ABC-Paramount Album Discography, Part 6
ABC-600-699 (1967-1969)

By David Edwards, Patrice Eyries, and Mike Callahan
Last update: November 5, 2005

The label used for the ABC/ABCS-600s was black with silver printing. Directly above the center hole was a black ABC logo in a white circle. A color spectrum box surrounded the logo. This label was used from mid-1966 to the third quarter of 1974, approximately ABC 565 to ABC 830. At the bottom of the label is "ABC RECORDS INC., NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019 - MADE IN USA" The promotional label was white with black printing. The graphics were the same.

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Number - Title - Artist - [Release Date] (Chart) Contents

ABC 600 - From Our Point of View - Mitzi McCall & Charlie Brill [1967] Introduction/Commercials/Cat Story/Jazz Singer/Bible/Chatty Doll/Stages of Life/White Knoght/Agent

ABC/ABCS 601 - A Message From Garcia - Vic Garcia [1967] Recado Bossa Nova/Shadow of Your Smile/Watch What Happens/People/Insenatez Samba de Orpheus/Montivideo/Strangers In the Night/Slowly/I Wish You Love/Taste of Honey/Woe is Me

ABC/ABCS 602 - Suddenly - Kathy Keegen [1966] What Do I Care?/Watch What Happens/I'll Take Care/Alfie/You're Gonna Hear/Take Care Old Man Time/Suddenly/Solitude/I've Got You

ABCS 603 - Touch of Greece - Nick Demetrius & the Athenian Forum [1967] Hello Dolly/Strangers In the Night/Taste of Honey/California Dreamin'/Never on Sunday/Moustika/Monday, Monday/Mame/Shadow of Your Smile/What Now/Born Free

* ABCS 604 - I'll Take Care Of Your Cares - Frankie Laine [1967] (5-67, #16) Heartless One/I Wish You Were Jealous Of Me/I'll Take Care Of Your Cares/I'm Free/If I Didn't Care/Making Memories/Maybe/Moment Of Truth/Somewhere There's Someone/What Do You Do With An Old Old Song?/You're Breaking My Heart

ABCS 605 - Thoroughly Modern - Bob Thiele & The Happy Times Orchestra [1967] Thoroughly Modern Millie/Sugar Blues/Charleston/Jimmy/Betty Coed/Changes/Whispering/I'm Just a Vagabond Lover/Give Me Your Kisses/Barnacle Bill/Japanese Sandman/San

ABC/ABCS 606 - The Fabulous Impressions - Impressions [1967] (7-67, #184) You Always Hurt Me/It's All Over/Little Girl/100 Lbs. Of Clay/Love's A Comin'/You Ought To Be In Heaven //I Can't Stay Away From You/Aware of Love/Isle of Sirens/I'm Still Waitin'/She Don't Love Me

ABC 607 - Praise to the Living God - Manhattan Brass Choir [1967]

* ABCS 608 - I Wanted Someone To Love - Frankie Laine [1967] (10-67, #162) Ev'ry Street's A Boulevard (In Old New York)/Give Me Your Kisses (I'll Give You My Heart)/Gypsy/I Heard You Cried Last Night/Laura, What's He Got That I Ain't Got/Real True Meaning Of Love/Sometimes (I Just Can't Stand You)/There's Not A Moment To Spare/You, No One But You/You Taught Me How To Love You Now Teach Me To Forget/You Wanted Someone To Play With (I Wanted Someone To Love)

ABCS 609 - All About Love - DeAngelis Sisters with Peter DeAngelis Orchestra [1967] When Your Old Wedding Ring Was New/I'm Living My Heaven/Painted Tainted Rose/Too Late/Release Me/You Wanted Someone/Pretend You Don't See/When I Lost You/Oh, How I Miss You/True Love/2 People

ABCS 610 - Phantasy - Tommy Roe [1967] Paisley Dreams/Plastic World/Melancholy Mood/Visions/Mystic Magic//Little Miss Sunshine/These Are The Children/Goodbye Yesterday/The Executive/The You I Need/It's Gonna Hurt Me

ABCS 611 - How Sweet She Is - Sheila MacRae [1968] You Always Hurt the One You Love/Love Letters/San Francisco/Heartaches/If I Give My Heart to You/Hold Me/You Wanted Someone/Give Me Your Kisses/I Wonder/Somewhere there's Someone/I'm Counting On You

ABCS 612 - Della On Strings Of Blue - Della Reese [1967] On the South Side/I Had to Know/Mean To Me/Something Cool/I Heard You Cried/Walking By the River/I Don't Know Enough/House Is Not a Home/Do I Worry/Show Must Go On/Some Of My Best Friends/I'm Coming Home

ABCS 613 - The Times They Are A-Changin' - Marilyn Michaels [1967] I Wonder Who's Kissing Him Now/Here, There and Everywhere/Got to Get You Into My Life/Love Is Where You Find It/Ain't Ever Gonna Be/Toot Toot Tootsie/Show Me/Kansas City/Let's Pretend/Hello Springtime

ABCS 614 - Flamenco Artistry of Sabicas - Sabicas [6/68] Canto A Linares/Barrio De Santiago/Aires De Marbella/Los Caireles/Mosaico Flamenco/Campina Cordobesa/Clavel Sevillano/Plaza De Los Aljibes

ABCS 615 - Do The Love - Bob Thiele & The Happy Times Orchestra [1967]

ABCS 616 - The Candymen - Candymen [1967] (11-67, #195) Roses Won't Grow In My Garden/Lonely Eyes/Stone Blues Man/Deep In The Night/See Saw/Georgia Pines//Hope/Movies In My Mind/Happier Than Them/Stormy Monday Blues/Even The Grass Has Died

ABCS 617 - Bubble Called You - Alan Copeland Conspiracy [1967] At My Front Door/Ode to Billie Joe/Windy/Don't Sleep In the Subway/Warmth of the Sun/Can't Take My Eyes Off You/Frenesi/Bowling Green/Only In the Movies/Here, There and Everywhere/Don't You Care

ABCS 618 - Lonesome Country of Curly Putnam - Curly Putnam [1967] I'm Not the Boy I Used to Be/Hummin' a Heartache/Green, Green Grass/Hurtin' Like a Heartache/My Elusive Dreams/Right Straight In the Eye/Jailbirds Can't Fly/Untouchable You/Set Me Free/What I'd Give

ABCS 619 - Guitar Country Style Of Little Jimmy Dempsey - Little Jimmy Dempsey [1967] Island Red/Once a Day/Tippy Toeing/Spanish Fireball/Walk On/Here Comes My Baby Back/Bessie Was a Good Old Cow/My Elusive Dreams/These Boots Are Made For Walking/Almost Persuaded/But First a Word

* ABCS 620 - Judy Garland At Home At The Palace-Opening Night - Judy Garland [1967] Almost Like Being In Love/Bob White (Whatcha Gonna Swing Tonight?)/For Me And My Gal/I Feel A Song Coming On/I Loved Him, But He Didn't Love Me/Jamboree Jones/Man That Got Away/Ol' Man River/Over The Rainbow/Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody/That's Entertainment/This Can't Be Love/Together (Wherever We Go)/Trolley Song/What Now My Love/You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It)

ABCS 621 - Dwight David Eisenhower October 14, 1890-March 28, 1969 - Documentary [7/69]

ABCS 622 - Soul of India - Roy Kalyani & Ali Ahmed Hussain [5/68] Raga Jaunpuri: Alap, Jod, Gat (Taal: Teental)//Raga Kedara: Alap, Gat (Taal: Teental)/Dhun

ABCS 623 - Salvation - Salvation [1968] Love Comes In Funny Packages/Cinderella/More Than It Seems/Getting My Hat/G.I. Joe//Think Twice/She Said Yeah/The Village Shuck/What Does An Indian Look Like?

* ABCS 624 - Eden's Children - Eden's Children [1968] (3-68, #196) Don't Tell Me/Goodbye Girl/I Wonder Why/If She's Right/Just Let Go/Knocked Out/My Bad Habit/Out Where The Light Fish Live/Stone Fox

ABC-Tangerine ABCS 625 - A Portrait Of Ray - Ray Charles [1968] (4-68, #51) Never Say Naw/The Sun Died (Il Est Mort Le Soleil)/Am I Blue/Yesterdays/When I Stop Dreamin'//I Won't Leave/A Sweet Young Thing Like You/The Bright Lights And You Girl/Understanding/Eleanor Rigby

ABCS 626 - The Wonderful World Of The Young - Young Americans [1968] Dilemma/Michelle/Other Man's Grass/Laura Lee/Oh, What a Lovely Day/Happiness/Over the Rainbow/Girls of the Summer/Who Am I?/Cherish

ABCS 627 - A Little More Soul - Tams [1968] Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy/The Letter/Down In The Boondocks/All My Hard Times/Louie, Louie/To The Aisle//That Same Old Song/A Little More Soul/Thank You For My Baby/Double Shot/For The Love Of A Woman

* ABCS 628 - To Each His Own - Frankie Laine [1968] (3-68, #127) Green, Green Grass Of Home/I Don't Want To Set The World On Fire/I Found You/I'm Happy To Hear You're Sorry/I Need You/I've Got A Right To Cry/I Wish I Had Someone Like You/It Don't Mean A Thing To Me/Laughing On The Outside (Crying On The Inside)/Meet Me Half Way/To Each His Own/You Always Hurt The One You Love

ABCS 629 - Bound To Happen - Cashman, Pistilli & West [1968] Bound To Happen/Spring Has A Tear In Her Eye/Red Is Red/I'd Stumble And Fall/A Song That Never Comes/Sunday Will Never Be The Same//Port Authority Terminal/But For Love/Up 'N' Down (Baby What You Want Me To Do)/You Can Write A Song/The Awakening/Bound To Happen (Reprise)

ABCS 630 - Influence - Influence [1968] Overture/I Admire/I Don't Know Why/I Met Her At The Country Fair/Pieces Of Me/Baby, That's My Bag//Sir Archibald/We Are Here/Natural Impulse/Dream Woman/Mad Birds Of Prey (A Mini-Opera)

ABCS 631 - When The Lights Go On Again - Kay Starr [1968] I Never Knew I Could/Some Sweet Tomorrow/I Don't Want to Walk Without You/Only When You're Lonely/I Don't Remember/My Melancholy Baby/You're Nobody/I Can't Face the Day/You're Finally Getting to Me

ABCS 632 - A Jane Morgan Happening - Jane Morgan [1967] I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter/Night Life/Cincinnati, Ohio/Marvelous Toy/North/My Funny Valentine/Until It's Time/What Difference!/Smile/Child/Masquerade

ABCS 633 - The Candymen Bring You Candypower - Candymen [1968] Ways/Great Society/Sentimental Lady/Crowded Room/Candyman/Blues At Midnight//The Memphis Blues Again/I've Lost My Mind/Goodbye Mama/Bottled Up/I'll Never Forget

ABCS 634 - The World's Filled With Love - Griffin [1968]

ABCS 635 - We're A Winner - Impressions [1968] (3-68, #35) We're a Winner/Moonlight Shadows/Let Me Tell the World/I'm Gettin' ready/Nothing Can Stop Me //No One To Love/Little Brown Boy/I Loved and I Lost/Romancing to the Folk Song/Up, Up and Away

ABCS 636 - I Gotta Be Me... This Trip Out - Della Reese [1968] This Trip Out/Never My Love/My World Is Empty/I Gotta Be Me/Low/Go/Pop Goes the World/I've Got the Blues/No Explanation For Once/Hush Now/Measure of a Man

ABCS 637 - With A Little Help From My Friends - Lu Elliott [1968] Very Thought/My Romance/I'll Show Them/Our Love Will Last/On Green Dolphin Street/If I Were a Bell/Don't Love Me/I Know Now/Treat Me Good/Don't Go to Strangers

ABCS 638 - More Than Yesterday - Ruby & The Romantics [1968] Up Up/On a Clear Day/People/What the World Needs/Forever More/Two Candles/Never Tumble Down/This Is No Laughing Matter/No More/Bella Brazilian Melody

ABCS 639 - Moments To Remember - Peter DeAngelis Orchestra and Chorus with the DeAngelis Sisters [1968] All My Love/By the Time I Get to Phoenix/Kiss Me Goodbye/La-La- La/Everything That Touches You/Vally of the Dolls Theme/I'm Gonna Be Good To You/Young Girl/Scarborough Fair, Canticle/I Guess I'll Get the Papers

ABCS 640 - Hypnotic I - Bit'a-Sweet [1968] Speak Softly/2086/If I Needed Someone/Whit Love/Monday-Tuesday/Diamond Studded Eyes/How Can I Make You See/Travel/Second Time

* ABCS 641 - Flashes - Ill Wind [1968] Dark World/Full Cycle/High Flying Bird/Hung Up Chick/Lapd/Little Man/People Of The Night/Sleep/Walkin' And Singin'

ABCS 642 - I'll Be Yours - Wayne Thomas [1968] From the Beginning/I Only Live to Love You/Oh Pretty Woman/Another Day/Can't Take My Eyes Off of You/Who Can I Turn To?/Look Away/Please Don't Go/Mr/ Lonely/I Close My Eyes/Forever More/Just Say Goodbye

ABCS 643 - The Mighty Marvelows - Marvelows [1968] Talking 'Bout You/I'm Without a Girl/Hey, Hey Baby/Fade Away/Friend/Your Little Sister/I'm So Confused/In the Morning/I Do/My Heart/Shim Sham

644 -

645 -

ABCS 646 - 11 Pm Saturday - Bagatelle [1968] Soul Man/Got To Get You Into My Life/Shake/Mashed Potatoes/Such A Fuss About Sunday/Hey You/I'm Losin' You/Back On The Farm//Every Night/Everybody Knows/I've Been Trying/I Can't Stand It/I Feel Good (Medley) (Includes Getting Ready-Please Please Please-Gloria-One Summer Night-Crying In The Chapel-In The Still Of The Night-I Only Have Eyes For You-For Your Love)

ABCS 647 - The Fraternity Of Man - Fraternity Of Man [1968] In The Morning/Plastic Rat/Don't Bogart Me/Stop Me, Citate Me/Bikini Baby/Oh No I Don't Believe It//Wispy Paisley Skies/Field Day/Just Doin' Our Job/Blue Guitar/Last Call For Alcohol/Candy Stripped Lion's Tails

ABCS 648 - Loving You Have Made Me Bananas - Guy Marks [1968] Object of My Affection/Painted Tainted Rose/Ti-Pi-Tin/This Is Forever/Amapola/Postage Machine/Careless/Little Shoemaker/Forgive Me/Little Sir Echo

ABCS 649 - Set A Pattern - Johnny Pate [1968]

ABCS 650 - What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong [1968]

ABCS 651 - We Remember Otis - Jim Wess & The Upsetters [1968] Sweet Soul Music/Respect/Satisfaction/Shake/I Can't Turn You Loose/Always In the Wrong Place/Down Home/don't Mess With Cupid/Tossin' and Turnin'/Memphis Sound/Dock of the Bay/Don't Be Cruel/It's Growing/Grab This Thing

ABCS 652 - Sure Looks Real - Eden's Children [1968] Sure Looks Real/Toasted/Spirit Call/Come When I Call/Awakening//The Clock's Imagination/Things Gone Wrong/Wings/Call It Design/Invitation/Echoes

ABCS 653 - Gypsy Carnival Caravan - Salvation [1968] Hollywood 1923/Handles Of Care/Yuk Yuk/In The Evening//Salvation Jam/Come On Over Here/What'll I Do #42

ABCS 654 - The Best Of The Impressions - Impressions [1968] (9-68, #172) Also released as Capitol Record Club ST 91540. I Loved and Lost/Can't Satisfy/We're a Winner/She Don't Love Me/Too Slow/Amen //You've Been Cheatin'/I've Been Trying/We're Rollin' On/People Get Ready/This Must End

ABCS 655 - Feelin' Glad - Glad [1969]

ABCS 656 - Joey Bishop Sings Country And Western - Joey Bishop [1968] It Keeps Right On a Hurtin'/Born to Lose/Take These Chains/You Win Again/Heartbreak Avenue/Listen, They're Playing My Song/You're the Reason/If I Didn't Love You/Your Cheatin' Heart/Cold, Cold Heart

ABCS 657 - Take Me Back To Laine Country - Frankie Laine [1968] Take Me Back/Honey/Cold Cold Heart/Gentle On My Mind/Please Forgive/Wayward Wind/By the Time I Get to Phoenix/What a Wonderful World/Little Green Apples/Silver Kisses/Where Does Love Go?/Pretty Little Princess

ABCS 658 - Trilogy For The Masses - Ford Theatre [1968] Theme For The Masses/101 Harrison Street/Excerpt (From The Theme)/Back To Philadelphia/The Race//The Race/From A Back Door Window (The Search)/Theme For The Masses/Postlude: Looking Back

* ABCS 659 - Time For Livin' - Young Americans [1969] (4-69, #178) Blackberry Organ/Bowling Green/For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her/Gotham City Municipal Swing Band At County Fair/Here's That Rainy Day/Little Green Apples/Little Joy/On The Blue Cloud Sea/Scarborough Fair/Singing In The Rain/Time For Livin'

ABCS 660 - Tranquility - Ahmad Jamal [1968] I Say a Little Prayer/Look Of Love/When I Look/Illusions Optical/Nothing Ever Changes My Love/Free again/Manhattan Reflections

ABCS 661 - Fire - Fire [1968] I Need Your Love To Get Myself Together/I Thought You Were A Lover/Sunny Day/If It's Not Time/Come And Get These Memories//One More Heartache/Sunday/Burn This Want/Pretty Girl Pretty Day/Everyday

* ABCS 662 - Purpose - Purpose [1968] Baby/Doin' The Everything/Dustracks, Bags And Raches/Forgive Me/Give In/Hippie Chick/Hog For You/I Feel It/Jump Up/Life Of Love/Rosey, Rosey People

ABCS 663 - Graffiti - Graffiti [1968]

ABCS 664 - Girl Watcher - O'Kaysions [1968] Little Miss Flirt/Sunday Will Never Be The Same/Love Machine/My Baby's Love/Girl Watcher//My Song (Poor Man's Song)/How Are You Fixed For Love?/Dedicated To The One I Love/The Soul Clap/Deal Me In

ABCS 665 - Ray Pillow Sings Wonderful Day - Ray Pillow [1968] Wonderful Day/How Can I Fight/Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line/I Ran Out Of Tomorrows/Mama Tried/If Every Man Had A Woman like You/Sounds Of Goodbye/Love Takes Care of Me/Easy Part's Over/This Should Make You Happy/Why

ABCS 666 - The Mystical Powers Of Roving Tarot Gamble - Queen Nectarine's Machine [1969] Where Are We Goin'/4thDimension/Gypsy Lady/I Got Troubles/The Seance//Mysterious Martha Garoo/The Book/Land Of Krepus/Mrs. Fortune Teller/Everybody's Got A Song To Sing

ABCS 667 - Somewhere - Bob Bishop [1968]

ABCS 668 - The Versatile Impressions - Impressions [1969] Once In A Lifetime/Yesterday/This Is The Life/Just Before Sunrise/The Look Of Love//Don't Cry My Love/Sermonette/East Of Java/Oo You're A Livin' Doll/Fool On A Hill

ABCS 669 - Comin' On - Evergreen Blues [1969] Intro: Stars And Stripes Forever And Dialogue/Please Take Me Now/Girl I Got Wise/Eye In The Sky/Don't Mess Up My Mind/Funky Woman//The Moon Is High/W.L.A./Try A Little Tenderness/Quickest Way Out/Bring It On Back/Another Night

ABCS 670 - Strings Of My Guitar - Little Jimmy Dempsey [1969] Ode to Billie Joe/Yesterday/Bet'cha Can't Eat Just One/Loneliness/Gentle on My Mind/It's Such A Pretty World Today/My Song/There Goes My Everything/Happy Tracks/Drinking Champagne

ABCS 671 - Puzzle - Puzzle [1969] Hey Medusa/Make The Children Happy/Working For The Rich Man/No Complaints//Got My Head Right Yesterday (Part I)/Babe/Piggy Back Ride/Golden Butterfly/Got My Head On Straight (Part II)

ABCS 672 - A Very Strange Brew - Strange Brew [1969]

ABCS 673 - A Portrait Of The Tams - Tams [1969] Hey Jude/Greatest Love/Makin' Music/You've Got Control Of My Soul/You Got The Power//Sunshine, Rainbow, Blue Sky, Brown-Eyed Girl/Soul Brother/Whose Little Girl Are You/Trouble Maker/What Do You Do/There's A Great Big Change In Me

ABCS 674 - The Tricycle - Tricycle [1969] Mr. Henry's Lollipop Shop/Lemonade Parade/54321 Here I Come/Mary Had A Little Man/Simon Says//Yumberry Park/Good Time Music/It's A Game/Yellow Brick Rainbow/Poor Old Mr. Jensen

ABC-Tangerine ABCS 675 - I'm All Yours, Baby! - Ray Charles [1969] (4-69, #167) Yours/I Didn't Know What Time It Was/Love Is Here To Stay/Memories Of You/Till The End Of Time//I Had The Craziest Dream/Someday/Indian Love Call/I Dream Of You (More Than You Dream I Do)/Gloomy Sunday

ABCS 676 - Wool - Wool [1969] Love, Love, Love, Love, Love/Combination Of The Two/If They Left Us Alone/To Kingdom Come/I Don't Like You Anymore//Any Way That You Want Me/It Was Such A Lovely Night (Loving You Tonight)/The Boy With The Green Eyes/Funky Walk

ABCS 677 - Click - Click [1969] I Never Said She Was/Many Times Jimbo/My Precious/Crazy Hannah/My Pet/Theme Too//Find It For Yourself/For Judith/Girl On My Mind/To Paris (Handle With Care)/See That My Children Got Warm Clothes

678 -

679 -

ABCS 680 - Willet & Dworkin's Boarding House - Gary Willet & Steve Dworkin [unissued] Steve Dworkin comments: "This was the number assigned to an album I co-produced in 1968 for Super K Productions called Willet & Dworkin's Boarding House. My partner, Gary Willet, and I were staff writers/producers at Super K Productions and we produced two albums for ABC. The first was ABC 666, The Queens Nectarine Machine, and the second was a group that we formed for the recording. I had a copy of the test pressing, which we approved, and saw a copy of the album cover graphics. But because of us wanting to leave the company, they told us that they were not going to release the album."

ABCS 681 - Time Changes - Ford Theatre [1969] Introduction/Time Changes/Interlude One/That's My Girl/Wake Up In The Morning/I've Got The Fever/Crash/At The Station//Back To Philadelphia (Again)/Clifford's Dilemma/Jefferson Airplane/I Feel Uncertain/Interlude Two/Good Thing/Outroduction

* ABCS 682 - You Gave Me A Mountain - Frankie Laine [1968] (4-69, #55) Allegra/Born To Be With You/Don't Make Promises/Fresh Out Of Tears/Place In The Shade/Secret Of Happiness/Sing An Italian Song/Story Of My Life/Walk On Out Of My Mind/You Gave Me A Mountain

ABCS 683 - Dizzy - Tommy Roe [1969] (4-69, #25) Heather Honey/Raining In My Heart/Cinnamon/A Dollar's Worth Of Pennies/Stormy/Makin' Music//Money Is My Pay/Proud Mary/Gotta Keep Rolling Along/Look Out Girl/Dizzy

ABCS 684 - Saturn Rings - Michele [1969] Michele is Michele O'Malley. Would You Like To Go/Blind As You Are/Song To A Magic Frog/Fallen Angel/Spinning, Spinning, Spinning/Know Yourself/Musty Dusty/Lament Of The Astro Cowboy/White Linen/Misty Mirage/Believe You

685 -

ABCS 686 - The World of Country Music - Curly Putnam [1969] San Francisco Sun/Just For You/You Can Always Come Back/Talking To The Grass/Take It All Off/If I Ever Get That Close Again/Happy Shoes/Who Loves Who/Love Of The Common People/D-i-v-o-r-c-e/Big Silver Wings

687 -

ABCS 688 - Yer' Album - James Gang [1969] Reissue Of Bluesway BLS 6034. Introduction (Tuning Part One)/Take A Look Around/Funk #48/Bluebird/Lost Woman//Stone Rap/Collage/I Don't Have The Time/Wrapcity In English (Joe Walsh & The Seymour Barab Strings)/Fred (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)/Stop (Featuring The Dunn Chorus)

689 -

ABCS 690 - File Under Rock - White Lightnin' [1969] Pretty Sparrow/All the Good Times/Saro/Pretty Polly/Unclouded Day/New River Train/Down In the Willow Garden/Crazy Arms/Amazing Grace

ABCS 691 - Gypsy People - Jan & Lorraine [1969] Break In the Wind/Bird of Passage/Gypsy People/Foolin' Myself/Olde Tyme Movie/Life's Parade/Snow Roses/Assignment Song/Sequence/Number 33/Don't You Feel Fine

* ABCS 692 - Truck Stop - Jerry Smith & His Pianos [1969] I'll Always Be In Love With You/My Happiness/Pretend/Somkey Corners/Speakeasy (1929)/Street Singers (Y Cantanti Della Strada)/Sunrise Serenade/Sweet 'N Sassy/Tokyo Butterfly/Truck Stop

ABC 693 - Jay Bolotin - Jay Bolotin [1969] Trinket Man/It's All In That/Dear Father/I'm Not Asking You/Pretty Burmah/You Are a Woman/Jimmy's Got a Music Box/For the Love of a Summer's Evening/For Kristy/Winter Woman

ABCS 694 - Smooth As Raw Silk - Silk [1969] Introduction/Foreign Trip (Featuring The Gaiety West 79th Street Rhythm Band)/Long Haired Boy/Not A Whole Lot I Can Do/Custody/Scottish Thing//Skitzo Blues/Hours/Walk In My Mind/Come On Down Girl/For All Time

ABC-Tangerine ABCS 695 - Doing His Thing - Ray Charles [1969] (7-69, #172) The Same Thing That Can Make You Laugh (Can Make You Cry)/Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers/You Ought To Change Your Ways/That Thing Called Love/Come And Get It//We Can Make It/I'm Ready/Baby Please/If It Wasn't For Bad Luck/I Told You So

ABCS 696 - Maximilian - Maximilian [1969]

ABCS 697 - Never Goin' Back To Georgia - Blues Magoos [1969] Heartbreak Hotel/Heart Attack/The Hunter/I Can Feel It (Feelin' Time)/Gettin' Off//Never Goin' Back To Georgia (El Pito)/Broke Down Piece Of Man/Nobody Knows When You're Down And Out/Georgia Breakdown

698 -

699 -

Thanks to Thomas Engelmann, Steve Dworkin, Frank Frantik, and John Book.

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