Blue Thumb/Banana Album Discography
By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

Blue Thumb Records was the idea of Bob Krasnow, who by 1968 had traveled all over the country with James Brown and then settled down to run King and then Kama Sutra Records. He recruited producer Tommy LiPuma and marketer Don Graham, both execs with A&M at the time, to join him in starting a different kind of record company. The label name came from Captain Beefheart, who was going to name his new blues band Blue Thumb before Krasnow talked him out of it for the band, but told Beefheart he'd like it as the name for his label. Krasnow and company located the label's offices in Beverly Hills, making it the first upscale alternative music label.

The label was originally distributed independently, and used the BTS-1 sequence for their issues. This lasted from 1968 until late 1970, when the label entered into a short agreement with Capitol Records for distribution. Capitol reissued several of the back catalogue issues with the altered number sequence adding an "88" before the album number, so BT-3 became BT-8803, etc. After the Capitol contract expired in 1971, Blue Thumb went with ABC Records for distribution. This lasted until 1974, when ABC purchased the label from Krasnow and the ABC logo started appearing on the label next to the Blue Thumb logo.

A large number of the Blue Thumb albums charted, a much greater percentage than most labels, and for that matter, even the parent ABC label. In addition to the music, Blue Thumb packaged their albums to appeal to the targeted buyer. Most had fold-open record jackets, and the graphics were never predictable. Probably the most famous album packaging of all time was the (ex-Traffic, ex-Derek & the Dominoes) Dave Mason album Alone Together, [BTS 19], which was packaged in a three-fold "kangaroo pack" which opened to a poster for wall hanging (it even had a small hole in the top for the nail). At the bottom of this poster was a pouch for the record album, which was meant to be viewed as well as heard. The record itself was unique - - literally. It was pressed in a marbled vinyl made by dropping colored pellets into the hot vinyl mix so that the color pattern of each record was different. The label on this issue only was a special orange label meant to complement the color scheme of the marbled vinyl. Later pressings of the album were on black vinyl, and the cover was a standard fold-open jacket. As eye-catching as the packaging was, it wouldn't have sold nearly as well if the album inside hadn't been first-rate. In fact, it was arguably Dave Mason's finest album ever, including his 1970 hit "Only You Know and I Know," which also charted for his friends Delaney & Bonnie the next year, and a wealth of FM airplay material.

The artists on Blue Thumb were an eclectic group, to be sure. In addition to Dave Mason, they included Captain Beefheart, the Pointer Sisters, Southwind (a group that included Moon Martin), Ike & Tina Turner, early T. Rex (as Tyrannosaurus Rex), Aynsley Dunbar, Clifton Chenier, Love, Mark-Almond, the Crusaders, Albert Collins, Cass Elliott, Dan Hicks, Jesse Hill, the National Lampoon, Ken Nordine, and even W.C. Fields! They also had the Doors after Jim Morrison's death, who went by the name "The Butts Band."

After 1974, when Blue Thumb was absorbed into ABC, the label continued issuing albums sporadically until about 1979, when MCA took over ABC and dropped the label. Further reissues were on the MCA label. More recently, Blue Thumb has made a slight comeback, revitalizing itself from the MCA empire under GRP Records, and issuing a fine retrospective of the label in 1995 (All Day Thumbsucker Revisited).

The first Blue Thumb label was black with white print. The Blue Thumb logo was in blue inside an arched window above the center hole. This label was used only in 1968, on LPs 1 through 4. The second label was off-white with black print. Above the center hole on the left side was a blue thumb print. This label was used from 1969 to 1974, approximately from LP 5 to LP 64. Occasionally, as on Southwind's Ready to Ride album [BTS 13], a special label was used (in this case, one with orange print in a distinctive font), or the special label used for BTS 19, as mentioned above. The third label was the standard ABC label of the time, purple near the center moving to gold on the outer edge of the label. Above the center hole was the ABC logo with "Blue Thumb" beside it. The blue thumb print was to the right of the logo.

Blue Thumb also provided a special label, Banana, for the National Lampoon releases. The label was green with a banana curved around the bottom. The Banana issues used the same Blue Thumb numbering sequence.

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Number - Title - Artist [Release Date] Contents

BTS Series (Blue Thumb distribution):

BTS 1 - Strictly Personal - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band [1968] Ah Feel Like Acid/Safe As Milk/Trust Us/Son Of Mirror Man-Mere Man//On Tomorrow/Beatle Bones N' Smokin Stones/Gimme Dat Harp Boy/Kandy Korn

BTS 2 - Album of Political Pornography - Lew Irwin & Credibility Gap [1968]

BTS 3 - Anyone Who Hates Dogs and Children Can't Be All Bad - W.C. Fields [1968]

BTS 4 - The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation - Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation [1968] Watch 'N Chain/My Whisky Head Woman/Trouble No More/Double Lovin'/See See Baby/Roamin' And Ramblin'//Sage Of Sydney Street/Memory Of Pain/Mutiny

BTS 5 - Outta Season - Ike & Tina Turner [1969] (4-69, #91) I've Been Loving You Too Long/Mean Old World/3 O'clock In The Morning Blues/Five Long Years/Dust My Broom/Grumbling/I Am A Motherless Child//Crazy 'Bout You Baby/Reconsider Baby/Honest I Do/Please Love Me/My Babe/Rock Me Baby

BTS 6 - Doctor Dunbar's Prescription - Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation [1969] Til Your Lovin' Makes Me Blue/Now That You've Lost Me/The Fugitive/Change Your Lowdown Ways/Call Me A Woman/I Tried/The Devil Drives/Low Gear Man/Tuesday's Blues/Mean Old World

* BTS 7 - Unicorn - Tyrannosaurus Rex [1969] Cat Black/Chariot Of Silk/Evenings Of Damask/Iscariot/Like A White Star, Tangled And Far, Tulip That's What You Are/Misty Coasts Of Albany/Nijinsky Hind/Pilgrim's Tale/'Pon A Hill/Romany Soup/Sea Beasts/Seal Of Seasons/She Was Born To Be My Unicorn/Stones For Avalon/Throat Of Winter/Warlord Of The Royal Crocodiles

BTS 8 - Truckin' with Albert Collins - Albert Collins [1969] Reissue Of TCF-Hall 8002. Frosty/Hot 'N Cold/Frost Bite/Tremble/Thaw-Out/Dyin' Flu //Don't Lose Your Cool/Backstroke/Kool Aide/Shiver 'N Shake/Icy Blue/Sno-Cone

BTS 9 - Coming Home - Chicago Blue Stars [2/70] Personnel includes Charlie Musselwhite (harmonica), Fred Roulette (steel guitar), Louis Myers (guitar, vocal), Skip Rose (piano, vocal), Jack Myers (bass) and Fred Below (drums, vocal). I Need Your Loving/Early in the Morning/Coming Home, Baby/She's Got a Good 'un/Route 66//It's Your Last Time/Summertime/Black Nights/You Better Cut That Out/Walking Through the Park

BTS 10 - Venus in Cancer - Robbie Basho [1969]

* BTS 11 - The Hunter - Ike & Tina Turner [1969] (11-69, #176) Bold Soul Sister/Early In The Morning/I Know (You Don't Want Me No More)/I Smell Trouble/The Hunter/Things I Used To Do/You Don't Love Me (Yes I Know)/You Got Me Running/You're Still My Baby

BTS 12 - Sweet Black Angel - Earl Hooker [1969] I Feel Good/Drivin' Wheel/Shuffle/Country and Western/Sweet Home Chicago /Sweet Black Angel/Boogie, Don't Blot!/Cross Cut Saw/Catfish Blues/The Mood/Funky Blues

BTS 13 - Ready to Ride - Southwind [1969] Group features the early work of Moon Martin. First releases had orange print on label; later issues had black print. Rock And Roll Ruby/Honky Tonkin'/Ready To Ride/I Got You Covered/Heat Down In The Alley//Rootin' And Tootin'/Cool Green Hills Of Earth/Same Sad Old Song/Fine Tooth Comb/Ruby Eileen

BTS 14 - Sam Lay in Bluesland - Sam Lay's Bluesband [1969] Maggie's Farm/Mean Mistreater/Sam Lay And Mississippi John/Cryin' For My Baby//Sloppy Drunk/My Fault/Roll Over Beethoven/Ask Her For Water/I Got My Mojo Working

BTS 15 - Clifton Chenier's Very Best - Clifton Chenier [1969] Black Gal/Long Toes/If I Ever Get Lucky/Frog Legs/Let's Talk It Over/Keep On Scratching //Louisiana Blues/Zydeco Et Pas Sale/Jole Blonde/Wrap It Up/Lafayette Waltz

BTS 16 - To Mum From Aynsley and the Boys - Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation [1970] Let It Ride/Journey's End/Unheard/Down Down Down/Sugar On The Line/Don't Take Your Power Away/Run You Off The Hill/Leaving Right Away

BTS 17 - Alegria! - Bossa Rio [1969]

BTS 18 - A Beard of Stars - Tyrannosaurus Rex [1970] Prelude/A Day Laye/Woodland Bop/First Heart/Mighty Dawn Dart/Pavillions Of Sun/Organ Blues/By The Light Of The Magical Moon//Great Horse/Dragon's Ear/Lofty Skies/Dove/Elemental Child/Wind Cheetah

BTS 19 - Alone Together - Dave Mason [1970] (7-70, #22) Early pressings issued with a marbeled vinyl disc and packaged in a fold-out wall poster with pouch for the disc. Later pressings are on black vinyl and have a regular fold-open cover. After ABC folded, the record was reissued as MCA MCA- 27035. Only You Know And I Know/Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving/Waiting On You/Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave//World In Changes/Sad And Deep As You/Just A Song/Look At You Look At Me

* BTS 20 - Buddy Guy and the Juniors - Buddy Guy, Junior Mance & Junior Wells [1970] Initially issued on black/white/grey marble vinyl. Ain't No Need/Buddy's Blues/Five Long Years/Hoochie Coochie Man/Motif Is Just A Riff/Rock Me Mama/Talkin' 'Bout Women Obviously

Switches to Capitol distribution at about this point:
Note: These albums may have been reissued by ABC with the two-digit catalog numbers, e.g., BTS-25.

BTS 8821 - A Bad Donato - Joao Donato [1970]

BTS 8822 - False Start - Love [1970] (12-70, #184) The Everlasting First/Flying/Gimi A Little Break/Stand Out/Keep On Shining//Anytime/Slick Dick/Love Is Coming/Feel Daddy Feel Good/Ride That Vibration

BTS 8823 - Magical Connection - Gabor Szabo [1970] Sombrero Sam/Close To You/Country Illusion/Lady With Child/Pretty Girl Why/Hum A Song/Magical Connection/Fred And Betty/Love Theme From Spartacus

BTS 8824 -

BTS 8825 - Dave Mason & Cass Elliot - Dave Mason & Cass Elliot [1971] (3-71, #49) Walk To The Point/On And On/To Be Free/Here We Go Again/Pleasing You//Sit And Wonder/Something To Make You Happy/Too Much Truth, Too Much Love/Next To You/Glittering Facade

BTS 8826 - What a Place to Land - Southwind [1970] Slippery John/Beside The Mountain/Best Part/Please Don't Hitchhike/Back In The Band//Bootleg Woman/Baby Games/Dynamite/Buzz Me

* BTS 8827 - Mark-Almond - Mark-Almond [1971] (6-71, #154) City Medley/Love Medley/Song For You/The Ghetto/Tramp And The Young Girl

* BTS 8828 - High Contrast - Gabor Szabo & Bobby Womack [1971] Amazon/Azure Blue/Breezin'/Fingers/I Remember When/If You Don't Want My Love/Just A Little Communication

Distribution switches to ABC at about this point:

BTS 29 - Where's the Money? - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks [1971] (10-71, #195) I Feel Like Singing/Coast To Coast/News From Up The Street/Where's The Money?/Caught In The Rain/Shorty Falls In Love//By Hook Or By Crook/Reelin' Down/The Buzzard Was Their Friend/Traffic Jam/Is This My Happy Home?/Dig A Little Deeper

BTS 30 - Recorded Live at Bimbo's, San Francisco - Charles Pierce [2/71] First Half//Second Half

BTS 31 - Naturally - Jessie Hill [1971] Introducement/Naturally/I Dig You/Oh Yeah/Living a Lie //Hand Me the Key/Light In My Eyes/I Studied Soul/I've Been Hurt/Two of a Kind/Klosing Movement

BTS 32 - Mark-Almond II - Mark-Almond [1972] (1-72, #87) The Bridge/The Bay/Solitude/Friends//One Way Sunday/Sunset/Ballad Of A Man

BTS 33 - How Are Things in Your Town? - Ken Nordine [1971] Two record set.

BTS 34 - Headkeeper - Dave Mason [1972] (2-72, #51) To Be Free/In My Mind/Here We Go Again/A Heartache, A Shadow, A Lifetime/Headkeeper//Pearly Queen/Just A Song/World In Changes/Can't Stop Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving/Feelin' Alright?

BTS 35 - Crazed Hipsters - Finningan & Wood [1972] Rock And Roll Show/Highway/Laughing Eyes/Tend To Your Own Business/Hard Times (Nobody Knows Better Than I)//Lady Lady/Death Letter Blues/My, My, My/Don't Cry No More/Down In The Flood

BTS 36 - Striking It Rich - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks [1972] (5-72, #170) You Got To Believe/Walkin' One And Only/O'reilly At The Bar/Moody Richard (The Innocent Bystander)/Flight Of The Fly/I Scare Myself/Philly Rag//The Laughing Song/Canned Music/I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grand)/Woe, The Luck/Presently In The Past/Skippy's Farewell/Fujiyama

* BTS 37 - Luis Gasca - Luis Gasca [1972] La Raza/Little Mama/Spanish Gypsy/Street Dude

Banana BTS 38 - Radio Dinner - National Lampoon [1972] (9-72, #132) Deteriorata/Phono Phunnies-Teenyrap-It's Obvious/Catch It And You Keep It-Pigeons-Teenyrap-'Quinas 'N' Rasmus-All Kidding Aside-Phono Phunnies-Teenyrap/Magical Misery Tour//Those Fabulous Sixties/Profiles In Chrome/Teenyrap-Phono Phunnies-Pigeons-Support Your Local Police/Pull The Tregros-Teenyrap-Ng Asi-Phono Phunnies/Concert In Bangla Desh

BTS 39 - Chastisement - Last Poets [1972]

BTS 40 - I Lead a Life - Ben Sidran [1972]

BTS 41 - Space Is the Place - Sun Ra [1973] Only issued as a quadraphonic disc and 8-track. Space Is The Place//Images/Discipline/Sea Of Sounds/Rocket Number Nine

BTS 42 - The Barbeque of Deville - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils [1972]

BTS 43 - Private Tonight - Arthur Adams [1972]

BTS 44 - Stardancer - Tom Rapp [1972]

BTS 45 - Sylvester and the Hot Band - Sylvester & Hot Band [1973] Southern Man/I'm A Steam Roller/That Is Rock And Roll/God Bless The Child//Come Back Baby/A Whiter Shade Of Pale/Gimme A Pigfoot (And A Bottle Of Beer)/My Country 'Tis Of Thee

BTS 46 - Singing/Playing - Larry Carlton [1973]

BTS 47 - Supermellow - Paul Humphrey [1973]

BTS 48 - The Pointer Sisters - Pointer Sisters [1973] (6-73, #13) Yes We Can Can/Cloudburst/Jada/River Boulevard/Old Songs//That's How I Feel/Sugar/Pains And Tears/Naked Foot/Wang Dang Doodle

BTS 49 - The Best of Ike & Tina Turner - Ike & Tina Turner [1973] Bold Soul Sister/I've Been Loving You Too Long/The Hunter/I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)/I Am A Motherless Child/I Smell Trouble//Crazy 'Bout You Baby/Rock Me Baby/Early In The Morning/You're Still My Baby/You Got Me Running/Dust My Broom

BTS 50 - The Best of Mark-Almond - Mark-Almond [1973] (5-73, #177) The City Medley: Grass And Concrete-Taxi To Brooklyn-Speak Easy, It's A Whiskey Scene/Tramp And The Young Girl/One Way Sunday//The Ghetto/Song For You/Friends/Solitude

BTS 51 - Last Train to Hicksville... The Home Of Happy Feet - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks [1973] (6-73, #67) Cowboy's Dream No. 19/Lonely Madman/My Old Timey Baby/Vivando/Success/Cheaters Don't Win//Playday Blues/I Asked My Doctor/Sure Beats Me/The Euphonius Whale/Sweetheart/'Long Come A Viper/It's Not My Time To Go

BTS 52 - At Last - Last Poets [1973]

53 -

BTS 54 - Dave Mason Is Alive! - Dave Mason [1973] (4-73, #116) Walk To The Point/Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave/Look At You Look At Me//Only You Know And I Know/Sad And Deep As You/Just A Song/Feelin' Alright?

BTS 55 - Puttin' in Time on Planet Earth - Ben Sidran [1973] Full Compass/Play The Piano/Have You Heard The News/Face Your Fears/Think Twice//Walking With The Blues/And Now I Live (And Now My Life Is Done)/Puttin' In Time On Planet Earth

BTS 56 - Sunforest - Tom Rapp & Pearls Before Swine [1973] Coming Back/Prayers Of Action/Forbidden City/Love-Sex/Harding Street//Blind River/Someplace To Belong/Sunforest/Sunshine And Charles

BTS 57 - What the Kids Want - Hoodoo Rhythm Devils [1973] Crazy Bout The Ladies/My Old Lady/Bullfrog Holler/Milltown Gambler/Louisiana Line//Right On Mary/Mudcat Stew/The Mirror/I Fought The Law And The Law Won

BTS 58 - Can I Have My Money Back? - Gerry Rafferty [1973] New Street Blues/Didn't I?/Mr. Universe/Mary Skeffington/The Long Way Round/Can I Have My Money Back?/Sign On The Dotted Line//Make You, Break You/To Each And Everyone/One Drink Down/Don't Count Me Out/Half A Chance/Where I Belong

BTS 59 - Lovin' Feelin' - Phil Upchurch [1973]

BTS 60 - Bazaar - Sylvester & The Hot Band [1973] Down On Your Knees/Friendship/Play Something Sweet/Nobodys Fault But Mine/All That I Need//Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight/On Your Way Down/My Life/She

61 -

BTS 62 - Introducing Hedzoleh Sounds - Hugh Masekela [1972]

BTS 63 - The Butts Band - Butts Band [1973] I Won't Be Alone Anymore/Baja Bus/Sweet Danger/Pop-A-Top//Be With Me/New Ways/Love Your Brother/Kansas City

BTS 64 - Aim for the Highest - Aim [1974] Aim For The Highest/My Friend/Hollywood/You Need Me/Seattle//I'm There/Morning Magic/How Are We To Live/Endlessly/4 O'clock Rock/We Can Make It


BTS 66 - America, Wake Up - Paul Humphrey [5/74]

BTS 880 - Split Coconut - Dave Mason [1975] (10-75, #27)

BTS 6000 Series:

BTS 6000 - Memphis Swamp Jam-Memphis Blues Festival - Various Artists [1969] Two record set. Christmas Eve Blues - Booker White/Columbus, Miss. Blues - Booker White/Sad Day Blues - Booker White/Mobile Blues - Piano Red/Abel Street Stomp - Piano Red//Nathan's Bumble Bee Blues - Nathan Beauregard/'Bout A Spoonful - Nathan Beauregard/Need More Blues - Sleepy John Estes/President Kennedy Stayed Away Too Long - Sleepy John Estes//Shake Em On Down - Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods/Fred's Blues - Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods/Keep Your Lamp Trimmed And Burning - Fred McDowell & Johnny Woods/Back Water Rising - Napoleon Strickland/Other's Piece - Napoleon Strickland/Shimmy She Wobble - Napoleon Strickland//Judge Boushay Blues - Furry Lewis/Walking Blues - Furry Lewis/Memphis Rag - R.L. Watson & Josiah Jones/St. Louis Blues - R.L. Watson & Josiah Jones/Praying On The Old Camp Ground And Lonesome Blues - R.L. Watson & Josiah Jones

BTS 6001 - Crusaders 1 - Crusaders [1972] (3-72, #96) Two record set. That's How I Feel/So Far Away//Put It Where You Want It/Mystique Blues/Full Moon//Sweet Revival/Mud Hole/It's Just Gotta Be That Way/Georgia Cottonfield//A Shade Of Blues/Three Children/Mosadi (Woman)

6002 -

BT 6003 - Home Is Where the Music Is - Hugh Masekela [1973] Two record set. Dudu Pukwana/Makaya Nishoko/Part of a Whole/Minawa/The Big Apple/Umhome/Maseru/Inner Crisis/Blues For Huey/Nomali/Maesha/Ingoo Pow-Pow

BTS 6004 - Lights Out - San Francisco [11/72] Two record set.

BTS 6005 - Darkess Darkness - Phil Upchurch [1972] Also issued as BT 10012.

*Banana BTS 6006 - Lemmings - National Lampoon [1973] (6-73, #107) All Star Dead Band/Colorado/Crowd Rain Chant/Farmer Yassir/Hell's Angel/Highway Toes/Lemmings Lament/Lonely At The Bottom/Megadeath/Megagroupie/Papa Was A Running Dog Lackey Of The Bourgeoisie/Pizza Man/Positively Wall Street/Richie Havens/Weather Person

* BTS 6007 - Unsung Heroes - Crusaders [1973] (11-73, #173) Crossfire/Freedom Sound/Hard Times/Heavy Up (Don't Get Light With Me)/In The Middle Of The River/Lay It On The Line/Let's Boogie/Night Theme/Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep/Unsung Heroes

* Banana BTS 6008 - The Missing White House Tapes - National Lampoon [1974] (3-74, #118) Admission Speech/Calendar/Checkers/Constitution Game/Energy Crisis/Gerry Ford Show/Hearings/Impeachment Parade/Impeachment, Swearing Out/Inspiration/Mission: Impeachable/New Vp/News/Oval Office/Pennsylvania Avenue/Plumber Commercial/President's Qualities/Senate Hearings/Send Money/The Fbi/Tooth Commercial/Wrap Up

BTS 6009 - That's a Plenty - Pointer Sisters [1974] (3-74, #82) Bangin' On The Pipes-Steam Heat/Salt Peanuts/Grinning In Your Face/Shaky Flat Blues/That's A Plenty-Surfeit, U.S.A.//Little Pony/Fairytale/Black Coffee/Love In Them There Hills

* BTS 6010 - Scratch - Crusaders [1974] (4-74, #73) Eleanor Rigby/Hard Times/Scratch/So Far Away/Way Back Home

BTS 6011 - Italian Graffiti - Nick DeCaro [1974] Under The Jamaican Moon/Happier Than The Morning Sun/Tea For Two/All I Want/Wailing Wall//Angie Girl/Getting Mighty Crowded/While The City Sleeps/Canned Music/Tapestry

BTS 6012 - Don't Let Go - Ben Sidran [1974] Fat Jam/The House Of Blue Lites/Ben Sidran's Midnite Tango/The Chicken Glide/She's Funny (That Way)/Monopoly//Don't Let Go/Hey Hey Baby/The Foolkiller/The Funky Elephant/Snatch/Down To The Bone

* BT 6013 - The Best of Dave Mason - Dave Mason [1974] (6-74, #183) A Heartache, A Shadow, A Lifetime/Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving/Here We Go Again/In My Mind/Look At You Look At Me/Only You Know And I Know/Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave/To Be Free/Walk To The Point

BT 6014 - Live - Gabor Szabo [1974]

* BT 6015 - I Am Not Afraid - Hugh Masekela [1974] (9-74, #149) African Secret Society/Been Such A Long Time Gone/In The Market Place/Jungle Jim/Night In Tunisia/Nina/Stimela (Coaltrain)

BTS 6016 - The Big Bow-Wow Strain - Ken Burgan [1974] Hold On Tight/Forty Years Old/Willow Tree/This Time/'Til My Ship Rolls In/Suit Of Gold//I'm Not Dangerous/Silver Screen Star/In The Streets/Dog In Her Place/Crude Rubies

6017 -

BTS 6018 - Hear and Now - Butts Band [1975] Get Up, Stand Up/Corner Of My Mind/Caught In The Middle/Everybody's Fool/Livin' And Dyin'//Don't Wake Up/If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody/Feelin' So Bad/White House/Act Of Love

BTSD 6019 - New Year, New Band, New Company - John Mayall [1975] (3-75, #140) Sitting On The Outside/Can't Get Home/Step In The Sun/To Match The Wind/Sweet Scorpio//Driving On/Taxman Blues/So Much To Do/My Train Time/Respectfully Yours

6020 -

BTS 6021 - Steppin - Pointer Sisters [1975] (6-75, #22) How Long (Betcha' Got A Chick On The Side)/Sleeping Alone/Easy Days/Chainey Do//I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues (Medley) (I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues-Rocks In My Bed-Creole Love Song-Satin Doll-I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)- Mood Indigo)/Save The Bones For Henry Jones/Wanting Things/Going Down Slowly

* BT 6022 - Chain Reaction - Crusaders [1975] (8-75, #26) Chain Reaction/Creole/Give It Up/Hallucinate/Hot's It/I Felt The Love/Mellow Out/Rainbow Visions/Soul Caravan/Sugar Cane

BTS 6023 - Having a Party - Pointer Sisters [1977] (12-77, #176) Having A Party/Don't It Drive You Crazy/I Need A Man//Waiting On You/I'll Get By Without You/Bring Your Sweet Stuff Home To Me/Lonely Gal

* BT 6024 - Those Southern Knights - Crusaders [1976] (5-76, #38) And Then There Was The Blues/Feeling Funky/Keep That Same Old Feeling/My Mama Told Me So/Serenity/Spiral/'Til The Sun Shines

6025 -

BTSY-6026/2 - The Best of the Pointer Sisters - Pointer Sisters [1976] (12-76, #164) Two record set. You Gotta Believe/Black Coffee/Wang Dang Doodle/Salt Peanuts//Steam Heat/Cloudburst/Easy Days/Jada/That's A Plenty-Surfeit, U.S.A.//Little Pony/Sugar/Yes We Can Can/Sleeping Alone//Fairytales /Shaky Flat Blues/Going Down Slowly/How Long (Betcha' Got A Chick On The Side)

* BT 6027 - The Best of the Crusaders - Crusaders [1976] (12-76, #122) Two record set. A Ballad For Joe (Louis)/Chain Reaction/Do You Remember When?/Don't Let It Get You Down/Greasy Spoon/Hard Times/Keep That Same Old Feeling/Put It Where You Want It/Scratch/So Far Away/Soul Caravan/Stomp And Buck Dance/That's How I Feel/Way Back Home

BTS 6028 - Come Into Knowledge - Ramp [1977]

BT 6029 - Free as the Wind - Crusaders [1977] (6-77, #41) Free As The Wind/I Felt The Love/The Way We Was/Nite Crawler//Feel It/Sweet N' Sour/River Rat/It Happens Everyday

BT 6030 - Images - Crusaders [1978] (7-78, #34) Fairy Tales/Marcella's Dream/Bayou Bottoms/Merry-Go-Round//Cosmic Reign/Covert Action/Snowflake

BA 6031 - Can I Have My Money Back? - Gerry Rafferty [1978] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 58.

BA 6032 - Very Best of Dave Mason - Dave Mason [1978] (10-78, #179) Only You Know And I Know/Pearly Queen/Just A Song/World In Changes/Sad And Deep As You//Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave/Can't Stop Worrying, Can't Stop Loving/Headkeeper/Waitin' On You/Feelin' Alright?

BTS 7000 Series:

* BTS 7000 - The 2nd Crusade - Crusaders [1973] (3-73, #45) Two record set. Ain't Gon' Change A Thang/Do You Remember When?/Don't Let It Get You Down/Gotta Get It On/Journey From Within/Look Beyond The Hill/Message From The Inner City/No Place To Hide/Search For Soul/Take It Or Leave It/Tomorrow Where Are You?/Tough Talk/Where There's A Will There's A Way


BT3 7002 - All Day Thumb Sucker Revisited: The History of Blue Thumb Records - Various Artists [1995] Three record set; also issued as a 2-CD box set [BTD-2-7002]. Only You Know And I Know - Dave Mason (S)/The City - Mark-Almond (S)/Put It Where You Want It - Crusaders (S)/A Song For You - Leon Russell (hissy) (S)/Stimela (Coaltrain) - Hugh Masekela (S)/By The Light Of A Magical Moon - Tyrannosaurus Rex (distorted, hissy) (S)/Yes We Can Can - Pointer Sisters (6:00) (S)/Darkness Darkness - Philip Upchurch (S)/Son Of Mirror Man - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (hissy) (S)/Sugar On The Line - Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (S)/New Street Blues - Gerry Rafferty (surface noise at start) (S)/Little Mama - Luis Gasca (S)/Canned Music - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (S)/I've Been Loving You Too Long - Ike & Tina Turner (hissy) (S)/Fat Jam - Ben Sirdan (S)/Southern Man - Sylvester & Hot Band (S)/Delta Lady - Leon Russell (S)/Shiver 'N Shake - Albert Collins (M)/Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave - Dave Mason (S)/Blackbird - Bossa Rio (S)/Ride A White Swan - Tyrannosaurus Rex (S)/I Scare Myself - Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks (S)/The Everlasting First - Love (S)/The Frog - Joao Donato (S)/Safe As Milk - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (S)/Breezin' - Gabor Szabo (S)/Sitting On The Outside - John Mayall (S)/Images - Sun Ra (S)/Can I Have My Money Back? - Gerry Rafferty (S)/Bird's Word - Last Poets (S)/Roger - Ken Nordine (S)/So Far Away - Crusaders (S)

BTS 8000 Series:


BTS 8002 - The Pointer Sisters Live at the Opera House - Pointer Sisters [1974] (9-74, #96) Two record set. Overture-Prelude To Islandia/Walk-On/Salt Peanuts/Shaky Flat Blues/Fairytale//Cloudburst/Jada/Black Coffee/Let It Be Me//Hands Up-Wand Dang Doddle/Old Songs (Medley) (That's A-Plenty-Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen)/Steam Heat//Yes We Can Can/Love In Them There Hills/Walk-Off

BTS 8700 Series:

BTS 8701

BTS 8702 - All Day Thumb Sucker - Various Artists [1970] Rootin' & Tootin' - Southwind/Maggie's Farm - Sammy Lay/Shake 'Em On Down - Fred McDowell/Eagle Sails The Blue - Robbie Basho/Cat Black - Tyrannosaurus Rex/Bold Soul Sister - Ike & Tina Turner//Run To The Top - Love/Bout A Spoonful - Nathan Beauregard/Sugar On The Line - Aynsley Dunbar/Frosty - Albert Collins/Cross Cut Saw - Earl Hooker/Comin' Home - Chicago Bluestars/Blackbird - Bossa Rio

BTS 8703

BTS 8704

BTS 8705

BTS 8706 - Memphis Swamp Jam - Various Artists [1/71] Two record set.

BTS 8800 Series (Distributed by Capitol):

In addition to the Capitol-distributed LPs listed above, the following are known to have been reissued with an 88 added to the original number during the Capitol distribution days. There may also be other albums where this was the case.

BTS 8805 - Outta Season - Ike & Tina Turner [1971] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 5.

BTS 8813 - Ready to Ride - Southwind [1/71] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 13, using the standard Blue Thumb label.

BTS 8817 - Alegria! - Bossa Rio [1/71] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 17.

BTS 8818 - A Beard of Stars - Tyrannosaurus Rex [1971] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 18.

BTS 8819 - Alone Together - Dave Mason [1971] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 19 in black vinyl, with a standard fold-open jacket and using the standard Blue Thumb label.

BTS 8820 - Buddy & the Juniors - Buddy Guy with Junior Mance and Junior Wells [1/71] Reissue of Blue Thumb BTS 20

BTS 9000 Series:

BTS 9000 - Out Here - Love [1969] (12-69, #176) Two record set. I'll Pray For You/Abalony/Signed D.C./Listen To My Song/I'm Down//Stand Out/Discharged/Doggone//I Still Wonder/Love Is More Than Words Or Better Than Never/Nice To Be/Car Lights On In The Day Time Blues/Run To The Top/Willow Willow/Instra-Mental/You Are Something/Gather Round

BTS 9001 - Lenny - Lenny Bruce [3/72] Two record set.

* BT 9002 - Southern Comfort - Crusaders [1974] (10-74, #31) Two record set. Stomp And Buck Dance/Greasy Spoon/Get On The Soul Ship (It's Sailing)/Super-Stuff//Double Bubble/The Well's Done Dry/Southern Comfort/Time Bomb//When There's Love Around/Lilies Of The Nile//Whispering Pines/A Ballad For Joe (Louis)

Thanks to Tom Baker, Claus Simonsen, Barry Margolis, Gerry Ross, Norman Crawford, Peter Preuss, and Kevin Loy.

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