's Prayer/Thanks to Thee/Lord I Want You to Help Me/I'd Rather Have Jesus/It's Time to Make a Start/A Change is Sure to Come/Standing for Jesus/Two Little Fishes (And Five Loaves of Bread)

PLP-59218 - Change In The World - Mildred Clark [1975]

PLP-59219 - Almighty Hand - Sensational Nightingales [1975] My True Testimony/The Almighty Hand/Lord, Depend on Me/Whosoever Will/It's My Desire/Standing on the Promises/he Hideth My Soul/What Would You Give?/When We All Gel to Heaven

PLP-59220 - New Day - Loving Sisters And Love Act


PLP-59222 - Tessie Hill - Tessie Hill


PLP-59224 - God Save The Children - Crowns Of Glory

PLP-59225 - Lord, I've Really Been Trying - Mildred Clark And The Melody- Aires

PLP-59226 - Wonderful To Be Alive - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Every Shut Eye/Wonderful to Be Alive/Jesus Came Just in Time/Who Will Cast the First Stone?/Sweet By and By/Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Jesus Speaks to Me/Just One Moment/I Found Jesus

PLP-59227 - See You In The Rapture - Sensational Nightingales [1976] See You In the Rapture/Blessed Calvary/One Day/Peace in the Valley/I've Already Started/Thank God I've Been Sealed/It's Time to Go to the Altar/Oh, How I Love Jesus/Sweet Bye and Bye


PLP-59229 - Think About It - Tessie Hill


PLP-59231 - Live - Dixie Hummingbirds [?] Doing All the Good I Can/Who Are We?/Two Little Fishes/Just One Moment/I've Been Born Again/This Evening/The Build Up/Lord, I Want You to Help Me/Swing Low/Let It Alone/Let's Go Out to the Programs

PLP-59232 - Jesus Is Coming - Sensational Nightingales [?] Jesus is Coming/Saved by Grace/Hard Fighting Soldier/Learning to Lean/Bad Storm a Raging/At the Cross/How to Be Born Again/Another River to Cross

PLP-59233 - Face It With a Smile - Tessie Hill




PLP-59237 - Golden Flight - Dixie Hummingbirds [?]

Miscellaneous Issues:

PLP-2000 - The Big Ones From Duke and Peacock Records - Various Artists [1967] The label on this album is light blue with black printing. "PEACOCK RECORDS" above the center hole in black, there is no Peacock drawing on the label. Pledging My Love - Johnny Ace/I'll Take Care of You - Bobby "Blue" Bland/Next Time You See Me - Junior Parker/Blue Monday - James Davis/Be Ever Wonderful - Ted Taylor/Nothing in the World - Buddy ace //Funny - Joe Hinton/You're Gonna Make Me Cry - O.V. Wright/Crying Man - Lee Lamont/Tell Me Why - Rob Roys/Gonzo-James - James Booker/Hound Dog - Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton

GLS-1974 - Gospel Sampler - Various Artists [1974] The Unbelieving Man - Brooklyn Skyways/Last Mile of the Way - Rev. Julius Cheeks/This Evening - Dixie Hummingbirds/Our Father - Five Blind Boys of Mississippi/Rest for the Weary - Gospelaires of Dayton Ohio/Home Going - Victoria Hawkins/Conditions of the world Hi-Way Que C's/He's Able - Mighty Clouds of Joy/I Can't Thank God Enough - O'Neal Twins

Thanks to Phil Healy, Donnie Addison, Alan Young, and Joseph Wilson.

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